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It’s strongly recommended that you read part one before this, if you haven’t done so already. Parts in italics are meant to represent dialogue spoken in Korean, by one or more characters. Additional note: This story is quite long. I hope you can stick through it. And if you think my story earned your upvote, I’d be happy to have it. It really does motivate me to write more.
Chapter 1: Her First Time

I was propped up on my arms, Sumin nude beneath me in all her teenage glory. Her hair was still damp in places where, just a few minutes before, my cum had splattered her after she received her reward for her first blow job. It had been a fumbling thing on her part since it was her first time, but I had no doubt she would apply herself to the study of oral sex with thet same enthusiasm she applied to most of her other subjects. Her hand reached down, stroking my erection that had never gone fully soft, even after the earth-shattering orgasm she had given me.

Will we study more, she had just asked.

“This is your first time, right?” I asked her, softly.

Her eyes were staring wide up at me as she nodded. “Yes, teacher. My boyfriend wanted to do this but I said no to him.”

“Okay,” I said. “It’s probably going to hurt a little. Maybe a lot. I’ll get you ready and I’ll go very slow and I want you to tell me to stop if it hurts too much, okay?”

She looked a little nervous but said, “I know. I read about that.”

“Okay,” I said. “Just remember that you can stop anytime you want to.”

Yes,” she said.

I began to move down her body, spending a few moments licking and kissing her breasts as she vocalized her pleasure softly. I would often moan in response, or make similar sounds of pleasure as I explored her with my mouth. Her hands came up again, running her fingers through my hair, as I slid further down. I wanted her very wet when we began.

Arriving between her thighs I kissed the top of her mons and ran my nose through her soft pubic hair, then kissed the crease of her legs inside each thigh, drawing out the moment. Moving my hands down in front I spread her pussy slightly, finding her clit full and inviting. I licked the outer lips and felt her shudder, then gradually sent my tongue up, trying to taste every millimeter of her teenage pussy. It was exquisite. It didn’t have a taste exactly, but being able to drink her in was so incredibly arousing that it was almost a taste on its own.

I had better access to all her sensitive bits than when I had licked her from behind and I took full advantage. I asked her a few questions as I went along, getting a better sense for how she liked it and she supplied me with a jumbled bit of instructions in English and Korean as her body was filled with all the new sensations that she was trying to sort out.

When she was moaning under my ministrations I reached up one hand and stuck two fingers in her mouth, which she sucked on greedily. She was so in the moment she actually bit me, earning a little grunt and an “ouch” as I pulled my hand back, grinning to myself. With my tongue making circles around her clit I gently inserted one finger into her tight hole. This got an immediate reaction as she gasped and started saying over and over, “yes, teacher! Yes, teacher!” I never thought the word ‘teacher’ could sound so sexy but hearing it in that moment gave it a whole new meaning.

My finger moved in a steady rhythm and she wasn’t experiencing any discomfort, so I slid in the second one. It was tight but it slid in smoothly. “[/i]Faster[/i] teacher! Faster!” she exclaimed. I started to move my two fingers in and out of her at a faster pace and then placed my lips around her clit and sucked gently, pulling her clit into my mouth and working it over with my tongue.

Sumin went off like a bomb. Her cry was so loud I worried briefly about the neighbors hearing. I’ve had mixed success with sucking on a girl’s clit in the past, some girls loved it, others didn’t. Sumin was obviously in the first column. As her orgasm moved through her she lost her ability to speak English entirely.

Teacher, How…? I feel like I’m going crazy” She repeated over again.

I pulled back, letting her recover, and grinned as I watched her chest and her small breasts heave. I kissed her trembling thighs and that crease between her legs as her breathing settled. “Teacher, how do you know how to do that? It’s amazing

“Just practice,” I told her. “And listening.”

Amazing!” she repeated and laughed.

I got up and retrieved the condom from my pants pocket and Sumin watched with interest while I put it on. No accidental kids for this teacher, and I didn’t have any idea if she was on birth control. Seeing how the latex pulled tight around my cock, she asked, “Does it hurt?” Moving myself back to the bed and between her legs, I replied, “No, it’s fine. Korean condoms are a little too small so I buy these from the US. Korean condoms can sometimes hurt. They’re too tight.” Which was not a brag. I might be average as far as Westerners are concerned but in Korea I’m above average. Before I started shipping them in from the States, Korean condoms were a mixed bag. Either they were too tight, too short, or both. I’d tear more of them trying to get them on than I used. Thank the shipping gods for Amazon. And in the last few years Durex started shipping in standard-sized condoms, but they weren’t my preferred brand.

I set myself between her legs and grabbed the base of my cock, sliding it up and down her opening. She purred again, and watched as the head of my cock would emerge through the tangle of her bush and dip back down. She was breathing deeply and every so often she would look up at me. I told her how beautiful she was, how it was going to be okay and to stop if it hurt. She smiled and nodded.

When her hips were moving in rhythm with mine and she was panting, I moved to enter her. She sucked in a breath and bit her lip as I began to spread her opening. My cock looked massive going into her little pussy. “How are you doing?”

Slowly, teacher,” she commanded, through clenched teeth. I pulled back, then slowly moved forward a millimeter at a time. Her hands came up and grabbed my forearms, squeezing as I continued to ease in a little at a time, then pull back out. This went on for a couple of minutes with a few pauses in between where I would lean down and kiss her gently, kiss her neck or suck on her nipples. She kissed me back hungrily and once she caught her breath and relaxed a little, we started again.

When I gauged that I had about half of my cock in her incredibly tight teenage pussy, I held still for a moment, trying to let her acclimate to the size and the feeling. It was so tight it was a little uncomfortable. I could feel every contraction and spasm as her pussy flexed around my shaft. There was a hint of sweat on her forehead. When I paused she looked up at me, eyes tight with pain, and asked, “Finished?”

I gave a somewhat sympathetic smile. “No, that’s only about half. Do you want more? Are you ready? Or should we stop? We can stop, it’s okay.”

She shook her head, biting her lower lip again. “Just do it, teacher.”

I leaned in close, bracing myself on my elbows, and began to kiss her gently as slid all the way in. A small squeal escaped her throat and she clutched at my back, her manicured nails digging into the flesh above my shoulder blades. “Teacher, oh my god!” she said again and again in a strangled whisper as she pulled tight to me and my cock began a slow withdrawal from the vice-like grip her pussy had around my cock. I hadn’t been with a virgin since high school and either I’d gotten bigger or she really was that tight, because I don’t remember my first girlfriend squeezing me for dear life. “Oh my god, Sumin!” I groaned back into her ear. “Yes, teacher!” she cried back, and bit my shoulder as I began to pick up speed. “Teacher! Teacher!” she cried with an explosive breath every time our bodies pressed together. “Do you like my cock,” I asked, my voice growling.

Yes!” she grunted back as I began to fuck her harder. I was losing control. “Tell me!” I commanded.

“I like teacher’s cock!” she panted between groans and moans. “More teacher! I want more your cock!” I kissed her again, our mouths coming together hard, each of us pulling the breath from the other one. I sat up to get better leverage and I saw her eyes begin to roll back in her head and her body began to arch up. The only sounds she made now were whimpers, either of ecstasy, pain, or both. Her nubile body was taught with tension, her arms thrown out to the side.. I drove my cock into her again and again and I was very close. Her mouth opened and shuddering gasps began to explode out of her. I bit my tongue trying to stave off my orgasm just a few moments longer to fuck her through her own explosive climax. Her head thrashed and the bedspread was knotted in her hands as her body let loose with a strangled cry and she sagged back down. Almost immediately I pulled myself off of her, and got the condom off in record time. I began stroking my cock furiously as I aimed over her stomach and tits, my cum shooting from the head of my dick like it had wings. “Ahh fuuuuuuck!” was all I could really utter as the contractions caused my own body to jerk. Again and again I spasmed.

Once my muscles began to unclench, I rocked back on my heels and looked down to see Sumin laying there with her head rolled to one side, eyes closed and a look of satiated exhaustion on her face. My cum, while not as copious as before, had sprayed her well enough. It had streaked across her stomach between the small valley of her tits and landed in gobs along her neck and cheek. I’m not even sure she noticed, she was so lost in her own world of sensations. I stood gingerly, my legs barely supporting me, and then kneeled on the bed next to her. I moved my beet-red cock around in some of the cum between her tits and, once it was coated to my satisfaction, I placed it against her lips.

“Open your mouth.” I told her. Almost dreamily, she compiled. Her lips parted and I moved the head of my dick past them. I felt her tongue begin to work, taking the cum and swirling it around in her mouth before sucking hard. “Good girl,” I told her. Her eyes opened and looked right into mine as she nursed the head of my cock. I was still very sensitive and couldn’t handle the sensations long. I jerked, half in pleasure and half in that exquisite post-orgasm pain, as she began to suck more energetically and I had to pull away, gasping and laughing with equal measure. “There’s more on your chest, if you want it.”

Her eyes flashed at me and with a very naughty grin, she said. “Yes, teacher.” And she dutifully began to scoop it up and deposit it a little at a time onto her tongue, before sucking it down. She kept eye contact with me the whole time. God damn, she was sexy. And learning very quickly. I told you she was a good student.

Chapter 2: Homework

We lay close together in her twin-sized bed, our bodies intertwined. She was nuzzled into my neck with her hand stroking through my chest hair, and I was lazily running my fingers up and down the gentle curve of her hips and down her leg.

“Does it hurt,” I asked her softly. I’d gotten a little rough towards the end. I felt bad.

“A little,” she replied. “Maybe a lot. My… pussy?” I nodded at her correct use of the term. “Is a little burn. But it also feels very very good, teacher. Sooo good!” she said, with obvious pleasure. She pulled tighter to me. “I never feel that before. It feel like… bomb!” Her free hand shot up to illustrate her meaning. We laughed together.

“Did you like it, teacher? I think maybe since I don’t know how to do sex well, you are not feel good, too.”

I pulled her face up to mine, and kissed her deeply. “Sumin, that was wonderful. You were wonderful. I’ve got more things to teach you but this was the best first lesson.” I kissed her again and gave her tight ass a squeeze.

It still hurts but… I want to do it again!" she teased in that cutesy voice Korean girls use sometimes. They call it aegyo. Google it.

“No, that’s enough for today,” I cautioned. “You need to rest. You will probably hurt more tomorrow.”

She pouted a little. “Maybe. Because teacher has such big cock!” she said with a laugh. I dug my fingers into her side a little, tickling her. She thrashed and squealed trying to push away but I held her firm. After a moment, with her panting and giggling, I said “My cock is not that big. Just regular. But I’m glad you had fun.”

“So much fun, teacher! Can we do it again next weekend?”

“Maybe,” I said, drawing the word out slowly. “If you do your homework.” That got the reaction you’d expect from any teenager the world over. No student liked homework.

I told her that her homework was learning how to masturbate.Sex education was a non-starter in Korea and I’d been with more than one Korean girl who had some serious issues about their sexuality. They didn’t even need religion to do it, although there was plenty of that. It was their society’s own inbuilt repression of women. It has been changing but it’s the kind of thing that will happen over generations, not all in one fell swoop. But because of that a lot of women grew up fearful of their own bodies, or thinking their bodies and their desires were dirty.

Sumin looked a little taken aback. “You want me to… Masturbate?” She used the Korean word, which sounds like jah-we.

“I do. I want you to learn what feels good for you. And if you orgasm a lot you’ll have more fun when we do have sex.” I could hear my teacher's voice coming out. She still seemed reluctant to agree.

“Do American girls do that?

“Many, yes. I do it, too.”

That seemed to make it a little more palatable and she began to look very interested. “Show me!

I laughed. “Not tonight, sweety. We have to finish soon. Our lesson is supposed to end at 5:00 and it’s almost seven.”

She looked over at the clock on her night stand and nodded her agreement. “Then… can you send me video of that? I want to see it.”

“Maaaaybe.” I told her, before kissing her. “But for now, I have to go. And you need to get cleaned up before your mother comes home.”

“Yes, teacher.” And we both reluctantly got out of bed and started cleaning up. I wanted to jump in the shower with her. God, how I wanted that. But I could already see the discomfort she was in as we started moving around, she was likely to be sore for a few days, and I knew better. As long as no one found out, there would be time for that later.

At the doorway we kissed once more. “Thank you, teacher.” She said, softly. I picked her up again, letting her legs wrap around me, and she squealed. I held her for a moment, looking at her gorgeous face and feeling her body warm against mine, then gave her a quick peck on the lips.

“See you next week,” I told her, setting her down. I turned to leave and this time she smacked me on the ass.

I was grinning like an idiot when I got on the elevator. The whole time down my head swam with the memories of Sumin and her glorious body. I marveled at how energetically she’d thrown herself into her new… assignments. I already couldn’t wait for next Saturday’s class.

Chapter 2: The Video

Living and working in a foreign country might sound exotic to the uninitiated, but in reality after the first few months, it’s just like any other place. Nowhere you live can ever really be exciting and routines develop anywhere you stay for too long. Wake, wash, work, eat, sleep. That’s my life most days in Korea, just like any schlub back home, whether you’re working in a high rise office building or stocking shelves at the Piggly Wiggly. But now I had something to break me out of the drudgery.

Don’t get me wrong, I had friends, and there were occasional activities, but because of my work schedule I didn’t socialize in the bars all that often. I worked most Saturdays from late morning until evening so that meant no wild drinking and partying on Friday nights and it was only somewhat appealing on Saturday nights. I was getting old enough that the hangovers after bar hopping weren’t worth the fun I had while out drinking. I had started running cost-benefit analyses about what that drinking would cost me in overall well-being and a day laying in bed with an upset stomach, diarrhea, cottonmouth, and a headache was not something I wanted to do much anymore. But where I lived, there wasn’t a whole lot else to do if you wanted to go out. So two-to-three weekends out of four, I was usually at home. It was different if I was dating, but in the lull between relationships, I was becoming more of a homebody. I had a decent gaming PC and that kept me suitably entertained on those nights when drinking didn’t sound fun.

Sumin altered that pattern significantly. I don’t know if it was the somewhat taboo nature of our relationship, her age, or what, but it felt electric. I’ve had attractive students before, some high school, some college, and even some older women, but beyond the random thought, I’d never really spent much time thinking about it. I’d certainly never pursued a relationship with a student before. So this was new territory. But it felt so god-damned good. I’ve never had this kind of charge from a new relationship.

After I got home and showered, I found messages already waiting on Kakao.

Sumin: Teacher… OMG! I still thinking about you. I want again in bed with you. (heart eyes)(heart eyes)(crying)

Me: I’m still thinking about you, too.

Only wearing a towel, I snapped a quick picture of my cock pushing out the front of the fabric and sent it to her.

Sumin: (heart eyes)(heart eyes) I want that! I want in my mouth! k k k k k k

Me: I want it in your mouth, too. (evil grin)(kissing face)

She sent me a picture this time. She was in the bathroom and the mirror was still foggy from her recent shower. She had her camera up in one hand and her other arm covering her breasts. I could just make out the top of her bush peeking out above the rim of the bathroom counter top.

Me: I want to taste your pussy again. k k k k k

Sumin: (heart eyes) Is it yummy?

Me: Very.

Sumin: Will you masturbate tonight?

Me: Yes… (grin)

Sumin: (heart eyes)(happy face) Send me video. I will watch and… I will masturbate too. (blushing face)

Me: Okay, I will.

Sumin: (happy face)(happy face)(happy face) I will wait for that!

I thought about giving her a different word than masturbate but I found there was something cute about her using the technical word instead of ‘jack off’ or some other variation.

I had one of those flexible phone tripods that are meant to hold a cell phone and bend it at all angles. (It was from an aborted attempt to start a stupid ‘living in korea’ youtube vlog a few years ago. Don’t ask.) Later on, after I’d eaten dinner and made myself a cocktail (I still drank on occasion, I just didn’t get hammered nearly as much as I did in my early 20s) I pulled a chair over next to my bed and arranged it so it would have a good view of my crotch so I could record her video. I’m not normally an exhibitionist but I was so turned on that I knew stroking myself to orgasm wouldn’t be a problem. And sure enough, it wasn’t.

It only took a couple of minutes while I replayed the visual of cumming all over her face for me to cum again. There wasn’t much cum left in my balls at this point and it was mildly uncomfortable as this was my third orgasm in the space of a few hours, but somehow I didn’t think Sumin would mind. The video had a good angle to see the cum shoot up out of my cock and my fist only blurred a few times. After I cleaned up, I sent the video to her. A response came a couple of minutes later.

Sumin: (heart eyes)(heart eyes)(heart eyes) Teacher I want to eat it!

Me: (heart eyes)

Sumin: Teacher… my mom is on sofa with me. We are watching drama (OMG) k k k k k k k

I felt a thrill run down my spine. Her mother was just a few feet away while she had a video of me stroking my cock and cumming while saying Sumin’s name. This was extremely dangerous.

Me: (OMG) Be careful…

Sumin: k k k k k k k k k

Me: Did your mom ask about the lesson?

Sumin: Yes! k k k k k k k k I said I studied very hard and that you were best teacher k k k k k k (heart eyes)

Me: lol yes, you studied very hard.

Sumin: (heart eyes)

Sumin: I will watch your video tonight and I will masturbate too!

Me: Good girl (smiley face)


The next message was waiting for me when I woke up.

Sumin: Teacher, last night I masturbate!!! (OMG) k k k k k k but it didn’t feel like with you. Maybe I mistake about that. (worried face)

Me: It’s okay. You can try again tonight and we can also practice on Saturday. (smiley face)

A reply came a few minutes later.

Sumin: ok!! k k k k k k k

There were more messages like that, more photos from both of us, each of us growing a little more daring. She was sore for a few days after our first time but by Wednesday she said she felt much better and, from her de***********ion, it sounded like she had her first orgasm from touching herself. Without the soreness and the tenderness, I guess she was able to explore a little more and she had begun to figure out this whole masturbation thing. All of this had me beating my meat like it owed me money.

Since my job started in the afternoons, I usually had the mornings to myself, unless I had a morning private. That time was reserved for working out, light house cleaning, practicing guitar, or gaming. But now there was a pretty decent amount of time spent flogging the ol’ dolphin. Between the messages and the photos, I’d turned into a walking erection. I could hardly wait until Saturday.

But, as luck would have it, Thursday of that week was a holiday.

Chapter 3: Downtown Rendezvous

Korea has a lot of what we would call federal holidays spread throughout the year. They weren’t always conveniently located on a Friday or a Monday, but a day off was a day off and I wasn’t going to complain. I didn’t have to work and the schools were out.

Sumin sent a message early that morning and told me that she couldn’t wait anymore, that she wanted to meet. We talked for a bit and decided that it was better not to meet at her place and risk being seen by a neighbor (Koreans gossip like they need it for survival) nor could we risk her being seen at my apartment. It was decided that I would pick her up downtown since I had a car, and then we would go to one of those motels I mentioned earlier. There were several near the downtown area, so it would be an easy thing. And the motels were designed for secret hook ups, with the parking garage entrances shielded from view from the streets and automated check in. You could go in, choose a room from a menu, pay by card, and never have to interact with anyone. Anonymity was almost guaranteed.

We agreed to meet at 3:00 and I started getting ready. I tried to distract myself with some Youtube, then some gaming before the fateful hour arrived, but it was no good. I couldn’t wait to have her in my arms again. I was like a man possessed.

I rolled up to the intersection where we were supposed to meet and she was there, waiting in a short black skirt with some ruffles, and wearing a white blouse which glowed bright in the afternoon sunlight. It showed off her figure nicely. She was scanning cars, not quite sure which one was mine, so I gave a little honk of the horn to get her attention as I pulled up to the curb. She saw me, then walked quickly to the passenger side of the car and hopped in.

“Hey bab–” I started to say but she practically jumped across the center console and kissed me. I grunted and started to kiss her back, snaking my arm around her. She smelled amazing. Her hair was freshly washed and shining and her skin had that perfect smoothness that girls somehow knew how to do. We pawed at each other until a horn honked behind me, then broke away grinning like idiots as I pulled the car away from the curb.

“Hey, baby,” I said, chuckling, as I accelerated down the street.

“Hi, teacher,” she beamed back at me.

“Were you waiting very long?” I asked, glancing over at her. She was twirling her fingers through her hair, her bag in her lap, looking at me and then back at the road.

“No, not long. Just few minute. Where will we go?”

“There’s a motel at the beach that is nice. Some rooms have a jacuzzi.” I grinned at her wolfishly.

Really???” and she grinned her wicked little grin at me, her teeth flashing. “That sound very sexy, teacher.”

“It is.” I confirmed.

My hand was in hers across the console as I navigated the car through downtown traffic, heading for the beach. It wasn’t far, maybe ten or fifteen minutes depending on traffic. Suddenly she shifted her bag to the backseat, and brought my hand to her bare thigh. “Teacher… I have a present for you.”

“You do?” I glanced over at her briefly, enough to see her grinning and her cheeks burning red, before turning my attention back to the road. She began to slide my hand up her leg beneath the fold of her ruffled skirt. Her skin was silky smooth and cool. “What present?” I asked, trying not to veer into oncoming traffic.

She opened her legs a little more and pushed my hand all the way up between her legs and where I expected to find panties I instead found her soft bush, already damp. She wasn’t wearing panties! Holy shit! I’d dated full grown women who wouldn’t go out without panties on. And she’d done it on a whim. I’d always had fantasies about my date whispering she didn’t have panties on, or coming back from the bathroom while at a restaurant and stuffing them in my hands, anything like that. But the few times I’d broached the topic, I’d been turned down. Until now. God damn. Sumin began to grind the back of my hand against her and she groaned.

I looked over at her, then down at my hand concealed under her skirt, then quickly back to the road, scanning the cars around us making sure there were no trucks that could see down into the passenger seat. Her head was back against the headrest, eyes closed as she continued to rub herself with my hand. Her mouth was open and her breathing was increasing. I twisted my hand around so I could use my fingers and they immediately slid into her soaking wet pussy. She let out an explosive breath and whimpered, “Yes, teacher!” and began to slide my hand up and down, gripping me by the wrist.

It was all I could do not to plough into the back of the car in front of me as she began to orgasm. I almost couldn’t believe what was happening. Luckily we were hitting mostly greens because her actions would have surely drawn attention if we were at a stop light for long. I let her do the work as I tried to keep my attention on the road and thankfully, she came quickly. She was clearly as aroused as I was.

Her body pushed hard against the seat and her legs extended as she shuddered and moaned through her orgasm before she finally slumped down, basking in the afterglow. “Oh my god...” she said with a breathy laugh.

“Wow…” was basically all I could say. “Damn, Sumin.” I saw her look at me from the corner of my eye, and I glanced back over to her. She looked very embarrassed.

“Was that bad, teacher?” her voice worried.

“No, not at all. A little dangerous if someone saw, maybe, but not bad.”

Really? Promise?”

I squeezed her hand, still between her legs, and said “I promise. If there’s anything you want to do with me, just tell me. It’s not bad, it’s not dirty. Trust me, okay?”

Her shoulders unclenched a little, and she smiled. “Thank you, teacher. Since we… did sex–”

“Had sex,” I corrected.

“Since we had sex I think again and again about sex and I’m…” she glanced down at her crotch. “Like this, all the time.”

“You’re wet?” I inquired.

She mulled the word over, translating it in her head, then nodded. “Yes!” And she laughed. “I think maybe I like sex too much.”

“Nah,” I said. “No such thing.” I pulled her hand up to my mouth and kissed it. I could smell her pussy in the dampness and it was intoxicating. I sucked her fingers into my mouth as I pulled the car into the covered parking lot of the hotel.

“We’re here.” I told her, easing into a vacant space.

Chapter 4: Hotel

The check-in went off as advertised. Through the side entrance from the parking garage we entered off to the left of a lobby filled with lots of cheap stone tilework meant to look classy and palatial. A gaudy grandfather clock was against one wall next to the elevator to our left, and big fake tropical-looking plants flanked the glass double doors of the main hotel entrance to our right. The glass was etched with Greek-inspired female figures pouring out vases of water into a pond. Along the wall to the right of the main entrance was a large backlit plastic panel with images of each room offered. Many of them had themes, and almost all of them were tacky. But you didn’t come to a place like this for the decor.

Scanning the offerings, most of which were available given the early hour, I picked one with the jacuzzi option, punched it into the kiosk display, inserted my card, and a moment later a plastic card key popped out of the dispenser next to the card reader. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Turning back to Sumin I saw her examining the interior decorations, touching the fake plants and making a face. This was her first time in a place like this. And as far as love motels went, this one was better than most. It was relatively new and modern but everything was still as cheap as you could make it. I’d frequented love motels on more than one occasion but not usually for hook-ups. They’re less necessary if you live alone like I did. If you were traveling around Korea these places were a lot cheaper than a real hotel. Owners didn’t like it when you actually stayed the whole night since they couldn’t flip the room for the next horny couple to come in, but they wouldn’t kick you out. Once you did check out, the maid service worked with maximum efficiency, having the room cleaned and prepped in minutes for the next people. Quantity over quality.

I beckoned to her and she bounced back over to me as we walked to the elevator. Our room was on the ninth floor and once the doors closed, we started making out. I slid my hand up the back of her skirt and palmed her naked ass while she began rubbing the front of my pants. I had to resist the urge to flip up the back of her skirt and take her right there. Our steamy prelude only lasted seconds, though as the elevator dinged and we reluctantly broke apart.

We found the room and Sumin set about exploring immediately. It had a large bay window that looked out over the water. “Wah!” she exclaimed. “It’s so pretty!” Looking down you could see the people walking along the street going about their afternoon business and people having a picnic on the beach. It was a beautiful day, I couldn’t blame them. I felt a little bad that I’d have trouble taking Sumin on an actual date and that got methinking what our relationship actually was. Was I a gigolo, now? Technically her mom was paying me to sleep with her daughter. Was I just a cock for her to pleasure herself with? Were we a couple? I honestly didn’t know. I pushed that out of my mind for the moment, though. There were more pressing matters to attend to. And as far as the stiffness in my pants was concerned, that was literal.

Dropping my backpack on the bed, I stepped up behind her and pushed her gently against the glass and started to massage her shoulders lightly. Then, leaning into her ear, I whispered, “Don’t move.”

I got down on my knees behind her and flipped up the back of her skirt. Her firm ass cheeks greeted me, as bare as could be. I could see the slight creases in her skin from the skirt pressing into her naked flesh as we rode in the car. “Teacher, “what are you doing?” she asked, with a smile in her voice. Her head turned back to look at me.

“Nothing…” I said playfully. Then began to kiss each cheek of her ass, then I gave her some nibbles which got small squeals out of her as my teeth bit gently into her tender flesh. She turned her head back to the glass, leaning her forehead against it, and spread her legs for me. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and began again to tongue her asshole. She gasped but didn’t pull away. “So dirty, teacher!” she moaned into the glass as she began to grind backwards.

I loved the taste of her. She was damp from the fun we had in the car and I tried not to waste a drop. I reached one hand up around the front and slid it under her shirt and beneath her bra, cupping her breast and squeezing gently. Her body started to rock backwards as she enjoyed my tongue. After a few more minutes of flicking her delicate asshole, which was driving her wild, I pulled my hand away, and spun her around. She grunted a little at the sudden change but I didn’t give her much time to ponder. I lifted her up slightly and plopped that well-licked ass onto the window sill, then put her legs up over my shoulders. As she watched me, face delighted, I kissed my way up her thighs and then began to tongue her sweetness once again. Her legs opened wide, just her calves resting on my shoulder and both of her hands gripped the back of my head, pulling me into her sex. “Ooooooo yes, teacher! I like that!”

I pushed my tongue as deep into her hole as could, hardening the tip like a little spear point, and moved my head back and forth, tongue fucking her. Then, with my hands around the back of her thighs, I reached around and over the tops of her thighs and used my fingers to spread her pussy lips so I could have better access to her clit. Her waist and thighs were small enough that I didn’t even have to stretch. Sumin groaned deep in her throat as I began to run my tongue up and down her slit, circling her clit, then plunging back down. Once I felt like she was close, I encircled my lips around the nub of her clit, and applied that light sucking pressure she enjoyed so much last time. I pulled the tender bud of flesh just past my lips and began to flick it with my tongue. And just like before, she orgasmed, almost immediately. “Teacher! Yes! Yes! There teacher! theretherethere!” She’d slipped back into Korean again. It sounded like juh-gee, juh-gee, juh-gee.

Once she began to shudder and twitch, I backed off, and felt her legs go slack on my shoulders. Her head was leaning back against the glass, eyes closed, and she had a smile on her beautiful face. “Teacher, so good...” she said lazily. “I want that every day.”

“I’ve created a monster.” I said, and chuckled. I stood up and went over to get a towel for my face.

Her eyes finally opened and she scooted herself off the window sill. She wobbled a little, then walked up to me and helped me wipe my face, her little hands plucking the towel from mine. “What that mean?” she asked, as she began wiping.

“It’s a joke,” I said. “It means that I’ve shown you something and now you want it all the time. If you don’t have it, you’ll become like a hungry monster.”

“Ah,” she said knowingly. “I got it.” Finishing up with her cleaning, she smiled. “Yes. I think I am sex monster.”

“Is my little sex monster still hungry?” I asked her, running my finger down the collar of her blouse.

“I am very hungry, Teacher.” She stood up on tiptoes and indicated she wanted to kiss me and I obliged.

I began to undress her, unbuttoning the buttons on her blouse to reveal a tight white sports bra. She began to unhook my belt and pants, yanking my zipper down. Not waiting at all, she moved her hand inside my pants and into my boxers, gripping my cock and beginning to move her hand back and forth. I stopped for a moment, just enjoying the sensation and the look in her eyes as she jerked me, but then continued. She had to let go as I pulled her blouse and bra off, and then we finished undressing each other inturn, first my shirt and pants and boxers, and then her skirt finally dropped to the ground. I pulled her to me and kissed her and her hands reached around and squeezed my ass. Then she broke away, giggling.

“What?” I asked.

There is hair on your butt!” And she laughed. I laughed, too.

“Yeah, there is,” I admitted while she went around me to look. “A lot of white guys have hair on their ass.” She tugged at one. “Ouch!” I exclaimed. I got my revenge by a quick pinch on her ass. “Yah!” she yelled.

Revenge,” I told her in Korean. Then, without warning, I picked her up and brought her face level with mine. Her legs wrapped around my waist and we kissed deeply. I turned us around and began walking to the large bathroom in the hotel that she hadn’t explored yet. Hot tub time.

Chapter 5: Water Jets

The jacuzzi model was long and low to the ground. It had seats molded into the plastic that would allow you to recline with your head above the water. It wasn’t very deep, but it wasn’t meant for sitting up in so it was alright. The jets were spaced around the walls like a normal jacuzzi and there were a few spaced equally between the two recliner positions in what was essentially the floor. Sumin broke from kissing me to look down at the hot tub from her elevated position.

“What will we do in there, teacher?” And she looked back at me with a naughty twinkle in her eye. I’m sure I had the same.

“Just relax,” I told her. “It’s good for stress.”

I set her down gently and turned on the water, setting the temperature, and then closing off the drain. While I did that, she went over to the shower stall and started up the water there. I quickly went to join her. Sumin stood under the water with her back to me and I watched almost hypnotized for a moment as the water cascaded down her light tan skin. She stepped under the stream and brushed her hair back into a long black silken rope that went halfway down her back. She was absolutely gorgeous. Her skin was taught with youth and vitality. She had a small scattering of moles on her back but it was otherwise unblemished. Her ass was high and the skin tight and it blended seamlessly into her thighs that were past that gangly early-teenage stage and were beginning to show hints of the supple woman she would become. And this delightful creature wanted to be with me. How about that?

My cock was rock hard as I watched her soak herself in the hot water, the steam rising from around her feet. She noticed my absence and turned to see where I was, only to see me standing there, cock proudly erect, and staring.

What are you doing” she said, laughing.

“Just watching,” I replied. “You’re beautiful. I didn’t know when we were studying that your body looked like this.”

She grinned her bashful smile and said, “Hurry up, teacher!”

I was a little taken aback by her almost total lack of shyness about her nudity but that’s something I never really got used to in Korea. Americans, for the most part, are prudish about nudity to an almost pathological degree. But Koreans never got rid of bathhouses and almost every kid in Korea, starting from when they were very young, has visited them at some point. Some families go regularly. They’re segregated by gender for the bathing, but there’s still a much more casual attitude about nudity than in the US. In public they can be conservative, especially the older people, but in private there doesn’t seem to be much notice given to the naked form. I’ve never been able to fully shake it, though. I still get uncomfortable when I use the shower at my gym. But that general unconcern about nudity helped to explain how relaxed she seemed to feel being naked in front of me.

I grabbed the complimentary wash cloths and stepped into the shower stall. The water was hot but not so hot as to be painful. She turned and we pressed out bodies together. She leaned up and our mouths met while her hand went for my stiff cock again, stroking along the full length. I groaned into her lips and I felt her smiling. She reached her other hand to my balls and began to gently massage those as well. I bit her lower lip and sucked on it, softly before reaching my hand down to her ass and sliding it all the way down her crack until my finger was pressing at her pussy from behind. It was her turn to groan. I slid my finger as far up inside her as the angle would allow and her hand picked up the pace. We stopped kissing and she laid her head on my chest, her body turned slightly to the side, to keep stroking. I adjusted the angle a little and slid a second finger into her pussy and this elicited Sumin’s version of a growl as she bit into my pectoral muscle and her hand picked up the pace.

After a couple of minutes I pulled myself away and she reluctantly did the same. My cock was ram-rod straight and she still gripped it in her hand, almost reluctant to let it go. I grabbed one of the washcloths, used the soap dispenser in the shower, and said with a smile, “Turn around.”

Knowing what was about to happen, Sumin said, “Yes, teacher.” Then she turned and presented her back to me and I began to scrub her down thoroughly. As I worked the soap into a lather around her shoulders and back I said, “You can use my name. You don’t have to keep saying ‘teacher’.”

I know,” she said in Korean, leaning into my hands as I washed her. “But I think it’s sexier to call you teacher

Well. I couldn’t argue with that. And I was certainly getting a thrill out of it. I got down on my knees and began to wash her legs, taking my time massaging her ass and running the washcloth up the inside of her leg and grazing her pussy. Satisfied with the back, I spun her around and began to work my way up from her feet, repeating the process. She was clearly enjoying the attention and would often have her eyes closed, luxuriating in the feeling of being pampered. I worked the lather into her pussy which got a small response from her, then her flat stomach and perky little breasts with her dark brown nipples erect and firm. Once done I grabbed the showerhead and began to rinse her off, kissing bits of her as I went. Once she was clean and rinsed, she wanted to do me.

She wasn’t nearly as thorough as I was with her, but I didn’t complain. She took a very long time on my cock, which was deliciously arousing. She must have given the ol’ cock and balls at least three cleanings before I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and made her stand up. My dick seemed to fascinate her and it wasn’t the first time I’d noticed that in a Korean woman before. A woman I dated early on in Korea would do stuff like that. We’d be laying in bed and she would just grab onto it and hold it. Sometimes she’d stretch it out, grip it, tug on my balls, or whatever else popped into her mind. It was both stimulating and a little weird. I never complained because honestly anytime she touched my dick was a good time, but I never had a girl back home take the same kind of interest in my cock before. Nor do I know why they would, it is just a cock and mine isn’t all that impressive as far as these things go. Guess it’s just a cultural thing.

By the time she rinsed me off, the hot tub was full almost to the rim. That didn’t really matter because all Korean bathrooms are tiled and there’s a central drain in the floor for the shower runoff and any other water. So overflowing the hot tub when we sat down was no problem as it would all go right down the drain in the floor. I held her hand for balance as she eased into the hot water, then I quickly joined her.

For the moment both of us did nothing, simply letting the heat soak into our muscles. She was in her reclined position against the far wall. I’m much taller than the average Korean and the hot tub was too short for me to stretch out fully. If I slid all the way down so my head was at water level, my knees poked up a few inches out of the water. Sumin didn’t have that trouble, though. She lay back, fully submerged to her chin with her eyes closed and her breathing deep. The a/c wafted in from the bedroom and steam was rising off the water.

It feels so good,” she said, lazily.

I agreed. I lifted my hand out of the water and pressed the button to activate the jets, which thankfully worked. You couldn’t always be sure with these places. The water bubbled and boiled and jets set into the seats pulsed the water pleasantly against my upper and lower back which prompted a long groan of pleasure. Sumin, laying next to me, made similar noises of approval. My hand found hers unter the water and we lay like that for a few minutes, doing and saying nothing as the water jets pounded away the tension. Then I pulled her over to me, and she dutifully slid over. Lifting her slightly up out of the water, she straddled my stomach and slid down with my cock pressing into her pussy and sliding up her ass. She rocked back and forth a little as we began kissing, my hands cupping her breasts.

“Do you like the jacuzzi?” I asked, as her body continued to slide atop me. It was rhetorical, she clearly did. She gave a non-verbal assent and leaned up, bringing her breasts to my mouth.

“Use your mouth, teacher.” When a woman tells you to suck her tits, you suck her tits.

I did as instructed, my hands firmly around each ass cheek as I brought each nipple into my mouth. She whimpered and made other little noises of pleasure as I moved one finger to her ass and began to massage her puckered little rosebud. My tongue had been there but she’d never had such direct contact otherwise. She shuddered, but didn’t object, so I continued to make probing circles but never quite penetrating. In my experience it’s usually not a good thing to spring anal on someone.

With my mouth working her nipples, and one hand working her backdoor, I slid my other beneath and began rubbing her pussy. Who says we can’t multitask? Her rocking picked up the pace and she whispered in my ear, “I want orgasm, teacher!”

I pulled away a little and said, “Wait just a moment. Time for another lesson.”

She looked at me quizzically but didn’t question as I repositioned our bodies. We were now facing the other way in the tub, with her between my legs and one of the water jets that previously had been beneath my lower back, was now just a few inches from her pussy. I told her. “Are you ready?”

“Yes, teacher…” But I could tell she didn’t know what she was saying yes, too. She found out soon enough.

The angle was a little awkward because we were meant to be sitting the other way, but it would do for now. With one arm around her waist I inched her forward until the water jet was just in front of her pussy and she reacted immediately. She gasped and jerked in my arms and uttered the Korean equivalent of ‘what the fuck!’

“Find your orgasm,” I told her.

Reluctantly at first, she began to shift positions. It didn’t take long until she found that she really liked it, though. She started making high pitched moans as she maneuvered her hips around the powerful jet of water, and I just held on for the ride. After a little experimentation, she found a position that felt the best and she let out a series of gasps as her body began to shudder uncontrollably. “Oh my god! Oh my god! Ooooooo… Teacher! Teacher” And then she came hard. Her fingers dug into my forearm and her hips jerked upwards then slammed back down convulsively “Ah! Ah! Oh my goooood” and then she pressed her feet into the far wall and moved away from the waterjet’s intense stimulation, collapsing bonelessly into me and breathing hard. I could feel her whole body trembling from the power of her orgasm. I said nothing, just held her, letting her have the experience uninterrupted. The only sound was her labored breathing and the roar of the jacuzzi jets, which I turned off. We lay like that for a couple of minutes before either of us spoke.

I kissed the top of her head and said, “That’s why I wanted a jacuzzi.”

She still hadn’t moved yet and I questioned what hope men really have when machines can make women cum like that. But they haven’t tossed us all out in favor of the mechanical, so I guess we’re still doing something right.

“Teacher,” she finally said. “That was amazing”.

“Well, you’re a good student. A girl I dated before would never do something like that. She was afraid to orgasm.”

Why?” she asked, incredulously.

“Because she didn’t have a teacher, like you do. She saw a porno once where a woman squirted and she was terrified that she would do that if she ever orgasmed. So when we had sex, she would always stop before she finished.” And I wish I was joking.

Of course, she didn’t know what squirting was, so I gave her a brief explanation. She made a face, a little put off by the idea and I told her that it’s something some women can do and if it ever does happen to her not to worry but that she probably wouldn’t. She then turned the conversation back to the other woman.

Isn’t that strange?”

I agreed that it was. “She was afraid of her body. That’s why I gave you masturbation as homework. I didn’t want you to be afraid.”

And that was true. Between the women I’ve dated and the conversations I’ve had, I have met so many Korean women who know next to nothing about their own bodies, how to pleasure themselves, or get pleasure with others. Damn tragedy if you ask me. The woman, her nickname was Song, (a lot of Koreans who spend time with foreigners or teach will adopt an English nickname) required months of coaxing until she finally achieved an orgasm. It took a lot of patience on my part but she really was traumatized by the idea that she would squirt. She didn’t, by the way.

Sumin turned around and straddled my hips and began to kiss me. “You are best teacher!” she said with a smile. “Can we do sex now?”

“Can we have sex now,” I corrected. “And we’d better. I want to orgasm, too,” I said with a smile.

Chapter 6: New Positions

We extracted ourselves from the hot tub, one of us a little more wobbly than the other, and had fun drying each other off, before heading back into the bedroom. After the heat and humidity of the bathroom the bedroom was downright arctic. We both dove for the covers with cries of ‘so cold’ and then cuddled together for warmth. It didn’t take long at all until our hands and mouths began to work on each other. I showed her where I liked to be kissed and touched and she had fun with that. Then I took time with her, finding out where her erogenous zones were. It was a foreign concept to her, so there was a lot of trial and error. But what I learned was valuable. She liked kisses on her lower back and the backs of her thighs. Not too low though, or it would tickle. Kissing her shoulders was okay, but the spot just under her ears on her neck was clutch. This went on for a good twenty minutes back and forth until we were so turned on neither of us could hardly stand it.

“New lesson,” I said as I decided that that was enough foreplay. “You’re going to sit on my face!” I lay on my back and instructed her to come up and straddle my head. It was a bit clumsy as we found the best spots for her legs, but after a moment, her looking down in disbelief that people actually did this, she lowered her sweet Korean pussy onto my mouth. It didn’t take long for her to figure out why people did this.

My tongue lapped at her moistness and she began to moan almost immediately. She was soaked for reasons that had nothing to do with the bath we just took. We’d been working each other up for awhile and she was already so aroused she was practically dripping. I drank it all in. She fell forward and braced her hands on the back wall with cries of ‘teacher there yes teacher yes teacher’ and other inarticulate sounds and began to grind down on my face. Not gonna lie, it hurt a couple of times, but I rolled with it, lifting her slightly if the pressure got too intense or I worried that she might accidentally break my nose. I brought my hands up behind her legs and up to her chest and began to massage her breasts which added a new level of pleasure to her world and after only a few minutes I felt her orgasm begin to build. She wasn’t a screamer exactly, for which I was thankful, but you could certainly hear a change in the types of noises she made.

Her gyrating increased in intensity and I had to forgo the breasts to try and keep her centered over my mouth. Once I had a firm grip on her she continued to ride my face like a rodeo bull and I was in heaven. Her thighs squeezed together around my ears and everything became slightly muffled. I stopped flicking my tongue and located the little bud of her engorged clit and tried to hold it steady, letting her rub herself up and down.

“Teacher! I’m cumming!” She cried out, with a quivering cry that rippled along her body. I’d taught her the English for it during our foreplay session. “I’m! Cumming!” and then her body locked up and I felt her pussy grow instantly wetter as it spasmed and she trembled atop me. “Oh myyyyyyy god!” she said as she slumped backwards off of my face, then fell over onto the bed, laughing. “Teacher, I want this every day. I really am a sex monster!”

And she really was turning out to be one. She didn’t have any hang-ups about her body, she was playful and experimental. She asked questions, she wasn’t afraid to tell me what she liked or how something felt. Sumin approached sex with an open-minded curiousity that was refreshing. She wasn’t yet out of high school but she was turning into the most dynamic sex partner I’d ever had. I’d been with women who had more skill than her, naturally, but there always seemed to be something. One would be emotionally unavailable, another hated oral, either giving or receiving. Another always wanted the lights off, another got upset if I masturbated and thought it was the same as cheating. And there were still other issues. But Sumin either hadn’t developed issues due to bad experiences with partners or some sort of childhood trauma, or being sexually open and experimental was in her nature. But I was feeding off her energy and sex had become more enjoyable than it had been in years. I’m a very open person myself and it felt great to not have a list of does and donts in the bedroom. And Sumin could say stop at any time, I’d done my best to impress that upon her at every stage.

I sat up, pulling Sumin to me, and brought our lips together again. She didn’t even blink this time at tasting herself. Then I instructed her to get on her hands and knees. “We call this position ‘doggy style’ in English,” I told her.

With her ass up and her head down, she looked back at me with a smile and gave her little tushy a shake. “Do you like it like this, Teacher?” she asked with a hint of seduction in her voice.

“I like it very much,” I told her, running my hands over the small curves of her hips and down her ass. I reached over to the side of the bed and grabbed the condom and once again slid it on. “Remember to tell me if it hurts you.”

“I--” her voice cut off as began to run my cock up and down her pussy, getting the condom slick with her juices. “...will,” she finished and I saw her bite her lip and her eyes closed. I paused for a moment to admire the beauty of her pussy squeezed between her legs and wondered how it would look if we got her waxed, but that was for another day. Moistening my thumb, I placed it over the krinkled flesh of her asshole and began to massage it again as my cock found her opening and I gently pushed into her. It was easier this time but still tight.

Sumin groaned deep in her throat and I made a similar sound as I buried my cock all the way up to the balls inside her. “You’re so tight, Sumin!” I gasped, almost not believing the pressure.

Teacher! So deep! Shit!” That got a little chuckle out of me. It was the first time I’d heard her swear. “Go slow!” she managed, as I began to glide my cock in and out. I looked down and could see the flesh of her pussy stretched around my dick each time I pulled out. My hands gripped each of her hips tightly and I pulled her towards me as our bodies came together. She grunted and her hands were once again twisted up in the sheets, her cries muffled by the blankets crumpled by her head. I could see her bangs spring up each time she exhaled hard. “So good, teacher! So good!”

“Are you my little sex monster, Sumin?” I asked, my voice getting low as I continued my gentle assault of her incredibly tight hole.

“Yes! *grunt* Yes, teacher! *grunt* I’m your sex *grunt* monster!” I slowly increased the speed, reveling in the sounds I was able to draw from her teenage body.

“Do you want my cock in your tight little pussy?” I pushed myself hard into her and held it, squeezing my kegels to force even more blood into my cock and swelling it just a little bit more. She could feel it.

“Unnng! Yes, teacher!” she cried. “I want it your cock in my pussy!”

I began to move quickly now, feeling her shudder in little mini orgasms as my cock moved relentlessly into her.

“Are you my slut, Sumin? Are you my little slut?” I began to fuck her rapidly now, and she came in one long orgasm, but I didn’t stop. I was achingly close but I had to hold on for just a little more.

“Ahh! Ahh! I’m teacher’s little slut!” she half grunted, half screamed, and I went hard. There were no more words, just beastial sounds of skin on skin as I fucked her through her first orgasm and then as a second one overcame her, I pulled out of her in a rush and flipped her on her back with one hand and slipped off the condom with the other. My cock was so hard it was like a length of steel. I almost couldn’t bend it down to aim it at her face as I blasted my cum into her mouth and all over her face. Rope after sticky rope erupted so intensely from my cock that some of it actually splattered and made a small splat sound. I cried out wordlessly as I continued stroking my cock, and Sumin’s hand found my balls and began to massage them. That drew another intense pulse that struck her across her left cheek.

I grabbed her hand from my balls and brought it up to my dick where she dutifully began to stroke slowly as her tongue poked out and began to gather the cum that was around her lips.

“Good girl,” I said, warmly. “That’s my good little slut.” I placed my hand back on my cock and angled it into her mouth. She immediately started trying to swallow as much as she could, but the angle made it difficult. “I want you to swallow all of my cum, baby.” One of her eyes wasn’t coated shut and she looked up at me while my cock popped out of her mouth and there was a moment of silent communication that passed between us.

It’s hard to describe the feeling I got from her then. I could tell that Sumin sensed the power dynamic that was developing, a sort of dom/sub relationship but I don’t think she knew how to put it into words. That look somehow conveyed her understanding of it but also an… aggressive streak of her own. I got the feeling that we were only scratching the surface of our relationship and that she might not always want to be in the submissive role. Which could open all sorts of interesting doors for us in the future.

Sitting back, I caressed her and stroked her as she spent the next minute or so collecting the cum from her face and neck and swallowing it like a good little slut. Once she was finished, I laid on my back.

“Come down between my legs,” I instructed. “Time for more blowjob study.”

Yes, teacher.” she said with a smile. I gave her sexy little ass a swat as she crawled away, which got a satisfying yelp from her. She settled herself between my legs and I talked her through different blowjob techniques and introduced her to ball sucking. I was hard again in near record time and I shot my load straight into her mouth. And she didn’t waste a drop.

Chapter 7: Problems

As Sumin and I lay cuddled in bed, both of us almost too relaxed to move, we talked.

“Teacher, are we a couple?” She inquired tentatively, her body nestled into my arm and her head resting on my chest.

“I don’t know.” I answered, while my nose was buried into her long hair. It smelled of the hotel’s cheap shampoo but underneath that was the smell of her. “If you were older, I would definitely say yes. But I can’t take you on a date like a real girlfriend. I would like to take you out to dinner and a movie. Go away for the weekend with you. But if people knew your age or suspected it, we could get in a lot of trouble. You know that. And how could you spend the night away from home? Your mother would never allow it.” I was surprised by how much this saddened me. She was getting all the experience with sex that a sexually adventurous girl could hope for, but she wasn’t getting the experience of a real, healthy relationship. I felt like she deserved that. But I didn’t know how to fix it. And I could tell that she was upset by this, too.

The topic shifted away to other, less upsetting things. We talked about her school life, her friends and then to what she would do after school, and the universities she was looking at in the states. But the clock kept ticking and soon it was time to go.

We left the hotel around 6:30 and I thought again about how I couldn’t even risk taking her to dinner. We drove back downtown and I dropped her off from where I picked her up a few hours before. As I pulled up to the curb she leaned in to kiss me and I was surprised by how tender it was. “Today was amazing, teacher.” She said, breath coming a little faster after our kiss.

“It was. You’re an amazing young woman, Sumin. I’ll see you Saturday.” She smiled at me, flashing those picture-perfect white teeth at me, then hopped from the car. I waved at her once more, then drove off.

I got some take out for dinner and went home. I had thinking to do. This was getting very real. I was developing feelings for her. Like real feelings. I suppose you can’t do the kinds of things we were doing, in those kinds of situations, without that happening, but it’s not like there’s a manual. How To Instruct Your Teenage Students in the Acts of Sex Without Developing Romantic Feelings. World wide best seller, that.

As I was finishing up my burger and fries, my phone started buzzing with message notifications. First one, then several. I picked up my phone and saw they were from Sumin.

Sumin: Teacher! Oh no! Teacher big problem!!!! (scared face) (scared face) (crying)

Sumin: Teacher! Are you there???? (crying)

Sumin: Teacher my friend see me ride your car today! (scared face)(scared face)

Sumin: She want to know who my boyfriend is. She said she saw us kiss and know you are not Korean.

Sumin: Teacher what I should do??? (crying)(crying)

Oooooh shit.

To be continued...


2021-07-09 23:27:10
Wonderful story. I have been there. Different country, an island further south, but same thing you are writing about. Can not wait for part three. I love Asian woman, or should I say girls.


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so well written, an amazing well developed story which is very interesting, please keep posting it, absolutely loving it

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