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Brendan was a bit of a loner who always had a thing for his pretty blonde neighbor. When she asks him to dog sit George for a weekend he learns something he couldn’t have ever imagined.
It was early Friday evening when Brendan got a knock on his door. He quickly put on some pants. There was another knock as he shuffled to the door. He looked through the peephole and was surprised to see his neighbor from across the hall. He fumbled with the door but got it open. He immediately regretted not actually getting dressed that morning. His hair was disheveled and his shirt could use a wash. Brendan knew he cleaned up well but he wasn’t cleaned up.

Brendan kinda just stared at the athletic blonde standing in front of him, until she finally piped up, “Hey, it’s Brendan right? I hate to impose but are you in town this weekend?” Brendan tried as hard as he could not to stare at her fit body and small perky tits, “Yeah, yeah, what’s up?”

Lauren gave him a smile she used anytime she wanted a favor from a guy, “Well I’m going to be gone this weekend and my roommate Betty normally watches my dog but she’s headed home for a couple of days. Could you do me a huge favor and feed and walk George? It’d just be once in the morning and once in the evening.”

Brendan wasn’t much of an animal guy but he could say no to this girl, “Yeah, of course. Anything I should know about George?” Lauren started to reach into her purse and stopped to think, “Not really, just watch out when you walk him cause he can be a little too friendly with some people and dogs.” She handed Brendan a key and thanked him again. Just like that Lauren had turned to leave and Brendan closed his door. It wasn’t long before Brendan heard a bit of commotion in the hallway as Lauren left and headed out. A couple hours later Brendan decides he should feed and walk the dog. Brendan had seen Lauren walking George before, and he was always a little surprised that the tight blonde had such an aggressive looking pooch. He didn’t notice till he was putting the leash on George that he was still intact. No wonder Lauren had warned about his aggression. Brendan had an easy time walking George though. After a quick couple of times around the block Brendan headed back. He fed the German Shepard and then took a chance to look around the apartment.

Brendan had never been here before and was surprised at how shabby it actually looked. He poked his head in the bedrooms and quickly identified Lauren’s versus Betty’s. Betty had an okay face but her body was attractive in a thick sort of way. However, with access to Lauren’s room, Brendan didn’t think twice about where he wanted to start exploring.

Lauren seemed to have her shit a little more together than Betty, although Brendan figured that Lauren also had more visitors to her room. He checked her laundry basket hoping to find panties or something, but was disappointed by the empty bin. A quick search of her dresser and bedside tables also didn’t produce anything interesting, only condoms and lube. Brendan sat on her bed and faced her dresser. He was pretty confident a girl like this had to have some kinky side, but how would he find it. While looking at the stuff she had on top of her dresser he noticed a teddy bear with an especially reflective eye. Brendan got up and grabbed the bear. Sure enough it had a zipper in the back. Upon opening the toy, he saw that there was a cover for some batteries and a SD card slot. The indicator light near the batteries was out but Brendan grabbed the SD.

He put the bear back and headed to his place. He plugged the SD card into his computer and looked at the first file. It was an okay angle of Lauren’s room and the shot was filled with Lauren’s pretty face as she adjusted the bear’s placement. When she was satisfied she stepped back and winked at the camera. She was wearing matching bras and panties and looked incredibly attractive. Brendan started to stroke his hardening cock. He watched Lauren walk out of the frame and then return a minute later leading a guy along. Brendan starts really jerking off as he watches Lauren make a real show for the camera. Brendan can’t believe how lucky that guy must be. Lauren bounced on his cock, with her perky little tits bouncing around until the guy said something. Lauren popped off him and slid down the bed. She immediately began sucking him off, Brendan came as he watched Lauren take a load and swallow it down. The video continued but Brendan stopped watching. He cleaned himself off and exited the video. He copied the rest of the SD to his computer, and set it by the door, he’d return it tomorrow morning. It was getting late so Brendan decided to go to bed, he’d have a lot of footage to go through tomorrow. He can’t fall asleep though. He decides that he should hold off on watching any more videos till tomorrow but wants to take another look at Lauren’s apartment.

He quickly dressed and grabbed the SD card. He placed it in the dead teddy cam and reset the positioning so it was as close as he could remember. He looked over the room again and found nothing. A little defeated and losing his eagerness Brendan walked into the living room. Before he left he figured he’d check out Betty’s room. It was amazing how much clothing was on the floor and bed, Brendan figured her dresser must be empty. He walked to her bedside table and out in the open was a little bullet vibrator. Brendan chuckled to himself, admiring how little Betty cared. He didn’t have a desire to sniff her panties or anything and turned to leave, when he saw a familiar bear on Betty’s dresser. Betty had a bunch of stuffed animals on display and Brendan had to be careful to extract the bear without causing too noticeable of an impact. He was quick to retrieve the SD card and head out the door.

Back at his computer he eagerly opened the first video. He was curious what kind of kinky show Betty would put on. Brendan was surprised when the video started with a dark frame. He realized that the bear was being carried in somebody’s arms and soon he got a shot of the apartment. Betty was on the couch and lit up as the bear was handed to her. There wasn’t any audio but it was clear that Lauren had given Betty the bear as a gift and probably intended to get some footage of her. Betty put the bear in her room, roughly where he found it. She walked out of the frame and a minute later the video ended. That was disappointing. He figured he’d go through the footage tomorrow and maybe see Betty masturbating. This time when he went to bed he fell asleep pretty quickly.

The next morning he woke up and immediately went over and took George for a walk. The walk was a little tougher as George tried to fuck a couple dogs. Brendan knew the feeling and was excited to get back and review more of those videos. Once George was fed, Brendan was back at his desk. He settled in and started the next video of Lauren. Brendan guessed it picked up the next morning as Lauren was getting fucked again by the same guy. He pounded away into her but as soon as it looked like he climaxed he got up and started getting dressed. Lauren stayed in bed and let him leave. A minute later she got up and opened the door, letting George in. Brendan started to get really hard. Lauren laid on the edge of the bed with her pussy facing the camera and began rubbing her clit. George quickly moved in between her legs and began licking her. Lauren maintained eye contact with the teddy cam, squeezing her little tits with her free hand as she began to orgasm. It wasn’t long until she was done, and was motioning George to get on the bed. Branden watched in amazement as Lauren got on all fours and George began thrusting at her holes. He watches as the little blonde reaches down and helps the doggy dick into her snatch. As soon as George made contact his thrust changed to much more purposeful and deep. Brendan was at his edge when George finally sunk his cock in and held it there. He stopped humping and a couple minutes later dismounted. Lauren took this opportunity to collect some of the cum from her cunt and slurp it down. Branden couldn’t take it any more and came. He watched in a daze as Lauren got up and headed to her bathroom.

The rest of the day was a bit of a blur for Brendan. He worked through Lauren’s footage but it took him most of the day. He had no idea how many times he’d jerked off but he had noticed Lauren had a pretty great routine down. Brendan was a little bummed because there only seemed to be a little over two weeks of footage before the battery on the cam had died. Still, most weeknights she’d fuck the dog and then she’d fuck guys on the weekends. One night she’d even let George fuck her and then had a guy over and had him go down on her. Brendan felt a little sick to the stomach watching but the way Lauren looked at the camera while it happened was breathtaking. Soon he had the footage sorted, between Lauren fucking, dressing or undressing, and just her moving through the space. Brendan realized with a start that he should walk and feed George again. While in the apartment Brendan recalled seeing Lauren crouch down behind her bed a couple of times before masturbating. Brendan went to her room to poke around again. Sure enough on the side of the bed he couldn’t see from the teddy cam, there was an AC grille with a twist lock. Brendan had the same style grille in his apartment but never really thought about it. He opened it up to find a shoebox. It was heavier than he expected but he was pleased to find a large dog dick shaped dildo in it as well as a flash drive. He pocketed the flash drive and left the shoebox out.

Back in his room he opened the flashdrive to find that Lauren had been keeping seemingly every naked selfie she’d ever taken, as well as many pictures of her getting fucked by guys and dogs, not all of them George. Brendan downloaded everything to his computer and went back to Lauren’s apartment. He took his time making sure everything looked exactly how it had the previous day. The only change he made was replacing the batteries in both the teddy cams. He would have to find a way to retrieve them down the road but he was sure he could. He decided he would make a copy of their key and just wait for the right opportunity.

Brendan was rock hard when he left the girls’ apartment. He knew he’d be back there tomorrow to walk the dogs, but he’d need to control himself and not do anything more. Settling back at his desk he was torn between reviewing Lauren’s pictures or Betty’s video. He decided that he should start working through Betty’s shit since it would be nice to see some real tits for a change. He’d already seen the first video, so he moved right onto the next one. It looked to be later that same day, Betty was wearing the same sweatpants and ratty t-shirt. Brendan was surprised to see her strip naked revealing her thick ass to the camera. He watched as she crawled onto her bed and rolled over so she was facing up. Unceremoniously, she began using her vibrator, working herself up towards an orgasm. She kept looking at the door, eventually putting down the vibrator and getting up.

Brendan watched as Betty let George into the room. She led him up onto her bed. George looked excited as Betty crawled onto the bed after him. She positioned herself on her back, facing George's growing member, and began licking his cock. Brendan saw her grab her vibrator again and begin working herself while she sucked on the doggy dick. Brendan was rock hard. Betty was clearly starting to orgasm, but she kept sucking on George. When she finally came she just dropped the vibrator and focused more on the shaft in her mouth. In another minute George came, dumping his load over her face and tits. Betty sat up, unknowingly facing the camera. She grabbed one of her fat tits and licked the cum off. Brendan started to cum as she finished cleaning herself off and swallowed everything. When she was done she let George out and headed to her bathroom.

Brendan spent the next couple of hours sorting through Betty’s videos. There weren’t nearly as many good ones as Lauren had, but it was still fun seeing that thick brunette go to town on a dog. He was surprised though that Betty never had George fuck her, she only ever sucked his dick. Brendan laughed himself to sleep that night as he thought about how to leverage this against the two girls.

The next morning he got up early and took George out. The dog was especially aggressive and appeared to have some pent up energy. Brendan could only assume that this was a result of him not getting to fuck in a couple days. When the walk was over Brendan returned to his apartment and continued reviewing the footage. In the early afternoon he heard somebody in the hallway. He got up and peered through the peephole. Betty was there with a couple bags trying to open the door. Brendan seized this opportunity. He opened the door and stepped out, “Oh hey Betty, here let me give you a hand.” He came over and used the key Lauren had given him to open the door. Betty seemed a little confused but thanked him and walked into her apartment. Brendan got a good look at her. She was wearing a waist high skirt and a loose top that was low enough to show some cleavage. Overall it was a great outfit for hiding her flaws and highlighting her assets. Branden cleared his throat, “I was going to take George out for another walk. Lauren said just twice a day was enough but he’s been so on edge since you two left.”

George had come over and was trying to nussle his snout between Betty’s thighs. Betty tried to laugh this off, “Haha, I don’t know. He’s never normally this aggressive.” She tried to shrug it off and was hoping Brendan would leave so she could start sucking off her furry friend. Brendan didn’t budge, “Yeah, it’s kinda weird. If I didn’t know any better I’d think one of you girls were fucking him.” He laughed at his own statement.

Betty turned white as a sheet. Brendan knew she wasn’t fucking the dog but it was close enough to the mark to get her uncomfortable. Betty stuttered, “You should leave you fucking freak.”

Brendan knew he was riding a fine line, he needed to make it clear he knew but he couldn’t reveal that he had video. Brendan looked Betty in the eyes, “What? Do you not fuck him? Do you only suck him off?” Betty started to shake, more in fear than rage. She stuttered something but neither of them knew what she was trying to say. She looked down at her feet. Brendan knew it was time to go in for the kill. He took a small step forward, “Honestly that’d be pretty hot. A cute little thing like you sucking off George. I’m getting hard just thinking about it.” He took another step towards Betty and she looked up. Brendan was surprised when she sudden;y reached for his cock. She didn’t know what she was doing as she started to talk again, “You are hard you freak, you really want to see me take a load from this good boy?” George’s tail was wagging like crazy. Betty turned and started walking to her room. George and Brendan followed.

Brendan was amazed that he could be hard at this point. He couldn't remember any other weekend he’d jerked off so much but seeing this chubby fuck pig lead him and the dog into her room was enough to get him going. When they were all in the room, Brendan closed the door and walked over to the dresser making sure he wouldn’t block the camera, but also trying to make sure the show would be facing the bear. Betty sat in front of him on the bed, “do you want to give me a hand?” She asked him while giving him some doe eyes. He shuffled forward and helped her take her top off, and then reached around to undo her bra. Her fat tits were wonderful in person, he couldn’t help but give the milky white mounds a hard squeeze. He even bent down and gave each nipple a little suck. She rubbed his cock through his jeans as he enjoyed her tits. George started to nuzzel Betty again so Brendan backed off and let Betty stand. She turned to face George, and Brendan took the opportunity to start taking off her skirt. Brendan watched as the girl began working the dog’s cock with her hand. He slipped Betty’s panties to the ground and gave her a hard slap on her fat ass. She yelped but kept going.

Betty pushed George a bit so he was farther up on the bed. This gave her room to get under him face up. Brendan marveled as she began licking the red prick. Her tits flopped a bit as she moved and she was holding her legs open, somewhat expectantly. Brendan took the hint and began undressing. Before diving in he reached across the bed and grabbed Betty’s bullet. He took his cock and ran it up and down Betty’s fat slit. Between his precum and her excitement he knew he could fuck her. He waited till she began sucking on the swollen head of George’s cock before he started entering her. Brendan realized it’d been a while since he’d fucked. For how big Betty was, she had to have had the tightest pussy Brendan had ever felt. He was relieved that he’d cum a few times this weekend because if he hadn’t he wouldn’t have been able to last it the chubby, velvety, vice that was Betty’s pussy. He sunk his cock all the way into her and held it there as he got her vibrator on and ready. He applied the vibrator to her clit and began fucking her, enjoying the show.

Betty hadn’t been with a guy in ages and this all was a bit much for her. As Brendan began applying the vibrator to her clit she knew she was going to cum any minute. She squeezed hard with her cunt and abs, trying to grip his cock as best she could as it pumped into her ready hole. She’d been thinking about sucking off George and swallowing his fat load all the way home. She even fingered herself a little on the cab ride to her apartment to the thought of it. Now she was getting spit roasted in a way with a hot cock in her mouth and pussy. She felt her cunt start to spasm a little as Brendan kept hammering away. The fire hot warmth of the dog’s cock in her mouth filled her with ungodly desire. George seemed to be enjoying himself and Betty knew he’d have another couple minutes before his pent up load would release. She thought of this guy watching her swallow the huge amount of hot cum that was headed her way and she just lost it, crying out through a mouth full of dog cock. Brendan felt her pussy grab even harder and he took the cue and removed the vibrator and just continued to fuck this dirty slut.

He was building up to his best orgasm of the weekend but he wanted to hold it as long as he could. He saw George’s telltale long thrusts, meaning he had started to cum. Brendan watched as Betty tried to swallow it all, but as George moved away some escaped her mouth and dribbled onto her tits. Betty immediately began licking her tits off and Brendan knew what he needed to do. In one movement he pulled out of Betty’s pussy, got on the bed and pumped his cock into her mouth a few times before he too came in the slut. Betty relished how different his stream was to Georges. Honestly she was hoping for more but it was hard to compare to what the dog had been building up for the last couple days. Betty was feeling good and went on to lick Brendan’s cock clean. As she searched herself for any lost dribbles Brendan dismounted.

They both laid there panting for a minute when George began scratching at the door. Neither of them said anything as they got dressed and walked out into the living room. Brendan turned to Betty, “Here’s my number. Let me know if you ever want to hang out. This was a lot of fun. I’d be down to just fuck you too. Your body is amazing.” He didn’t mean her body, but just her pussy. She still beamed at the compliment and nodded her head and said that she might take him up on that. Brendan left and returned to his apartment.

The week passed by and Brendan had gone through all the footage and had edited it and labeled it to the best of his ability. He wasn’t sure to what end he was working but he enjoyed spending time watching these dumb girls. When Friday rolled around he nervously waited by his phone. He hadn’t heard anything from Betty and was hoping she hadn’t had second thoughts. He had dinner and was about to watch some TV when he heard motion in the hallway. He watched through the peephole as Lauren left with one of her girlfriends dressed for a club. Almost immediately Brendan’s phone buzzed. It was Betty telling him to come over and bring something to drink. Brendan was ready in a minute and was soon knocking on her door. Betty answered the door in just a t-shirt. Brendan had brought a couple of beers and they sat on the couch and drank them. He’d been hoping to get down to business but Betty seemed to want to get to know him a little first. Normally he’d have waited for a lull in the conversation and gone in for a kiss, but knowing how often she and her face and chest were covered in dog cum made him hesitate. She was cute though and eventually he realized that there was probably no other way to get back into her tight pussy.

Betty put down her drink and turned back to Brendan just to have him lock lips with her and start french kissing her. She didn’t mind it. She was worried that he wouldn’t be into it, especially since she was sure he knew she’d sucked George off today. As Brendan’s tongue wrestled with hers the thought of lingering dog cum in her mouth got her juices flowing. She’d heard of guys eating dog cum out of a woman’s pussy and now it made perfect sense to her. She was confident Brendan wouldn’t fall for that but someday she would get a guy to do that to her. Brendan’s hands traveled up her loose shirt and gripped one of her tits. She enjoyed how hard he was squeezing them, happy that they were getting some attention. She was always too shy to tell guys to be rough with her, but Brendan already knew just how dirty she could be, so there was nothing to hide, “Squeeze them harder, make, make them hurt.” Betty could hardly believe what she was saying but he obliged and squeezed even harder, shifting his grip he pinched her little nipple and pulled. If Betty had been wearing panties they’d have been soaked.

Betty got up and led Brendan back to her room. She was going to let him do whatever he wanted. No dog this time, she was confident Brendan would be enough for her. In seconds Betty was naked and Brendan followed her lead. It was pretty standard sex but Brendan still couldn’t believe how tight Betty’s snatch was. If only she was prettier he might actually try to make a go of things with this girl. Her pussy worked it’s magic and drained his cock. Betty used her hand to transfer his cum to her mouth relishing the salty taste of their sex. Brendan knew it was early but didn’t want to kiss her after seeing that little show and decided to promptly go to sleep. Betty took the hint and soon they were both out.

Brendan awoke to the sound of the door slamming shut. Betty didn’t stir but he got up to see what was going on. Lauren was back and after opening the door a little, Brendan could see she was with a guy. They went back to Lauren’s room. Brendan left the door and used the bathroom. He was surprised that just a couple minutes later the guy was saying what a great night he had but that he needed to leave. Brendan waited by the door and watched as Lauren, still buck naked walked to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine. She downed it and poured another. George was patiently at her hip this whole time. Lauren turned to her faithful companion, she scratched behind his ear, “who wants to eat some prick’s cum out of mommy? Does this Good Boy? Does he?” She laughed to herself and walked to the couch and sat on the edge. Brendan took his phone out not wanting to miss a beat.

George followed Lauren to the couch and was now sloppily lapping at her used cunt. Lauren loved the feeling of the broad tongue encapsulating the loose lips on her small pussy. She had yet to meet a guy who would lick her from her asshole to her clit with this much dedication. In a hushed moan Lauren starts elating, “Who’s a good boy! Who’s a good boy!” Brendan is rock hard again. Betty was great and all but this petite blonde writhing under the tongue of her dog was a site to see. Her pitch changed, “You are! You are! You are!” Brendan saw her bend forward and pull her pussy back from George. She went in and gave him some sloppy kisses to the mouth.

Brendan was too hard and couldn’t contain his lust any more. He krept out of the room, and cleared his throat. He still had the phone out but had his free hand to his lips. Lauren stared at him in utter shock. She couldn’t move, her mind was moving too fast. Brendan walked over to her, “I have a video of what you just did. You’re going to let me fuck you and then I’m going to watch as your dog fucks you, and then I’m going to leave. Ok?”

Lauren saw the out and agreed. She’d never have fucked him normally, but letting him toss his prick in her was nothing compared to what a video like that could do. She didn’t move as Brendan spread her legs back apart and sank his cock into her sloppy hole. He couldn’t believe he was fucking Lauren. She was the beautiful girl who lived across the hall and here he was balls deep in her. A few thrust in though he was losing his satisfaction. After pounding Betty’s pussy this snatch felt like he was throwing a hotdog down a hallway. He pulled out, “Damn, you have such a used up pussy. No wonder guys don’t stick around. You need to learn to use your other holes.” With that he lowered his cock and pushed it against her asshole. Lauren resisted a little, but with all the fluids from the night it was easy enough for him to enter her. She winced as she felt the cock tear into her a bit, but she had to admit, that at least she was feeling this, unlike the previous two dicks she’d had in her snatch that night.

Brendan couldn’t hold up against the fact that he was now pounding Lauren’s ass and soon he was releasing into her. He collapsed to the side. “Ok, now go and be George’s obedient little bitch.” Lauren laughed in her head. She was going to do this tonight anyways, she wasn’t thrilled that she had an audience but her blood was still rushing from getting caught. She got on all four in front of Brendan. Brendan cleared his throat, “Suck my dick while you get fucked or I get to tape this too, your choice.” Lauren turned and gave his soft cock a lick. It didn’t taste like shit so it was good enough for her. George was already getting in position and soon Brendan knew Lauren was getting fucked even though he couldn’t quite see it.

Lauren tried to focus on the swelling knot in her pussy and not the slowly hardening cock in her mouth. Compared to the two average cocks Lauren had felt in her pussy tonight, George's member felt amazing. She knew that he had loosened up since she started to let George fuck her regularly, and maybe she should start doing keegles again, but even if she did no human dick would hold a candle to the red hot poker that was thrusting deep into her pussy right now. As Brendan’s dick hardened she didn’t treat her blowjob duties seriously, but instead just used it as a device to choke her. She’d learned a little while back that choking on a cock was much more arousing than having some dude choke during sex. Relaxing her throat she jammed Brendan’s head deep into her and just held it there, letting her natural reactions grip him. She let herself go till she was getting a little light headed and then pulled back off a little, giving him a couple quick sucks before repeating the deep throating. Between taking herself to the edge of consciousness, getting caught, and getting fucked by her best friend Lauren started to orgasm. It was rare for her to beat George especially if she wasn’t rubbing herself at the same time but pretty soon she was gripping both cocks as hard as she could with both holes.

Brendan couldn’t contain himself any longer. This crazy slut was killing herself on his cock while getting fucked and he let loose his load. His cock was so far down her throat none of his cum ever hit her mouth. George also felt her orgasm and gave in to his instinct and seeded the bitch. When he was done he dismounted and walked off to go lick himself. Lauren released herself from Brendan’s cock and then carefully sat back, lifting one of her legs so it was behind her shoulder. She made sure to spill as little cum as possible. Brendan watched as she delicately lifted the mix of seamen to her mouth and drank it down.

When she had cleaned herself up she stood up and leaned forward to Brendan, “You should head back to that fat fuck pig of yours, I don’t think you could handle playing with me.” Filled with a sick confidence Lauren returned to her room. Brendan eventually returned to bed with Betty.


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