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Matt and his mother Kelli live alone. Matt comes home to discover mom stuck in a cupboard and his dirty fantasies are released.
Hello all. I am a new writer and hope to create enjoyable stories that have been caught up in my mind for ages. Please leave constructive criticism and comments. All characters in stories are over 18.

Matt woke stretching as the morning sun lit his room up with the adventures of a new day. Summer was here and he was going to enjoy every bit of it before he began classes at the local community college in the fall. Finally over 18 and feeling like a man matt stretched his morning wood a few good rubs as he relished in the warmth of the sun beaming into his bedroom of his moms second floor home.

Swinging his feet out and placing them on the cool wood floor he scratched his short brown hair smiling at the thought of being free for the summer at last.

Matt was not a typical sports kinda guy. He was constantly asked if he played sports however, as he was very toned and had an appearance of a guy who spent hours in the gym but no, matt loved physical outdoor activities and as a result his body was toned and well cared for as a result. He stood at about five foot ten and was about two hundred pounds of solid lean muscle. In the past Matt had girlfriends but was more into working on his buddies vehicles and his own projects rather than trying to chase the airhead girls from school that although beautiful just didn't do it for him. He was content with jerking off, a lot,multiple times a day sometimes. His sex drive was almost tripled that of a normal guy just out of high school.

Standing and walking to the shower, his cock, although not massive in any aspects was extremely thick, very very thick actually but was an average six inches, the thick girth was more than the few girls he had had sex with could take.

Showered and ready To start the day matt dressed in a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and headed down to the kitchen where his mom was cooking breakfast. Matt and his mother Kelli lived alone together ever since his father left the picture when he was just a toddler. Kelli never remarried but just dedicated her life to supporting matt .

Kelli was a milf. For a woman that was just turning forty, she was stunning. Nearly five foot seven, blond shoulder length hair, blue eyes and a face that made her look more like a twenty year old. Kelli was very physically fit with a firm set of b cup breast, she was stunning.

"Morning mom smells great" he said as he poured a cup of orange juice and sat down at the table. He stared a this mom cooking and felt himself blush as he caught himself staring at her firm ass in her running shorts. He never really noticed how sexy his mom was until recently, the more his hormones raged on, the closer he felt to his mom and the more he was noticing how sexy she was.

"Hello hun it's almost done." Kelli said humming and smiling. Her morning run was a favorite part of her day next to spending time with Matt, she felt he was more like her best friend in the entire world than just a son.

"How was the run?" Matt asked noticing the discoloration of her light blue runners shirt that was stained a dark blue from her sweat down her back.

"It was tough but i managed to get three miles in." she said smiling as she served them each a plate of bacon and eggs and sat to join him.

"Wow thats tough your inspiring mom." he said with a grin and ate the delicious meal she had made.

"So any plans today?" She asked as she watched him eat, amazed at how fast he could gulp down a meal and not get sick.

"Yup doing some fishing unless you need anything done first around here" he asked.

"Oh no enjoy your summer if I need any help I'll surely ask." she replied and took a bite of her eggs.

"Thanks mom what are you up to today, Wanna come fishing?" he asked since sometimes his mom would join him on trips to the lake or whatever remote stream he was trying out.

"Thank you for inviting me but I'm waiting for a delivery i ordered a new pair of running shoes and am super excited to get them." She said with a smile.

After breakfast matt packed up his gear and loaded the truck with his poles and set off to spend the day hoping to land a record bass. Kelli cleaned up the dishes and walked out to the garden to check on her tomatoes and such. She truly was excited to get her new shoes and didn't want to miss the delivery. It was amazing to her that getting shoes delivered excited her, she really needed to get a more exciting life she chuckled to herself.

Kelli walked back to the kitchen door, pushed it open wide with her foot, as her hands were full with her bounty from the garden. Kelli smiled, life was good, really good. Walking across the small kitchen from the wide open door, she set the veggies on the counter. Next to the counter was a wide cupboard dry store area. She opened the cabinet and looked at the mess of stuff in it. The cabinet was approximately two feet wide and about two or so feet deep with long sliding shelves that can be pulled out to organize and store items for easy accessibility.

Kelli knelt down on the floor and began pulling out old food stores and noticed in the very back a few bags of rice had broke open and spilled out. She knew she needed to clean it up or mice could possibly move on in. She pulled the shelves out a bit and with a small wisk broom leaned in, her shoulders just able to squeeze past the door opening. She scooted further in, a bit more, reaching with the wisk broom. Moving a bit more until she was all the way at the back of the cabinet. Being on her knees, her hips just at the opening of the cabinet opening as she smiled "there now to just sweep up this mess and it will all be good" she said talking to herself as she often did.

Once all the rice was in the small dustpan Kelli began to scoot backwards out of the cabinet. She slowly moved her hips to slide backwards on her knees but suddenly she couldn't move as one of the shelve slides had hooked the side and back of her runners sports shirt and was hooked into the material as well as digging into her back if she attempted to move backwards anymore.

A few attempts made her realize she was stuck so she moved in and twisted slowly before attempting to try to move out again but discovered she was still stuck.

She couldnt get out and felt a twinge of pain each time she moved as the shelve slide digging in her back so she stopped moving backward. "shit..shit..shit..shit..." She cursed angry at herself for one getting stuck and two being stupid enough to not just use a shop vac of matts from the garage instead of trying to crawl in a space obvious not big enough to safely get out of. She couldn't turn around, only able to stare at the dark wall of wood infront of her.

Suddenly a glimmer of hope flashed in her mind. The delivery man would soon deliver her shoes and when she heard him she could call for help. The way their house was laid out they used the side entrance as their main entrance, which led into the kitchen. The front door was kept locked and most delivery guys and gals now dropped stuff at the kitchen entrance. Kelli breathed a sigh of relief "ok...just relax...stay calm....the shoes are supposed to be delivered soon..when he arrives and makes the delivery I can just call out for help" she said talking out loud to herself as an almost way to calm herself down.

Matt had just arrived at the lake and realized he had forgotten his fishing license at home. Not one to break the law he left to head home and get it and maybe be able to still get back to the lake before all the good fishing spots were taken.

As he drove past the front of the house he saw a box sitting at the front door. His first thought was it must be a new delivery man as all the regulars use the side kitchen door for deliveries and the second was how come his mother hadn't gotten the package. She was so eagerly awaiting her delivery of her new shoes.

Matt pulled in the drive and walked around the front of the house and picked up the box of shoes smiling as he couldn't wait to pull a prank on his mom and let her think they never got delivered.

As he pulled into the driveway, his mother perked up. She heard the truck, and to her a truck was a truck and not realizing her son's truck sounded just like the delivery truck, for her son was fishing so it had to be the delivery man,finally.

Matt left his truck running for he was going to just grabbed his license and be back out on the road but had no sooner stepped from the truck when he heard his mother's call and noticed the kitchen door wide open.

"Hello. delivery guy. in here. could you please give me a hand. hello". Kelli called out.

Matt quickly walked up the small path from the driveway where he parked and was about to call out to his mom, worried she was hurt, but just as he was about to answer her he saw her, well only her waist and legs sticking out from the small cupboard next to the refrigerator.

" there...please help me....I've seemed to have gotten stuck in here....". Kelli said with a sound of relief and yet humor as she chuckled.

Matts mind went into sexual overdriveas wild naughty kinky thoughts began racing in his head, thoughts he never experienced until now, this moment, seeing his mother so vunerable and yet unknowstt he was there, matt released a torrent of dark deep secret desires he never allowed his mind to feel or explore.

He quickly ran scenario after scenario in his head, calculating all the ways this could go, how this could benefit himself.

Slowly he set the box on the table and carefully left and got in his truck and moved it down the block. His mind working like a computer calculating ideas, plans, answers his mom may ask. He was grinning while his dark side was emerging.

He parked and walked back to his house and entered the kitchen once more and sat down in a chair admiring his mom's ass in her runners shorts.

"Hello...are you there.....why did you leave...why aren't you helping me.....please....I'm stuck". she said with a softer laugh this time as a pang of fear striking her for she knew the delivery man was there, but he wasn't speaking.

Matt stared at her ass cheeks seeing how firm they were in her runners shorts giving such a view of not only her ass but her toned thighs that ran down to her knees where she was positioned. Matt took out his phone and began snapping pictures for this was too good to not.

"Hello..please....are you there"? She asked a bit of fear tremble in her voice now.

Matt stood and walked over and with trembling hands cupped her ass cheeks with his hands.

"What...what are you doing...please..please stop....please I'm son will be here any minute...I ..he will kick your ass to next week..". She spewed trying to wiggle away but the jabbing of the shelve rail holding her still.

The control, the way her ass felt in his hands was beyond thrilling, a dark deep side was emerging as she begged him to stop, yet hearing how she warmed how protective her son was griped his heart strings and hardening cock.

He squeezed, feeling the sweaty warmth through her shorts from her run. His mother totally at his will, not knowing it was him fondling her in such immoral ways.

Kelli was mortified yet deep deep down was feeling a tingle, a dark spark she hadn't felt in so so so many years and why, why was her body deceiving her. She thought it wasn't but it was she felt a dampness between her legs that she thought was lost the day her husband left her and Matt so many years ago.

"Listen just help me out, get me out of here and I won't call the cops. I promise..just stop". she begged as the deliveryman squeezed and was spreading and playing with her ass cheeks.

Matt heard her pleas and yet his own cock was so hard, watching, feeling his mother's ass cheeks, something so wrong, but yet having such control as she was so helpless against his own ways.

His hands slid up and hooked the band of the shorts and pulled, pulling the shorts down to the nook of her knees, her cotton panties the only thing concealing her entire body from her son's prying eyes. His eyes lit up. He could see the way the sweaty panties clung to her ass cheeks and were pressed into her very damp pussy lips with her smooth cameltoe so tightly clenched.

With his hands he slid his hands between her thighs and spread them as far as possible, for the shorts at her knees and the cabinet all factors in how far he could spread her legs to really get a view.

"Stop....please......what...what are you son will be home any moment...please...just leave..don't let him see me like this...I'll give you money....I won't tell...please". She begged but yet deep inside her mind screamed for more, more of the control, not wanting her son to catch her like this but yet deep, deep down felt a thrill of the possibilities if he did for he was a striking well built young man and to kelli felt aroused at the thought.

His mouth watered, his cock throbbed and precum seeped into his boxers. He trailer a finger down her panties, starting at her ass cheeks, down over her rosebud , and lightly tracing her very warm, damp pussy lips. He had to fight back the urge to gasp and moan, as she would most certainly know it was him if he made a noise so he swallowed deep and pushed his finger further along her panty covered slit wanting to explore his mom fully.

"Mmmm stop....that's enough, just..mmmm..just leave, let me out of here...or least call the fire dept...but...ugghhh...stop". Kelli tried to plead but the sensation of a finger tracing her pussy lips so delicately was driving her wild. Her own pussy was swelling, flowing wetness, her own secretions soaking onto her panties as this stranger had his way, yet this stranger was being gentle in a bizarre way.

Matt pulled his finger back along her puffy wet slit and then hooked the panties waistband and jerked them down her thighs with a forceful tug. Her pussy was finally free, the glistening wetness sparkled between her soft pink petal pussy lips as he sat in awe. Never had Matt been so up and close to a woman's pussy. Of the girls he had sex with it was always in the dark, very vanilla without the views he had now.

"Stop this you mother fucker"! Kelli screamed as she felt her panties ripped down around her knees and the cool air engulf her overheated and very damp pussy. Kelli felt so violated, her body on display in ways she never had been exposed or showed a man yet deep down she was feeling a bizarre kinky thrill and the wetness and heat rising in her body was unmistakeable.

Matt grinned thinking to himself "oh mom don't worry I will soon definitely be a mother fucker" his own dirty mind was exploding as his cock ached and pushed with tremendous force against his shorts. Matt reached and with his hands gripped each firm ass cheek and squeezed them , feeling how firm and solid they were. The years of running and being physically active paying off as his mother was in better shape than most of the girls in his school had been. He spread them apart, her rosebud peeking at him, slightly stretching open as her slick outer folds of her pink pussy began to part open and really give view to her wet dark red fuck hole.

"Please....please...I'm begging, why, why, why won't you stop.....please....I can't have my son find me like this...just leave...please...I'm begging. I won't tell a soul." She sobbed as she felt her ass being massaged and ass cheeks pulled apart. The feeling of such defeat and helplessness overwhelming, her stomach rolling with so many fears and yet deep down that dark sexual spark was amazingly reigniting itself.

Matt's mouth watered and the more his mother begged the harder his cock got. His hands slid down from her ass cheeks and his fingers slid into her soft folds of her very wet, slippery pussy and he pulled them apart to get his first true view of a spread pussy. From his view he could see and feel his mother's pussy lips were shaven and yet she had a well trimmed thick sandy blond bush above her mound. Leaning in he inhaled and finally smelled his first pussy up close which unlike the times he had only smelled a pussy from the scents on his finger.

"Please stop. just leave. I'm begging you. My son will be home any second and he will not take kind to what your doing. mmmmm...I can't have him ..mmmm.see like this". She spoke trying to find the words to fight, to beg but the fingers spreading her pussy, the pressure of lost sensations of another person other than her own fingers in her pussy was sending her into an erotic bliss of sorts.

Inhaling deeply, his mother able to hear the delivery man's deep breaths, knowing he was smelling her rich sweaty aroused scent. Her body flooded more secretions of her own lubrication and rising scents. Matt inhaled the rich sweaty musk mixed with damp softness of her pussy, that warm comforting scent reminded him a bit of fresh baked bread he thought. His tongue extended tasting her flow of wetness as it was slightly salty, yet so rich and tantalizing making him crave more.

"That's enough just go, you've had your fun, mmmmm please go just let me ...mmmm..ugghhh out of here". Kelli was fading in and out of fear and pleasure, it had been beyond too long since her pussy had been licked. She was trying to keep resisting but the sensations were building and deep down was wanting more and more.

His fingers slid between her lips and found her swollen clit nestled at the edge of her hairy bush as his tongue was now full on sliding in and out of her tight sticky warm pussy hole.

"Ok....mmmmm.just....mmmm..stop...leave...fuck...ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkk". Kelli cried out as her body trembled and a strong orgasm ripped through her as the delivery man rubbed her clit and tongue fucked her with such hunger.

Matt couldn't believe his mother had just orgasmed. The flood of wetness was so strong combined with the quivering and shaking of her body as the strong convulsions ripped through her body.

He licked and lapped her wet juices then slowly got up and sat back in the chair to admire the view a bit more as he fished out his hard throbbing cock from his shorts. The thick shaft sprung free and his tip oozed a stream of warm precum adding to the hypersensitivity of the tip. Matt's mind was working in overdrive and he knew he didn't want this to be just a one time thing, he knew he wanted more, so much more. In his dark fantasies he hoped one day his mom would crave to be his own dirty little slut .

"What, what are you doing. are you letting me out..please, please I'm begging". Kelli pleaded but deep down as she begged to be released, her words of begging subconsciously were to be fucked, to scratch that itch that hadn't been tamed in years.

Thinking clearer Matt had thought up a plan, to him it seemed perfect. He first completely silenced his phone and then texted his mother's phone. It chirped from her pocketbook as he watched his mom's reaction .

"My phone....please...please...I must answer its my son I'm sure...please....let me answer it...I can't have him catch me like this....sir...please". she begged and pleaded all to Matt's approval.

Matt took her phone and slid it into the cabinet so she could reach it. He was gambling on her not calling the cops or the fire dept, if she called he would certainly know and could just leave, if not, then his plan was going to work just as his mind was planning it.

"Oh thank''s my son....he texted me...I told you he was almost home". She said trying to still warn the delivery man and hoping he would help her out of the cabinet and just leave and not let her be found by her son in such a predicament.

"Hi mom...I'm leaving the lake...forgot some gear". the text from Matt read.

Kelli typed " safe...just cleaning up in kitchen". she typed. Just as she hit send she felt a thick hard yet soft firmness pressing against her pussy opening. A wave of fear gripped her along with the need to have the delivery man fuck her for she felt the pressure at her hole and knew it was a massive thick cock head adding to her lustful need.

"Please sir that was my son and he is coming home. please.he will be here in minutes". She begged totally forgetting of all her previous warnings about her son's arrival.

Matt grinned even as bad as he wanted to drive his thick cock in his mom's waiting slick pussy he wanted to do his best to drive her wild and transform her into his cock hungry slut.

Kelli's phone chirped . She opened the text box and read the message from Matt.

"I'll help you clean up when I get home you work too hard". This made Kelli smile as the deliveryman was rubbing his thick tip up and down her sticky slit pussy lips.

Matt smiled as he held his phone to the side totally able to secretly text her. When she got the text he was able to feel her relax and he knew she wasn't calling 911 or the fire department revealing his plan was now in motion.

Kelli felt the cock rubbing her wet pussy lips and as bad as she wanted the delivery man to shove it in her pussy, she feared matt would arrive and be scarred for life if he saw her like this.

"Take your time Matt I'm a mess from my run and the garden .I'll get cleaned up make us lunch when you get home". She typed trying to sound as normal as possible.

"Mmmmmm please sir...mmmmm please leave, my son he's ugghhh" she gasped feeling the cock tip working her lips open and shut as matt gripped his cock shaft and was rubbing her slit open and playing in her very creamy wet pussy lips.

He read her text only adding to his enjoyment. He typed back "mom I'm sure your not a mess...sweat shows hard work and is impressive and to watch how hard you work at staying healthy". He wrote not wanting to say too much but yet planting subtle words for her to read and ponder .

Her phone chirped just as the delivery man slid his thick cock head down her slit and was sliding it back and forth between her pussy lips across her clit. "Ughhhh". She gasped as she was becoming so overwhelmed both physically, mentally and now her son texting her as he drove home.

She read the text and replied as the cock rested between her pussy lips, throbbing, holding still as if the man was teasing her.

She replied "oh well I'm pretty sweaty and sticky i'm sure you don't want your old mom all nasty and gross when you get home". She typed as she closed her eyes as the waves of pleasure were rippling through her entire bodies sensory system.

Matt's cock tip was rubbing back and forth across her swollen button clit and into the sandy bush of her pussy hair as he read the text from his mom. He was so turned on at how she wanted to look her best for him yet not realizing what she did for him.

"Sweaty and sticky can be good, let's your body release all the toxins and not be masked with chemical based deodorants and such. so don't worry.I like you as you naturally are mom". He wrote letting a bit of his scientific nerd side out, totally letting his mom know it truly was him writing.

She smiled at the words never really thinking of it like that as she quivered again as the delivery man's cock rubbed her clit and was becoming truly sticky from her flowing aroused sweaty pussy.

Kelli swallowed a lump of thrill, trying to fight back the way her body was craving more and more of this strange delivery man's touch.

"My....son....mmmmmphhhh is almost home, please, please I, fuck, that's good" she groaned as she begged him to stop.

Matt smiled he decided as bad as he wanted to fuck her. He would wait for this was a slow simmer marathon, not a fast quick race.

He pulled his cock slowly back and pushed it against her pussy hole. Kelli groaned, her eyes squeezing shut awaiting the assault, steadying herself for what she thought was about to happen, what she was deep down hoping would happen. Her body was trying to move her hips back, wanting to suck the cock into her needy pussy.

Kelli gripped her phone to reply not sure if she should warn matt. "I'm glad you think so because I'm a mess right now" she typed and hit send fighting the urge to warn matt what he may see as he stepped thought that door.

Gripping his cock, matt rubbed it in firm circles around her swollen pulsating pussy hole. It was all so so sexy, so wrong, as he pressed and rubbed his cock he suddenly erupted and began shooting cum. Not only did it surprise himself but Kelli felt it as well as the hot force of sticky liquid splashed her pussy lips and began oozing and dripping down from her pussy, down her inner thighs and into her pulled down panties.

Kelli had a mix of emotions. He orgasmed? He jerked off and shot sticky hot cum on me, how, why?. It was good but deep down she was hoping to be fucked and finally have that itch scratched. It was all too much, her emotions were a wash of ups and downs.

Matt slowly stood and pulled up his shorts and stuffing his cream covered cock in his briefs. He sent a text to his mom to keep her busy as he prepared for his exit.

"Almost home mom see you soon". he wrote trying to seem innocent yet caring.

Kelli began reading the text just as she felt her panties and shorts being pulled down around her ankles. Matt did this to allow him time to exit and get to his truck after he helped unhook her and she finally began working her way from the cabinet.

A few more good pictures of his mom's pussy coated in cum and her own wetness before he carefully slid his hand along her back and unhooked the drawer slide that held her prisoner .

Acting in a smooth fluid movement Matt quickly was out the kitchen and to his truck before his mother even fully worked her way from the cabinet.

kelli slowly edged ger way backwards from the cabinet and twisted and sat onto her bare ass. She was spinning with emotions and thoughts along with the fear and possibilities of what the delivery man could have possibly done to her but hadn't. She slowly stood up and pulled her panties up feeling the very creamy sticky mess the delivery man had left coated all over her pussy and in the crotch of her panties. Matt would be home any moment leaving her no time to clean up herself or change panties for that matter.

Kelli turned and stood frozen. On the table was the box the delivery mam had brought and left. It was like a stark reminder of what had just happened, almost as if a note from this stranger had done to her, the creamy warm wetness saturated into her panties the physical reminder it all was real and not a fantasy of hers.

As she stood staring, Matt's truck pulled into the driveway and he felt the blushing spread her through her body and cheeks as matt came bouncing in with a bubbly sense of good mood.

"Hey mom, cool your shoes came" he said playing everything totally cool and as normal as he could. His cock laid in his boxers still sticky, both his residue cum and his mother's own sweaty pussy juices laid for him to sample later.

"Hi sweetie, yes they sure did I haven't even tried them on yet. I got busy doing this and that". She said with a deep blush and a stomach of butterflies hoping matt didn't notice anything off.

"That's great. You should try them on and we can go for a little walk to break them in" matt replied not giving any indication he knew what was going on and to not give her a chance to clean up the mess he left in her panties. Matt grinned as he walked over and poured a glass of ice tea and sat at the table keeping his eyes glued to his mom's expression and how her body looked in her shorts he knew were very wet.

Kelli quickly sat and began getting the shoes on as she was beyond relieved Matt had no idea what had happened with the delivery man. "A walk sounds perfect as long as you aren't embarrassed by your sweaty messy mom" she said giggling as her mind filled with the memory of being so helpless stuck in the cabinet.

"Mom stop, like I said, i like seeing you as you". he said but stopped to not go to far.

"Perfect well shall we"? She stood up and walked to the door. Her body was trembling, her panties a sticky damp mess of the delivery mans cum mixed in her own flowing arousal. Kelli blushed as she replayed the scenario in her mind so thankful matt had not seen her being taken, yet deep down she was feeling a rush knowing what a mess was left in her panties and wondered if matt would be able to tell during the hike if he happened to be behind her on steep sections where they would have to climb bits of jagged boulders. It was all so new to her as these dark emotions were coming out.

End of chapter one. Working on chapter two. I chapter two Matt develops a devious plan to get mom stuck and take things a step further as he comes up with ways to blackmail Kelli.
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