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The days of slavery did leave one good legacy.
A Streaker started it all

By Vanessa Evans

Part 4

Sunday was exercise day for Angie. She again just wore her white tennis skirt and a white tank top to exercise but this time she rolled the waist band of the skirt a couple of times which resulted in her flashing her butt and pussy quite a lot. What’s more, more guys asked her to spot them, the difference being this time that Angie knew exactly why they had asked her and she has happy to let them all have a close-up look at her wet pussy as she stood very close to the sides of their heads.

Due to all the breaks whilst she spotted the guys Angie was at the gym for a lot longer than usual but she wasn’t worried, she was happy that all those guys had got a good look at her pussy. Deciding that she wanted some more exercise, Angie went from the gym to the swimming pool. She knew that she had a thong in her gym bag and her arousal from being looked at in the gym made her decide to swim topless. I think that I mentioned earlier that Angie only has small breasts and she wasn’t worried about huge tits bouncing round as she walked around.

When she got changed to swim she discovered that she’d forgotten that the thong in her bag was a see-through one and because of her arousal she thought,

“Sod it, who cares, and she put all her things into a locker and walked, wearing just the thong, to the showers.”

There was no one else in the showers and when she went out to the pool she saw that there were only half a dozen people, 4 girls and 2 boys there. What’s more there was no lifeguard, not that there had been one the previous times that she been there so Angie dived in and started swimming.

As she started swimming Angie soon discovered the pleasure of the water rushing over her nipples. She had never even thought of that before. After a couple of lengths Angie thought,

“If being topless was so much more pleasurable what would it be like to have the water rushing passed my bald pussy?”

Angie decided to find out. She slipped the thong down her legs and off, then twisted it round and round her left wrist before starting swimming again. Angie soon discovered that she never wanted to wear a swimsuit when swimming ever again. She swam and swam and swam until she was exhausted and quite aroused.

She stopped at one end of the pool and her right hand gave her the relief that she longed for. Sated and not thinking about anything else other than the orgasm that she had just had, Angie floated on her back and started slowly doing kicking her legs like she does when doing the breast stroke.

She slowly swam backwards down the pool and got a shock when her head hit the back of one of the young men in the pool. Angie was still floating on her back when the man turned to apologise.

“I’m sorry,” he said, then continued, “err are you naked? I can’t see any swimsuit.”

Angie’s nipples and her bald pubes kept breaking the surface so it was easy for the man to see and Angie replied,

“Yes, it is legal for girls to be naked you know.”

“What? Since when, not that I’m complaining.”

“Since George III actually.”


“George III passed a law making it so and it never got repealed. Don’t you read the newspapers?”

“No I don’t actually but I do occasionally look at the news on the internet.”

“Did you read about that student streaking at that football match?”

“No I didn’t but I was at that game and saw her, she’s one hot girl.”

“Yes, well when you get back to your room get on the internet and look for the court case, she got off because of a law passed by George III so I’m not illegal either.”

“That’s good to here, hey, do I know you from somewhere?”

“I don’t think so.”

“I think that I do, yes, I have seen you before, you stand in your window looking out and you sometimes wave at me don’t you? I recognise what you’re wearing.”


“So are you a nudist then? I’m Tom by the way.”

“Angie. Not really, I’ve been to the gym then I fancied a swim but when I got here I discovered that I didn’t have my bikini with me.”

“Well I’m not complaining, you do look even better close up Angie.”

“Thank you Tom, I think that I should get out now, it may be legal being like this but I don’t want to upset anyone.”

“I can’t see that ever happening, you look to be the perfect young woman to me, no one could ever complain about you being naked. I was thinking about getting out when you bumped in to me. Do you fancy going for a coffee on your way home?”

“I’m not going to walk home like this.”

“Shame, I would have liked to be with you as you walked down the street naked but that’s not why I asked you.”

“Okay then. I guess that you can have a good look at me in the showers before we get dressed. I need to wash my hair.”

“I’m real pleased that this pool has uni-sex changing facilities.”

Angie didn’t say so but she too was pleased that Tom was going to get a good look at her naked body.

Surprisingly, or maybe not, none of the other swimmers commented on Angie being naked as she walked into the changing room with Tom by her side. At her locker she quickly took the thong off her wrist and picked up her body wash, shampoo and towel and was in the showers before Tom got there.

“Very nice Angie.” Tom said as he walked in, Angie turning to face him to give him the full frontal view close up.

“Confirms your perfection when close up.” Tom added.

Angie got a different type of wet between her legs.

Tom kept his swimming shorts on as he watched Angie washing all the chlorine off her body then washed her hair and Angie was sure that he washed himself half a dozen times as he watched her.

Finally finished, Angie decided to dry her hair using one of the provided hair dryers but instead of getting dressed first she decided to do it whilst still naked which meant that Tom could watch her. She got on with drying her hair whilst Tom rushed to get dressed.

He had just finished and was walking towards Angie when 3 young men walked in and stopped dead in their tracks. Angie could see them in the mirror and she turned to face them as they just stared.

“What?” Angie asked.

“You’re naked.” One of the young men said.

“Well spotted Sherlock.” Angie replied.

Angie turned back to the mirror and finished drying her hair. As she was doing so she watched the 3 guys who stared for another minute or so then continued towards the changing cubicles.

“I think that you shocked those guys.” Tom said.

“Were you shocked when you first realised that I was naked in the pool Tom?”

“Shocked no, pleasantly surprised yes.”

“Only be a minute.” Angie said as she walked back to her locker and slipped her dress and sandals on.

“No underwear?” Tom asked as Angie walked back to him.

“Nope, my tits aren’t big enough to need a bra and I’ve developed an allergy to wearing knickers.”

“Fine with me, you don’t have a complex about the size of your tits then Angie? I know some girls get upset if theirs aren’t swinging all over the place.”

“Hell no, I’d hate to have big tits that got in the way all the time or gave me back ache. So where do you want to go for that coffee Tom?

“How about the uni cafeteria? I know that it’s not the nicest of places for a date but it is cheap and the coffee isn’t that bad.”

“Oh so this is a date is it Tom?”

“No, that isn’t what I meant, but would you want it to be a date? Besides, I saw you with that guy in your bedroom yesterday morning.”

Angie laughed then said,

“You saw that, that was Matt, my fuck buddy, my housemate with benefits. You’re a bit of a voyeur are you Tom?”

“And you are a lot of an exhibitionist Angie.”

“Well I guess that we’d make a good couple then, not that I’m asking you to become my boyfriend, I don’t want any attachments at the moment.”

“How about another fuck buddy Angie?”

“I’ll consider it.”

By then they’d reached the cafeteria where they had a long talk about nothing in particular. Although Angie let her knees drift apart she wasn’t displaying her pussy to anyone because the table was blocking Tom’s view.

After a good 30 minutes they exchanged phone numbers and left, walking together until their routes differed. They left things so that Angie would phone Tom if she fancied a no strings fucking session.

Back at home Angie took off her clothes and got on with her share of the household tasks and her own personal washing and the likes. She kept bumping into one of the other housemates and at about 10 pm she sent a text message to Matt asking him if he fancied a fuck. When he got to her room she told him that she was having trouble relaxing and going to sleep because of what she was seriously thinking about doing in the morning.

“You’re going to work naked Angie?”

“No, I’m not feeling that brave but I am thinking about taking my clothes off when I get there.”

“I think that you should do it. You are an amazingly brave girl and that you’ll regret it if you don’t do it.”

“Well you got the last bit right Matt but I’m not sure about the rest.”

“Tell you what Angie, I’ll make you cum tonight then in the morning I’ll take you right to the edge before you leave for work so that you’ll still be a bit frustrated and horny when you get to work, that might help you find the courage. I could never do what you’re going to do.”

“You’re a man, your bits are on the outside and any hint of arousal would be very visible so you couldn’t get away with it anyway.”

“Yeah, that’s one way that being a woman has it’s advantages, one that I’m jealous of.”

Angie wasn’t really interested in continuing the conversation because she had started to lower herself onto Matt’s cock where she rode him for all she was worth although at one point she looked out of the window to the houses at the back and wondered if Tom was watching her.

Angie rode Matt to 2 orgasms to his one before she rolled off him and went to sleep.


Angie woke to her alarm and to Matt’s fingers playing with her clit. He did as he’d promised before sending Angie to the bathroom. Ten minutes later he did the same again then told her to get dressed and leave. As she walked out Angie cursed herself, and Matt, for not finishing what they had started, but at the same time she wasn’t nervous about what she intended to do.

When she walked into the office a couple of the men looked disappointed as they greeted her but Angie wasn’t worried about that, her nerves had started to play up again and she cursed Matt for pushing her just that little bit further, thinking that if he had she still might have been on that sexual high.

Angie waited until Mr. Whitelock had arrived then went and knocked on his office door.

“Mr. Whitelock sir, could you help me with something please?”

“Sure Angie, what is it? I must say that you look very radiant this morning, you must have had a good weekend.”

“Yes sir, thank you sir, I err, I was thinking about working naked today and I was wondering if you would be so kind as to help me by taking my clothes off me out in the main office with everyone watching?”

“Wow Angie, that’s quite a bold move. I know that some of the staff, including me, have been suggesting that you should work naked but none of us ever intended to put any pressure on you and none of us really expected you to do it but I’m really happy for you now that you have decided to do it. Your body language, the way that you dress and the things that you’ve said made me think that you did want to work naked and I’m really pleased for you that you’ve found the courage to go through with it. So you want me to strip you out there?”

“Yes please sir.”

“Is that some sort of symbolic thing, why don’t you just strip yourself?”

“I thought that if you did it everyone would know that you are happy for girls to be naked in the office.”

“That’s true Angie but I can’t see Mandy stripping, can you?”

Angie laughed a little then replied,

“No sir, she’s a bit too straight laced, but there again that could just be a professional front that she puts on.”

“If it is she’s good at it, she keeps it up even after a few drinks. Come on Angie, let’s get this over with so that you can relax and enjoy the new experience.”

They walked out into the middle of the office then Mr. Whitelock said,

“Can I have your attention please?”

After a short pause he continued,

“Our intern here has decided that she wants to exercise her legal right to be naked whilst here and she has asked me to take her clothes off her as a symbolic gesture to let you all know that I approve of her actions. I’m sure that you can all see that Angie looks very nervous so I’m just going to get on with it. Put your arms up in the air Angie.”

Angie’s heart was pounding away at over twice its normal rate and her pussy and nipples were throbbing something rotten as she extended her arms as high as she could. She had all on to stifle a moan as she felt Mr. Whitelock’s fingers touch her bare skin at the hem of her tank top.

His fingers touched the sides of her tits as he lifted the garment right up and off her.

The topless Angie stood there with her rock hard, tingling nipples pointing across the room and her heart pounding away. She was too aroused to even think about being embarrassed.

“Shall I continue Angie?” Mr. Whitelock asked.

“Yes please sir.” Angie managed to reply.

Angie gave a silent gasp and sucked in her stomach as her boss’ fingers touched her bare stomach where the fastener and zip to her denim skirt were.

Angie could feel her pussy juices escaping as her skirt slowly descended the first part of it’s journey to the floor before gravity took over leaving Angie just wearing her wedge sandals which she has subconsciously chosen to wear that day knowing that they would make her legs look good as she walked.

Angie demurely bent her knees to pick up her clothes then listened to Mr. Whitelock say,

“There you go Angie, I hope that that wasn’t too nerve-racking for you but I’m sure that your nerves will quickly settle down and that you’ll enjoy the rest of your day. I’m also sure that everyone here will appreciate you working like that every day until your internship ends.”

Angie was stunned. She’d never thought beyond that day and now her boss had told everyone that she’d be naked in the office for the next 8 months. She didn’t get a chance to think about the consequences of her actions as Mr. Whitelock started talking again.

“Angie, I think that it would be a good idea if you went to each and everyone here and personally thank them for permitting you to work naked.”

Angie’s brain was working on all sorts of things but she had heard what he had said and managed to reply,

“Yes sir.”

“Okay everyone, carry on with your work.”

Angie just stood there for a few seconds. She’d never considered having to go to each person there letting them have a good look at her naked body and then thanking them for allowing her to be naked. She didn’t know whether to curse her boss or thank him but she knew that she’d have to do it so she finally went to the nearest colleague and stood in front of them.

“Thank you for allowing me to be naked at work Harry.” Angie said after giving him the chance to look at her close-up.

“You welcome Angie,” Harry replied, “I hope that you find what you are looking for.”

Angie didn’t know what he meant but decided not to ask as she turned to walk to the next desk where she made the thanks statement and got a polite reply. This happened at the next couple of desks then she came to Andy’s desk and she knew that he had really been wanting to see her naked so she stood in front of his desk with her feet shoulder width apart and far enough back so that he’s be able to see her pussy including her clit which she just knew was out from its hiding place.

“Well Angie, I’m so proud of you and it’s really good to finally see all of you. I can see that this is really exciting for you.”

Angie blushed a little knowing that he was referring to her protruding clit that she knew he could see.

“Will you be going to the sandwich shop like that?” Andy asked.

Angie had forgotten about lunch and as the surprise hit her she blushed and said,

“Oh no, I couldn’t go like this, I’ll have to get dressed.”

“How about just for today I get a sandwich for you?”

“Would you Andy? Thank you, that’s so kind of you.”

“Then tomorrow we can both go together, with you like that of course.”

“Oh I don’t know about that.”

“Well see tomorrow Angie.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Angie moved on to the next couple of desks and everything was nice and polite but when she got to Mandy’s desk and offered her her thanks Mandy said,

“I don’t know how you can lower yourself to the level of a slut Angie, but if that’s what you want to do then so be it.”

Angie just turned and walked to the next and last desk.

“Ignore Mandy,” William quietly said, “she’s only jealous because she hasn’t got a figure anywhere near as good as yours.”

“Thank you William, that’s appreciated.”

Angie went back to her desk, put her skirt and top in her bag and got on with her work. Sitting there and working totally naked felt very strange to Angie at first but within an hour her arousal level had dropped and even her nipples had gone soft. Everything was almost normal, well except for her being naked but she even forgot about that at times when she got engrossed in her work.

Matt got a sandwich for her at lunchtime and she sat working and eating over the lunch period. And the afternoon went very quietly as well. For some strange reason Angie went to the toilet to put her skirt and top on before leaving to go home. It was only as she was walking out that she thought how stupid it was to go to the toilet to get dressed. Everyone had seen Mr. Whitelock undress her and then they’d seen her naked many times during the day.

“How stupid of me.” She thought.

Back at home she stripped even before going upstairs. Eva and Justin saw her and Angie told them that she’d be back down to tell them about her day.

Matt was back by the time Angie got back downstairs and as they all prepared their evening meals Angie told them about her boss stripping her then her spending the day naked.

“Why didn’t you come home naked as well Angie?” Eva asked. “I saw a naked girl walking around the uni today.”

“Oh good, that’s a good start but I’m not ready for that, I don’t know that I ever will be.”

“You will Angie,” Matt said, “just give it some time.”

Angie was getting more and more convinced that she would go out in public naked one day, but not yet, she still didn’t have the confidence or guts.

Later, the other 3 housemates had gone out leaving Angie on her own and after a while she remembered Tom. She went to her window and looked for him. At first she didn’t see him but she did see another couple of guys who had noticed the naked girl standing at her window. Feeling safe in her own home Angie decided to go out the back of the house and enjoy the last of the warm evening sun. There was some plastic chairs out there and she sat on one, eyes closed and looking at the sun.

“Going to have to get myself a tan if I’m going to be naked in public.” Angie thought as she felt the warm sun on her body. She’d sat with her knees well apart enjoying the feeling of the sun on her spread pussy.

Angie had only been out there for about half an hour when she heard a man’s voice say,

“Hey Angie, want some company.”

Angie’s first reaction was to panic and cover herself with her hands but before her hands had time to react she recognised the voice, it was Tom’s.

Opening her eyes she saw Tom standing at the other side of the fence at the bottom of the garden which wasn’t very high.

“Oh hi Tom, yes, why not.”

She watched Tom climb over the fence then pull up another chair in front of her. Angie not even thinking about closing her knees.

“So how was your day at work Angie, did you strip off?”

Angie told Tom everything and as she related it she saw his jeans at the front change shape.

“Am I causing that?” Angie asked pointing to his crotch.

“Yes Angie, you are, I’m a normal red-blooded male and as such I appreciate the sight of your naked body, just like the other guys up in their rooms watching you.”

Angie looked up at the backs of the houses and saw that she did have a little audience.

“Oops, I forgot to check.”

“Would you have closed your knees or even gone inside if you’d seen them Angie?”

“Of course I would.” Angie replied but Tom wasn’t convinced. Neither was Angie, she’d surprised herself so many times over the last few weeks.

“Talking of going inside Angie, would you like to take care of the problem that you’ve caused.”

Angie giggled then got to her feet and led Tom inside and up to her room.

It was dark when Tom left Angie’s room and she wondered if he’d manage to climb over the fence without having an accident.


The next morning Angie was up at her usual time and spent the usual time in the bathroom making sure that all of her body below her neck was nice and smooth. Angie chose a dress to go to and return from work in and she was happy as she walked to the bus stop.

She was almost singing to herself as she walked the final leg of her journey. Andy just happened to be walking along in front of her and when she caught up to him he said hello then stated the obvious, that she was wearing clothes.

“There was a naked girl in the restaurant that I went to last night Angie.”

“Good for her.” Angie replied, “but I don’t want to do that, it was bad enough letting Mr. Whitelock strip me yesterday.”

“You’ll get there Angie, just give it time.”

“I doubt that Andy.”

“So are you going to strip off again today Angie?”

“Everyone’s expecting me to aren’t they, well except for Mandy.”

“Everyone is hopeful, it was great watching you walk around the office yesterday.”

“Well then I guess that I had better strip off then.”

“Good girl Angie, we’re all proud of you.”

“And you all like perving at my body.”

“Of course, you’d be disappointed if we didn’t wouldn’t you?”

“Yes.” Angie quietly answered.

Angie pulled her dress off stood by her desk with most of the men there watching her, then she subconsciously tweaked her nipples to make sure that they stood hard and proud. She looked at all the happy male faces, smiled then sat at her desk and switched on her computer.

After a couple of hours Angie got a phone call asking her to go to Mr. Whitelock’s office. When she went in she stood back from his desk with her feet about shoulder width apart. She’d been aroused with hard nipples and protruding, hard clit since she’d taken her dress off and subconsciously she was hoping that Mr. Whitelock would see her clit when he looked up.

She watched his head and his eyes did hover at her crotch level for a couple of seconds before moving up to meet hers.

“Angie, thank you for coming. I’ve decided to make a slight change to who does what. From now on I want you to take any court papers that I have over to the court administration office whenever they are ready.”

Mr. Whitelock paused as he watched Angie realised what that meant to her.

“But, but that will mean.”

“Yes Angie, you will have to walk over there and I don’t expect you to get dressed before you go. It was your choice to work naked and I expect you stay like that throughout the working day.”

Angie’s heart was pounding. She had dreamt about being naked in public but now it was about to happen and she was terrified.

“Relax Angie, I’ll walk over there with you the first time to show you where to go. Do you need a minute or shall we set off right now?”

“I, I, I guess that we should now, before I have a panic attack.” Angie replied.

She was terrified but at the same time she was so aroused that she wondered if she’d make it there and back without having an orgasm. Not that she intended to touch her pussy, she knew that doing that would be illegal in public but she was sure that she could cum without any physical contact.

As they left the office Angie saw Andy smiling at her but she couldn’t manager to smile back.

As they exited the building Mr. Whitelock said,

“Big breaths Angie, I know that you’re terrified but you can do this.”

At first Angie was about to say that she didn’t have big breasts but she quickly realised that he’d said ‘breaths’ and she half smiled then replied,

“Yes sir.”

Angie was sure that Mr. Whitelock was walking slowly but she didn’t say anything and after about 50 metres without her world collapsing Angie felt her heart start to slowdown a little and she managed to look around a bit.

“Oh my gawd, there’s people looking at me.” was Angie’s first thought then she got control over her brain, the pussy part of her brain, and thought,

“Stupid bitch, this is what you want, enjoy it.”

Angie’s heart slowed some more, she started to relax some more and she felt her pussy get a bit squishy. She didn’t need to look to know that her nipples and her clit were all rock hard. A few more metres and Angie was starting to enjoy her walk. She looked around some more and started to enjoy the people looking at her.

“You okay Angie?” Mr. Whitelock asked.

“Yes, I’m good thanks.”

They walked some more and as the approached the court building Angie saw her worst nightmare, a policeman was walking towards her.

“Excuse me young lady,” the policeman said, “what do you think you are doing?”

“Let me handle this Angie.” Mr. Whitelock said then he turned to the policeman and said,

“Officer, under the law that you are obviously thinking of this young lady isn’t committing an offence unless someone is complaining. Is someone complaining about her nudity?”

“Well no one has complained yet but I’m sure that I can find someone who will complain so I am going to arrest you for public indecency.”

“Before you make a big mistake officer may I suggest that you contact your duty inspector and ask him, or her, about a court case in this very court about a week ago whereby it was ruled that it is not illegal for any woman to be naked in public.”

“You expect me to believe that? No young lady I am arresting you. You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention, when questioned, something which you later rely on in court.”

Poor Angie was quaking in her boots, well she would have been if she’d been wearing any.

“Officer, I am a lawyer and I was in court when that judgement was passed, if you do not contact your supervisor immediately I will ensure that you life as a police officer is ended very quickly.”

The policeman looked at Mr. Whitelock and must have realised that maybe he could do what he was saying. He moved his hand to his radio, pressed a button and started talking. As he did so he stepped back obviously hoping that Mr. Whitelock and Angie couldn’t hear him.

Mr. Whitelock turned to Angie and said,

“Relax Angie, trust me, everything is going to be okay.”

Angie was looking at the policeman and he looked to be getting agitated. After what seemed like hours, but was probably less than a minute the policeman turned back to face Angie and Mr. Whitelock and said,

“It would appear that that information hasn’t been passed down to us officers on the beat, you are free to go young lady.”

“Officer,” Mr. Whitelock said, “haven’t you forgotten something?”

The policeman gave Mr. Whitelock a filthy look then said,

“Young lady I do apologise for the information not having reached me.”

“That’s better, come on Angie.”

As they walked away Mr. Whitelock was smiling and he turned to Angie and said,

“I just love it when I can get one up on a snotty police officer who thinks that he’s better than everyone else, they really do think that they are god’s gift.”

Angie was starting to relax again and it crossed her mind that maybe Mr. Whitelock had set her up for a confrontation and that he was using her to get ‘one up’ on the police force. But she didn’t say anything, instead she took a few deep breaths and kept walking.

The more she walked the more she relaxed again and she started to get aroused again but walking into the court building made her nervous again, especially as most of the people there were looking at her.

“Are there any separate rules for public buildings?” Angie asked.

“Only in the court rooms where the judge can make his or her own rules, so make sure that you don’t go into go into one of them. Other than that you can go anywhere that you want like that.”

They walked into the administration office and one of the young women there immediately said,

“Woah there, look at you girl, you go for it.”

That boosted Angie’s confidence and she handed over the envelopes that she had been carrying.

“Does this cute little filly works for you Mr. Whitelock?” The other woman in there said.

“Yes she does, Angie here is a great asset to the firm.”

“Well I can see that she has great assets Mr. Whitelock, you should be as proud as she is.”

“Thank you Mary,” Mr. Whitelock said, “don’t you go giving my intern any hassle, she’s nervous enough as it is.”

“Don’t you go worrying Mr. Whitelock, we’ll look after her when she’s here.”

“Thank you Mary. Anything for me?”

“No Mr. Whitelock.”

“Okay Angie, we can go now.”

“See all of you again soon Angie.” One of the women said.

Angie smiled at the women as they walked out and Mr. Whitelock said,

“So that’s where you go Angie and as you saw the girls in there are friendly people.”

“Yes, they are, I hope that we don’t have any hassle going back.”

“We shouldn’t so you can relax and enjoy the experience. I’m guessing that you’ll be quite ‘happy’ by the time we get back.”

“I don’t know what you mean Mr. Whitelock.”

Mr. Whitelock was right on both counts and Angie was a lot ‘happier’ when they got back, her confidence had been given a great boost.

Angie followed Mr. Whitelock into his office and stood back from his desk with her feet shoulder width apart. When he turned and sat down his eyes immediately went to her crotch, something that Angie noticed, especially as they lingered there for a few seconds until Angie said,

“I just wanted to thank you again Mr. Whitelock, I’ve wanted to go outside like this since shortly after you set me on that research job. Up until you took me over to the court I’d been too scared to go outside but now I’ve got some confidence.”

“I guessed that it was something like that Angie. I must say that you look a lot more excited, err happy.”

Angie knew exactly what he meant and that made her feel even better.

“Yes I am sir, and it’s all thanks to you.”

“Well that was my privilege Angie, now remember, you’ve got my number. I’m not expecting you to have any problems as you wander all around the city like that but if you do.”

“I’ll memorise it because if I do decide to wander around the city I probably won’t have anywhere to put your card.”

“Good point Angie. Anything else that I can do for you?”

“Not that I can think of, thank you again sir.”

Shortly after Angie had got back to her desk Andy went over to her and said,

“I’m off for a sandwich, do you want me to get one for you Angie?”

“Nope, I’ll get my own. I’ll just get my purse.”

“Wow, I guess that I won the bet.”

“What bet?”

“I bet William that you’d voluntarily go out on the streets like that before the week was out and William said that it would take at least 2 weeks.”

“You were betting on me? Well the least that you can do is buy me my lunch.”

“Fair enough Angie and it’s going to be great seeing you out on the streets, I know this great little sandwich shop way across the city, can I follow you there?”

“No perv. The usual place will do.”

As they walked out and down the street Andy said,

“Anyone ever told you that you have a cute little butt Angie?”

“Cut it out perv.”

Angie actually enjoyed her little trip to the sandwich shop, especially the people who stared at her and the guy serving who she’d spoken to just about every day.

“So what’s with the lack of clothes Angie? Not that I’m complaining.”

“It’s legal for girls to walk about like this and I thought that I’d do my bit towards becoming carbon neutral.”

“Well I never knew that, I can see that I’m going to have to get out more. Are you sure that it’s legal?”

“Yep, it has been since the early 18th century.”

“Well there you go. You’re not planning on changing your sandwich shop are you Angie?”

“Nope Dave, I like your sandwiches.”

As Andy and Angie walked back to the office Andy said,

“You look happy Angie.”

“Yes I am.”

“Wondering what all the nerves and worry was all about?”

“Yes, it was a bit silly wasn’t it?”

“Yes, but understandable, the thought of doing what you are doing now must really have being terrifying for you, it goes against everything that you’ve always been taught.”

“Yes, terrifying and exciting, I’ll admit it, being naked in public, and in the office is such a turn-on.”

“You have looked like you’re about to have an orgasm a few times.”

“Oops, sorry Andy, that’s not very professional of me is it?”

“No, but no one’s complaining, just remember to resist the urge to do something about it in public, then you would get arrested.”

“I know, but it’s so difficult Andy.”

“You know Angie, being a woman really does have some great advantages but it also has some real disadvantages.”

“Ain’t that the truth.”

Angie said that last reply just as they were walking through the door into the office and Harry was right there.

“What’s the truth,” Harry said.

“Angie was just telling me that being naked in public is such a turn-on for her and I told her that she’d have to remember to keep her hands away from her pussy.”

“Andy!” Angie said, “I told you that in confidence.”

“No attorney-client privileges between staff Angie.”

“Thanks pal.”
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