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Who says a nurse can't give an acquaintance an unexpected incentive??
This is a re-write from years ago. Enjoy!!

It was a spring day as I was heading in to work at a local video store near the college I was attending in early May of 1993. School was out for the summer and I didn't enroll in any of the summer classes like I've done after both my freshman & sophomore years. I found out I was ahead of schedule and I still have another two more years, instead of one. Therefore, I decided to take the summer off and work a little more. Originally, I was born & raised in SE. Michigan in the early '70s. I graduated in 1990 with a 3.6 GPA and was accepted to a majority of the universities in the Great Lakes region. There was just one big problem.., I was born with a physical disability. Therefore, I have physical limitations.

Before I continue on, I would to give you a brief di***********ion about myself. My name is Marty "Bones" Chapman. I come from a working-class family and is one of 4 siblings (one brother & two sisters who are twins). Both my mom & dad work, my dad was an auto worker at the plant and my mom is a pediatric nurse at a local family clinic. And although they were never the wealthy type. they figured out a way to be classy while being frugal at the same time. And as I learned growing up, they thought us all how to stick within our budget and to live within our means. That's how & why my folks were never broke, you can say they always planned ahead and were always known as the coupon clippers.

As for me, it was a whole 'nother story. Growing up wasn't always a bed of roses for me, especially when it came to overcoming a lot of challenges. And to make a very long story short, I was able to overcome a lot of them. You might say I'm a trooper. So, when it came to attending college, I answered a call about a full-ride scholarship for people with disabilities & limitations. And I was confident & optimistic about taking that huge step into the real world. but there were other questions about where I was gonna stay & how I would get back & forth to the classes. Fortunately for me, there was a free commuter shuttle service for any students. The other issue was how I would get home & back. But for my freshman year, it wouldn't've mattered. Because I couldn't have a car on campus anyway. But the college that I was attending to at the time was in northern Ohio, just 3 hours away. So, getting back & forth wasn't that bad, because either my parents or any of my relatives would've came & got me if they really wanted to. Having said ALL of that., back to the story.

So it was a soupy, rainy day where I was working. My boss came up to me and asked if I wanted to work a couple of extra hours because we were so busy. So, I said, "Sure, why not?" When you're a 20(soon to be 21 in a week) year-old, you'd never pass up a few extra bucks. After all, the pay was twice that of the min. wage was at that time. So, by about 10 pm., I was beat and ready to go home. "Bye Marty." said one of my co-workers. "Bye Katie, see you tomorrow." I replied. The weather was getting pretty nasty outside. In addition to the rain that was pouring down, the wind also picked up. This of course, made my drive back to my off-campus apartment even more treacherous (even though it was only a handful of minutes from where I was working at the time). So, I was just taking my time, minding my own business and at the same time, focusing really hard on the road. However, my concentration didn't prepare me for what happened next.

As I was driving, a speeding car from the opposite side of the four-lane road was speeding out of control and was driving erratically, crossing the double-yellow line and was barreling towards me. But before I can react to get out of the way, the sedan veered towards my driver's side and hit me head-on. This caused me to spin out of control. All I remember was the shattered glass and the metal-crunching of both of our cars. Fortunately, I had my seatbelt on. But the last thing I remembered that there was another sound of a crash of metal crunching and glass shattering. Then I heard what sounded like an explosion. Then everything went blank after and I didn't remember anything else after that. and for a long while all I saw was a soft, bright light and it felt like I was floating in mid-air. Was I dead?? Then finally, I woke up from what I thought & felt was like a bad dream.

When I did wake up, I noticed some things they were either different and I had an awful lot of questions. First off, I have tubes in my mouth and an IV in my left arm and a urinal tube. This indicated me that something went horribly wrong, Next thing I noticed I was hooked up to a heart & respirator monitor. But the one thing that really stood out from all of this was when one of the nurses that finally came in to greet and check up on me, her photo ID read "St Andrews of SE. Michigan" And I'm thinking to myself 'What the hell am I doing back near my hometown??' St. Andrews is both my primary and my orthopedic doctors from where my parents took me when I was growing up. And speaking of my parents, where are they and why aren't they here?? Soon after the first nurse came in, another one came in at my bedside, along with a few more to check on me. So, for the next several hours there was nothing but chaos and confusion. They did take both the feeding tube and the other tubes I had in my mouth, and I was finally able to talk- barely.

But all the while this was going on, I was trying to ask a few simple questions, mainly about what else happened after my accident. "Relax Mr. Chapman, it'll be alright." But I knew things weren't. But every time I try to ask a question, they said "It's very important that we don't discuss this right now." Then one of the doctors who was monitoring the whole situation came in and assured me by saying, "When the time comes, we'll brief you in on what's been happening and what's going on right now." He then concluded "But right now, we need to do a quick check-up on you before we move you to another room." But it was anything but quick. After several hours of tests, blood work, X-rays, etc. they were able to transfer me to another room on the same floor. But I was still in ICU. Finally, after about 14 hours, my mom finally came to my bedside.

"Hi baby." she said.

As I was barely able to speak, I said, "Hi mom."

"Did they tell you what happened?" she asked. I replied "No." She then added "Take it easy and take it slowly sweetheart. But try to answer what you can when asked about anything, okay??" But all I've been trying to do is ask a few questions and I couldn't even so much as get one answer. I did have a little strength to answer my mom, "All I remember is I was in a head-on collision a few minutes after I left work." And so, I paused for a few minutes, then I concluded "The last thing I remembered was another crash and an explosion away from me. Then, I don't know what happened after that. And now this."

"Well Marty, I don't even know how to break this to you." my mom said. Then she held my hand and continued "But you were in a coma for about three years now."

I then reacted slowly and barely, "Wh-What??"

"Three years." she answered. Then she added, "It's June of 1996."

Then a few minutes later after my mom consoled me, I asked another question, "Where am I?"

"St. Andrews back home here in Michigan." She then gives a brief explanation, "Things took a turn for the worse for you, so your father & I both decided that it was best that we have you transported back home here." This of course, answered a couple of the MANY I've been trying to ask. And little did I know at the time, this was just the tip of a HUGE iceberg of what was going on surrounding me. But there was just one more thing I just had to ask before my mom had to leave, "Mom, where's dad and my brother and my two sisters?"

She then replied as she slowly began to sob a little, "Your sisters Marcy & Lacey, along with your brother Jake will be here in the next couple of days." As my mom continues, she began to sob a little more, "And your father left us, but I cannot get into that right now. But when the time comes, you'll know." And with all being said she got up and give a cuddle hug & a kiss. Marty baby, I want you to get some rest. OK??"

"Okay mom." as I slowly spoke. Then I said, "I love you mom."

"I Love you too baby." she said with a sobbing smile as she got up and left the room for the night.


Right away I knew something wasn't right when I asked my mom about where dad and everyone else were, but I also knew that I had bigger fish to fry. For the couple of days that I was in ICU, I started to move around with my arms, joints & hands as well as my legs & feet. Now I had figure out that whatever key injuries I've sustained from the accident have long since been healed & mended nicely, but I was so amazed to how I was able to move & bend all of my joints and bones in just a short period of time without any major stiffness. But how was that possible I wondered?? Then I later found out that while I was in the 3-year coma, they would come in at least four times a week to move my arms & legs. The main reason was also the same reason I had a couple of leg massagers on me, to prevent stiffness & blood-clotting. Things started to look up, but I still had a long way to go. Within a week that I'd woke up, my mom, then my siblings all came in to see me one by one. but still, what happened to my father???

Right about this time, The doctors were amazed at how fast I was improving in just a short period of time. So, they transported me out of ICU, and moved me two floors up to the rehab unit. This is where anyone can come see me now instead of just my immediate family. As I was improving, I started getting more visits my relatives, some of my closest friends that I grew up with as well as a few of my neighbors. It has now been three weeks since I woke up, and that's when I finally got the answer I was looking for. One day my mom, my Aunt Sally, My brother Jake as well as my sisters Lacey & Marcy. My next-door neighbor Kathleen, also came with them. Then my mom spoke, "Marty, there's something that we need to talk to you about."

"About what?" I asked.

"Well remember how you asked me where dad was and why he hasn't been here?" she asked

"Yes." I spoke. And then she held my hand and said, " Well, your father's no longer with us."

"What are you talking about mom?" I asked. And then she started to sob again, "well I don't know how to explain this. But..., your father died last year."

"WHAT!?" I reacted harshly. "He's dead." my mom said as she began to cry harder. By this time, there wasn't a dry eye in the room. I couldn't even believe what I was hearing as I too was emotionally starting to sob more & more. Then Kat came over to comfort me as I continued to cry a lot more.

"Your father died suddenly, Kat said. Then she continued, "One day your father was working with your brother Jake in the back yard just doing usual yard work."

"Then what happened?" I asked.

And then in a moment of clarity, my brother was able to speak, "Dad said he wasn't feeling good, so we decided to take a lunch break." Jake then continued, "So as I was about to walk in through the patio door, I saw my dad slowly dropped to the ground & hit his head on the patio railing." My aunt Sally added to the conversation, "So your mother called 911 or help while Jake tried to revive your dad."

Then my sister Lacey added, "But as soon as the paramedics got to the house to help, it was too late. Dad had died suddenly." I knew it was gonna be a while before it sunk into my brain that my dad is no longer here. But they all showed me a photo of his grave site as proof. I was even more than just devastated at this point. But physically, I was improving overall. Finally, after about a few of the group pity party, most of them all left to go home for the day. The only one who stayed a while longer was my neighbor, Kat. That's because she also happens to be a pediatric nurse in the cancer ward at the hospital I was staying at.

Now ever since I was a teenager growing up, I always had a HUGE crash on Kat. My brother & I would call her 'Sexy Kat'. She lived next door to us growing up for about sixteen years now. Both her and her late husband Ron had four kids together. But sadly, Ron and her youngest son were killed in a head-on collision with a drunk driver about a year before I had my bad car wreck. Kat is about sixteen years older than me, so this doesn't qualify her as a mother to me. So, I would consider her a sexy cougar. But she stands about 5',6", very athletic because she also works out. She weighs about 140 pounds and has an hourglass figure that would still turn a lot of heads. But what really stood out about her is that she has a 34D cup breasts are all-natural. She said once that they would naturally grow a little bigger after having a few kinds. Having said all of that, this is where the REAL stress-reliever begins.

Kat was on call or tonight, even though she wasn't scheduled. So even though visiting hours have already ended for the evening, she was allowed to stay with me as late as she wanted to since I was in a private room. After the night time nurse and her assistant made the rounds, Kat and I finally had a little privacy to ourselves. I noticed that she started to brush up on me a little.

"Can I ask you a personal question sweetheart??" she asked.

"Sure, anything gorgeous." I replied.

"Well, I know you've been through an awful lot. But have you ever had any kind of sexual encounter with any woman before?" she asked.

"No." I answered. Then I continued, "I did have a brief relation with a gal I met during my sophomore year in college. The closest that I ever got were a few smooches though, but nothing too serious."

"Wow!" she exclaimed. "I'm amazed you even had a relationship with a gal." And I agreed with Kat. I remember as a teenager growing up, no girl wouldn't even think of asking me out because of my disability. When I would ask any of them out to a prom or any shindig, they always had some lame ass excuse to turn me down. Then Kat asked, "Would you like me to make you feel all better Marty?"

"Sure." I spoke. Next thing I knew, Kat took my hand and slowly cupped it on one of her breasts. I've never felt anything better in my entire life. Her tits were nice and firm, not so saggy.

"How do my boobs feel?" she asked

"Well considering I never felt any woman's tits before, yours feel nice and firm." I responded. Meanwhile, I also noticed I was getting a big hard on. That's when she looked down and noticed.

"Holy shit!!" she said. Then she asked, "Can I touch your clock honey??"

And then without hesitation I said, "Go ahead Kat." And with that, she moved her hand down to touch my humongous cock. She was amazed and shocked just to feel the bulge in my hospital gown. So, Kat got up and closed the curtain around the hospital bed in my room. Then she asked, " Can I see it Marty please??"

Again without hesitation I said, "Yes." And with that, she undid my hospital gown and saw all of my gory. She knew that I was at least about anywhere between 10 to 11 inches, she didn't even have to ask how bid I was. But I wasn't prepared for what Kat asked me to do next. Fist she asked that I lay back on the bed, spread out.

"Marty, I want you to lay be and close your eyes for me. Okay." she said.

I was quick to respond, "Okay sweetheart." And so, I closed my eyes. Next thing I felt was not only her hand stroking up & down my cock, but I could also feel her licking my cock as well with her tongue. I was like 'Holy shit!' But as soon as she stopped licking and teasing my huge shaft, she then put her lips around the rim of my cock and teased it some more. But after a couple of minutes of Initiating, she slowly put my cock deep in her mouth and begin to go up and down.

"Do you think you can take it ALL the way down your throat if you try?" I asked.

"Let's find out, big stud." she said. So, she tried to deep-throated my cock all the way in. But she couldn't quite handle it. But this was the first time anyone has ever given me a head job. And since Kat has been a widow for a few years and hasn't dated anyone since, it's been a while for her. But you can say she hasn't lost her touch. But I have whacked off however, so I knew when it would be time to climax & shoot up a gigantic load. And it wouldn't be long now, as Kat started picking up the pace as she was bobbing up and down.

"OH SSHHIITT!!!!" I spoke. As I started to grunt and my balls were churning, I continued, " I.., I think I'm gonna cum..." And no sooner I said that, she slowed up near the top of my cock. And then it happened, all I felt was load after load of cum shooting through my cock and into Kat's mouth. At the same time, I can hear her hum, " Mmmmm." And it would never end, because she must've swallowed ALL of my hot seed. Some started to drip from her mouth as I continued to cum. In a huge orgasm I had, I must've had anywhere between 6 to 9 ropes of cum to shot through. Either way, both of us were satisfied. And for once in my life, Kat made me feel like a real man - or ANY woman for that matter. It was a sure sign of better things to come in the near future. Both Kat & I wanted this special evening to continue in my hospital room. But like most things, this one came to a temporary end, that's because I heard what sounded like a beeper going off.

"That's my pager going off Marty," said Kat as she checks to see who's beeping her. A few seconds later she says to me, "Marty, I have to go to work shorty. I already brought my work scrubs just in case." Kat then continues, "Let me clean you up down where your crotch is, and then I need to wash up a little and get all of your protein off my face and mouth."

"Alright," I said. Then I asked, "Could you do me a favor though please before you leave?"

"Sure, what's that?" she asked.

I then requested, "Could you get me my urinal and a new hospital gown for me please as soon as you're finished getting ready??"

"Sure sweetheart." she said. About fifteen minutes later, she came back out all smelling and looking nice like she's about ready to go to work. By this time, it was about 9:30 pm. Then she said, "Here's your urinal and a new hospital gown." She then added, " You might wanna wait till after I leave which will be just a few minutes to put your call light on, because I think it's getting near that time for your sponge bath." And with that, she gave me one of the best of best open-mouth kisses I've ever gotten from a gorgeous, older blond woman ever. From then on, I kept our little interlude a secret.

Ever since that magical night however, things really started to look up for the better- and in more ways than one. But still, there were a lot of questions I needed answered as far as my accident is concerned. And more importantly, my future as far as rehab goes. Pursuing my college degree has now been put on the back burner for right now, and is not a high priority at this point in time. Then my family and I got the long-awaited, much-needed news I've been waiting for, I would finally get to go home, about one on the after I came out of a 3-year coma. It is now early July.

************TO BE CONTINUED************


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