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The days of slavery did leave one good legacy.
A Streaker started it all

By Vanessa Evans

Part 6

When Angie got to work on the Monday morning she had just finished her coffee when she got a phone call telling her to go to Mr. Whitelock’s office.

“Wants his daily fix of looking at my pussy.” Angie thought as she walked there.

Assuming her revealing position Angie waited whilst her boss’s eyes hovered on her pussy. After a couple of minutes Mr. Whitelock said,

“Good morning Angie, I trust that you had a good weekend. Now, I know that as an intern we aren’t paying you much and I know that you are wanting to push the limits of your new found freedom so I’ve got a little something for you that I believe will help you.”

“Oh, thank you sir.” Angie replied as Mr. Whitelock handed her a little gift carrier. “That wasn’t necessary and I don’t really know what to say.”

“You just said all that I was expecting Angie. Just be careful where you open it you may not want the others in the office to see it, and don’t tell them where you got it or they’ll all want one, well Mandy anyway.”

“Yes sir, I will be discrete, and thank you again.”

Angie took the carrier back to her desk and put it in one of her desk drawers, Then she bent over and started to open the packaging whilst it was still in the carrier in the drawer. When she saw what it was she gasped and blushed.

“Oh my gawd, I can’t believe that my boss would buy me a remote controlled vibrator.” Angie thought.

She sat back in her chair and whist her heartbeat slowly returned to normal Angie realised that she would have to demonstrate it to her boss., but before that she would have to work out how to control and charge it. The latter was her priority so that’s the part of the little instructions manual that she read first.

Managing to plug it in hidden behind some books Angie read some more then installed the app onto her phone then decided that she should really do some work.

An hour or so later Angie put the vibrator into her bag then went to the bathroom where she eased the egg shaped vibrator into her naturally well lubricated vagina. That was the first proper vibrator that Angie had ever had. Like most girls she had experimented with all sorts of objects but, until recently, had never thought about getting herself a vibrator or a dildo. One good reason being that she didn’t have the money.

Angie moved around as much as she could in the limited space available so that she could see, or should I say feel what it was like to have an object like that inside her vagina. Satisfied that it wasn’t going to fall out she went back to her desk and started the app on her phone.

Not knowing exactly what to expect she slid her finger up her phone, gasped, tried to keep still then quickly slid her finger back down the screen.

“Oh my gawd,” she thought, “that was awesome.”

Then she slid her finger partially up the screen again, this time just quietly sighing as the egg burst into life again.

“This is going to be fun.” Angie thought, “and it’s going to take a bit of getting used to. I hope that it doesn’t make me cum, well not here in the office.”

Then Angie had a naughty idea. She picked up her phone and went and knocked on Mr. Whitelock’s door.

“Come in.”

Angie went in and assumed her usual position. After a couple of minutes Mr. Whitelock looked up from Angie’s pussy and said,

“What can I do for you Angie?”

“Thank you again for the present, I thought that you might like to be the first to control me.”

With that Angie stepped forward and put her phone on Mr. Whitelock’s desk right in front of him. Mr. Whitelock smiled and said nothing as Angie stepped back to her usual position, but this time with her legs a little further apart.

Mr. Whitelock was as new to remote controlled vibrators as Angie was and he slid his finger around on the screen causing Angie to jump and dance around. When he finally looked up at Angie she had her right hand cupping her pussy, her left hand squeezing her left tit and her thighs clamped together.

“Now that would be classed as lewd behaviour you lady. You must keep your hands off your body.”

Angie tried but the vibrations were so intense that she struggled to move her hands as she transferred her weight for one foot to the other then back again. After what seemed like hours but was probably less that a minute Angie managed get over to the desk and slide a finger down her phone’s screen.

“Oh jeez.” Angie said as the vibrations decreased and she was back in control. “Sir, the higher that bar goes up the screen the more intense the vibrations are. You just gave me a long blast at maximum vibrations.”

“Right.” Mr. Whitelock said, “I think that I need some practice using this program and you young lady need more practice keeping you hands by you side.”

“Yes sir, there’s more features on the app, you can set it for random blasts of different intensities or blasts every few minutes starting at low intensity and increasing to the maximum. I’m sure that there are more options but I haven’t had time to read the user manual or experiment, I should really do that in my own time.”

“Quite, leave your phone with me for a while and I’ll experiment with the controls. Off you go back to your work now.”

Angie left the office and she just knew that life was going to be hell until the novelty wore off. In a small way she hoped that it never wore off.

Angie was right, Mr. Whitelock did subject her to a form of torture throughout the day. She had to go out of the office twice that day and each time the vibrator was jiggling her insides. Both Andy and Dave in the sandwich shop told her that she was glowing and she was happy that they didn’t ask why because she would have had to tell them.

One of the girls in the court house admin office told her that she looked distracted and Angie committed the sin of lying by telling her that she was thinking about an exam that she had coming up.

The people in her office also kept looking at Angie and wondering what was wrong with her. Mandy asked her if she was okay Angie again lied and said that she must have eaten something that didn’t agree with her and that her stomach felt all churned up.

Well that last bit was true, all Angie’s insides felt churned up.

Angie didn’t know if it was intentional by Mr. Whitelock or not but he’d got the egg to take her right to the edge of an orgasm twice that afternoon then turned the vibrations down.

By home time Angie was shattered but she needed her phone back. She went and knocked on Mr. Whitelock’s door and when she was called in she assumed her usual stance and waited.

“Yes Angie,” Mr. Whitelock finally said.

“Please may I have my phone back?”

“Of course Angie, I’ve taken the liberty of downloading the program onto my phone and I have been using that for most of the afternoon so I won’t need to borrow yours tomorrow, I know how you young girls like to communicate with each other all the time. Oh, you got a text message from Lucy Waterman wanting to know when you can go and ride on the escalators again.”

“Thank you sir.”

“I’m assuming that you will be wearing that thing again tomorrow, make sure that it’s fully charged.”

Yes sir, I’ll be off then sir.”

“Goodnight Angie, and remember to keep your hands by your sides.”

“Yes sir, goodnight.”

Angie had a slow walk down the street, trying to recover some energy. Mr. Whitelock had left the egg on low vibrations when Angie got her phone back, she hadn’t bothered stopping it and it was feeling nice, just keeping her ticking-over so to speak. The problem was, that Mr. Whitelock had edged Angie twice and she just knew that the low vibration would slowly build up her arousal and that she’d cum in the not too distant future. She could have used her phone to switch the egg off but she wanted that orgasm, she needed that orgasm. She wondered where she would be when it hit her and she hoped that there wouldn’t be a policeman around.

Angie was walking so slow that she missed her usual bus and was at the front of the queue for the next one with a wait of around 15 minutes. She soon became aware of a couple of men staring at her which helped to raise her arousal level. Angie knew that she should reach into her bag and use her phone to stop the vibrator but she just didn’t want to.

She actually managed to hold out until she was sat on the bus. It was a struggle but she’d managed to get up the stairs and to the back seat and as the bus started to move the long awaited orgasm hit her, starting at her clit and spreading all over her body.

Her hands gripped both the seats in front of her and somehow she managed to keep her moans under the level of noise from the bus’ engine although her body did shake with the occasional jerk that wasn’t noticed by the other passengers because she was the only one on the back seat.

When Angie managed to get her wits about her again she realised 3 things, firstly she was a little embarrassed even though no one appeared to have witnessed her orgasm. Secondly, the vibrator was still running albeit on low, and thirdly, when she looked out of the window she could see that she’d missed her stop.

Ignoring her plan to follow a man down the stairs and hope that he would stop half way and turn to look at her pussy, Angie got up, walked along the aisle and down the stairs. She stood alongside the drive until the next stop wondering if any of the lower deck passengers were looking at her bare butt.

Smiling at the staring driver Angie got off the bus and started to walk back along the route. As she walked alongside the bus she noticed that all the passengers in window seats along that side of the bus were looking at her. She smiled and kept walking.

It took a lot longer than normal for Angie to walk that last leg of her journey home but she didn’t mind. She enjoyed the stares and comments from the gang of men who were doing some work on the road, even smiling at them.

As soon as she entered the house she kicked her heels off, dumped her bag at the bottom of the stairs and went to the lounge where she flopped down on one of the sofa and announced that she’d had one hell of a day.

The other 3 housemates stared at her as she half lay on the sofa with her legs open and looking shattered. It was Eva who spoke first,

“You look knackered girl, what happened?”

Then Matt asked,

“Are you okay Angie? You haven’t been attacked or raped have you?”

“No, nothing like that, it’s just this fucking vibrator.”

“What vibrator?” Justin asked.

Mischievously, Angie decided to show them and with a little effort managed to squeeze the vibrator out of her vagina. As it fell onto the carpet Angie said,

“That fucking vibrator, my boss bought it for me.”

“You boss gave you a vibrator!” Justin exclaimed.

“Yes, I made the mistake of asking him if I could get arrested if I had an orgasm in front of a copper in the street and a couple of days later he gave me that.”

Angie looked down at the vibrator and giggled a little when she saw that it was still gently vibrating.

“Well that’s different.” Eva said, “But there’s got to be more to the story.”

Angie then told them everything, including about the orgasm on the bus.

When the story was finished Justin asked if he could use the controlling app for a while.

“Sure, why not, but first it needs charging and while that’s happening I need something to eat and a little rest.”

About a couple of minutes rest Angie got up, put the vibrator on charge, then her phone, then went to get some food ready. After eating Angie flopped back down on the sofa and closed her eyes.

When she opened them again she saw her housemates and a couple of Justin’s mates all looking at her.

“What?” Angie asked.

“You’ve had more than an hours rest Angie, we’re waiting for the demo.”

“What, oh yes. Can one of you get the vibrator and my phone for me please?”

In seconds one of Justin’s mates got the 2 things and was back in front of Angie.

“Justin, please can you put the vibe inside me?”

Justin took the vibrator and presented it to Angie’s spread pussy.

“Stop!” Angie said and everyone watched as Angie ran a finger up and down her slit a couple of times then rubbed her clit for a few seconds saying,

“I’m a bit dry, this should fix it.”

And it did, everyone noticing the moisture seeping out of her vagina.

“Carry on Justin, but take it easy.”

Justin presented the egg shaped vibrator to Angie’s vaginal entrance and everyone watched as her vagina opened and the egg started to go inside. All of a sudden her vagina sucked the egg in and Justin stepped back saying,

“Fucking hell, did you see that, her cunt sucked it in.”

Angie giggled a bit then asked for her phone. Seconds later the egg burst into life causing Angie to moan a little.

“I might regret this,” Angie said, “but who wants a go at controlling the vibrator?”

Five hands appeared in front of Angie and she put her phone in the nearest one.

What happened next was both better and worse than what Mr. Whitelock had done to her that afternoon. Over the course of the next couple of hours Angie was brought to 3 orgasms, but not quickly, everyone wanted to edge Angie and make her plead with them to make her cum. Even Eva had her turn at driving Angie to the edge as two of the guys held her hands to stop her rubbing her clit.

By the time the battery in the egg ran out of power Angie was a quivering wreck. She was convinced that her insides were now a revolting looking jelly and she thought that she had less energy left than the vibrator. Her housemates and 2 of Justin’s mates had watched her shaking, jerking, swearing, sweating, struggling to get her hands to her clit and calling them all the names under the sun but when she finally found the energy she said,

“That was fucking awesome guys, thank you so much.”

That statement made Matt feel guilty about what they had done to Angie and when asked he helped Angie upstairs and into the shower and at her request joining her and fucking her to yet another orgasm.

As Matt helped Angie to her bed the last words that she said before going to sleep were,

“Put the vibrator and my phone on charge please.”


Angie woke to the sun shining through her window and the sounds of birds singing. She had a quick panic about the time until she picked up her phone and saw that the alarm had only just gone off. She unplugged the charging cable and put her phone down then wondered if the parts of her body were still in one piece and where they should be.

Angie slowly got out of bed and when she stood everything appeared to be normal except that she needed to go to the toilet. Grabbing her toilet bag and a towel Angie walked to the bathroom wondering if half her insides would drop out when she relaxed her bladder and bowels.

Needless to say that they didn’t and a happier Angie finished her bathroom routine then returned to her room checking that her pubes and pussy were as smooth as they could get.

Angie looked at the vibrator and thought,

“Shall I?”

Picking it up she was pleased to find that Matt has washed it. Her hand hovered over the charger for a few seconds then she thought,

“Fuck it.” And eased it into her already wet vagina.

It was a happy Angie that almost skipped to the bus stop. It was a glorious day, she was naked with the sun shining down on her and it promised to be an ‘interesting’ day. She just hoped that the battery in the egg would last all day.

Angie was still cheerful when the bus driver waved her onto the bus without paying and she again hoped that the man behind her in the queue would follow her up the stairs onto the top deck. He did, Angie deliberately pausing for a couple seconds as she reached the top step deciding whether to go to the front or the back of the bus while she hoped that the man behind and below her was getting a good look at her bare butt and what was between her cheeks.

Of course there was no decision to make and Angie went to the back of the bus letting all the seated passengers get a good look at her naked front as she passed them.

Angie was still smiling when she went to get her daily caffeine fix, the barista holding on to her cup for a few seconds while he made small talk and stared at her tits and pussy before waving her away without her paying.

In the office Angie said hello to everyone then went to her desk to start work. She was a little nervous knowing that the egg vibrator could burst into life at any moment but it wasn’t until around 10 am that something happened. He phone rang and it was Mr. Whitelock telling her to go to his office.

After knocking then going in when called she again assumed the position but slightly different this time, she decided to put her feet a little bit further apart. Again she waited for Mr. Whitelock to say something, her eyes watching his looking at her pussy.

“Good morning Angie, I trust that you had a pleasant evening.”

“Yes thank you sir tiring, but pleasurable.” Angie replied giving him a hint of what she may have been doing.

Mr. Whitelock then gave Angie a new project that he wanted her to start on right away. It was nothing exciting but it did give her a little more responsibility. Nothing was said about his gift to her nor the fun that they’d both had the previous day. Angie wondered if he had had an attack of conscience, after all, a boss shouldn’t be giving one of his staff a vibrator or using it to drive an intern almost crazy. She wondered if he was married and he’d bought the same vibrator for his wife and was satisfied with driving her crazy. Maybe he’d bought her one that can be controlled over the internet and he was driving her crazy at that moment.

Angie decided to read more of the user manual for hers to see if it could be controlled over the internet, not that she had anyone who she would like to control her. Well other than her boss.

Anyway, Angie was back at her desk, deep in thought about her new task when suddenly the egg burst into life. Fortunately on mild vibrations so Angie could easily conceal what had just happened.

The vibrations went on consistently until lunchtime and just as she was about to leave to go to the sandwich shop with Andy the vibrations increased quite a bit. Not enough for her to be dancing about begging for her boss to turn them down, but enough to bring her off it they stayed like that for a while.

“Are you okay?” Andy asked as he held the door open for her.

“Err yes thanks.”

The pair of them set off with Andy saying,

“It really is a pleasure you working with us Angie, you really do brighten up our days.”

“Thank you Andy but you forgot to add, ‘now that you are coming to work naked.’”

“No, honestly, Angie, you’re were a real pleasure to work with even before you decided to to you bit for global warming.”

“Have you told your girlfriend that one of the girls that you work with has decided to be a permanent nudist?”

“Yes, I’m working on her to do the same.”

“Tell her that I love it and would hate to go back to wearing clothes.”

Just as they were getting to the sandwich shop Angie realised that the vibrator was starting to get the better of her and she silently begged Mr. Whitelock to turn them down. It was only on the way back that Angie remembered that his phone would only have a limited transmission range and she would probably be outside of it. Angie also guessed that Mr. Whitelock had intended to give her a short blast.

Angie started walking a little faster, Andy asking her what the rush was.

“Nothing, I just wanted to get on with my work, I didn’t manage to get much done yesterday afternoon.”

Angie was and wasn’t pleased when they got inside their office building and the vibrations reduced, just at the point where Angie knew that it wouldn’t be long before she went over the edge.

Back at her desk with just mild vibrations inside her, Angie was a bit frustrated and she wondered what it would be like to have an orgasm in front of Andy. It was obvious that he fancied her but at the same time she knew that he had a girlfriend. She thought about it for a few minutes then decided that it would be okay for it to happen because there would be no physical contact between them. Angie decided that it was going to happen, either by Mr. Whitelock’s phone or she would make it happen using her phone.

Around late afternoon Angie got a phone call telling her to go to Mr. Whitelock’s office. He’d left the vibrator on mild vibrations ever since lunchtime and Angie was feeling quite happy as she entered his office and assumed the wider leg stance in front of him.

After the usual minute or so of him staring at her wet pussy with her engorged clit protruding from between her slightly open lips, Mr. Whitelock asked her for a progress update on the latest job that he’d given her.

As Angie started to tell him about her progress she could see his phone on his desk. The vibrator app was open and his finger was hovering above the screen. She found it difficult to concentrate on her update as she watched her boss’ finger start to slide about on the phone’s display with the resultant changes in the vibrations inside her.

Angie’s monologue slowed with gaps between words and she watched her boss move his finger around the display and slowly bring her to an orgasm.

With words only coming out of Angie’s mouth with longer and longer gaps between them Angie fought to keep her hands by her sides. She could see his finger moving further up the display until it was touching the top and the vibrator was running at maximum vibrations.

Transferring her weight from one foot to the other and back over and over, the vibrator quickly got the better of her and the orgasm exploded out of her with a long,

“Oooooooooooooooooooooooooh fuck.” as her body shook and jerked.

Angie’s one man audience just watched as the waves of pleasure peaked then slowly subsided until she again had control over her body.

“That was a big improvement Angie.” Mr. Whitelock said, “With a lot more practice I’m sure that you will be able to pull it off with your audience either not knowing or only having the slightest of suspicion. You need a lot of daily practice which I will happily help you with. That will be all.”

“Thank you sir.” Angie replied.

As she turned and walked out of the office she realised that he didn’t care about her work and that he was going to make her cum every day. She went to the bathroom to dry herself with paper towels then went back to her desk.

For the rest of the afternoon Angie read erotic stories about girls exposing themselves. The exposure part was no longer what exciting to her because she was permanently exposed, it was the locations that Angie was more interested in. She was looking for ideas at to places where she could let men get a good look at her pussy, with and without them thinking that it was an accident.

Just as she was tidying her desk to leave for the day Angie got a text from Lucy telling her to keep Friday night free. Angie replied confirming that she would and telling her that she’d phone her that evening for the details.

As Angie was putting her personal belonging into her bag she looked at her phone, smiled, opened the vibrator app and set it running at medium intensity vibrations. She didn’t know if it would be enough to make her cum on the bus again but she was going to find out.

It didn’t, but she was very close to the edge when she walked into the house and saw Matt doing something on his laptop, sat on his own in the lounge area.

“Matt, my room NOW.” Angie said as she started to climb the stairs.

By the time Matt got to her room Angie was spread eagle on her bed and writhing about with her right hand’s fingers furiously rubbing her clit.

Matt watched Angie until her body was still. She turned her head to look at Matt and said,

“Jeans off now.”

As Matt was stripping he saw Angie squeeze the egg out then turn over and get onto her hands and knees. Matt knew what was expected of him and he performed well, ramming his cock into her over and over getting more forceful with each thrust until they both orgasmed.

Ten minutes later Angie thanked Matt then they got off the bed, Matt put his jeans back on and they went downstairs, both of them with smiles on their faces.

After getting some food Angie went to her room and phoned Lucy.

“So you’re free on Friday evening Angie?” Lucy asked.

“Yes, what are you thinking Lucy?”

“Do you know how to play pool Angie?”

“Yes but I can’t say that I’m any good at it.”

“That doesn’t matter, in fact it’s a good thing. Right, I’ll meet you outside the Black Horse pub in Manchester Street at 7 pm then were going to play pool for a few hours.”

Angie had been to the Black Horse once before. It’s a drinker’s real ale pub that’s mainly frequented by male beer aficionados of all ages and Angie remembered that it has a separate room with a pool table in the middle and tables and chairs all round the sides of the room.

For a split second Angie couldn’t understand why Lucy would want to go to that pub and play pool, Angie didn’t remember the décor being that pleasant, but then it twigged.

“You naughty girl Lucy. How many games are we going to play?”

“As many as you want Angie, can you ask Matt and Justin if they’ll come with us, just in case?”

“Sure, I’ll ask them after I’ve told you what’s been happening at work.”

The 2 girls spent the next hour or so bringing each other up to date then Angie went to first Matt’s room then Justin’s room to invite them to go to the Black Horse with her and Lucy.

Angie didn’t leave Justin’s room until she had to get ready to go to work the next morning.


The rest of the week went much the same as the first part of the week with Angie being called into Mr. Whitelock’s office for her daily practice of her boss using the vibrator to giver her an orgasm whilst she tried to stand perfectly still. Angie found this very difficult but even if she mastered it she had decided that she would pretend that she hadn’t mastered it just to keep the practice sessions going.

On the Friday morning Angie controlled the vibrator perfectly so that she had an orgasm as her and Andy walked to the sandwich shop. They were about half way there when Angie stopped walking, gripped Andy’s arm and started shaking a little.

“You okay Angie?” Andy asked.

Angie just stood there until the waves passed then said,

“I’m okay now, we can continue.”

Andy wasn’t clueless and he asked Angie if she’d just had an orgasm.

“Yes, my vibrator just made me cum.”

“You’ve got a vibrator inside you, at work?”


“It must be a remote controlled one because you haven’t been popping off to the loo every 5 minutes.”

“It is.”

“Don’t tell me, you control it from your phone.”

“Mine and Mr. Whitelock’s.”

As soon as she said that she knew that she had made a mistake.

“Please don’t tell anyone about Mr. Whitelock Andy, I promised him that I wouldn’t tell anyone.”

“Since it’s you I won’t tell. So old Whitelock is remotely giving you orgasms, wow, I never would have thought.”

“Thanks Andy, I have to go to his office each day and he makes me cum using the vibrator, he says that I need to cum without anyone around me knowing so that I can make myself cum in front of a policeman and he wouldn’t know.”

“The sly old dog. Well I guess that it’s working because I could hardly tell.”

“Yes, I think that I can do it now, but I’m not going to tell him, he might stop the practice sessions and it makes my day go so much quicker.”

“I bet that it does, well good for you, have you cum whilst sat at your desk yet?”

“Yes I have.”

“Well I couldn’t tell. Can I make you cum when you’re sat at your desk?”

“I guess so, but please, not in front of a client.”

“Okay, I promise.”

“Tell you what Andy. When I come and leave my phone on your desk it’s a signal that I’m ready for you to do your worst.”

“That works for me Angie. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

The last bit of that conversation took place in the sandwich shop and Angie wondered if any of the queueing people had heard or understood them. Nothing was said about the subject on the way back to the office.

About an hour before the end of the working day Angie walked over to Andy’s desk, put her phone in front of him and kept walking to the kitchen to get a drink of water. No sooner than she was back sat at her desk she felt the vibrator burst into life.

Andy slowly increased the vibrations over the next 10 minutes until he saw her close her eyes and let out a long sigh. He also observed her a few times as she looked like she was shivering, but he knew different.

When he correctly guessed that Angie’s orgasm was receding he turned the vibration off then put her phone on her desk as he walked passed with a knowing smile on his face.

It was a happy Angie that left the office for home that afternoon. She thought about using the vibrator to make herself cum on the bus but decided against it guessing that she’d need the energy for later.

With Matt and Justin as escorts, the naked Angie left home later that evening to walk to Lucy’s place then catch a bus into the city. The 2 guys following the 2 girls up the stairs to the top deck of the bus giving them a view that Lucy certainly intended to give a lot of people later that evening. At that stage neither Angie, Matt or Justin knew exactly what Lucy was planning and none of them would have objected if they knew.

Outside the Black Horse Lucy asked Matt and Justin to wait outside for 5 minutes then come in and go to a different part of the bar to the girls. Lucy asked them to act like they didn’t know the girls for most of the evening so as to not let the other punters know that they were with them and maybe inhibit their reaction to the 2 naked girls..

When the 2 guys went in they saw Angie and Lucy chatting to a small group of youngish men. Both naked girls had drinks in their hands which was good because neither took a purse or bag with them when they left home although Angie had asked Matt to carry her phone for her.

Matt and Justin got themselves a pint then moved to the pool room, Lucy having told them that that was where they were going to go as soon as they could. The guys sat at a table where they could see both the bar, the girls, and the pool table. Matt suspected that Lucy intended to play pool so he thought about putting some money on the side of the pool table to reserve a slot for the girls to play but he decided against it believing that any one of the guys in there would gladly give up their slot to watch the girls play.

And he was right. After about 20 minutes the girls walked into the room carrying their drinks. Ignoring Matt and Justin they went to an area that was hidden from the bar but close to the players and talked to each other whilst watching the game, neither girl being really interested in it.

As soon as the girls walked into the pool room a number of men in the main bar looked that way and after the girls hadn’t come out after 5 minutes quite a few of the men followed them in hoping that the girls were looking for a game.

When the game was finished the next 2 guys due to play turned to Angie and Lucy and offered to let them play a game of doubles. That was it, the girls had their way in and all the men’s spirits perked up. Justin and Matt just knew what was coming as well.

As one of the guys racked the balls Lucy said,

“You’ll have to help us guys because we’ve only played once before and can’t remember the rules.”

One of the guys replied,

“Don’t worry love, we’ll keep you straight.”

“I hope not.” Lucy replied.

A coin was tossed to decide which team would break and the guys agreed the girls would go first in each team.

Angie was the first to break and she bent over at the end of the table with her feet well apart. There were a few comments from the guys behind her that confirmed that those guys had seen her pussy and the odd comment from those in front who could see her small, hanging, very pointy tits.

“Am I holding the stick right?” Angie asked.

Her partner for the game went up behind her, leaned over her and moved her hands to a better place and way to hold the cue then he moved back so that he too could have a good look at her shiny wet pussy.

“Bend over a bit more Angie and look along the cue then move it either way so that it lines up with the cue ball and the one that you want it to hit. Spread your legs more if you want to get a bit lower.” Her partner said.

Angie did all those things and as she lined up her shot she could hear the comments from the men behind her and the rest of the room. She smiled and felt the tingling in her pussy and nipples get stronger.

Angie took the shot and scattered the balls but none went into a pocket so it was Lucy’s turn. She too spread her legs wider that she really needed to and bent right over. Lucy’s tits are probably a ‘B’ cup so there was more hanging down for the men to stare at as well as her wet pussy.

Lucy’s shot was just as bad as Angie’s and as the game continued both girls managed to pot the black and shoot the cue ball off the table but the men decided to let the girls off to keep the game going.

Within half an hour every man in the room had had a good, long look at both wet pussies and the owner’s of those pussies were quite turned-on by the attention that they were getting.

The game lasted a lot longer than every serious game that had ever been played in that pub with the men deliberately lining up the cue ball so that the girl had to bend right over to take their shot, sometimes even having to stretch right over the table pressing their bald pubes on the top rail, and of course the men told the girls that they had to spread their legs more for better balance.

When that first game finally ended more men challenged the girls to another games and when that ended more men challenged them to yet another game.

When it was starting to get late the girls took a break and went to the bathroom where Lucy admitted that she had played a lot of pool with her brothers and was actually reasonably good at it when she wanted to be. Angie confessed that she was wearing her remote controlled vibrator but it wasn’t switched on, and that Matt had her phone. When they went back to the pool room Angie went to Matt and quickly showed him how to control the vibe, and therefore Angie.

The next game against the men started in the same way with girls playing as bad as they possibly could but Matt started turning the vibe up and Angie played even worse, if that was possible. Towards the end of the game Angie had to lean get right over the table with her pubes up on the side rail and her feet nearly off the ground, wide apart. Matt took that as his cue to turn the vibrator up to maximum vibrations and the inevitable happened, Angie orgasmed.

Not everyone in the room realised what was happening to Angie and there were a couple of calls for her to get on with the game but the only thing that Angie wanted to do with the cue was push it up her hole.

Those men who did realise that Angie was having an orgasm started cheering and the phone cameras that had been flashing when the girls first started playing, started flashing again and there was almost a crush of men as lots of them tried to get a photo of her pussy as she was cumming.

Orgasm finally receding and Matt having stopped the vibrations, Angie took the shot, and didn’t even hit the cue ball. The game should have ended there but the men wanted to continue. None of them understood the reason why Angie had orgasmed but they were hoping that it would happen to Lucy as well.

Unfortunately they were wrong, and although both Angie and Lucy gave lots more displays of their spread pussies the game ended with no more orgasms.

The men wanted another game but Angie said not and Lucy agreed. After finishing their drinks they left the pub with Matt and Justin not far behind them.

“What brought that on Angie?” Lucy asked.

“When I went and had a word with Matt and Justin I told Matt to switch it on and make me cum.”

“Bloody hell girl.”

Angie didn’t answer Lucy, instead she went between 2 parked cars, squat down and squeezed the vibrator out, catching it before it hit the road.

“I’m going to get one of those.” Lucy said.

“One of what?” Justin asked as him and Matt caught up with the girls.

Angie opened her hand and showed Justin and Matt what had brought her to her orgasm, then she handed it to Matt asking him to put it in his pocket.

“So girls,” Matt asked as they continued their walk to the bus stop to go home, “did you enjoy your evening?”

“What do you think Matt?” Lucy asked.

Matt just smiled then asked,

“So what’s your next adventure girls? We’ll happily escort you to keep you safe.”

Neither girl had any ideas and they bounced the question to the guys. Unfortunately they too didn’t have any ideas but everyone said that they’d think about it.

When the bus came Angie noted that her and Lucy had to pay and wondered if it was only naked girls on their own that got to travel for free.

Angie and Matt left Justin at Lucy’s place then they both went to Angie’s room and Matt didn’t leave until the morning.


Angie was late up getting out of bed on the Saturday and she had a lazy day but on the Sunday she was going to the gym and then the pool, and she was going to wear her vibrator.

At the gym Angie had her phone in her bag and as she put her bag in a locker she turned the vibrator on to medium vibrations guessing that she’d be about half way through her routine when an orgasm hit her, then she went to the workout room.

Angie was surprised to see more than the usual number of young men in there and surprisingly no other girls but that wasn’t going to stop her doing her routine. Each time that she wanted to go on a certain machine and it wasn’t available she did more floor exercises until the machine was free.

That combined with quite a few of the men wanting her to spot them meant that an orgasm hit her when she was doing the splits causing her to fall backwards with her legs still very wide apart. Because she was having the orgasm she couldn’t do anything about her spread legs and a few of the men watched her pussy convulsing and leaking quite a lot whilst her body was shaking a little. Angie was surprised that no one asked her if she was okay.

Orgasm over Angie just got to her feet then dropped into the splits again.

The floor exercises are normally about a third of the way through her routine and because the vibrator was still churning her insides Angie calculated that she would probably cum again before her routine was finished.

Some of the men she was spotting tried to talk to Angie but she wasn’t interested in conversation and just gave the men short replies letting them know that she wasn’t interested.

Angie did have a second orgasm, whilst she was on the step climber machine. She managed to hold onto the bars and she bent slightly forward, like she was having a short rest, whilst the orgasm passed.

Routine finally complete Angie left and had a shower before switching off the vibrator and walking to the swimming pool. She didn’t want the vibrator running whilst she was swimming just in case she totally lost control and sank to the bottom. She decided to experiment in the shallow end some other time.

The swim was a good one, 50 lengths non-stop in an almost deserted pool. The few people who were there taking no notice of the naked girl but Angie enjoying the feeling of the water rushing passed her bare pussy and nipples.

Her run later on was a good one as well, and, although the road works had been finished, a football match had just finished and thousands of people were pouring out onto the roads that Angie was jogging along. And yes, she did get lots of comments and suggestion which only went to make Angie feel happier.

Well that’s about everything that Angie got up to in the few weeks after she discovered the George III law. A lot of what Angie got up to, with and without Lucy was repeated every week from then on, and that includes what happened at work as well.


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