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this is the second part to the first part of my story called A Sensual Adventure of the senses. this story has a bit more kink to it and will work up to the next part when i get to finish it. all creative criticism is welcome. Hope you enjoy
The next encounter

The Next encounter was a few days later. We went out for dinner and then back to my place. The adventure starts when we get in the door. Over the last few days i had prepared a few special things for this encounter. I had been working out what i was going to expose her to this time. i was going to take her on a journey of her senses and will make her submit completely to me and my cock. We walked into the living room and i ask her to take a seat and i will be back in a minute.

I go in the back to my room and grab the supplies i had gotten earlier in the week. I took out a blind fold and a remote control egg to start i checked that everything was ready for the other accessories and went back to the living room. She was sitting on the couch and i moved behind her and put my hand on her neck and traced lines up her neck to her ear and sending tickles and waves of pleasure through her body causing goose bumps to form on her neck and chest. I leaned over her head and kissed her passionately strings of saliva bridge our lips as we release from the kiss.

I kiss her again allowing our tongues twisted and rapped around each other as our lips separate little strands of saliva bridge our tongues and we taste each other. Her lips tasted so good i went in for another passionate kiss as my hands started tracing down her neck to her chest lightly touching her skin making her stiffen and shiver as my warm hands meet the top of her tits still locked in the passionate kiss i squeeze her tits she moans at the pressure and touch on her breasts. I pull away from the kiss and pull my hands out of her shirt and kiss her cheek down the side of her face to her ear lobe nibbling lightly around her ear lobe.

I pull away slightly and whisper in her ear “ I have something very special planned for you tonight will you do as i ask without hesitation” as i start to nibble on her ear she responds with a moaning “Yessss” i was so glad to hear her say that i reach down to my pocket and ask her to stand up. She does as i ask and i pull the blindfold out of my pocket and unfold it. It is black lace. I walk up behind her and put the blindfold on her she moans in anticipation of what happens next. She looks so amazing standing there in her tight white blouse and her black thigh high skirt with a slit on the right side showing off the side of her beautiful leg.

I told her to wait her and i would be back in a minute. I went back to my room to get the other special accessories i grab the beg that i had everything in it and went back to the living room she was standing in the centre looking beautiful as she always does. I place the beg down and move up in front of her. Her breathing is starting to get heavy with anticipation. I move up and place my hand on her chin i lean over and kiss her beautiful lips and make her yearn for my touch. I start working my hands down to her chest i start to unbutton her blouse button by button i reach the bottom and untuck her blouse from her skirt.

I push the fabric over her shoulders and she lets it fall to the ground. She looked so sexy in her skirt and her bra with the blindfold over her eyes she cant tell what is going to happen. She moans in anticipation as she feels my hands move up and down the sides of her body making her shiver and squirm. I get to her upper bra straps and i undo the straps and lean in and kiss her neck and down her chest to the top of her breasts. I reach behind her back and release her bra clasp letting her bra fall to the ground.

I kissed down tracing little circles around her breasts working my way up to her nipples sucking on them covering them in saliva making them glistening with my spit. I suck and play and knead her breasts for a few minutes. I let my hands trace down to her skirt and i trace the waistband around tell i found the zipper and i slowly pull it down while kissing down her stomach as her skirt slowly falls to the floor. She is wearing a sheer white thong. I can see her wetness as her thong is sticking to her pussy with the wetness soaking into her thong.

She smelt amazing pure anomalistic musk. I kissed down to her belly button tracing circles around it. My fingers reach the waistband of her thong and i slowly peal it from her body little strands of her wetness bridging between her pussy and her thong. I pulled it down past her knees to her ankles she stepped out of her thong. I kissed and traced down her midriff tell i got to the top of her slit i could see her clit was swollen and poking out and her lips were separated with her arousal. I start to kiss around the edges of her pussy prolonging her anticipation. Then i take one long lick from the bottom all the way to her clit. She moans loud and anomalistic burning for my touch little beads of sweat are now starting appear all over her body. I lick up the little droplets from one side of her pussy loving the salty change from the amazing taste of her pussy. I start working my tongue up her body tell i reach her navel and trace a circle around the outside of her belly button. She breathed in sharply as i tickle her midriff as my tongue traces the circles. I move up farther to just under her breasts and lick around the outside moving around spiralling in to her nipples that are nice and hard sticking out from her arousal and the exposure to the open air. I reach her nipples and pulling on them with my lips make her shutter and squirm with arousal.

I alternate from one nipple to the other her breathing is now heavy and laboured. I look at her nipples and they are nice and hard now i reach over into the bag and pull out a pare of nipple clamps attached to each other with a long chain with an adjuster on it to shorten the length. I put the chain around her neck letting it drape down in between her breasts with the clamp resting on her stomach. I open up the other clamp and let it close on her right nipple she moans when she feels the pressure on her nipples and she lets out a little whimper as she feels the pressure increase with a small stinging pain but she also feels good and pleasure is also coming from the same place and as she is reviling in the mixture of pain and pleasure making her wetter and wetter i bring the other nipple clamp up and do the same thing to her left nipple. She is now so horny she cant stand it and moans loud i love hearing her moan so gutturally. I reach into the bag and pull out a pair of handcuffs with fussy soft coverings so they wont cause marks and add a bit of stimulation as the soft fabric tickles as it moves over the skin. I move in behind her taking her left hand in mine as i circle around her. I gently grab her other hand and move it in behind her i open up one side of the cuffs and close it around her right wrist and she moans and stiffens a little bit as she is scared of what will happen next and had never used cuffs before her apprehension was visible in her body i open the other cuff and close it around her left wrist. I lean in and nibble on her her right ear lobe she lets out a little squeak as i bit lightly on her ear lobe. I whisper in her ear and say “ You are so tense relax i promise you that i will not cause you in any way to be hurt or harmed i am going to take you on an adventure through each one of your senses” she moans as she listens and i feel her stiffness relax. I say “hmm good girl just relax and let whatever comes happen you will enjoy is i promise.” she Moans a yes still being stimulated by the nipple clamps and the and the heightened senses of not being able to see what was happening.

I move around her and look at the beautiful site i am seeing her standing there with a blindfold on the gold chain resting on her neck down to the clams on her nipples. I can see her inner thighs getting wetter and wetter as the stimulation gets more intense i drop to my knees and lightly blow over her clit and lips she moans at the light breeze of warm air passing over her pussy lips. I pull the remote egg out of my pocket and bring it close to her stomach letting her feel the plastic on her skin she breaths in sharply at the new sensation.

I work it down to her clit just rubbing it as i want her to feel the slickness of the plastic as i rub it up and down her pussy lips getting it covered in her juices i can resist and pull it up to my nose smelling her amazing smell and making my body react. I lick the egg and then put it in my mouth moving it around to get all of the taste of her in my mouth. I take the egg out of my mouth and start to rub it up and down her pussy. She moans at the heat of my saliva touching her clit and moving its way down her pussy making her wetter as she feels the egg approach her love tunnel. I move the egg to her entrance and push lightly she moans as she feels it start to slowly spread her lips as it enters her i pull is out slightly teasing and then push back in this time all the way tell the egg in inside her and the little drawstring that is used to remove the egg hanging out of her pussy. I step back and admire the scene in front of me she was pure perfection.

I took out my phone and took a few pictures of her so i could always remember this moment. I switch to the remote egg app and press level one she lets out a small squeak at the surprise vibration in her pussy. She is so horny now she is literally dripping from her pussy i am so pleased with what i was looking at. I undress my self and watch her moan as the pleasure keeps increasing with the vibration and stimulation she is receiving. I start to stroke my cock as i watch her squirm with pleasure. I move up closer to her and put my hands on her shoulders and push lightly down as to tell her without talking to get on her knees. She realized what i wanted and moved onto her knees a little bit unstable as she could not see or use her arms in the process she leans forward rubbing my cock across her cheek my pre-cum making a shiny line on her cheek.

With out a word she takes my cock in her mouth making me moan as i feel the warmth of her mouth and tongue on my cock. She is doing a fantastic job not being able to use her hands and or see what she was doing this was making her even more aroused i push level two on the remote egg and she cums when she feels the change and the sensation overwhelmed her and she released my cock and moaned hard and shivered as the waves of pleasure flow over her body. She is gasping for air she had never had such an orgasm before in her life. She finally regained her composure and started to suck my cock harder and more enthusiastically still being stimulated by the egg in her pussy.

I reach out and put my right hand on her head and my left hand traced her neck to the chain attached to the nipple clamps. I remove my right hand and pull out my phone and as i pull up on the nipple clams giving her a stinging feeling in her nipples and a warmth coming from them i hit the button to change the egg to level 3 and she moans out and whimpers as she is filled with pleasure and pain mixed together she thought she was going to loose her mind. I moved in and rubbed the tip of my cock across her upper lip and around her lips before letting it push past her lips and into her mouth. I start to move my cock in and out of her mouth going a bit deeper each time until my cock tip hits the back of her throat.

She was so involved with the pleasure in her body she pushed her head forward deep throating me something she had never done before but she was so into the passion of the moment she pushed my cock down her throat until she gagged and moved back gasping for air i tugged a little on the chain making her moan at the pain and the shifting of her tits. She moves back in and starts sucking my cock again and then she continues to try to take me all the way down her throat. I moan in appreciation of her attempts getting a little more in her each time. She was now getting used to my cock and was now not gagging on my cock any more and was really enjoying the feeling of my cock sliding down her throat and was making her wetter and she could feel another orgasm building up and bubbling deep down in her stomach.

I was getting close and she was in a good rhythm now pushing my cock into her throat and touching her nose off of my pelvis she was taking it all in and this pushed me over the edge and i pushed the level 4 on the vibrator and she exploded with orgasm at the same time i started shooting ropes and ropes in her mouth and down her throat she was so overcome with pleasure she swallowed all the cum as it filled her mouth she had never done that and had always spit it out as she felt it was gross but now she was enjoying the taste and the feeling of it coating her throat down to her stomach and she realized that it was turning her on and she was loving the feeling. She moaned loud as my cock popped out of her mouth. She closed her mouth and got a good taste of my cum that was covering her tongue and swallowed it down she moaned as she felt the thick cum coat her throat even more she could feel it all the way down to her stomach the warmth felt so good. I was still hard at the site of her and started to stroke my cock keeping it nice and hard and ready for round two.

I reach into the bag of goodies and pulled out a pink velvet collar with a ring attached for the pink leash i pulled out with it. I moved in closer and put the collar around her neck she was moaning and squirming still being stimulated with the egg in her pussy on level 4 there are 7 levels and i planned on using every one over the corse of the night. She felt the soft velvet rub on her skin as i tightened the collar around her neck. I took the chain from around her neck and over her head pulling up on her nipples she moaned and had another orgasm with all the stimulation it was to much for her to hold back she starts to shake and shiver as she cums. I loop the chain through the leash ring and tighten it enough to have a little pulling pressure on her hard nipples they had gotten so hard over the last few stimulation they had started to open the clamps up a little i was very impressed and i took the leash and connected it to her collar and i pulled up on it making her head look up and pulled up on her nipples sending little waves of pleasure and pain from her nipples all the way to her sopping wet pussy she is so aroused there is a small puddle under her of her juices i helped her to her feet and held her there tell she got her footing as her legs were weak from all the pleasure her body had received. I walked her down the hallway her feet shuffling as she did not know what was around her i walked her back to my bed room and told her to stop when she had reached the side of my bed she was fidgeting and squirming as the egg was still on level 4 and she was feeling another orgasm building in the depths of her body. I set the beg down beside the night stand and released the leash and she squeaked when the leash hit her stomach hanging down to the floor.

I reached into the bag and pulled out a small riding crop and flexed it in my hands. I reached out and grabbed the leash and pulled her forward and she bumped the bed and climbed onto the bed on her knees moaning as she moved because the chain was pulling her nipples in a few directions. When i had her on the bed in front of me i pulled her forward by the leash she crawls on her knees i push my feet through her legs and she has to spread her legs farther apart to continue to crawl forward as i pull on the leash this in turn made the pressure on the egg get stronger and pushed the egg deeper into her she shivers as she feels the egg slide deeper into her love canal she stopped for a moment until i toughed a little on the collar and she continued to move up my body until her pussy was brushing up against my cock tip and i reached down and put my fingers on the removal string on the egg and leaned in and kissed her she mashed her lips up on my full of desire and passion. I leaned back a bit and she followed not wanting our lips to separate.

This lined up my cock to her drenched pussy as the tip lined up to her entrance i hit the level 5 on the egg and this forced her to convulse with pleasure inserting a few inches of my cock in her pussy and she came on my cock and shivered and convulsed as she was overtaken with pleasure and her legs got weak letting her weight sink my cock deeper in her increasing her pleasure more as she feels me push up and push the egg aside i am holding it with my fingers still to make sure it dose not go to far. I push up into her as my cock feels the egg move around the tip i push the level 6 on my phone when i have pulled the egg back to the base of my cock and just inside the entrance of her pussy as i sink in completely in her pussy. Her breathing is heavy now and she i can feel her pussy squeeze my cock and feel the vibrations from the egg deep inside her transferring through my cock to her most inner depths. The egg is making this feel so amazing for both of use i felt my self getting harder and felt i would not last long.

I pulled up on the leash and she rose as the pain and pleasure hit her nipples this was so intense she moaned a low guttural moan and then i pulled down and she impaled me all the way inside of her the tip hit her cervix and sent a wave of pain and pleasure through her body she through her head back and screamed with passion her eyes were rolled back a bit as this had also yanked up on her nipples causing pain and pleasure from her nipples and her pussy at the same time pushing her over the edge and she squirted cum all over my cock dripping down on the bed overwhelmed with pleasure she collapsed down on me and started convulsing and shaking completely consumed by the pleasure of her full body orgasm it was like fireworks were going of all over her skin she continued to moan and squeak as she road the wave of orgasm and the still vibrating egg in her pussy was extending the orgasm and her pussy was convulsing squeezing my cock and I grabbed hold of her hips and pushed deep as i could with my cock entering her womb and her continued orgasm making the entrance stroking my cock tip.

I was so close and wanted this to be as intense as i could make it for her so i hit the button for level 7 and she screamed as a massive wave of pleasure passed through her body and her pussy clamped down on my cock squeezing it hard took me over the edge coating her womb with my cum she felt this and it set off another wave of pleasure and she arched her back pushing her pelvis as hard as she could on mine to get me as deep as possible she was lost in the pleasure and could not think about anything else but getting more.

I shot 7-8 gobs of cum directly in her womb and i reached up to her out pulled tits as she arched her back and released one and she came again squirting all over my cock and soaking my balls. This made me cum again with another 6-7 spurts of cum directly in her womb. I released the other nipple clamp and the feeling of the release and the feeling coming back to her nipples and the stinging feeling as her nipples returned to there original shape she convulsed even harder and covered my cock and balls again this making me give a few more spurts of cum deep inside her. I hit the off button on the egg and she collapsed on me breathing hard and periodically convulsing as she road the wave down from her insane multiple orgasms having little ones follow as she came down like aftershocks in an earthquake. I reached up and removed the blindfold and she had her eyes shut and a massive smile on her face i leaned my head down and kissed her she moaned into my lips and i said “ how was that adventure i hope there will be many more to come” all she said was “ mmmmmmm” and passed out collapsed on me with my cock and the egg still buried in her pussy and the collar and leash still around her neck she looked so beautiful i took a few pics with my phone and passed out. I cant wait tell our next adventure we will take i have so many ideas and plans for new levels of pleasure that i want to take her to. We slept like that until morning when the fun continues but that is a story for next time.

I will start on part three as soon as i have time to work on it. hope you Enjoyed the second adventure in the series
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