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Lily spends some quality time with her dog
Lilly slammed the door to her apartment shut. “God I hate them so much.”

As she wiped the tears from her eyes, she heard the sound of paws on linoleum. She smiled, seeing her large bull mastiff, Tank, had come to greet her. “Hey buddy, I’m fine. It’s just some stuff that happened in class today.”

He licked her hand and followed her to her room. Dropping her things off at her desk, Lilly kicked her shoes off and fell on the bed. Tank followed shortly, making the bed sink with his bulk. She scratched his favorite spot and gave a small laugh when his leg started to kick.

“You don’t think I’m lame for never having a romantic partner, right? You don’t care about that sort of thing. No, you like me just as I am.” She scratched and played with his jowls until he started to lick her face. “Gross,” she laughed and wiped the slime away. Lilly didn’t mind when Tank licked her. The only problem was all the slobber that he left behind.

Kicking off her shoes and removing her shirt, Lilly slipped under the covers for a nap. Tank crawled on his belly to take his place at her side; She couldn’t remember a time when she didn’t have him curled up next to her, or waking up with his massive body pinning her down. But she also really enjoyed the company. He made her feel safe and loved, and with his head resting on her chest, she fell asleep.

She woke up sometime later and found the room was dark. What time was it? She turned on her bedside lamp and checked her phone; It was after 10 p.m. Wow she was more tired than she realized. Yet even after a long nap like that she still wasn’t ready to get up.

Tank had shifted to the foot of the bed and was still out. Nudging him with her foot did nothing but make him groan and turn over on his back. His strong back legs spread out giving Lilly a full view of his furry sheath and heavy balls. She quickly looked away, feeling ashamed for even looking. To her dismay, she felt herself grow wet. Shaking her head, she chalked it up to nerves and being pent up.

That could be fixed easily. Who needed a boyfriend or girlfriend when she could satisfy herself?

Opening up her phone, she typed in a website and began to scroll. After some searching, she found a video that she liked and kicked off the blankets. She rubbed her breasts, pinching and caressing her nipples until she felt her labia throbbing. There was no shame in masturbating in front of Tank. Lilly had done it plenty of times and he just ignored her. Lilly pushed her shorts and underwear down her legs and tossed them onto the floor. She hadn’t noticed the sound wake her dog. Nor did she notice him sniffing and watching her as her fingers stroked her swollen lips.

Entranced by the video, Lilly began to work her clitoris when the bed shifted and suddenly Tank forced his way between her legs. “Tank! Go on, go somewhere... else…”

She could feel his hot breath on her as he took in her scent. He pressed closer and she jumped when his cold nose bumped her sensitive clit. It should have disgusted her. She should have sent him off, but something about having his bulky head between her legs only aroused her more.

Setting the phone aside, Lilly used her fingers to stroke and part her lips. “You like that, Tank? Smells good?”

It must have because the next thing she knew, her big mastiff was lapping at her folds. The force of his tongue made her yelp and fall back on her elbows. His tongue was massive and a little rough. It didn’t hurt though as the combination of his slobber and her arousal helped him glide over her.

He scooted closer looking for more of the tasty treat. She could hear the steady thump of his tail and it made her smile even as she writhed on the bed. Knowing that he was enjoying himself made her happy.

Her back arched and she let out a surprised gasp when he pushed his tongue into her center. It was only the tip of the massive organ, but as he worked, more and more of it slipped inside until he was licking her inner walls. His fleshy nose pushed against her clit as he drank her.

All of these sensations sent Lilly into a fit. Nothing she’s done had ever felt this good and it was pushing her over the edge quickly. Her walls squeezed around his tongue and Lilly let out a low, drawn-out, and trembling moan as she climaxed.

It took a while for her to regain her senses before she was able to unclench her fists from her sheets. Spasms still tore through her body even after Tank had stopped to rest his head on her belly. He had sensed that something had happened and he wanted to be sure his human was okay.

Taking a shaky breath, Lilly reached down and patted his head. “I’m okay. Good boy, that… That was a very good boy.”

His tail thumped against the bed and he rose to lie next to her. As he flopped on his side, panting heavily with her juices still wet on his muzzle, she spotted the start of an erection coming from his sheath. Still riding the high of her orgasm, Lilly reached over and stroked his warm fur. She could feel the rest of the shaft within, pulsing and ready to plunge into a female.

Knowing she would have to later reflect on what brought her to this point, Lilly tossed some blankets and a pillow on the floor. She arranged them all so she wouldn’t hurt her knees, then called Tank down. He hopped down and sniffed her.

He started at her face but the smell of her sex pulled him away. The firm muscle of his tongue lapped at her sensitive flesh again, nearly making her arms buckle. Then she felt his heavy weight drop down on her back. It surprised her how strong his forelegs were when he pulled her closer. She found the action incredibly sexy- like she was some small toy that he could manhandle and put her wherever he pleased.

His hot breath blew in her hair as he began to hump. The sharp tip of his penis jabbed at her legs, leaving globs of precum. Being careful to balance the weight, Lilly reached back and guided the large member to her entrance. She had taken a dildo before, but never an actual penis. When Tank drove into her, he filled her with a searing hot cock that stretched her wide open. The feeling of him pumping in and out of her was incredible. Each time he drove back into her it felt as though he had gotten bigger.

She was left breathless as he took her. This was like a whole other animal, not her sweet, lazy Tank. This dog kept her hips in place and growled in her ear. He forced her down until she rested on her elbows and held her there. His heavy sack slapped her clit without mercy. Each strike sending a shockwave of pleasure through her.

When she thought he couldn’t possibly get any bigger, Lilly felt something popping in and out of her hole. She hissed between her teeth as the knot grew and grew until it felt as though Tank had stuffed a baseball inside her. When the knot was too big to come out, Lilly could feel the tip of Tank’s cock brushing her cervix. It was the most amazing thing she had ever felt in her life!

Tank kept thrusting and Lilly felt his sack contract as hot sperm filled her. She cried with pleasure out as she reached her second orgasm with him. Her body shuddered as more and more cum was released inside of her. Even after Tank had stopped she could feel his cock spasming. It wasn’t long before the excess started to slip out of her and drip onto the blanket.

Lilly pressed her face down to the floor with her ass still up in the air. Above her, Tank panted and looked around the room, now and then emitting a low growl. He bent down a couple of times to lick her face. She patted his head, her own still buzzing with the overwhelming feeling of being stuffed with both a large cock and, what felt like, buckets of sperm.

She wasn’t sure how long they were tied together, but eventually, Tank moved back from her back. His knot gave an audible pop as his wonderful penis was pulled from her. Immediately she felt empty, then was reduced to whimpering quivers as his tongue returned to clean her up.

It was too much. Her poor clitoris couldn’t take much more. Lilly dropped to the floor and closed her legs. As she rested she could feel Tank’s seed dripping from her and pooling onto the blanket beneath her. She also felt Tank licking her ass before coming to lay beside her and groom himself.

Lilly offered her faithful companion a shaky hand and scratched his jaw. “Good dog. Very good dog.”


2021-07-01 10:59:14
really great story hope for more


2021-06-30 02:20:36
Great read your style flows easily. I enjoy these shorter stories quick to read without too much excessive verbiage. Will look at some of your other stories now. Please keep up the writing.


2021-06-29 21:44:34
Nice, straight forward story of a girl and her dog.


2021-06-29 14:49:56
Great first time story, love the way you worked it.

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