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I doubted his intent, but agreed to come by, which made him very excited, but he seemed nervous or preoccupied as he said, “Okay, I’ll see you later, right.” Smiling, I nodded my head and as I turned to walk away, I wonder why he wanted me to come by so badly
It was the nearing the end of summer vacation, I wasn’t working and I wasn’t planning to go back to school either, and on this day I was feeling a little bored, so I wander over to the game room up by the high school to hang out.

As I headed inside, John immediately approached me as soon as he saw me and said, “Why haven’t you come over to my apartment lately?” He then told me that I should come by sometime, and very animated he smiled and said, “I’ve got a surprise for you.”

I was intrigued and immediately thought maybe he was finally going to give me the keys to the car, but I also thought it was probably just another ploy to get me alone again.

He continued to be very excited and being I really wasn’t doing anything, I told him in a hesitant voice that I’d try to come by later. John immediately said, “Great,” and after shaking my hand he told me that he’d be home around six, and said, “Why don’t you come around then.”

I doubted his intent, but agreed to come by, which made him very excited, but then he seemed nervous or preoccupied as he said, “Okay, I’ll see you later, right.”

Smiling and nodding my head, I turned to go play a few games. I could tell he was watching me and one time in between games, I saw John talking with another boy about my age that was hanging out at the front counter. He was kind of skinny, had blonde hair, and I could see they were looking my way, smiling. Smiling back, John waved and waving back, I noticed the other boy cautiously looking me up and down.

Eventually, I left the game room and as I headed out the front door, John stopped me to make sure I was still planning to come over. I quickly acknowledged that yes, I would come by. Smiling, he patted me on the shoulder as I left.

I was anxious, thinking I would finally get the car and as I got ready, I convinced myself that he was going to give me the car and that’s why he wanted me to come over. In the back of my mind, I still wonder about his intentions, but was so excited I blindly decided to go.

As I head over to John’s place and went around the corner of his apartment building, I saw that his car was there and knew he was home. Knocking on the door and waiting anxiously for him to answer, it wasn’t long before I heard him unlocking the door and as the door opened, he was smiling and quickly asked me to come in.

As I walked in, he motioned for me to go sit in the living room. We talked for a little bit, but I could see he was excited to see me, which made me nervous. John obviously had something to tell me, but what was it, and as our conversation paused John finally said, “I’ll bet you’re wondering what surprise I have for you.”

I didn’t know what to say, but John quickly asked, “Do wanted to know what it is?”

I was hesitant but said, “Yea.”

John smiled, stood up, and looking at me said,”Come on,” as he walked toward the bedroom.

“I knew it! “ I thought, “he just wanted to get me in bed again.”

When I didn’t stand and follow him right away, he came back to the couch and said, “Come on,” as he reached out his hand.

Looking at him he said, “You want to know what I have for you, don’t you?”

As he took my hand and prompted me to stand, I tried to remain seated. John pulled me to my feet and immediately said, “I think you might like this, come on.”

Looking at each other, John said, “ Okay, I wanted it to be a secret,” and when John let go of my hand, he turned his head and said, “Okay, come on out.”

I was confused, and thought, “What was he doing?”

Suddenly the door to the bedroom opened and as I watched, the blonde haired kid that was at the game room came out. He was wearing only shorts, no shirt, and as our eyes met, he smiled at me. I was shocked, “What was he doing here,” I thought, but as he approached he said, “Hi.”

I didn’t know what to say and as John reached his hand out to this guy he said, “This is Tom,” as he turned and looked at me.

I continued to be confused as to why he was here, until John said, “I asked Tom to come over since you were coming over.”

Looking at Tom inquisitively, he said, “John has told me a lot about you.” and continued by saying, “John wanted me to meet you.”

I looked over at John and nodding his head said, “ I thought you two might hit it off.”

I was shocked, is John saying he wants me to have sex with Tom? Tom quickly said, “I’d like to be your first, if you want to do it that is.”

As I looked over at John, he again nodded his head and said, “Do you want to give it a try?”

I again hesitated and as John looked over at Tom, he told him to go back in to bedroom, Tom smiled as he walked toward the bedroom, and John said, “Go on, we’ll be right there.”

As Tom closed the door part way, John reached down taking me hand again, and asked, “Do you want to give it a try?”

When I didn’t say anything, John said, “Come on, let’s see how it goes,” and asked, “You want to try it, don’t you.”

When I didn’t say anything John tried to explain that he missed me and when said, I thought you might want to try it.”

I felt he was genuinely thinking of me and as I smiled, John explained that Tom is open to doing it and continued by saying, “When I told him about us, I asked him if he would.”

Immediately I realized that John had probably already had sex with Tom and that’s how John was able to ask him about it. John eventually coaxed me to follow him and as he lead me toward the bedroom, I continued to be very nervous, unsure what was going to happen.

Apprehensively, I continued to follow him and as we entered the bedroom, there was Tom sitting on the bed. John now let go of my hand and as Tom stood up, he asked, “Are you ready?”

I looked back at John and after a brief moment he told me,”Why don’t you take off you clothes.“

Standing there paralyzed, I watched as Tom quickly took off his shorts and sat on the end of the bed again. He was thinly built, not hairy at all, and as I watched him fondle his soft cock, John came over and started to help me take off my clothes. This immediately brought me out of my daze and seeing Tom watching as John helped to take off my clothes, made me look up.

It made me a little embarrassed to see Tom looking at me as I stood there naked, but as John pushed me to move over to where Tom was sitting, I smiled. He continued to fondle his cock and as our eyes met, I sheepishly smiled at him. Smiling back, Tom immediately turned and started to climb on the bed.

I couldn’t believe what was happening, and as I continued to watch him get on the bed, John suggested that I get on the bed too. On all fours, Tom glance back and said, “Come on.”

I was already starting to get hard but seeing his firm little bubble butt in the air was making me even harder. As I moved closer to the bed, Tom spread his legs slightly and as he put his head down, he reached back and spread his ass cheek slightly with one hand. Seeing his tight little hole, made me look over at John for reassurance.

John had unzipped his pants and as he sat there feeling on his cock, he motioned for me to get on the bed. I froze, not knowing what to do, but as I turned back, I could see Tom fondling his semi hard cock and balls as they hung between his legs and when he reached back further and touched his puckered little hole, I thought about fucking him.

He had a little hair tuft at the top of his crack and when I looked back over at John, he instantly realized I was having second thought. Standing up, John came over and as he moved closer, he fondle my cock as I stood there looking at Tom’s ass.

Tom was now looking back and as John tried to make me hard, he coaxed me to climb on the bed, saying, “Go ahead.”

Tom now faced away and as John continued to push me to get on the bed, I was hesitant, but eventually got on the bed and slowly inched up behind Tom.

John had a tube of KY and as he opened it, he had Tom hold out his hand. After squeezing a small amount out on Tom’s hand, he immediately reached around and smeared it around his crack, eventually fingering himself.

As I watched, John took ahold of my cock and as he rubbed KY on it he realized I still wasn’t fully hard. John continued to stroke my cock and pushed me to get closer to Tom. John wiggled the head of my cock against Tom’s tight little hole, which immediately made me hard thinking about fucking him.

John remarked, “Yea, that’s it,” as I watched him push his thumb into Tom’s tight little hole.

John now gradually pulled the skin of my dick back, mushrooming the head, and as he started to push it into Tom’s tight little hole, Tom arched his back. John told him to spread his ass cheek and as he did, Tom pushed back, accepting my cock, as John slowly tried to guide me to push into him.

I watched as my cock seemed to get sucked into Tom’s ass. John made sure I was in him and as he let go of my cock, he continued to press me to go deeper. Tom grimaced, and pulled away slightly. As John pushed me against Tom, he asked if he was okay. Tom wiggled a little, nodded and told me to go slow.

I had stopped, and as John got off the bed he asked me how it felt. Tom again said, “I’m okay,”as he reached back holding me tight with one hand.

John again went back and as he sat in a chair over by the dresser, Tom started to rock back and forth and told me to go ahead. Looking over at John, he nodded his head and as I grabbed Tom by the hips, I closed my eyes and tried to focus on cumming. It felt so good as I started fucking him; it was so tight and seeing my cock going in and out only accentuated the experience.

Tom did reach back occasionally, pushing me, and saying to slow down. I didn’t want to stop, but slowed down briefly. I needed to concentrate so I could cum as I again pumped his ass hard and faster.

Hearing my cock going in and out of him as my body slapped against him, Tom suddenly started to moan, almost whimper. I needed to cum and as I focused my thrusts, it wasn’t long before I was saying to myself, “I’m going to cum.”

John stood up now and as he came over to the bed, he said, “Cum in him.”

Looking at John briefly, we smiled at each other. I could see that he had his cock out, and was rubbing it as he watched me fucking Tom. I was close, I wanted to cum and when John again said, “Cum in him,” Tom reached back and pulled me close.

Stopping briefly as my cock started to jerk and I let it go, I could feel the warmth of my cum spilled inside him. It felt good and out of breath, I slowly moved my cock in and out as it continued to jerk inside Tom.

I was done and when I eventually pulled out, cum immediately leaked out of his ass. I tried to squeeze out whatever cum was still left in me and as I did, John climbed on the bed an told me to move over.

As I rolled off the bed, and John put his hand on Tom’s ass and said, “Don’t move.”

Standing there watching, John quickly pushed his cock into Tom’s ass and immediately started to aggressively fuck him. I could tell Tom was hurting, but he let John fuck him anyway.

Cum continued to seep out of Tom’s sloppy little hole as John pounded Tom’s ass and it wasn’t long before John blurted out, “I’m going to cum.”

Holding him close and out of breath, I could tell he had cum. Tom now reached back and as he turned slightly I could see he was in pain as he pushed John off him. John quickly climbed off the bed, and when Tom rolled over on his back, John made sure to show me Tom’s gaping hole as cum oozed out.

Tom was smiling now, undoubtedly glad it was over, but as soon as John saw that Tom had a hard on, he immediately started to give him a hand job, eventually suck it.

I was still hard and as I watched, I wanted to cum again too. Suddenly, I could see Tom was going to cum and when he said, “I’m going to cum,” John took his cock out of his mouth and continued to jerk him off. As I watched, cum shot out on his stomach and as it dribbled over John’s hand, he let go.

Tom was out of breath and as John got off the bed, he asked me how I was doing and then instructed Tom to go take care of himself. As Tom slide off the bed, and headed into the bathroom, John approached me and took hold of my cock and asked, “Did you like that?”

I didn’t know what to say. “Yea, it felt good,” I thought, but then suddenly John tried to kiss me. I turned my head not wanting him to kiss me and instead he kissed me on the cheek and patting me on the shoulder, he moved away.

As Tom returned he said, “I need to get home.”

John turned to me and said, “Hey, I’m going to take him home, do you want to wait for me?”

I wasn’t sure and blurted out that I was going to go. John moved over to where I was getting dressed and tried to talk me into staying but eventually when the two of them left, I left too.

I felt weird about what I had done and when I thought about it, I ended up masturbating later as I remembered it.

I never did see Tom again and figured John had probably moved on with Tom since he was an eager partner, and yes I still think about happened and fantasize about it, wondering if I’ll ever have the chance again


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