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The Jones family likes to fuck.
"All right! Glad to have you aboard Brian", Mr. Jones said. "Just one more thing though...", his face had went cold as his eyes locked onto mine. "Don't ever touch my daughter". I've often reflected on that first day. I was young, dumb, and certainly full of cum. I had the best of intentions and I looked forward to showing Mr. Jones what I was capable of.

I had been fired from my last job for consistently being late. I had only recently moved to this town and had found a place with a roommate. Unless I wanted to go back home I would have to hold down a job and be more responsible. Truth be told, homelessness interested me more than returning to my rural roots. Opportunity knocked however in the form of my roommate. Paul had arranged for me to work for his parents. I would resolve myself to be the best cardboard salesman in the land. First though, I would have to experience first hand all the ins and outs.

The office consisted of a reception area, an office area, and a warehouse. There were about 25 people that worked there but It was primarily what you would call a family business.

I quickly made an impression with Mr. Jones through my hard work. I figured after a few weeks that everyone there knew I was willing to do just about anything for Jones Cardboard.

The company was run by Dean and Lucy Jones. "Are we going for lunch buddy?" I asked, "You know it", Paul replied. Paul had also only recently taken them up on an offer (or threat) of employment. Fooling around in College had tested their patience and he now found himself cast into the real world, not unlike I had been. Unlike me, he was clearly gay. I got the impression that he was in the closet about that.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones' daughter Lisa worked as the receptionist. She was chubby and sweet with an air of desperation to her. Sometimes I got the impression she might have a crush on me. She would often ask me for help with the copier or other things.

I cannot say why it happened but one day I found myself in the washroom with Mr. Jones. I was washing up and daydreaming when I realized in the mirror's reflection Mr. Jones had turned inappropriately from the urinal and seemed to be putting on a show of tucking his big dick into his pants. Now, nobody wants to see their old bosses dick, but in hindsight I figure he probably showed it to a lot of people. It was an impressive length with a wide girth. I've never fancied myself having any gay thoughts, but dicks made me think of sex and that made me horny.

I was lost in my thoughts again as I noticed Dean's eyes now locked onto my own. I dried my hands and I got the hell out of there.

One morning I came in early to finish up some clerical work I'd been putting off. After about 30 minutes Lisa popped into my cubicle.

Sounding desperate she said "Brian can you please scratch my back? Please?". Given her whiny tone I didn't make her ask twice. I was eager afterall to be a useful coworker. "No! Under the shirt!", she scolded me before pulling her shirt over her head. She had very smooth skin. I scraped my nails feverishly across her back and she started making a lot of compelling sex-like sounds.

I scratched her up and down and even beneath her bra strap. It was definitely more than a little inappropriate and in spite of not being attracted to her I was beginning to feel my cock stirring in my pants. I felt I ought to escape from the situation but she was always kind to everyone and I wanted to help her out.

Only a few days later a similar scenario unfolded. It was another early morning and Lisa called me into the copy room. When I got there she was seated on a stool with her shirt up around her neck complaining about a kink in her shoulder. "I don't know Lisa, I don't think I'm the answer here", I protested. "Just start rubbing, anything will help. I need your help Brian!".

I meaded my hands into her fleshy shoulders for several minutes while she made the same alarming sex sounds she had made last time.

It was all too uncomfortable. It wasn't that there was anything wrong with her, she was about my age and had a pretty face. She was bright and fun, she was just a bigger girl than I preferred.

I worked on her 'kink' for just a few minutes until I slowly came to realize that she was using me in a sexual way. Lisa had a hand down inside the front of her pants. She was rubbing her pussy while I massaged her shoulders!

30 seconds later her shoulders tensed up, her legs straightened out and as she shuddered slightly I knew she was climaxing.

Lisa cleared her throat, "that's all, thanks''. I hadn't even had time to process things but swiftly made my way out of the room. I didn't even know how to react. I was both hurt and horny, if that makes any sense.

Later that evening Paul and I were at home drinking. It was the same as any night and we were both pretty intoxicated. "What's eating you bro?" Paul asked me. I didn't know how much to tell him so I braced things gently. "I think your sister has a crush on me", I told him. "Well you could do a whole lot worse", Paul lamented. It was many drinks later before I woke up on the couch. Paul was transfixed by the television and he was clearly watching gay porn. Having got to know each other quite well by this point, I was not at all surprised.

Paul was aware that I didn't have any inclinations that way but what I would never have mentioned was that it certainly didn't bother me either.

Having been brought up in a sexually repressive community I more or less welcomed any kind of erotic entertainment. So I watched. I watched a guy sucking another guy off and then I watched one of those guys pounding the other guy bareback. I then watched Paul take out his dick and start stroking himself. He looked over at me and cringed. "Shit.. s- sorry Brian!". He clamored over himself trying to hide his erection and change the channel all at once. "Dude… it's okay." I felt bad for Paul and tried to put his mind at ease. "Everybody does it man", I told him.

His gaze had slowly shifted to my pants as he softly said, "I think I might be gay". "I'm definitely not gay", I replied. "I need to know if I am...", Paul quipped back, his gaze still on my semi rigid member. Paul leaned forward as he spoke, "Well let me ask you this, would you ever let a guy blow you?". Paul was sitting up now and really waiting on my response as he added "if nobody would ever find out?".

"Well, yeah. Not just anybody though", I explained to Paul. It should have been clear to me where this conversation was going but I was still caught off guard when Paul consequently asked, "would you let me do it?". Many things flashed through my mind at that moment. Paul was a good friend and roommate and I didn't want to lose him as a friend. My dick was hard, and I liked having it sucked. I slid my shorts down to my ankles and my cock sprung out. Paul got onto his knees in front of me.

Paul looked nervous, "this is just one friend helping another" he justified out loud to himself. I was unsure who was helping who. My only friend in town was about to take my dick in his mouth. He reached out and grasped my manhood. His hand was cold and I was uneasy with what was happening. As he eagerly wrapped his mouth around my cock and set about flicking his tongue, I closed my eyes and tried to focus on the pleasure.

A minute later my eyes shot back open. Paul's index finger was pushing its way into my anus. I was wide eyed and as I looked down at Paul he was awkwardly staring back up into my eyes. He just kept glaring up as he worked his finger further into my asshole and sucked fiercely on the top half of my cock. I was as hard as steel while Paul began wildly bobbing his head on my tool.

Several minutes went by like this. I started to think that maybe I couldn't overcome the mental hurdles required to finish. Moments later however, I felt my anus clench around his invading finger and my balls tense up tight. In that fraction of a second a lot went through my mind. To sum it all up in a few short words, a man was sucking me off and I was okay with that. I exploded globs of thick cream past his tightly sucking lips into his sensual mouth as he maintained the tightest of seals on me.

His hand stroked beneath my balls and he drove his finger deep up my asshole. I had one of the most pleasurable orgasms of my entire life planted in Paul's mouth with his finger plowed into me. My cock pulsed and pulsed as I earnestly gushed my hot seed into him. As the pleasure subsided Paul pulled his finger from inside me. He continued to suck me off and licked up every ounce of cum. His tongue ran up and down the length of my cock and danced around my balls before he stood up and wiped his face into his sleeve. "You're definitely gay Paul", I told him. He still looked confused as he replied, "maybe Brian, maybe I am". Paul smiled and walked out of the room.

It was several days later and shortly after lunch when Lisa cornered me in the office stockroom. "You need to scratch my itch Brian'', she commanded. "I wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong-" I tried replying as she leaned into me from behind. She pressed my chest into a stack of boxes and reached into my pants in one forceful motion. Before I could even withdraw from the situation her hand was gripped firmly around my dick.

She had me pinned there working her hand around and I suppose by responding with an erection I had somehow consented in her mind. I look back on it as more of a rape and maybe she does too. When I really think about it now, that was the day Lisa definitely raped me. "Lisa please!" I continued protesting, "Someone is going to come in here!".

I was in shock as she stroked my manhood up and down. Her other hand reached around as well and unfastened my belt and button. She released her grip on me and with both hands she yanked my pants and boxers to the floor. I tried to reason and I tried to argue, "What the hell Lisa? No!".

She spun me around and forced me back onto a shorter stack of boxes. The top box collapsed slightly under my weight. For a split second I thought she had given up and was just throwing me down in frustration. Before I could collect myself or my pants though, she sprung. She was wearing a business type skirt and I would come to understand later she did not ever wear panties. She sat down on my lap and forcefully engulfed me inside of her vagina in one fateful act of gravity.

It would have been mighty difficult to convince someone that I was an innocent victim had anyone come in. There before them would have been the boss's big daughter sitting squarely on my lap with my rock hard dick buried to the hilt inside of her. She was remarkably wet and proceeded to grind around on top of me. Her big butt started gently thumping up and down onto my lap. The boxes under us were crumpling loudly and I could no longer see at all if anyone were to come in.

"Please Lisa", I begged her, but it was not to be. She kept pounding down on my lap for several minutes until I finally gave in to her desires. Gritting my teeth I began thrusting up into her. My body had now betrayed me as I edged closer to cumming. She responded positively saying "Yeah, fuck me you little bitch". I started humping harder but could only muster so much strength the way I was seated on the boxes. A minute later I could feel her insides clamp down on me as she came. A gush of fluid dripped down my balls onto the boxes below.

With a real sense of urgency and panic I tried to alert her. "Lisa I'm gonna cum!" I didn't know what to do as she seemed to disregard my warning and said nothing. I could no longer stop my body and as my balls tightened up I shot my cum deep up into her pussy. It was a blissful few seconds that allowed me to forget about the circumstances. I grabbed hard onto her hips and pushed myself as deep into her as I could reach. Blast after thick white blast was jolting into her needy body. Lisa seemed posed on taking it all inside her. Finally she gyrated on me for a few more moments before standing back up. Without saying a word she straightened her skirt and walked out of the room without looking back.

I scrambled over myself to the floor. Several boxes fell behind me as I sprawled out on the concrete and jerked my pants back up. No sooner did I cover myself up Lucy walked in, "Oh god, what's happened to you?", she asked. "I just tripped Mrs Jones, I'm sorry, I'll clean it up". "As long as you're not hurt..." her face then scrunched up, "gawd, it always smells like sex in here. I need to talk to Gerald in maintenance". With that she left.

The first few months were a success and when the office Christmas party rolled around I was stoked. We kicked things off like it was the good ole days. I was so drunk I was having trouble keeping my feet on the ground. Mr. Jones came over and said, "Brian can you lend me a hand with something?". Without waiting on a reply he walked into his office. I fumbled through the doorway and to my surprise he locked it behind us. I was very drunk, but now I was also concerned.

"I hope everything is okay Mr. Jones", I started, but he interrupted "no, fine Brian you're doing fine. Actually, I had a proposal for you. How would you like to make $200?". He dug into his pocket and held out the money directly in front of him. I took it straight away "I would do almost anything for that kind of money" I said. Before I could even ask what was required of me, he had pulled his pants down to his knees. Bouncing up and down before me was his big stiffening cock.

"Oh I'm not gay Mr. Jones, and what about Lucy?" I asked with my hand of money outstretched. "It's not cheating if its a guy, and it's not gay for $200", Mr. Jones replied. Now I am certainly not gay. On that evening however, at that time, and for that money… Well I probably don't need to tell you, I sucked that dick. It was an odd feeling slipping that money into my pocket. I slowly got down to my knees in front of my drunk, smiling boss.

His junk had a bit of a smell as I leaned in and took him in my right hand. I decided to imagine I was on the receiving end of things and that this was being performed on me instead. I gripped him tight and started to tug his skin up and down his shaft. He was still hardening in my hand and moaned "yeah baby that's the stuff". His words only served to remind me of the awkward predicament I was now in, but I pressed onward. I pumped his meat up and down and he now stood at full mast pointing slightly to the sky.

"Now or never", I thought. I opened my mouth tentatively and took him inside. Closing my lips around his throbbing cock I paused for a moment. I wasn't savouring it, nor was I second guessing it. I was really, really drunk. It was completely surprising when Mr. Jones suddenly grabbed the back of my head and prematurely began ejaculating into my mouth.

Dean didn't try to force himself down my throat, he just started to cum. His dick half way enveloped by my lips. The thick and salty liquid oozed out of his pulsing cock across my tongue in a pool. He too was very drunk and steadied himself with a hand on the nearby bookshelf.

A moment later he sighed a long winded breath and pulled his softening mass from my mouth. "I almost forgot it was you Brian". With that he pulled up his pants and was still doing up his belt as he left his office. I was not feeling very fresh. With a mouthful of cum I leaned over and vomited into the trash can. I had drunk too much. I desperately needed some water. I peeked out of Mr. Jones' office and when I felt the coast was clear I zipped across the hall to the mensroom.

I buried my head under the tap of the first sink I saw and started to wash out my mouth. It was then that I heard sobbing from the end stall. Water cascaded over my cheek as I raised my head slightly, "hello? Is somebody here?" I asked. I shut off the tap and stood myself up straight. The room was spinning slightly. Walking toward the corner stall I felt like a sheriff in an old western.

The door was slightly ajar and so I lifted my foot and pressed it open. There, in the last stall crying on the handicap toilet was Lucy. "Brian do you think I'm beautiful?" She asked, unabashedly intoxicated and forthright. I tried to reply, "oh of course Mrs-", but she interrupted me, "I think Dean is cheating on me". I felt immediately guilty and was unsure of what to say. After all, he had just cum in my mouth 2 minutes before.

"Mrs. Jones-". She interrupted me again with "I need to get fucked hard Brian, is that something you know how to do?". The question was one presented time and time again to me by Lucy about whatever meaningless task she needed done at work. This time it applied to pounding her in the box. "Uhhhhh", I minced words in my drunken mind before Lucy grew impatient and pulled my dress pants and boxers down to my knees. I made no effort to stop her of course. I found her very attractive and had fantasized about her at home a number of times while masturbating.

She grabbed onto my dick and promptly took it into her mouth. I closed the stall door and locked it as my heavy head rolled back on my shoulders. Looking up at the ceiling tiles I couldn't help but wonder what was wrong with all these people. She started to jerk me off vigorously with one hand while swirling her tongue in circles around my now throbbing tip. Just as I was about to cum she released her grip on my shaft and spit my swollen cock out of her mouth.

I struggled to lift my head back upright and when I did she was turned around with her hands on the wall above the toilet. She had pulled her skirt up and her panties down "do it Brian! Now!". I stood gobsmacked by the picturesque scene before me. Lucy's womanly physique and her tight older body were on complete display, but I had a job to do.

I nudged the wet tip of my cock up and down her labia before sinking inside her entrance. A few soft thrusts into her wet folds and I was buried to the hilt inside this hot older woman. I held her hips and marvelled at the tightness of her pussy. She must have felt impatient again and started to fuck herself against me. "Hard Brian!", I gripped her hips harder and leaned into it, "Fuck me hard!".

My dick felt like it was on fire as I pounded into her oven like depths. She kept pushing back into me and I kept fucking her harder and harder until my feet were almost leaving the ground and my balls and pelvis hurt. She was relentless and groaning loudly now "uh, uh, uh, uh", as several women came into the bathroom. "Sounds like someones having a good time!", "Is that you in there Jackie?". I just kept pounding Lucy like I was trying to hurt her as they went about their business and then left the bathroom. Lucy had not allowed the women to interrupt her train of thought and continued groaning loudly.

Here was the owner's wife being pounded from behind by a man half her age. Just as I started to reach my pinnacle I felt her pussy clench down on my engorged prick. She stopped pushing back into me as she reached a satisfying orgasm. Waves of pleasure washed over Lucy while I kept fucking her as hard as I had ever fucked anyone before. Her face was now mashed firmly into the wall as her pussy spasmed around my invading manhood.

The slapping of my thighs and balls into her middle aged ass I was certain could be heard for miles. With that last thought my balls clenched up tight and I blasted my seed straight up into her. "Oooooh that's so hot" said Mrs. Jones as my generous load flooded into her cavity. I stood there somewhat sobering and fearful of what might happen as a result of all of this. My dick was still planted in Lucy like an Oak tree as the final pulses of my ejaculation subsided.

I held her hips firmly as I started to soften inside of her body. Finally I slipped out of her folds as Lucy gyrated her ass around in a little dance before pulling up her panties over the cum leaking from her pussy. Turning, she kissed me on the cheek. "That was just what I needed stud". With that she opened the door and walked out of the washroom. I bent over to pull up my pants and heaved into the toilet. I definitely had drank too much. Exiting the washroom it became clear I had mistakenly entered the ladies room.

It was now several days later and Paul and I were back at home. My hand was shaking as I walked up behind him. He was bent over the back of the old couch that adorned our living room. His pants and briefs were on the floor next to him. Reaching out between his legs he was holding a bottle of lube. I took the lube from him and pulled my pants down to my ankles. Taking hold of my stiffening dick I squirted the bottle the whole length of my cock.

Again, I'm not gay. The prospect of emptying my balls into a tight and willing hole was too good to pass on. I started stroking my meat up and down. The lube spread over my throbbing shaft and I took a finger and probed Paul's anus. He nearly jumped before he relaxed and pushed himself back onto my lubed up finger. I drove my digit fully inside him and then took a second finger and spread his tight butthole wider. I fucked his ass with both fingers. "Now or never", I thought to myself.

With my cock and his ass both lubricated l pushed my rigid tip against his puckered little hole. Paul moaned with a degree of discomfort as he gripped the couch with his hands. I was certainly not the worlds authority on sex, but Paul's ass was the tightest thing I had ever put my dick into. It was scaldingly hot and struggled to accept my package. I lurched forward driving my manhood into this other man tiny bit by bit. Paul was also erect and was slowly massaging his cock.

It took several minutes even with all the lube before I was balls deep inside him. I was being cautious and courteous with my dear friend. Paul was a virgin and I didn't want to hurt him. Paul had other plans though, and not unlike his mother he started pushing back into me until my gentle thrusts were becoming manly wallops into his body. We were now two grown men fucking like beasts. I had come to realize that I really enjoyed fucking Paul up his ass. Between the tightness of his behind and the thrill of fucking another guy, I was very excited.

Picking up my pace, Paul had started whimpering. His virgin asshole was not accustomed to the beating it was taking. I no longer sympathized with his discomfort and I started to slam into him as hard as I could. Had it not been for all the lube he would have been crying. Instead Paul climaxed.

From the tip of Paul's dick shot streams of his ejaculate down the back of the couch. With each shot from his prick his bum simultaneously clamped down harder and harder on my cock. I was finally pushed over the edge. I forced my cock into him as deep as I could as he cried out and then I literally exploded like Mount St. Helens into his tight young body. I was pumping my cum into his posterior like a firehose. It felt like the most cum I had ever produced during one of the longest orgasms I could conceive of. Paul was panting and slouched over the couch like a blanket. I slowly withdrew from his tiny hole and headed for the shower, leaving him there, assfucked on the sofa.

It was now two months later. Lisa would rape me every few days. Rape became a relative term because I always came in her. Lucy had not changed at all in her dealings with me and I had started to wonder if she even remembered the Christmas party. How could she have forgotten the bashing I had dealt to her love canal?

Paul was gay and had finally come around to admitting it. At least to himself he would admit it. Paul occasionally still sucked me off but he had begun exploring the gay world and I sensed he was now saving himself for someone who returned his feelings. On this day it was Mr. Jones who would call upon my service. Today… My ass was fucked. This is why I now believe Dean Jones is gay.

"Brian I need to talk to you", Dean looked stressed as he cracked his knuckles and motioned towards his office. "Sure thing Mr. Jones", I said with a smile. As I followed him into his office I couldn't help but remember the time I'd taken his dick into my mouth. Not. I was barely inside his office when he started spilling the beans about his emotional rollercoaster of a life.

"And that's when Lucy told me she was pregnant", he carried on "I don't get it, we only had sex the one time in the past few months". I was growing worried. "Anyway, after Lisa told me the two of you were having a baby, I figured you were maybe the only one who might relate". This was all more than a little surprising.

With all the shock and fear, well I could have died right there. It was a hell of a way to find out I'd impregnated Lisa and to discover I almost certainly got Lucy knocked up as well. "I expect I'll be welcoming you to the family soon, Brian". There were no words to describe the distress I was experiencing. The probability of a shotgun wedding into this twisted sexual family did nothing to alleviate my concerns either. I figured it was best to just go with the flow. After all it had gotten me this far, and I hear the Jones' have a lovely summer home! "I reckon you'll probably be needing a few extra dollars soon…", Mr. Jones said, "$500 to fuck you in your ass?".


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