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BNWO Special Agent Trixie Daniels' new squad struggles with their BBC lust tendencies during their first briefing. Traci, Hannah and Maryanne try to keep it professional in the presence of two older black bulls.

Chapter 2

A Serious Problem

Special Agent Trixie Daniels had compiled her crack team of barely legal black cock sluts which included Hannah, the gorgeous brunette soccer star, Traci the pampered Vietnamese girl with a perfect ass and the sadistic MaryAnne, who was already responsible for taking the testicles of two pathetic whiteboys. The four sluts sat in an empty conference room waiting for their mission details.

“Look alive ladies”, the Chief’s booming voice echoed through the room, “this is Director Maddox he will be giving you your brief on your mission to infiltrate West Belt University AKA ‘White Boy U’ “, the Chief paused as the young women began protesting their assignment.

“Ugh that place is crawling with babydicked honkies”, Traci frowned. Hannah added some frustrated comments but the Chief shut the young recruits down before they could complain any further.

“Enough ladies!”, the big black Chief snorted, “You knew what the job was when you took it on. You knew the risk you were taking and that you may, in service of the Black New World Order, you may have to touch and even fuck white boys. Grow up. Director Maddox will go over the details. Director you can begin”, the Chief concluded as the team got their first look at Director Maddox.

Maddox was a thin 40 something black man of average height, nothing special really, but he carried himself with poise and demanded the attention of the young women. Hannah in particular seemed interested in the older bull, her nipples straining against her tight blouse imagining the large black manhood coiled in the Director’s slacks. The 18 yr old brunette’s pussy was dripping as she eye-fucked the black man who was at least twice her age. Without even realizing it the athletic teen began rubbing her tender clitoris as she stared at the older black man’s hefty crotch.

“Uhhh...Ms Smith is there something I can help you with young lady?”, Director Maddox asked sensing the white girl’s lust. He had caught a glimpse of the snowbunny playing with her pussy which caused his big black member to begin to harden, making it even more distracting for the horny 18 yr old.

“Im so sorry sir...I...just cant really stay focused when that big thing is….I will try to control myself”, Hannah said as she tried to look away from the intel man but found her gaze constantly returning to the black man’s impressive bulge as Maddox began his presentation.

“West Belt University, AKA White Boy U is infested with white breeders who are tricking young women from various ethnicities to sleep with them”, the Director looked around the room and smiled at the disgusted faces of the women present. He also noted that Hannah’s eyes were still locked onto his now fully erect penis.

“Ms Smith is my penis going to be an obstacle for you hoe?”, Director Maddox scolded the young white girl, “if it’s gonna cause problems maybe you should just take care of it yes?”, he chided as he freed his turgid member from his slacks, the weight of the 11 inch black dong causing it to bob up and down as he pulled it out. Hannah left her seat and immediately began crawling towards the Director, her green eyes locked onto the bobbing black cock which was her goal. Her mouth watered as she opened her red lips to welcome the invading black rod. Director Maddox let out a low groan as the pretty white girl began to swirl her tongue around his big purple cockhead.

The fit young white girl’s tongue moved quickly around the black mans glands then released his pulsing dickhead with a “POP”, “Dont worry Daddy”, the teen said as she looked Director Maddox in the eyes, “I can still listen while I make you feel good”, Hannah said as she placed her mouth back around the black man’s hard cock.

Director Maddox completed his brief as Hannah Smith sucked his huge black penis. Halfway through the lecture Traci Nguyen had joined in flicking her little pink tongue along the side of his black meatstick, sliding down to lick his big black nuts then trading off with Hannah taking her turn on the black man’s big organ.

MaryAnne and Trixie were becoming very aroused watching their teammates double team the Director’s big black hog, Trixie removed her skirt and was now rubbing her hard clit as MaryAnne finally had enough, stood up disrobed and walked over to the Chief whose massive cock was straining against his pants watching these two young women blow their Director, Hannah had moved behind Maddox and was now grunting as she licked the black man’s anus.

“AAAAHHHH...AAAAAHHHHH!”, the black man exclaimed as the pale white teen furiously lapped at his black asshole as Traci worked her tiny Asian mouth up and down the older black man’s rock hard cock. Traci was experienced but could still only manage to fit half the black man’s dick down her throat before gagging and spitting up all over his cock and balls.

“Yall girls need to chill the Director hasnt even gotten to the best part”, the Chief said as MaryAnne began to undo his belt with her small white hands, “go head and tell em Maddox”, said the Chief as his gargantuan black cock tumbled out of his pants to MaryAnne’s delight.

“The best...part yes…”, the Director panted as Traci and Hannah continued to work their little mouths all over his penis and ass, “...the part ladies is that for this mission only Trixie must avoid penetration. She’s the trap while you girls are to instruct West Belt students in the joys of black cock”, Maddox concluded as he bgan to skull fuck little Traci, her eyes bulging as the black man forced his rod into her mouth, his pendulous black nuts fwapping her in the chin and throat leaving a strand of precum and slob connecting the petite Asian girl to the massive black stud.

Trixie’s pussy was soaked watching the impromptu orgy around her and was now horny and angry, “Wait, these new whores get black dick on this mission and I dont?”, she pouted to the Chief who was now receiving a deep throat from MaryAnne, the talented Mormon girl seemed to have no gag reflex.

The Mormon girl held her breath as she took the entire 12 inches of the Chief’s rod down her white throat keeping eye contact with her black boss the entire time till she released it in one long motion causing precum and spit to go all over the Chief’s lap and massive black quads. After smiling the blonde girl simply giggled up at the Chief and throated him again. “UUUUUUHHHH,” the Chief groaned as MarryAnne worked her magic mouth up and down the Chief’s prodigious black dong, her blue eyes studying the older black man’s face. The looks of pleasure on the ebony visage of the Chief made the recruits pretty blonde box drip with anticipation.

Special Agent Daniels first team meeting had devolved into yet another fuckfest. Trixie smiled thinking about how well this team would work together, their mouths pussies and asses working in unison to serve the Black New World Order. Her thoughts trailed off as Officer Kimble entered the room wearing her leisure attire. With the presence of a black queen the white girls took notice but Traci never stopped throating the Director’s huge black rod.

“Daniels get your team under control, I swear you white girls cant get right”, Officer Kimble chided as Trixie dropped to her knees in respect to the Nubian woman. Denise Kimble was dressed in the BNWO leisure attire which consisted a black lace teddie which fit the woman’s gorgeous dark body to perfection. Trixie considered Denise a friend but seeing this queen’s amazing body made the skinny white girl immediately realize the truth that black women were superior to subservient white whores.

“Officer Kimble will----UH----be your liaison for this mission to keep you white hoes in line,” the Chief grunted as Maryanne continued to worship his massive shaft, her little white hands coating his length with her saliva as he fucked her little mouth, her piercing blue eyes bulged each time the black king thrust his full 12 incher down her throat.

Trixie just nodded silently, she knew better than to interrupt, as Denise walked up to Trixie, her pussy just inches from the blonde’s drooling mouth. The horny and intimidated white girl could feel the heat coming from the majestic black woman’s genitals. Officer Kimble leered down at Trixie, her friend, knowing that she had to establish her authority in the only way black owned slute like Agent Daniels’s understood.

“Look up here hoe,” the black woman demanded. Trixie complied, her blue eyes welled up as she attempted to comprehend the beauty before her. Denise Kimble’s dark body was perfect. The black teddie she wore barely covered the proud DD breasts she owned, each capped with a hard black nipple. Trixie had often fantasized about her friend but had never made a move, white girls must not be too aggressive with their superiors. Trixie’s watery blue eyes moved down Denise’s body to her athletic belly down to the black woman’s wet and shaved vagina.

Denise laughed as the white girl locked on to her twat, “That’s all yall care about huh slut?”, Kimble chuckled. “You want this pussy bitch?”, she teased the blonde girl who was now breathing in the black woman’s scent, her pink lips just inches away from Denise’ teddie encased love canal. Denise moved her hand down her body to her pussy, rubbed her horny pink clit then reached out to the blonde girl’s worshiping face and placed her hand on the white woman face. Trixie’s mouth opened in a flash to taste the black girl’s juicy fingers, savoring her taste.

“Thats right bitch come get it”, Officer Kimble snorted as she unclasped the bottom of her teddy revealing her perfectly waxed pubic mound to the blonde agent, “what do we say cracka?”, Denise scorned as Trixie patiently waited for permission to please this black queen.

Special Agent Daniels looked up at the beautiful black woman as she reached her little white hands out to touch Kimble’s dark toned legs. Trixie slid her tiny hands up the black womans legs ending at her ample buttocks, far too large for Trixie to cup. The young agent breathed in deeply once again appreciating the scent of the black woman’s fertile box.

“Thank you mistress”, the trained agent whispered, “thank you for allowing me to worship your body. For allowing me to pleasure you, a nubian queen, an honor I do not deserve. Please maam..may I please eat your pussy?”, the blonde woman looked up begging with her big blue eyes, her little mouth watering over the thought of licking a black woman’s snatch.

Officer Kimble smiled down at the defeated blonde, “Yeah hoe go head and get this pussy, but you better do it right”, Kimble ordered as Trixie began to work her tongue’s magic on Denise’ little pink clitoris. The blonde girl was so aggressive the black woman had to step back and sit down, keeping her legs spread wide so the white whore could get her fill. Trixie’s world was black, her face buried in the warm wet valley of Denise Kimble’s shaved cunt.

The Agent was in heaven as were her recruits. Traci and Hannah had teamed up on the Director’s 11 incher as MaryAnne became acquainted with the Chief’s massive 12 inch rod. The women’s moans and screams were all Trixie could hear as she was smothered by Denise Kimbles wet black pussy. Trixie’s expertly trained tongue was working fast to make the ebony officer’s twat spasm in orgasm after orgasm, making Trixie feel a sense of pride as Kimble’s pussy climaxed all over the whores small pink mouth.

Traci Nguyen and Hannah Smith had met only hours before but had one thing in common, their insatiable lust for big black cock, and both whores were now sharing one. Trixie was proud of how fast these two whores had learned to work together to please a black king. Currently the Traci was receiving a deep pounding from the Directors’s swollen black rod as the tan brunette girl sucked his bloated black nuts. Hannah was having a hard time keeping the old black man’s weighty balls in her little mouth as he violently fucked the 18 year old Traci but the white girl did her best to satisfy this old bull and she was proud of her effort as the results soon followed.

“THAT’S IT BLACK DADDY THATS IT!!! FUCKING FLOOD MY LITTLE ASIAN CUNT! BREED ME BLACK DADDY! BREED ME!!!!”, Traci yelled as the Director furiously fucked her tiny pussy, her tight body covered in a sheen of sweat as her perfect ass bounced widely each time she crashed into the black man’s thighs.

Traci’s juices and Hannah’s spit mixed with the black man’s precum and momentum to produce a “SPLORCH” sounds each time Traci landed her weight down on his big black balls. Hannah timed the black man’s thrust and lifted up his saggy sack and began flicking her wet pink tongue over his anus which immediately triggered his ejaculation into Traci’s tight Asian cunt.

“GUUUUUUUUHHHHHH----Oh you fucking bitch”, the Director groaned as his 11 inch love muscle pumped load after load into the Asian teen’s tight pussy. Her muscles contracting with every cumshot milking the old man’s big black cock for every drop of his precious African seed. The recruits were on birth control at this stage and Traci was going to have her fun while she could. Hannah had moved her warm mouth back to the man’s swollen black balls as he came coaxing all of his juices out of his succulent sack. Traci slowly removed the now semi-hard black dong out of her creamy pussy and allowed Hannah to clean them both. The white soccer star greedily sucked the sperm out of her new friend’s tight twat then joined the Vietnamese whore in cleaning up the old black cock they had just pleasured.

The Chief and MaryAnne were in a similar way as the 45 year old black stud drove his massive black member into the young blonde girl to the root, her spit running down his big black scrotum and gathering in a pool at the white sluts knees. Chief Rufus Washington yelled as he held the white teen heads in place and began to shoot his copious load into her waiting mouth.

“UHHHHHHHHH!”, the large black man yelled as his ebony rod pulsated in the mouth of the golden haired white girl. Maryanne’s beautiful blue eyes stayed locked on the Chief’s face as she received his offering of savory black jizz. The white girl’s throat flexed as it milked Rufus’ thick load from his gigantic black rod. Director Maddox big black cock was now flaccid as Traci and Hannah finished cleaning his enormous organ. The sluts little pink tongues played with the black man’s cum as they fought over every drop. The older black man finally calmed the sluts down and began to pick his pant up as Denise Kimble took charge.

“Why dont you sluts go help MaryAnne clean off the Chief, Director Maddox and I will go over the details of the mission and I will let you hoes know whats what,” the domineering black woman ordered. The teens just smiled and kissed Director Maddox’ crotch one last time then crawled over to where the Chief was being cleaned by the stunning Moromon girl.

Denise Kimble looked down at Trixie and said, “You picked a good team there girlie, I will talk to Maddox since Im running the show anyway understand?”, she asked as Trixie inhaled her juices and essence as she tongue fucked her sweet black pussy.

“You go ahead Denise”, Chief Washington said as Officer Kimble began to stand without warning Trixie who felt like an after thought, “I will take care of these whores, I gotta test out the other two anyway”, he concluded as Hannah and Traci smiled realizing they were about to get another black pounding.

Officer Kimble stood up and looked down at Special Agent Trixie Daniels, her pretty pink lips wet with the black woman’s juices, her platinum blonde hair disheveled and looking used. The tiny blonde was silent and was furiously rubbing her little pussy, her body slick with sweat spit and girl jizz. Trixie’s tiny breasts were wet with Denise’s juice and the white girl was intoxicated by the black woman’s scent that now covered her own.

“Are you gonna make me feel good too maam?”, the small white girl moaned as she mauled her tiny clit. The black queen just looked down and shook her head.

“Go join those other sluts with the Chief maybe one can help you out hoe. I gotta get this brief since yall cant control yourselves around black men”, she replied as she glanced at the Chief, his 12 inch cock had already sprung back to life and was now being worshipped by all three recruits. Hannah was moving up to sit her tight white box on his big black cock.

Trixie just nodded and crawled over to the Chief, her pussy on fire for some relief.
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