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This story follows book two of the series King David and His Forbidden Destinee.
Chapter 1:

"My Protector"

David's alarm sounds off in the room abruptly waking him, immediately he reaches for his phone and shuts the alarm off. In doing so he realizes he has two missed calls from the office. To his amazement, Destinee is still sound asleep. Looking down at her body still laying on his, he smiles and kisses her forehead. He pushes himself up and she still clings to him.

He positions her in his arms, her head in one and legs on the other. He wraps her in the blanket and carries her upstairs and lays her in his bed, takes a quick shower, and puts Cologne and a similar suit to his last but this one charcoal gray.

Leaving the master bathroom, he notices her slight movement in the bed indicating she is about to wake up. Seeing her lay in his bed he admires her feels natural, as though she belongs there, it simply feels right.

He sits on the bed next to her and whispers in her ear "You awake my love?" His masculine voice soothes her, his low tone sends faint vibrations greeting her with loving kisses from her neck down her shoulder, and to her hand stroking her tender, golden-brown smooth skin, she becomes more beautiful to him with every encounter.

Adjusting her lovely hazel eyes to the light, lying on her side facing him, she smiles in the delight of waking up to the sight of him seated next to her as the sunlight warmly traces his even-toned mocha-brown skin, she loves his comforting touch.

"Yes, my King, I'm awake. I'm sorry I fell asleep, you wore me down with the weight of your love." Her words make his heart smile as it shows on his face.

"Can I get you anything before you leave for work daddy?" Kissing his hand

"No love, you've done plenty. I brought you a glass of water. I figured you'd be thirsty when you woke up." With his fingers he brushes her long dark hair from her face "I wanted to make sure you're okay when I leave. I won't be gone long today."

He reaches into his suit jacket and pulls out his wallet. "Here's some money for something to eat", handing her a one hundred dollar bill and he writes his cell phone and direct office number down on a piece of paper and the address to the house in case she decides to order out. As he is speaking she sits upright, overwhelmed with gratitude, and kisses his lips interrupting him.

"Mmm (tasting her kiss on his lips) what was that about love? I mean I don't mind your kisses," He laughs. "Did I miss something, sweet love?"

Looking to the ground. "Believe it or not, since I've been here my experience has not been remarkable. I quickly got caught up with the wrong people and been in some difficult situations. You are one of the very few who've been kind to me."

He lifts her head and pulls her close to him to console her, as her words grieve his heart. "I do find that hard to believe, how the hell could someone treat a woman as beautiful as you so horribly? And your ex? The coward that put you out in that storm, what's his name?"

"His name is Jamal, but they call him Tank in the streets."

"Tank? In the streets? What is he? Some drug dealer?" David asks looking bewildered

"Well, y-yes…" She answers in humiliation.

Seeing the shame in her beautiful face he wants to free her of it. "Destinee my love, you don't have anything to be ashamed of, we make good and bad decisions and I'm starting to believe last night me offering you a ride was the best decision I've made in years!"

His voice brings peace to her. Her eyes affectionately gaze upon him, disregarding her shame. "I feel so comfortable with you. Like I can be myself. It's been a long time since I've felt this way." She says softly.

"I am curious to know though,'' he asks hesitantly, ''How in the world does someone as lovely, and classy as you get caught up with some knucklehead?" He chuckles in unbelief.

"Well long story short, after all the shiny gifts and money spent on me, he felt as if he owned me and things escalated very fast. If I missed his phone call he'd get upset and lash out at me. He became very controlling, very fast, about what I wore, where I went, how long, and with who."

"Destinee, baby… Did he ever put his hands on you?"

She chokes up, unable to speak. He leans her head on his chest, she nods her head signaling a yes to his question. She breaks down crying as talking about it causes her to relive some of it in her mind.

He's overcome with zeal for her, and anger toward him. "Shhhh, it's okay baby… It's okay." He caresses and consoles her. "I'll take care of it. How much of your things did you leave there?"

Sniffling as she dries her eyes she looks up to him and asks "Hun, what do you mean you'll take care of it?"

"That's not for you to worry about. Now did you leave anything important there?"

She pauses and thinks for a moment "Honey it's nothing I would risk you going to get."

"So the answer is yes." He confirms. "Okay, when I get home from work I'll pay him a little visit." He stands up fixing his collar and cuff links.

"I can see there's no talking you down from this?" Looking him up and down aroused by his passion for her, yet afraid for his safety at the same time.

"No, love. No there isn't." He responds. She rises from sitting to her knees. The throw blanket falls to reveal her naked body, she hangs her arms around his neck attempting to persuade him.

"Why not? Can't we just forget about it?" She asks sweetly

"If he hurt you, he hurt me, and those who hurt me regret ever doing so!" He confidently states. His love for her touches her soul "My protector." She declares. "With all my strength." He affirms. She kisses him "The taste of your love is like sweet honey to my lips I love your kisses" He concedes his hands on her hips. They smile.

"By the way, can you drive?" He asks

"Yes of course I'm young, not incapable!" She says wittingly.

"Legally, love?"

"Yes, baby!" She laughs

Unconvinced and the "oh boy" look on his face he gives in. "Alright, I hope I don't regret this but the keys to the Benz are on the key holder to the right of the garage door."

Her eyes light up! "Really? You'd let me drive the Benz?" She bites her bottom lip and gives a little happy bounce, causing her tits to jiggle.

"Yes honey, just please, please be careful! Need to put some gas in it so, here" he takes back the cash and gives her his credit card. "Just get whatever you need okay?" His hands sliding from her hips to squeeze and play with her ass cheeks.

A huge spoiled teenage smile lights her face "Yes daddy!"

His fingers walk closer to her tight already exposed ass hole. She lets him. Aroused, she licks her lips as he teases her ass hole.

"I love seeing you happy." He confesses.

"Mmmm, and I love making you happy, my King." Her body invites his touch.

They gaze into each other's eyes both knowing exactly what they want.

Her arms still around his neck he fondles her stimulated nipples gently tugging them pulling her body and lips to him, kissing her full lips intimately.

"Daddy…" Surrendering her body to the cup of love he offers.

He kisses her neck

"Daddy please don't start what you can't finish" She begs, desiring him, her fire begins to burn.

"I just can't keep my hands off of you!" He confesses. Drawing as much of her nipple into his mouth he can fit rolling his wet tongues around her stiff smooth nipple.

She gasps and moans her hands caressing his smooth bald head. She tenderly kisses his forehead as he pleases her breasts "My King… at least permit me to shower for you, our love still rests between my thighs…" She breathily requests.

His phone inconveniently buzzes, they both sigh in disappointment remembering he has to go to work. He reaches into his suit jacket and answers.


"Hey, boss! Thank God you picked up you had me worried it's not like you to be this late. Is everything okay?"

Destinee can hear a woman's voice on the other end of the phone but can't make out what is being said.

"Yes Isabella, thank you I'll be there shortly. Thank you for calling. I just had a few things I needed to take care of before coming in."

A look of young teenage jealousy comes over Destinee's face.

"Okay, Mr. King, see you soon."

"Yes, see you soon."

He hangs up.

"Isabe--" She begins to ask as he interrupts

"She's just my secretary, love. No one for you to be concerned about, I promise!"

She studies his eyes, to sense if he is sincere.

"Trust me, love, I only want you and though it's been a short time in some mysterious way, my heart already belongs to you." He contends.

She trusts his word and the sincerity of his passion.

"Okay, I believe you, my King." She smiles.

"But I do have to get out of here. I have a very crucial appointment today that I can't be late to, someone already caused me to be behind on my preparation this morning!" He smiles and they both laugh.

They kiss goodbye. He fetches his smoothie she made for him and heads off to work.

Chapter: 2

"Whoever She is, You chose wrong!"

On his way to work, she sends him a text "Hi daddy, just wanted to make sure I had the right number!" With a smiley emoji along with a sexy nude of her getting into the shower.

He texts back "I'm sorry ma'am, you have the wrong number, but you can send more pics if you'd like!"

She responds "Don't play with me like that daddy, you scared me for a second. Lol"

Arriving at the office, all he can think about is her, her scent, her sweet voice, her voluptuous and curvaceous body, though clean he can still slightly smell the scent of her pussy on his lips, he's aroused just thinking about her, making it troublesome for him to focus on his work.

There is a knock on his door.

"Come in!" He says.

"Mr. King, good to see you this morning! I hope all is well?"

Smiling and holding a coffee cup in her right hand and a vanilla folder under her left arm stands in the doorway, 23 years old, Isabella Ramirez a lovely petite, black and Spanish biracial Spanish woman with a soft oval face, and light brown skin. Her white ruffled blouse suppresses her full, firm breasts, and slightly revealing cleavage, not much just enough to cause one's curiosity to jog. Her blouse contrasts her long lustrous, curly, natural dark cinnamon hair and eyes.

"Yes, all is well Ms. Ramirez, thank you for asking." He looks up from his desk and is stunned upon laying his eyes on Isabella; he hadn't seen her so dressed up for work, ever. He quickly composes himself and fixes his roaming eyes. But not before she notices as their eyes lock for a brief moment before he looks away to search his desk.

"Eh-hmm" he clears his throat. "Did you happen to see my files for my showing this afternoon?"

"Yes, in fact, I did," she responds. Her voice is raspy, warm, inviting, and pleasant, naturally sensual yet there is an innocence to her. She hands him over the vanilla folder. "When I noticed you were running late I filled them out myself, also I got you a coffee just the way you like it!" She sets it on his desk. "You truly are incredible Isabella! I couldn't ask for a better assistant."

"Well thank you, Mr. King, it's my pleasure. If you fail, I fail, and we can't allow that."

"Well I appreciate your hard work, that is for sure! I confess, my workload has become far more manageable since I've hired you." He announces in a professional tone. Trying not to look at her much, maintaining his eyes on his paperwork.

She watches him carefully, her eyes are fond of him. "Your suit looks great on you by the way." Trying to get his eyes back on her.

"Thank you, Macies had a nice sale last week." Trying to keep the conversation casual.

"Some lucky young lady she must be, to have the privilege of your attention?"

If not for his brown skin he would be as white as a ghost "Did I tell anyone about Destinee?! Fuck! How does she know?" He plays it cool while still filling out the forms pretending to stay focused on his paperwork but listening attentively. "And what is that supposed to mean?" He asks kindly.

"Well, everyone's talking about it, no one around here has seen you this happy since we'll Claudia, although I wasn't around when you two were together I myself haven't seen you this happy, also there's something different about you this morning?"

"That is?" He inquires

"Well for starters, you're never late, you're normally the first one here. Second, you're awkwardly distant with me, lastly… You're Not wearing your wedding band."

David stops dead in his tracks from writing, looks to his left hand. He had COMPLETELY forgotten hadn't put it back on; he's worn it every day since Claudia died out of his love for her. Yet, All of his lovemaking with Destinee has his thoughts scattered.

"Ms. Ramirez?"

"Yes." She answers anticipating what he'll say next.

He sits up straight, sets his forearms on his desk, and folds his hands.

"I think it's best if we keep our personal lives and professional lives separate. I hired you to help organize my workload, not my love life. If anyone has any questions about my life outside of work, tell them they can ask me personally and they'll receive the same answer, do I make myself clear?"

Aggravated, and a bit hurt. She insists "So, 2 weeks ago?" She crosses her arms.

"Yes? What about it?" Pretending to be clueless, knowing what she is about to ask but hoping she'd drop it.

"So I guess your tongue down my throat meant nothing to you then?"

She asks challengingly.

She can tell she caught his attention as his jaw clenches, his index and middle fingers of his right hand rhythmically tap on the glossy top of his heavy, rich-brown wooden desk like that of a horse galloping.

"Ms. Ramirez, I think we both know we had a little too much to drink that evening!" He sharply objects.

"Oh, really is that all it was?!"

"Yes, it was a mistake and it'll never happen again?"

"You truly are a piece of work, you know that?" Her face is intense, her eyes inflamed in anger and affection.

He rolls his chair back from his desk, stands up, straightens out his suit jacket by its lapels, and strolls toward her slowly never losing intense eye contact with her, he now stands within a foot of her.

She slightly tilts her head to the side "pínche pendejo (fucking asshole) do you think I'm afraid of you? I have 4 older brothers that'll whoop your ass if you lay a finger on me!" She tells him, loud enough to piss him off but quiet enough where others outside his office can't hear.

Overshadowing her, he restricts himself in gentle, authoritative, yet noticeable anger. Their stare is locked as if they're in an intense wrestling match. Hands in his pockets, shoulders back, chest out "First of all, I'll whip all your brother's asses before my next appointment. Second, if I were you I'd be extremely, careful of what you say next because it could very damn well be your last in my office!"

The tension in the office hastily becomes heavy and electric.

Squinting her eyes, snapping her head back "Oh really?" She challenges, stepping up to him face to face.

"Try me!" He retorts his deep voice rumbling in her ear as close as they are.

Staring in his chocolate eyes, she leans in as if she's going to kiss him, but rather she places her maroon lipstick covered lips to his ear and sensually whispers with an accent "How about this, you have no clue how long I've craved for you to bend me over this desk of yours and fuck this tight, virgin coochie. But now I see, you're just like the others. Whoever she is, you chose wrong, I promise!" She slowly draws her head back from his, closely watching his perplexed and shocked expression.

He pulls himself together quickly, thinking to himself (two can play that game) removing his right hand from his pocket he looks into her eyes, gently brushes her curly cinnamon hair from her shoulder, behind her ear firmly, and graciously clutches the back of her neck with his large hands. Taken by surprise her arms fall limp to her side, enticed by his touch. He pulls her snug and tight into him close enough that she can feel his manhood through his pant leg, making her moist for him.

"David?" She gasps affectionately and blushes her dreamy eyes locked onto him.

"Shhh" He softly shushes her and romantically caresses the corner of her mouth with the thumb of his left hand then carefully wraps his arm around her waist making her feel secure. He shrouds her in the manliness of his strength and the warmth of his embrace.

She is thoroughly aroused and wet from the alluring fragrance of his cologne, she succumbs to the dominance of his gentle touch.

Her hands latch on to his sides embracing him, as he gently draws her head back with a fist full of hair exposing her neck causing her to lift her leg as the split in her skirt reveals her smooth thigh meat he tightly grips her thigh holding it up, her grip on him tightens.

She closes her eyes preparing for him to kiss her. He intimately nuzzles her neck "Yesss this is what I've wanted…" she softly moans from her quivering lips as she nervously trembles.

"Yeah? This is what you've wanted from me?" Sliding his hand on her thigh closer to her wetness.

"Sssss… Sí papí (Yes daddy)" licking her lips.

He whispers in her ear in a deep sexy voice:

"Escucha atentamente, niña (listen to me closely, little girl) if you ever, speak to me like that again in my office, or if I even get the FEELING that your thinking about my dick pleasing your sweet, little pussy, I'll have your sexy, beautiful, plump ass fired expeditiously for sexual harassment. Do I make myself clear?" He places his ear to her lips anticipating an answer.

She unexpectedly presses her luscious lips onto his ear, practically kissing it answers "Crystal, jefé (boss)!" in a defiant and mocking tone, the breath of her speech tingles down his ear to his neck, summoning a titillating sensation in him. She angrily bites her lip seeing that he managed to confuse her, turn her on and piss her off simultaneously.

Irritated with him, she pushes herself out of his teasing grip, turns around, and walks towards the door, her heels click-clacking on the wooden floor. His eyes are helplessly captivated by her tight leather dark maroon skirt hugging her full ass.

"Isabella!" He calls her with an authoritarian voice.

She turns to him, her eyes watering.

"I meant what I said!"

"Sí jefe (yes boss)" She scowls at him before she turns her back to him. Pausing before opening the door to gather her emotions and be strong, as if nothing had transpired and she walks out.

David leans back on his desk shaking his head trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

Chapter: 3

"Can You Come Home and Eat, First?"

David and Isabella take separate cars to the showing of the house. Still angry with him Isabella keeps her distance but doesn't draw too much attention to herself so as not to ruin the deal, only periodically catching eyes.

"So Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, what do you think?" David asks.

"Well, we've talked over and… We love it, we're going to buy it!" The husband says excitedly.

"Perfect!" David says (His phone begins to buzz in his suit jacket) he shakes hands with them. "Isabella, will take it from here and we'll get the paperwork process started okay?"

"Sounds good!" The couple says together.

David reaches for his phone.

"You know you two work great together," Mrs. Robinson says. She purposely whispers loud enough that Isabella hears "If I were you, young man, I'd make a move. Pretty ones like her don't stay single for long" She smirks.

David awkwardly smiles and chuckles. "Well thank you, I'll take that into consideration." They shake hands and Isabella takes over while David goes downstairs to the Kitchen.

He answers his phone.

"Hi, Daddy!"

"Hey love everything okay?" Sounding concerned

"Yes, I just wanted to check in with you, and see how your day was going?"

"Well…" Isabella walks the couple outside to their car. They catch eyes on her way out. David turns his back to her looking out the window over the sink and brings his voice down a bit.

"A bit chaotic, with a few surprises along the way but nothing I can't handle. I closed the deal today!"

"What? Congratulations!" We should celebrate when you get home!

"I'd love to, baby! But we need to get your things from Jamal's place first and then, we'll celebrate!"

There is a silence on the phone


"Yes my King, I'm here." Sweet-heartedly, yet concerned.

"Why so quiet?"

"My love, he is dangerous."

"Well, he hasn't met me yet."

"No love, I'm serious, please leave this alone I beg you. I care more about you than I do any of the things that I left there."

"And I told you, that to hurt you is to hurt me. That coward needs to pay for what he's done to you."

"You really love me don't you daddy?"

"Yes, I do love you."

"Okay well, before we go can you at least come home and eat first? I'm preparing dinner now."

"Oh really, what are you making?"

"It's a surprise, something delicious, but I promise you'll love it!"

David smiles "Your so sweet love I'll be home shortly."

"Okay, I love you, Daddy."

"I love you too beautiful!" He responds and hangs up.

"So, there is someone else!" Isabella contends.

David turns to the kitchen doorway.

She's furious and hurt. Her arms are folded, a tear streaming down her face, her head is tilted.

"Why the hell were you just snooping?!" David fights back

Her eyes squint.

"Do you love her?" Her voice shakes with pain.

"I'm not talking to you about this!"

"Do you love her?!" Her voice filled with torment and anger.


"Because I've worked for you for over a year now! And all I've wanted was for you to love me! Me! Now some random bitch comes into your life and you lose your goddamn mind?" She steps closer to him.

David stands there not knowing what to say.

"I need to know if you truly love her, because if not then I still stand a chance." She begins to unbutton her blouse. With her swaying hips, she draws herself closer to him.

"Isabella! What are you doing?" He nervously asserts "I told you about this!"

"Yes but we're not in the office, are we?" She passionately objects.

He clenches his jaws and his breathing becomes heavy.

Her blouse is unbuttoned "You told me that our kiss was a mistake. Prove it!"

David is deeply conflicted. Isabella is gorgeous and untouched by any man and here she is offering herself to him. With all his might he keeps his eyes on hers fighting not to look down.

Her blouse is parted, her breast is nearly exposed, her nude-colored strapless bra is revealed.

"Kiss me and prove to me that you don't feel anything." His dick print is noticeable in his pant leg; She bites her lip looking down at his crotch, seeing his cock grow in his pants.

"Isabella, I can not and will not do this, if you take another step I'm warning you I'll--"

"What? You'll do what? You can't hurt me more than you already have. I thought we had something special. I was just biding my time waiting for you to notice me and I thought finally you did two weeks ago!" Her blouse drops to the floor along with her bra.

"Fuck!" David blurts out gaping at her beautiful full chest and medium size, dusky rose, perky nipples.

"Whatever you thought we had, can't be! You work for me, Isabella. I don't fuck co-workers especially in a client's home, this is not why I hired you!"

You can hear the conflict of desire and fear in his voice. He doesn't want to hurt Destinee, yet he cares for Isabella, more than a co-worker but he's never intentionally tried to cross that line. Maybe some flirting here and there but he had no clue she felt this way about him he thought maybe the kiss was a mutual mistake. But he is severely wrong; she's wanted him since she's laid eyes on him and she is willing to sacrifice it all.

"Mí Amor… Kiss me again, prove to me that it was a mistake that you don't feel what I feel. If so I'll never bring it up again." Standing nose to nose with him. She grabs his hands gently, locking her fingers with his "Isabe--" She interrupts

"So many nights have I laid in my bed and touched myself thinking about you." She softly utters. His breathing increases he can't believe how stunning she is, her petite curvaceous body, tight stomach decorated with a diamond belly ring.

"But it never feels right, not without you. David, I want you to touch me, make me a woman. I want you to be my first… My only!" She uses his hands to rub her melon-sized breasts.

"My God!" David groans breathlessly and the soft, delicate texture of her breasts greet the palms of his hands.

He clasps them in his hands gently, licks his lips admiring her flawless breast. Honored that she allowed him to touch parts of her that no other man has.

She stares into him, her eyes are dreamy for him. "Do you like what you see Mí Amor?"

"Yes… Yes, I do" David lustfully utters. His thumbs, carefully fondling her erect, pulsing stubs.

"Yes, sí, papí, you can have all of me"

Enamored with him she pulls herself into him, closes her eyes, and buries her face into his neck, lavishing him with kisses, as David exhales in pleasure. She begins unbuttoning his shirt. She tenderly kisses his collar bone. Inwardly he wants to resist her, but every time he tries her tender kiss provokes his desire. Finding the strength to resist he grabs her arms "Isabella I can't do this." Panting from pleasure, he barely gets his words out, graciously pulls from quenching the thirst of her longing desire onto him.

"Lie to me, and tell me you don't want this!" Looking into his eyes. Hers is filled with affection, passion, tenderness, warmth for him. His confusion, conflict, and yes, passion.

"I-I, I do" He confesses.

"Yeah, that's what I thought!"

His shirt is fully unbuttoned and untucked, he watches as her soft and firm hands scale down the creases of his hard abs, clutches his waistband with her hand tucked halfway down his briefs she yanks him forward to her kissing him.

But not just any kiss, she lavishes him with what feels like a lifetime of love locked and stored away only to finally be unleashed now this moment! She licks his lips with a long stroke of her warm wet tongue and sucks them into her mouth, David moans in delight and satisfaction as pre-cum oozes from his stiff, hard tip. "You taste so good!" She moans, basking in his presence. Her kiss unearths the love for her he had hidden in his heart.

"Mmm!" He licks his lips tasting her saliva. "I'm so sorry Isabella… How could I have been so blind?"

"Shhh, it's okay Mí Armor, make up for it now and make sweet love to me!" Her sweet voice entices him.

His heart gives in, he receives her love. His hold on her arms releases allowing her to remove his suit jacket. He returns her kisses.

"Yes, David I've wanted this for so long I'm so tired of waiting no more waiting!" She breathlessly utters in-between their passionate kisses.

Their hands roam freely on each other now, kissing voraciously. She fiercely unbuckles his pants. He unzips her skirt and drops it to the floor revealing her black thong he grips her juicy ass spreading her cheeks, "Ay Sí Papí! Sí!" She exhales, trembling from his touch together they slowly swirl each other's tongues tasting each other, pleasing each other intimately without hesitation right now nothing else exists to them as they allow the fire of love to consume them.

With ease, he raises her by her ass up onto the counter she spreads her thighs wide for him, he kisses her neck, her chest, her firm already stimulated and sensitive, untouched nipples the feeling of his beard tracing his kisses over her body is what she's longed for since laying eyes on him this is what she's waited for. "Fuck me Papí, please!?" She begs him!

Reaching into his pants and groaping for his long, fat pleasure stick she doesn't lay eyes on it, but she feels his girthy meat she strokes his length reaching his tip her thumb grazes his slit, and feels his warm sticky pre-cum they both groan in passion "Ay Dios mío Papí, por favor! (oh my God daddy, please!)" She groans, and begs!

As she grips his meat David has a flash of Destinee in his mind caressing his dick telling him "This belongs to me!" Her face is in the forefront of his mind! His kisses on Isabella drawback. "My King, my love come with me?" It's as if he can hear her audibly not just in his mind. Everything around him begins to fade.

"Mí Amor?" Isabella calls to him. "My King my love, you belong to me!" Destinee's voice calls him again as if he's in a trance. He quietly, faintly calls out to her as if she's in the room "Destinee…" Both their eyes snap open simultaneously, his out of fear, and hers from anger, and shock.

"What the hell?" Her grip loosens, releasing his manhood. "What did you just call me?" He stands frozen in fear wanting to speak but unable.

She squints her eyes and tilts her head, "Des--" she begins mouthing trying to understand what he said. "Destinee? Is that her name? That's her name isn't it?!" Tears flow down the soft freckles of her cheeks, her voice breaking, she sucks in her lip, her brows weighed down she shakes her head in unbelief, her shoulders slump. "So you do... love her? You were thinking of her the whole time? And here I am stupid enough to think I could make you mine." "Isabella it- it's not like that!"

"Then what the hell is it?!!" He attempts to answer "You know what, save it!"


"FUCK YOU!" She pushes him on his chest. Being stronger than her he doesn't move much, just takes a step back giving her space. She jumps down from the counter and pushes him again. He's broken her heart into pieces. He gently tries to hold her hands "Isabella can you just listen--"

She quickly snatches her hands away and slaps the shit out of David! So hard his head turns. David licks his lip to taste for blood and touches it just to be sure, turning from the sight of his blood dripped fingers back to her, he says calmly "I'm not even angry I understand. The first one is free but I'm not going to let you keep hi--." In a flash, she backhand's him! "Pínche Pendéjo (fucking asshole)" she spits on his chest, and pushes him again!

Tears in her eyes, she's furious, she's shaking from the pain of him choosing another woman over her and it is unbearably painful. He makes one last attempt to hold her she reluctantly allows him.

"That's enough… Please, please stop!" He tries to lovingly console her.

Look up to him "Why can't you love ME?!" She passionately pleads.

At the sound of hearing her mourn a tear uncontrollably falls from his eye.

"I- I (He wants to tell her that he does, but that won't make sense to her. He's trapped between loving two beautiful women and yet he is forced to choose one. He doesn't know that what he'll say now will help either) I made an oath."

"An oath? To a woman, you hardly know?!" She rips out of his arms.

Crying in a mad rage she reaches to the counter grabbing a knife "I got your fucking oath!" lunging at David he quickly gets control of her wrists and twists it freeing the knife she tries to knee him "I said ENOUGH!" He shouts!

But a combination of her losing balance and him trying to push her leg causes her to fall and hit her head on the lower cabinets.

He instantly reaches for her, but she shoves his hand away weeping "DON'T TOUCH ME!" Davids not mad that she lunged at him with a knife, not at all, in some odd way he feels he deserves it, maybe for being so blind. Seeing her passion for him, strangely enough, makes him understand just how much she loves him, and seeing her on the floor broken like this is tearing him apart. "Isabella!" he squats down to tend to her. She pushes him backward making him land on his ass sitting upright. "I HATE you!" She confesses pointing her finger at him.

Both of them sit there facing each other, their backs on opposing cabinets gathering their breath.

"I think we both just need to cool off… You should take a few days off come back and we'll take it from there." He suggests.

"You are in NO position to tell me what to do!" Her anger boils over further. She knows he's right. She just doesn't want to hear it from him. She wants to hear him tell her he loves her but she knows she won't hear it from him.

She stands up, drying her eyes, and starts to put on her clothes. "I'll finish the paperwork for this closing after that… I'm done!"

Her words are like an arrow to his heart. "You leaving m-, I-I mean quitting?"

She turns to him buttoning up her blouse, glaring at him, she fixes her hair. David still sits on the floor taken back by all of what transpired this speechless. He knows not to say another word to her. Scowling at him for what seems like forever, she looks like she wants to say something to him, she clenches her jaw, shakes her head, grabs her purse, and walks out.

All he can do is watch her as she storms out of the house. Half naked on this kitchen floor he contemplates his circumstances and his choices. "How the hell did I let this happen?"

**To be continued**
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