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One relationship was ending but maybe another was beginning...
The divorce papers had been filed for a few weeks, we were in the 'cooling off' period and waiting for court date. Jen and I were on good terms, at least to the point where we were still fucking on occasion - well, pretty much about once a week. Tonight was one of those nights, I'd stop by to see her later, we'd hang out for a little bit then slip into her room for a quick smash and I'd go back home.

She was staying with her mom and had taken over her old room. Her mother was sleeping in the master bedroom that she used to share with her husband until he had passed a few years back; there was another bedroom that she used for crafts but overall the house was kind of empty with just her in it, I think she appreciated having someone else there. Her mom was amenable to the idea of me coming by, we had always gotten along well and she knew that things change between people over time - that it wasn't a matter of 'he's wrong' or 'she's wrong', it was just that Jen and I weren't doing well living together; call it lifestyle clash, different goals or whatever, we both knew that in the long run it wasn't going to work.

I got to their place just after sunset, being the middle of June that meant it was about 10 pm, the front door was open but the screen door was keeping the bugs out. Rather than knocking I announced myself and let myself in. I had brought a bottle of wine to share, I knew they would be watching a movie and thought it would be good for maintaining a relaxed atmosphere. As expected the both of them were on the couch, faces aglow from the light of the television, I was about to say something but got shushed, must have been a key point in the movie so I went into the kitchen to get a couple of glasses to share a bottle of wine I'd brought with me, when I heard a commercial come on I called out, "Jen, you want some wine?"

"Yeah, that sounds good"

"What about you Barb?". I knew her mom seldom drank but I always asked her anyhow, if for any reason to at least be polite.

"Maybe just a little bit Rob." She sounded just a bit hesitant but she was up for it.

I grabbed three glasses and went to find find a spot on the couch with them, Jen moved over to the center of the couch and made me a spot by the left arm, Barb sat on the opposite end and had a pillow in her lap. Casual attire was certainly the rule, Jen was wearing a tee shirt and pajama bottoms, I knew without looking that she wasn't wearing a bra, her mom was wearing a lightweight satin type nightgown that somehow looked familiar, I think Jen and I might have given it to her for Christmas a couple of years back. I poured a glass for Jen and about a half glass for Barb before serving myself. "What are we watching?" Turns out it was a murder mystery and had a couple of well known actors in it, I don't think I'd seen it before but I'd heard of it. The movie came back on and we got quiet to watch. After a moment Jen picked up her glass, took a drink and set it back down without even looking away from the set. That seemed to be the cue for everyone to pick up their glasses and have a sip. I noticed Barb took a drink and then immediately another.

"Wow, Rob this is pretty good, what did you bring us?" She sounded a little suprised.

"To tell you the truth I never heard of it before, the guy in the wine shop suggested it. I thought at first it was for the size of the bottle and the price but maybe there's something more if you like it."

"Well it is pretty good, you can top off my glass if you don't mind."

It was a red wine with a slight sweet taste and went down well and without much of an aftertaste, my first thought of it was that it was like adult fruit juice. Barb handed her glass over and I obliged her request, I noticed she had taken another drink before the glass made it to me.

We settled in and focused on the movie, on occasion the glasses would come back to me and I'd replentish them and pass them back. After a while I felt the glow of the wine coming on, it made me horny. That was the thing about wine and me - once got a buzz on I wanted to fuck. If I drank beer I would really get into licking some pussy; hard drinks just made me stupid so I wasn't much for the popular whiskeys or vodkas.

A scene came on where the actors were getting close and there was a clear shot of the woman laying on the bed with her breasts fully visible, Jen wasn't fazed at all by it but I thought I noticed that Barb got a blush in her cheeks, but then I wasn't sure if it was because of the sexual scene in mixed company or because she was most of the way through her third glass of wine, I was feeling the wine myself...

When the movie ended Jen looked at me and nodded towards the bedroom, I nodded in agreement and we both got up.

"Night mom, you going to get some sleep too?" Jen asked her.

"In a minute hon, there's a guest on the talk show next that I want to see and then I'm going to lock up.

Jen and I got into the bedroom and it didn't take long for our clothes to come off, after being married for a few years it was natural for us to be naked together. She flipped off the overhead light as I sat on the edge of the bed, there was a dim table lamp in the corner that acted as a light light, I could see her well enough to tell her nipples had begun to harden and her smoothly shaved crotch made her look more naked. I admired her body and even though we had made love hundreds of times I still found her attractive and after our time together I realized I'd been with her more times than anyone else in my life.

I sat down on the edge of the bed then grabbed her wrist and pulled her so she was laying face down into the bed and was laying across my lap. I knew what she liked and I was going to give it to her, partly because of the wine and partly because I wanted to continue fucking her in the future.

"Spread your legs." I used a firm voice, she liked being told what to do and wanted to hear what I was going to do with her. One leg was already up against me but I felt her free leg move out and when I looked down I had a clear view of her ass and pussy, I licked my middle fingertip to get it wet and began sliding it between her pussy lips. I could tell she was already a little wet but I was going to take her further than that, I slid my finger down to her clit and I felt it pulse in response.

"You like that don't you?" She gave me a 'hnnn' in response and I continued gently playing with her pussy, circling her clit with my fingertip then sliding it back to just dip it into her increasing wetness, "Yeah, your pussy likes that doesn't it?"

I played with her like that for a couple of minutes, she was getting wetter and wetter and my cock knew it was going to be in something warm and wet very shortly, I pulled it up from under her leg so it was laying against my stomach and was held in place by her leg. I was about to turn her onto her back so I could fuck her when I heard a faint sound, I realized it was the sound of Jens mother coming up the hall. I looked at the door and only then realized that it was open about three or four inches and it was right then that Barb came into view and she abruptly halted - she had glanced into the opening and could see Jen and I on the bed and it was obvious that she was staring at my cock. I don't know why I did it but I leaned back so she could get a better view. Even though she stared for only a second or two it seemed like a long time, she looked up at me and saw I was looking directly at her.

She looked like she was about to bolt into her room when I started talking again, "I'm going to play with your pussy until you cum like a little slut." Jen moaned a little in response and raised her hips in anticipation, Barb and I hadn't broken eye contact and she knew I was talking to her and not Jen. I leaned back again so Barb could see more of my cock, she looked at it and then I saw she was blushing for real this time, her nipples were becoming visible through her shiny satin top, she looked me in the eyes again. I went on with my verbal taunting, "Then I'm going to fuck you deep until you cum again." I made it obvious that I was looking at Barbs crotch. I couldn't see anything other than the loose fitting satin bottoms of her night wear but I thought for a moment that I saw her hips thrust forward; I looked her in the eye again right as I spread Jens ass cheeks and fully exposed her wet slit. Again Barb was staring, this time at her daughters wet sex and I made it a point to slide my finger into her as her mom watched. "Look at how wet your pussy is, you really need it to cum don't you?"

Jen responded with a low, "Yesssss". I looked at Barb and rather than being in shock she looked a little like maybe she was making a silent plea. I kept working my finger in and out of Jen and I looked at Barbs tits and crotch again, she only stood there a moment longer then disappeared from my view. I heard the sound of her door closing as it dragged against the pile of the carpet but I noticed that I didn't hear it latch. I put all my attention back on Jen, I moved my finger in her and her hips were moving to match me as the tension built in her before she came. "Yeah baby, that's it, let your pussy cum for me." Jen let out a couple of moans and I let my finger stay in her so I could feel her contractions. I let her rest for a minute before I got out from under her and turned her on her back.

I always liked looking at her body, her tits were firm and didn't sag, she had enough ass to make a nice smooth curve that didn't need a pair of jeans to make it look good. And just as I knew what she wanted, she knew what I wanted, she lay there with her arms up over her head and her legs apart, I liked seeing her in that submissive posture.

I bent over and sucked her clit and felt her press into my face then I moved over her and her legs parted even more. I guided my cock into her and enjoyed the familiar warmth of her pussy. "Take it baby, take it until your pussy cums on me". Her hips rose to meet me as I pushed into her after a few minutes of practiced joint effort I could tell she was getting ready to cum. Normally we would cum together and I began pushing as much as I could into her so I could cum deep inside her but my wine fueled fuck lust gave me another thought. I kept fucking Jen to the point of her orgasm and then I faked that I was cumming, I stabbed my cock into her in the deep short bursts she'd always known and grunted a few times to sound as if I were finished. I layed on her a few moments before I rolled off her to spoon her from the side, one leg over her thigh; I gently stroked her face. I told her in a soft voice,"You know, if either us hooks up with someone else I'm going to miss fucking you." She responded with a murmur that was half giggle and half satisfaction. I stayed next to her until I knew she was about to fall off to sleep, I kissed her cheek and got up to dress, when I was done I kissed her forehead and told her goodnight but the hour and the wine had already taken her to slumber. I moved quietly into the hall.

Barb's room was across from Jen's, I noticed in fact that her door wasn't closed and that it remained a few inches open. Dim light from the hall and her bedroom let me see she was laying on her side with her back to the door; her breathing was quiet and she could have well been asleep too. I decided to open her door, again it scuffed the carpet with a gentle brushing noise, I thought I heard her catch her breath - but she didn't budge. I moved into her room and looked at her laying there. She was 20 plus years older than me but she still had a good figure, pretty much the same height and build as her daughter, though I think Barb's tits were just a little bigger.

I pulled the blanket up from where it layed over her ass, I could just see that she was wearing panties and a tee shirt, I let the blanket fall forward to leave her ass exposed and still she didn't move. I knelt down so my face was on the same level as her hip and reached in and slid my fingers up the gap of her crotch until my fingertip found her clit, her body went stiff for a moment and then quickly relaxed and she let me fondle her. I could feel the little spasms of her clit as I pressed on it, she moved her leg slightly to make sure I could access her easily.

I kept my voice low, "I think your pussy likes that." She didn't respond but she did press into me once as I traced a circle around her clit through her smooth panties. "Let your pussy get wet," I told her but I had a good idea it already was, the crotch of her panties felt slick and it wasn't just the fabric. I told her to lay still as I began rolling the top of her panties down, I pulled at them from either side until they were down to her mid thigh. Again I slid my fingers between her legs and I instantly felt that she was soaking wet, there was no resistance as I moved my finger to dip into her pussy. I began rapidly moving my finger so that it would just barely penetrate her and then popping it back out, I could hear the wet smacking sound the motion made, her body was beginning to tense as she focused on the sensation. I pressed on her hip with my other hand and told her to lay on her tummy, without a word she layed face down in a fluid motion but still without saying anything to me. I pushed the blanket off of her and moved down the bed and pulled her panties completely off of her. I grabbed both of her ankles and moved them apart so her legs were spread slightly, she still didn't make any motions of her own or say anything but she was definitely awake letting this happen.

I sat next to her and got my fingertip back into her pussy and then began slowly sliding it between her hole and her clit, her whole crotch was slick with her juices and it was easy to tease her this way. "Now, I'm going to make you cum". She made some kind of gutteral moan in response, I could tell she was completely focused on what she was feeling. I kept it up, sliding my finger back and forth in between her pussy lips, going from her clit to her pussy. She was starting to raise her hips as I would just barely enter her pussy, she was trying to get me to penetrate her more but I was holding back because I knew it would build her tension and make her cum just that much harder. "I know what your pussy wants." I told her. She was starting to move more aggressively, raising her hips and holding them up as she was nearing her release. "Don't you cum yet", I warned her, she responded with a little whimper. She was getting stiff in her posture, holding herself taut as her orgasm was building in her. "Ok, do it, do it now", I told her, "Let your pussy cum." She bucked and went rigid, her whole body spasmed with the contractions I could feel in her pussy hole. After a moment she collapsed flat, panting from her exertions.

"Lay on your back." I helped her turn over, "Now sit up and take this off." I tugged on her tee shirt. She did what she was told. I could see the outline of her tits, she really was built like her daughter; her tits hung just a little lower. I left her sitting there and I stood up and started taking off my clothes, I could tell she was watching me. Once my shirt and pants were on the floor I slid my underwear off and set my cock free. After fucking Jen and then playing with Barb's pussy it was ready to burst, I really needed to cum. I took a half step back so my cock was between her and the door in her line of sight, I wanted her to see how stiff it was.

I side stepped to be closer to the head of the bed, "You came pretty hard and I know you're not ready to cum again yet, so you're going to suck me." She didn't need to be told twice, she was quick to pull me into her mouth, she had me in about half the length of my cock, she was gently sucking it and exploring with her tongue. She felt good to me and I felt the tension building in my cock. I let her work a her own pace, choosing how she wanted to take me, for a moment she just held me in her mouth - no sucking or licking, I think she was savoring the feeling. I didn't think of it until later but it hadn't been much more than 20 minutes ago that I was balls deep in her daughters pussy and I hadn't showered or cleaned up at all. There was pussy cum on me and she must have tasted it, but she never held back. When the tension in my cock was getting to the point where it wouldn't be ignorable I pulled back and drew it out of her mouth. "Good," I praised her, "You did good, you felt good. Now lay down, I know you want me to fuck you, don't you?"

"Yes." It was the first time she really spoke since this started, she was a little breathy and she was also keeping her voice low.

"Then lay back and spread your legs." She did so instantly, she was ready for this. "Move down, get your arms up over your head." She adjusted herself per my direction. I reached over her and pushed away the crumbled blanket and her it slide off the edge of the bed. In the dim light and shadows she looked just like Jen laying there, with the exception of a neatly trimmed patch of hair at her crotch. My cock pulsed with the anticipation of being in her. I moved down and spread her legs a little more. "Do you want me to fuck you? Do you want to feel me inside you? I know you need to cum again." I was baiting, teasing her; raising the bar on her intensity so she'd cum hard again.

"Yesss." She was ready, she wanted it.

"You don't get that yet, you need to cum again first." I set her up and caught her off guard, keeping her off base and not knowing what to expect, taking her out of control. I got on the bed and layed low between her legs with my feet hanging off the end of the bed. "I'm going to lick your pussy, and I'm not going to stop until you cum in my mouth." With that I licked her from her ass to her clit in a long, a deliberately slow pass using the full width of my tongue, her hips raised in response and let out a moan of suprise and pleasure. The tip of my tongue easily found its way between her pussy lips, I ran it like I had my fingertip before, sliding back and forth between her clit and her pussy hole. I tried different things to see what she liked the most, sucking her clit, pushing my tongue into her and added in using a finger to tease her pussy as I sucked her. When I felt she was getting ready to cum I'd slow down, I was deliberately drawing this out. While my mouth was on her I knew one thing for certain, she tasted like her daughter.

Finally I let her tension build, the right combination of sucking her clit, slipping my fingertip into her and sliding my tongue along her pussy lips and her hips began to lift so she could press into my mouth so I pushed onto her even more. She began arching her back, I knew she was close and then she brought her hands down and tried pushing me off of her. I reached up from under her legs, grabbed her wrists and then pulled her arms down to her sides and pinned her there. Being restrained like that and using my mouth the way I was she came like a bucking rodeo horse, her whole body shook and rocked with the depth and sheer intensity of her orgasm. I had to be careful to not let her body motions press into my teeth where she could get scraped or hurt.

She finally seemed to collapse, breathless but still squirming a little, I kept my mouth on her, giving her gentle tweaks of my tongue on her clit to watch her react to the aftershock. After a moment or two I backed off but still lay with my face between her legs. "You want more don't you?" It was more of a challenge than a question.

"Uhnnnhuhhh," seemed to be the best response she could muster.

I was hard as a rock, I needed to cum more than anything I had ever felt before, my balls were starting to ache but I knew she needed to rest a moment again. I moved up and told her to suck me again but she seemed physically spent and was having a hard time to move her mouth down to me so I moved up further. "Try to take it all the way this time." She did, she pushed forward and took me fully into her mouth, she had moved to back off a little but I moved with her to keep my cock all the way in her, I held it there until I sensed she needed a breath, I also noticed that she didn't gag. I pulled back fully out of her mouth and told her to do it again, this time I let her take it all and control it all when she moved back I pulled it out of her mouth again. "Now hold still," I told her, "I'm going to fuck your mouth." She let me hold her head on either side as I put my cock between her lips and slid it into her. I only took it to about half way and then began the rocking of my hips to to draw my cock back and then slide it back in again. It seemed easier for her and it only took about four or five strokes before I felt I was going to bust a nut in her mouth so I pulled it back out. I wanted her pussy.

I stroked her hair on one side and told her that was good, then I told her to lay down. She was ready, she lay back and her legs were already apart, I moved between them then lay on her for a moment; I could feel her tits pressing against me as she was breathing, her nipples felt rock solid against me. "Do you want me in you?"

"Yes." Softly voiced but full of desire.

"What should I put in you?" Whispering in her ear I was taunting her again.


"My cock?"


"Say it."

"Put your cock in me."

"Where?" I wasn't letting her off easy.

"Inside me."

"Your pussy?"


"Say it."

"Put it in my pussy." She was starting to sound urgent.

"My cock?"

"Oh my god please fuck me now." She pleaded.

I reached down to guide myself into her, she was such a sloppy wet mess that I probably could have pushed against her anywhere and I would have slid straight into her pussy. She let out the tiniest moan as the head of my cock split her pussy lips, there was zero resistance as I entered her and in one smooth motion I was fully inside her. Her pussy was swollen and hot from her excitement. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me tight to her, her hips raised up so I could penetrate her as deep as possible. I kept myself fully in her using my pubic bone to press against her clit, she pulled at me even tighter.

When she relaxed a little I began moving in her, drawing back and then pushing in again in a slow and steady manner. She felt good to me and I told her that. I was moving into her with a regular rhythm and I was feeling all of her under me, her skin on mine, her tits, how we fit together; it was like laying on Jen with an added dose of erotic taboo.

I whispered into her ear, "Do you like the way I played with your pussy?"


"Did your pussy like cumming in my mouth?"

She made a sharp move with her hips, rising to take more of me in her. There was a quick, sharp hiss as she sucked in her breath, "Oh, uhhnn.."

I wanted to keep her hot, I wanted her to say all positive things, I wanted her to fuck like she's never fucked before, "Now you're letting me fuck your pussy, do you like my cock inside you?"

She was getting fully triggered, she was pushing into me with increasing energy, she was going to cum again soon. I goaded her, teased her, pushing her to the point she would let it all just blow apart. "I want to feel you cum on me, cum with my cock in you. Do it." That was it, I backed halfway out of her then slammed back in and she lost it. She started cumming hard, I backed out and slammed into her again. I could feel her pussy squeezing me. I kept deep in her until she started to fall back in a sweat.

"Good girl. Good pussy." She jerked with the aftershocks of her orgasm, but now it was my turn. "I need to cum in you. Do you want it in your pussy or your mouth?"

"Keep it in me," she told me,"cum all the way inside me."

And I did, I was buried as deep into her as our bodies would allow and I wanted more. I began fucking her for me, I focused on how her pussy felt sliding over my cock, how warm it was, how wet it was. It only took a minute before I was squirting into her. I pushed as deep as I could into her and it felt like her whole pussy was sucking my cock. I shot the rest of my load into her and I could tell she felt it, she was pulling at me trying to take it as deep as she could get it.

I collapsed on top of her, both of us were trembling, panting, hot and stuck together with sweat. I just layed there on her, her pussy still feeling tight on me. I had to catch my breath. When I was breathing normal again I got my arms behind her, she clasped her arms behind me as well. We held each other and basked in all the sensations, the warm feelings and the tingle of still being with each other.

"I needed that." She told me in a way that was almost as a sigh.

"You seem.... satisfied." I teased her with the obvious.

"I," she hesitated a bit, "I haven't been with anyone since Frank..."

"I never thought about it," I confided, "I had never considered what you might be doing even though I was pretty sure you weren't dating."

"No," she explained, "It took me a little while to move past him and then I never really went looking. I don't think I realized how much I needed this until just now." I went to move off of her but she held me in place so instead I brushed her hair back and gently stroked her cheek. "It's more than just the sex that I miss, it's this too I guess, just being close and being held." I let my fingers trace a line to her ear and then along her neck to her shoulder, she mmm'd in response to my caress.

"Hunh." A sound of realization

"What are you thinking," I asked.

"What do we do now?"

"In regards to..?"

"Well, this is kind of wrong and well, what about Jen, do we say something?" I could tell she had more than just those questions.

"Hmm, good points yes but I don't think we need to say anything, it would just create a problem that doesn't need to exist and I think what she doesn't know won't hurt her. Besides there's one other thing."

She was curious, "What's that?"

"I don't think I'm done fucking you."


I cut her off, "No. I like your pussy and I liked making it cum. I want to do more of that." I paused for a moment, "Besides, I still want to cum in your mouth."

She didn't answer right away. I didn't know if it was out of nervousness or she was thinking something over, finally she spoke, "We could do that."

"Ok then. We don't need to work out the details right now but we are going to do this more." I was intentionally being forward with her, a little demanding, I had the thought that maybe she liked being told what to do like her daughter did. "Though we should try to maybe make it less risky circumstances?" I nodded my head towards Jens room.

"Are you ready?"

She sounded a little suprised, "What..? Again? Now?"

"No, you need to suck the rest of my cum out." She didn't say anything but she released her hold on my so I could move, I got up on my elbows then began slowly pulling myself out of her pussy, She tried shifting herself a little to keep me in her as long as possible, I held for a moment then let myself slide out of her. I got up onto my knees and told her to sit up. She did and then she bent forward and got me into her mouth and started sucking me. This time it was more deliberate, sucking and using her tongue under my cock so she could work the cum out. I reached down and squeezed behind my balls then worked my grip up to get the last couple of drops into her mouth, I felt it when it came out of me. "Swallow it." There wasn't enough there to make it a big gulp but I felt her swallow, her mouth getting tighter on me and the back of her tongue pressing on the head of my cock. I pulled back until just the head was still in her. I could just make out the image of my cock in her mouth, her cheeks moving as she sucked me. I saw her tongue come out and do a full circle around my cock. I pulled out of her and pushed her back onto the bed, then I lay back down on her. "That doesn't count as cumming in your mouth..."


2021-06-19 10:16:22
Please learn the difference between "lay" and "lie".

Or produce the eggs everyone laid.

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2021-06-15 18:32:20
Good start, and the door would appear to be open for a lot more, I hope. Well done.

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