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In this world, humanity is more open about sex and sexual taboos. In this world, it is expected that when leaving their teens young adults lose their innocence and begin maturity. After losing innocence, characters become openly active with sex with people close to them, with mentors, or with total strangers. Sex is also more freely given by women and men. All characters are at least 18 years of age.
Danny was an extremely lucky man. He had fallen into this world through a rift; a world where sex and nudity were casual and done freely. There was no such thing as rape in this world because any woman or man could say no to someone initiating a sex act and the person would just accept that. Friends, colleagues, and even strangers were sexually active with each other without repercussions. Even those in relationships or married would fuck others and the sweetheart or spouse would not object. There wasn’t any bigotry toward same-sex couples either. Although, incest was still taboo, fucking step-family or foster-family was not. And embarrassment about sex and nudity out in the open or in front of others didn’t exist in this world.

Danny caught a 9am flight back to Oklahoma. His alternate from this world lived in a decent sized town in eastern Oklahoma near the edge of the Ozark Mountains. It happened to be the same damn town Danny himself had grown up in. Danny had memories thanks to the alternate that told him that for the most part, his friends were the same. There were a few differences, and one of those differences became apparent before the drive home from the airport.

Danny’s friend Hannah who he had known since high school came to pick him up. She was married to his other friend Joe only a year out of high school and now they had two kids who called him “Uncle Danny.” Hannah was a cute redhead with small tits and a good butt. Danny always wanted to know if her carpet matched her drapes. The memories told him he knew the answer, but for once he tried to ignore that. Danny saw Hannah waving at him and was overcome with nervousness. He felt lust too, but mostly he was nervous. He knew he could do it in this world. He knew she would gladly do it too. However, he couldn’t get his own Hannah out of his head; he kept feeling like his relationship with her would be ruined even though this world allowed it. He was being ridiculous. And he knew he wanted her.

Danny hugged his friend Hannah tight as she welcomed him home from his vacation. His hands crept down her back. Her ass felt good in hands. His dick stirred. Hannah didn’t slap him. She didn’t cuss him out or take his hands off her ass cheeks. Instead, she gave him a kiss on the base of his neck. The worry left Danny, his lust grew, and he knew he would get to have her.

“How was the trip?” she asked as they left the airport.

“It was fun. Nice to get away from the papers and the city noise.” Even though the second part was a lie, since he was basing it off the alternate’s thoughts. But the first part was true; he did have a lot of fun the past few days.

“Take a lot of pictures?” she asked.

Danny had to think carefully before answering. After finding the appropriate memory, he answered, “I decided to leave my phone at the hotel and just enjoy the nature without any tech to spoil it.” Danny hadn’t recalled that memory yet, but it did explain why the alternate Danny’s phone was with his luggage.

“You’re not going to become a forest hermit are you,” Hannah asked with a cute smile.

“No way,” Danny remarked with a chuckle. “I would miss these too damn much.” Danny pinched one of Hannah’s boobs. He saw her bite her lower lip in response and saw that as a good sign.

Hannah had brought Danny’s truck, which was at her and Joe’s home rather than collecting parking fees for the past week. Danny put his luggage in the covered bed and laptop bag in the back seat of the cab. He then started to unbutton his shirt.

Hannah watched Danny starting to strip and asked, “Did you find any outlets while you were on vacation or did you just store up your cum?”

“I found a fair few while I was in the town,” Danny answered as he unbuckled his belt. “One even reminded me of you.”

Hannah raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, a cute redhead in a grocery store took off her pants for me. It made me realize how long it’s been since we were last naked in front of each other and how much I’ve missed our sexual exploits.”

As easy as that, Hannah started to take off her own clothes. It was funny how easy it was here. Also, there wasn’t even any need for Joe to be involved, brought up, or even ask his blessing.

Danny exposed his hard cock to Hannah as she was down to her underwear. Danny closed the distance with her, pushing his cock against her stomach. She took it in her hands, as Danny reached around and unclasped her bra. Once her bra and panties had joined her other clothes in the back of the truck, he was able to admire her in all her exposed beauty. Her carpet, a very thin strip of hair, did match her drapes.

Danny kissed her gently at first. Then a memory came to him. Hannah was a slutty girl, who liked it rough. He took hold of her hips and guided her to the passenger seat of his truck. Putting her in his truck on her back, Danny immediately went to work on her. He put on hand against her neck with his thumb rubbing on Hannah’s throat. His other hand pinched a nipple between his index finger and thumb. Hannah’s own hands were busy on his cock. She coated his precum along the head and guided it toward her slit. She rubbed his cock head along her pussy lips to get herself wet and moisten Danny’s meat. Danny then closed his hand around her neck and pushed forward into his friend’s hole.

Hannah had birthed two kids out of that pussy and 12 years had passed since her maturity made her sexually active. Danny had no trouble fitting his dick inside her since her pink was far from virgin. It only took a few thrusts for him to be able to thrust deep into her pussy. Danny leaned over and kissed her. He nibbled at her eat and sucked her tits too.

When he came back up, he saw a woman watching from the next row of cars. Her hand was down her pants while she licked her lips. After a couple minutes she left, but a man was also watching by that time. A middle aged couple also watched for a few seconds before getting into a car and kissing each other.

Danny didn’t care. If fact, it was even hotter to fuck his friend rather than some random girl with strangers watching. After a few minutes of pumping into Hannah’s cunt, Danny decided to give the onlookers more of a show. Danny put down the tailgate of his truck. He bent Hannah over it. She breathed deep with anticipation. Rather than immediately giving her his cock, Danny gave the redhead a smack on her ass. She sucked in her breath. He gave her more. Both ass cheeks received a few spanks. She didn’t cry out, but rather wiggled her ass. It was like she was begging “Give me more.” In that moment she was not Hannah, his friend. In that moment she was a bitch in heat, and Danny took her like one.

“Fuck, you’re so deep in me,” the horny bitch called out. She let out long, loud moans. Danny was determined to make sure everyone in the parking lot could hear her song of sex. As he held onto her hips, he relentlessly fucked her with a stamina he didn’t know he had. He didn’t slow down even for a moment. With each thrust his pelvis slapped against her red ass. He bent over her pushing her torso against the tailgate.

She let out a shriek of delight and reached her peak as he took her like a hound claimed a bitch. While her orgasm rippled through her body, Danny continued with his own pleasure. It wasn’t until she came down off of her high that he removed his cock from her. He turned her around, took her head in his hands, and brought her mouth to his cock. Then, he blew his load inside her mouth. She took it all without spilling a drop. The redhead stopped sucking the cum from his dick and he let go of her. “Good to have you home,” Hannah said while giving him another hug. Danny held her tight. They got in the truck, but didn’t bother putting on any clothes.

They weren’t completely finished with each other, though. On the way home, Danny and Hannah casually groped each other, and stimulated each other by fingering pussy and stroking cock. After he dropped Hannah off at home and watched her walk nude to the door with a bundle of clothes in one arm, Danny knew he wanted to find more of his female friends and bend them over.

He wouldn’t be able to start right away. At 30 years old, several friends had moved away or had schedules that didn’t line up with his without some planning. Also, he had work tomorrow. He was a professor of literature in this world. He started an early spring break so that he could go on that trip, but tomorrow he would be back in the classroom teaching by 9am.

Danny decided that evening to go to a Lust Club. The openness of sex eliminated the need for strip clubs. However, it was still possible to strike out with women in public because she is lesbian, busy, or just not feeling like fucking. Also, straight men being mistaken for bisexual or gay or gay men being mistaken for straight was a possibility. Lust Clubs were the answer to that. Everyone in a lust club was there to fuck and everyone wore wrist bands depending on their sexual orientation. Pink means into women, blue means into men, and purple means into both. Different Lust Clubs had different themes. Some were like regular clubs with loud music and dancing and rooms to take your one night lover into if you didn’t want to fuck at one of the tables. Some were more relaxed with plenty of beds to cuddle in and TVs playing porn. Some were built to be one big orgy with a single room for everyone to fuck each other in front of everyone else.

Danny went to The Pink Diamond, which had a bar, dance floor, and a stage with three stripper poles on it. Nudity was mandatory at these clubs, so Danny stripped down and put his clothes in a locker. The moment he was inside, Danny was already searching for a woman to fuck. A girl who looked to have just recently reached her maturity was bent over one of tables by a man twice her age. Another girl who could be her twin was riding a cock while another thrusted into her mouth. Two men, one with a blue armband and one with a purple armband, were in a 69 position next to one of the couches around the stripper stage. One man had a woman sitting on his face while another man blew him. A man in his twenties was doing anal with a MILF at the bar. A woman next to him with a pink armband was fucking another woman using a strap-on. People were fucking all over the place with a variety of sex acts and gender combinations.

Two women in their twenties caught Danny’s eye. They were at one of the tables near the dance floor. The woman with piercings in her nipples was sitting her big ass on the table. A pink armband was around her wrist and her legs were spread for the other woman. The other woman had olive skin, an ass that begged to be groped, and a purple armband. The purple armband woman was eagerly eating out her friend on the table, and Danny was eager for her.

The pink armband woman saw Danny approach. Rather than wave him off or tell him to find a different warm body, the pink cupped one cheek of purple. She then said, “Melissa, you’re about to have some attention too.”

Melissa then felt Danny take hold of one of her ass cheeks. “Is he going to lick me or fuck me?” she asked the woman on the table. Danny later learned her name was Sara.

Sara looked at him. Danny felt how wet Melissa already was. Instead of bending down to eat her out, he stroked his cock a couple times. That was all the answer Sara needed. “He is going to fuck you, my sweet,” she said to Melissa.

Melissa went back to Sara’s pussy, but she wiggled her ass a bit to tell Danny she wanted him to take her. Danny greedily thrusted himself into her cunt. She was warm and tight. She needed a good fucking to help stretch her out. He put his hand on the back of Melissa’s head and pushed her into the other woman’s pussy. Melissa moaned as he pumped into her, muffled by her mouth full of pussy. Nothing quieted Sara’s moans though. She looked into Danny’s eyes with approval as he took her lover.

Danny watched Sara’s pierced tits bounce, her eyes widen, and her mouth open wide. He wanted to stick his cock in her pretty mouth. Though, judging by her pink armband she was only interested in women or only wanted a woman while in the Pink Diamond. So, Danny pumped harder into the body he could fuck. His pelvis slammed into her ass cheeks. His hands reached around to fondle her tits. He watched Sara take hold of Melissa’s hair. The lesbian ran her fingers through the hair of their mutual lover. Sara had already gotten Melissa off once before Danny arrived. Now, both girls were reaching their peak.

Danny thrusted harder and faster as Melissa’s climax hit her and her body shuddered. Sara pulled Melissa’s head into her lower lips as her own pleasure hit her. The girls road their lust and love through their orgasms for almost a half-minute.

Danny felt himself getting close. Melissa must have felt it too by his vigor. She removed herself from Sara’s pussy. “Don’t cum in me!” she warned. Danny left her reluctantly. He gave her ass a spank. Stared at the naked women before him. Then he shot his seed all over Melissa’s back and ass. Melissa turned her body. She gave his softening cock a few licks to clean it. Sara may not have wanted his dick in her, but she did lap up some of the cum from Melissa’s back. Danny went to the bar to get whiskey and a towel. Sara cleaned Melissa’s back, then the three of them sat down at a table with their whiskey.

Danny talked with the two women for a bit. Turns out Sara was a lesbian, but she thought it was kinky to taste cum off a female lover. Sara and Melissa hadn’t met before this night, but they each agreed that the other was a good lover and they exchanged contact information. Melissa also told him why she didn’t want him to finish in her. “My husband and I are going to have a baby, so I opened up my womb. He is the only one getting seed up there till I have a preggo belly.”

“Why isn’t he pumping it in you right now?”

“Business. He works as a salesman for a plastics company. He’ll be out of town till the end of the week.”

Danny talked with the two for another twenty or thirty minutes. He exchanged phone numbers with both women so they could meet up for drinks again sometime. Danny hoped to get a full show from Sara and another woman at some point. He also hoped that he would be able to fuck Melissa after her husband impregnated her. He had never been with a pregnant woman before, but this world was a good place to indulge in all manners of sexual exploits.

It still felt weird when he thought about how women get pregnant in this world. With every human so sexually charged all the time without any social or moral hang ups, humans had to evolve to how they reproduce to avoid over population. As a result, women could close off their wombs and open them at will. Men had the same ability with their seed; they still shot it out, but it only contained baby making if they wanted it too. Both future parents therefore had to consent to pregnancy.

Danny groped and fondled a few more women inside the club, then he got back in this truck to return home. He thought ahead to the many possibilities he would get to have once he was back teaching in the classroom tomorrow with sex addicted young adults.


2021-06-14 07:42:38
This series is fantastic, looking forward to the next chapter!


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2021-06-11 04:42:43
I glimpse ahead. I plan for this to at least be 8 parts, maybe more. Danny will enjoy teaching, catch up with some old flames that he never got with in his world, and he will learn how having a girlfriend works in this world. Cant wait to show you all of it.

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