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A day in the life of an exhibitionist.
Being an exhibitionist, I enjoyed being seen naked, having my penis stared at and being watched while I masturbated and cum squirted from the head of my penis. That being said, I tried on many occasions to accomplish this out in public. Now mind you when I was in my prime and my penis would get hard in an instant, pocket cell phones had not yet been invented and people couldn't just dial 911 at the site of a naked guy with a raging hardon parading in front of them. Things were easier back in those days.

To set the scene, I lived in a two family house with a huge backyard and right behind my backyard was a bank with a good sized parking lot bordering my yard. There was a fence separating the two properties but it was a chain link fence and offered no cover so you could see directly into my yard without any obstruction. On the next 2 blocks were two 6 story apartment buildIngs that had a direct view into my yard with many windows. I'm guessing you're already thinking what I already knew. This piece of property was an exhibitionist's paradice!

There were so many avenues to have my erect penis spied upon, it was hard to decide what to do first.So to get this story rolling, I'll start off by sharing my favorite experience roaming completely naked in my backyard. Wait, did I say my backyard? This night I decided to roam around my nextdoor neighbors yard instead just to make it more exciting! Half of her yard was also bordered by the parking lot and just as visible to anyone who might be roaming through it.

So as not to be over obvious, I waited until the sky had begun to darken before I embarked on my naughty journey. I had stripped completely and was only wearing some skimpy shorts before I made my way out of the kitchen door to my backyard. It was a very comfortably warm night so I wouldn't be doing any shivering after removing the only piece of clothing I was wearing. I perused the scene, empty parking lot, lots of lit apartment windows and my neighbors yard to my left. I proceeded to head in the direction of of the other yard. I was getting so excited, I could feel my penis getting harder by the minute!

I made my way though her fence and the next thing I knew, there I was in her backyard almost naked. I took a quick peek in her windows to make sure she wasn't there and watching me. After that I felt comfortable enough to take off my shorts and walk around starkers. It was a beautiful night and I could feel a nice warm breeze flowing over my now exposed erect penis. It's just a wonderful feeling of freedom.

At this point I know you're wondering when is he going to get to the good part. I understand because even though I was enjoying being completely naked in my neighbors yard, it wasn't very eventful. Well as fate would have it, after thinking how boring this was, I saw the approaching headlights of a vehicle pull into the parking lot and literally park right in front of my neighbors yard. I was on the opposite side of the yard and could not see them but I could hear them talking and I could tell there was two couples of both sexes. This is my chance I thought to get spotted. I started walking boldly in the direction of the voices but by the time I had gotten close to the van they drove in on, they were already way on there way towards the apartment building across the street. I watched them as they walked and confirmed that it was definitely 2 couples, 2 males and two females. As I watched them enter the building, I thought to myself if only I had reacted faster, they would have spotted me standing there completely naked.

Needless to say I was more than a bit disappointed. I had never been seen naked by four people all at once before. It was something I wanted to experience for a while. All of my other exposures were one on one which is still awesome but 4 at once, now that's exciting!

I continued my naked roaming thinking that group was probably going to be visiting and who knows how long before they came back out. After 5 minutes I really felt dejected and walked over to my shorts and put them back on and started to head back to my house. I felt like I was wasting my time and I might as well go back in. Well no sooner than I took my first step towards my house, I heard the voices again. I looked over and sure enough it was the same 2 couples leaving the building and heading back to their van. I don't know why they were heading back to their car so soon but I didn't care. I wasn't wasting this opportunity and this unsuspecting group of people were definitely going to see my penis no matter what I had to do!

Needless to say, off came my short and my rock hard penis was throbbing and aching to be seen. I positioned myself in front of their van but not too close and I stood behind this pathetic little tree that came up to my penis but had no leaves. It was as if I was trying to find cover but failing miserably as this bare mini tree was the only obstruction in the whole yard. I decided to stand sideways giving them a profile of my erect penis. I didn't want the to miss an inch of it. All I had to do now was pose naked and await their arrival.

They sauntered up to their van, the only vehicle actually in the parking lot, still unaware that a completely naked guy was standing right in front of them. They cracked open the doors while still chatting and proceeded to enter the van but before they all got in, they became deafeningly quiet! It was at that very moment that I realized that they had spotted me. I took a deep breath and took in the fact that four strangers I had never met before in my life were now staring at my naked body and knew what my penis looked like! And yes, 2 of them were females! It was the most ultimate cfnm experience I had ever had in my life not to mention that it was also a cmnm situation but I didn't really care much about that. I stood there brazenly, not trying to cover my penis in embarrassment and looking right at them. I so wanted to know what they were thinking. I imagined one of the ladies saying, "Jesus! Look at his penis! Looks like he's enjoying himself" and the other woman acknowledging, "Yup. He's hard as a rock!" I'm sure the men were inexplicably drawn to my erect penis as well as if they just couldn't take their eyes off it and wondering what the hell I was doing out there naked.

So I stood there just enjoying myself and letting these strangers look at my penis as long as they desired. It seemed like forever and that they were enjoying themselves as well but I guess they had their fill and I heard them start to crank their motor. At that very moment, another realization hit me. THEY'RE ABOUT TO TURN ON THEIR HEADLIGHTS!!! If they didn't get a good look at my penis before, once I was bathed in their headlights, they were going to get an awesome illuminated view of my erect penis now. I just stood there waiting for the inevitable and with a quick flick of a switch, on went the lights. I looked down at my penis immediately and it was lit up like a Christmas tree. I then looked up at my voyeurs and stood there like a deer in the headlights and I had no choice but to let the oggle my rock hard penis. I never felt so naked in all my life and the vulnerability I was feeling being naked in front of these strangers was through the roof! I could have cut a diamond with my penis it was so hard and excited.

The best thing was that they didn't leave right away! Seemed they were enjoying this almost as much I was. But all things must come to an end and they finally threw it in reverse and began to leave. Thinking about it now, I should have walked towards their vehicle and waved bye bye.

Feeling drained and thoroughly satisfied, I walked over to my shorts put them back on and headed back to my house. I was so horny and I couldn't wait to get in my room and start stroking my penis to a huge toe curling orgasm!


2021-06-10 07:45:11
This is by no doubt my greatest exhibitionist experiences of my life!

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