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How i my dream of becoming a sister cuck came true
I am 30 year old man, i live with my 22 years old step-sister, Jane. This story is a few years old. Ever since my step-sister turned 18, i felt attracted towards her. She was a bombshell, she had a figure of 36-30-38. Smooth and curvy body. I used to peak in her showering, i remember the first time i saw her showering i ejaculated in seconds. I wanted to fuck her badly, and its not like i tried. I did try alot of convincing and trying to seduce her but it didnt work. Infact it kind of ruined our relationship. The only reason she gave was we were family. We werent related by blood but she didnt wanted to have sex with me. Its not like i dont look good, i am gym fit guy with a 8 inch thick cock. Its not like she has not seen it, i used to masterbate with unlocked door that she might come in, she did not once but alot of times.

Fast forward a few years, she had turned 21. I spend the last three years about fantasizing about her. I used to fantasize her getting fucked by a group of men. I wanted to be a cuckold to my sister. Watch her gangbanged then fuck her myself.

One day a friend of mine, told me about this illegal aphrodisiac for women, he said it was so strong it would force any woman to have sex. Now my sister had a few boyfriends, i believed she must have had sex with them. Though i later find out i was wrong. I asked where i could buy this drug and went there.

When i went there, there were a group of black men. They sold this drug, i asked for the drug and they told me the pricing and all. After the exchange, i was going out that this huge black guy stopped me. He held me down on my knees. He said you are pretty boy why do you need this drug. I said nothing, i was scared though. They surrounded me, they were bigger than me. They said you cant leave. They started caressing me, touching my body and all. I was soon taken to the basement, they stripped me down. They i can only leave if i please them. They took out their black cocks out and asked me to suck them. I had previously had gay encounters and all. I had alot of sex with several men, fucked alot and got fucked by alot too. I wasnt worried about having sex with them, it was that some of them were really hung. Well i sucked them off, also got fucked. A total of 8 men fucked me. It was painful to take their cocks but i liked it too. I came alot aswell. After they were finished they asked me if i am a gay who do i need the drugs for. I told them everything, about me and my sister how i wanted to fuck her. They saw it as an opportunity, a man took out his gun and said "You are going to let us breed her" I resisted i said no, but when he loaded the gun i pissed my pants off.

A few days later they contacted me, asking when will the merchandise be ready. By merchandise they meant jane. It was then i had a fight with Jane, i was really angry. I decided to go with their plan. I contacted them about the time and address. Jane had left the house to cool down, she usually did this whenever she was angry. In the meantime i had set up a camera and connected it to my laptop. I left a drink in the living room with a sorry note, i mixed the aphrodisiac in it. She came back an hour later, saw the drink and drank it. I was watching this from my room. She was in the living room watching tv, that i noticed the drug started working. I could feel she was uneasy, sweating and desperately trying to hold it together.

She went in her room, after some time the door bell rang. She messaged to open it, i responded by i wasnt home. She got out and opened the door. A group of 8 black men entered the room. It was them, they grabbed her and locked the door. I was watching all of it. They grabbed her mouth so she couldnt scream, they started stripping her immediately. He pussy was dripping wet, her nipples were hard. She was under the influence of the aphrodisiac. She tried to resist them but they were stronger. They spanked her, they pinched her tits. It was when a guy entered a finger in her pussy, she bled. Was she a virgin? I had no idea. I watched them use her as a slut. They forcibly entered her pussy, even popped her anal cherry. At first it was rape, but later she seemed to be enjoying it, i could see her willingly ride them. Her screams turned into moans. I dont know if it was the effect of aphrodisiac or she actually enjoyed it. I was jerking in my room watching her get fucked. I myself had ejaculated twice.

After 3 hours of fucking, she sucked each one of them willingly. Swallowed every bit of their cum. The men got dressed and kept a chunk of cash on the table. They all left, my sister locked the door and took the cash in her room. I received a call from one of the guys, they said the merchandise was good, and that they will leave me alone. Then I also received a message that said "She is yours now" I got hard. She was in the living room cleaning everything, she thought i was not home and it was better to clean before i got home.

To her surprise she saw me coming out of my room, naked with a rock hard cock. She saw me and froze there. I went near her and said looks like you had a lot of fun. She was still naked, i could see her wet pussy dripping, i said i saw everything. She stood still and didnt utter a word. I went close and grabbed her pussy. I rubbed her clit and she was moaning, she was totally under the influence of the drug. She was dripping wet, i took her to my room, positioned her in doggystyle. Kept my laptop in front of her face and played her video of getting raped. When she turned around, i pushed my cock in her. I told her she was going to be my slut. I pounded her and kept saying it, until then i felt her legs shiver, she came. She was sweating and finally said "Ill be your slut". I fucked her the whole night, also fucked her in the ass.

In the morning she woke up, i was already up and fucking her pussy and sucking on her breasts. The drug had worn off but the slut inside her had already been woken up. She at first asked me to stop, but i knew she was wet and i had her where i wanted. I stopped to test it out, i asked her to leave if she wanted but she didnt. So i went back to fucking her.

After that i had fucked her daily, and on our days off, i would organize gangbang parties and watch her get fucked. Sometimes i would join in on the fun and get fucked too. I still fuck her daily.


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