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I come home from work and am introduced to the daughter if a friend of my wife.
I came home from work early. My wife and three friends were playing cards

When I stuck my head in to say hello, one of the women said my daughter is out by the pool why don’t you go and have a chat.

I did as she suggested and found Janice sitting by the pool and from what I could see from behind she could have been masturbating or at least rubbing her pussy.

Before I surprised her I say out ,hi, good to see you. Not playing cards with them.

She immediately sat straight up. She had not been expecting me to come out through the side door. She was concealed but could see the back door and was watching there to see if she would be disturbed.

Shit you surprised me, I wasn’t expecting anybody to come from behind me.

I said sorry if I interrupted anything and gave her a knowing smile.

Oh shit you noticed, she said.

Well I saw something that resembled something Samantha does from time to time, but she is naked and there is no doubt what she is doing.

I know mum comes over some days to skinny dip and I know that she and Samantha have some fun together. I gather you know that?

Yes I do, in fact your mum and I have had some fun together ourselves. It surprises me she hasn’t told you. The three of us have occasionally enjoyed the sins of the flesh. Since your dad left the three of us have had a few sessions. Your mum is pretty good. We have some great fun together.

I know she has fucked one of the neighbours but they have moved and she hasn’t found another guy yet.

Why would she when she can come over here and get all she wants. Jill and I have no problems getting things together.

How about you are you getting any lately. I heard your last guy didn’t hang around too long.

No the bastard had a wife and didn’t tell me. One of his friends wised me up so I called it off. I didn’t want a divorce in my hands and I certainly would not of married him he was very ordinary in bed.

You could always call on one of your mums friends, I am sure he would help you out and you wouldn’t have to worry about the consequences. I am sure she would approve.

Do you mean …you?

I would be more than happy to help you out. Mum likes it and I have never been with a mum and daughter before.

Do you feel like a swim and then we could have a it of fun while they are still playing cards. They won’t be finished in there for at least another hour. Janice said.

This is not something I was expecting. But yes I believe I could handle a bit of cock.

Handle it you shall, in any way you like.

With that she stood up and immediately began to undress. I did the same.

When I was naked Janice looked at my cock and said, now I can see why mum is interested.That looks very enticing.

Janice then dived into the pool. I followed and swam up to her.

Do you mind if I kiss another woman’s husband she asked

We immediately kissed and she put her hand in my cock and stroked it till it was hard.

I fingered her pussy at the same time,

This will fit perfectly, Janice said.

Give it a good flush, she said. It was a bit grubby after I had been fingering it.

I didn’t hesitate and slid two fingers right up inside her and she positioned herself to accept them.

That will do the trick and hit the switch, I will be really ready for you.

We both swam to the far end of the pool and climbed out and went into the cabana where there are lounges.

Janice didn’t hesitate and lay down and pulled her legs back and prepared to have me fuck her.

I didn’t waste any time and immediately shoved my cock into her and then took both of her tits into my hand and squeezed her nipples. They were already hard from being in the cold water.

Then I began to fuck her. She had positioned herself right at the end of the lounge so I could stand up and fuck her. I very quickly got my rhythm going and began a steady shafting of her. Her knees were right back on her shoulders and my cock was rubbing the walls of her cunt hard.

We were both dripping wet from the pool and with the heat we were generating quickly dried off.

God that feel good,Janice exclaimed. I haven’t had a cock as thick as yours in me before, it is really fat. Most of the guys that I have fucked have pretty much ordinary sizes. You know about six or seven inches and a few fingers thick. Yours is much bigger than any I have had in me before, it feels awesome.

I glad yo enjoy it, your mum likes it too.

Do you fuck any other women apart from mum and Samantha.

One or two that are friends. Sam and I are not that particular about who we let fuck us. We were both shaggers at uni.

Is that where you met?

Yes. It was a pool party and sex was pretty freely available. We were both skinny dipping and she swam up to me and immediately kissed me. She had seen me earlier and told her friend I am going to fuck him before the night is over. And she did. We went to one of the bedrooms and we fucked. We have been together ever since.

How-about you, when did you start?

On my sixteenth birthday,I

I promised one guy he could on my birthday. He turned up at ten in the morning and said let’s go. I don’t want to wait till mid-night. I want it now.

We went into the room behind the garage where my sister used to bring her guys to fuck her and we did it right then.

It may have been my first fuck but I had done plenty of things before then and had dildoes up me.

It was good, he lasted for a few minutes when he came and did it inside me,

He stood up after he took his cock out of me and milked the cum out.

I got a bit of a shock and said, Did you do that inside me?

He was quite proud of himself. You won’t forget this one he told me.

What if I get pregnant?

Too bad, I haven’t managed to get a girl pregnant yet. He said.

How many girls have you fucked?

You are the fourth.

And you came in each one of them.

Yes and no pregnancies yet, maybe you will be the lucky one.

What I didn’t tell him was I had started on the pill at my last period. I was safe anyhow,

He hadn’t asked and I was going to let him sweat – but I don’t think he cared less. Anyhow we fucked again after my party and he came in me again and I still didn’t tell him. I said for sure I would get pregnant now and he laughed. What will we call it he said and walked off.

He fucked me a few times after that and eventually I told him. We didn’t fuck after that.

How old was he, i asked.

Twenty two. He was my cousin.

Have you been fucked by many guys?

Ten including you now,

How do I rate?

Up with the best, as I said you have the thickest cock I have ever had up me. It feels good.

It was then she said, I want to do it doggy. Can we change?

I pulled out and then I pulled the mattress off the lounge and put it on the floor.

She got down and we began to fuck again.

This feels really good, she said, I love it like this.

I pulled her back a bit so I could get at her tits again and began to tweak her soft nipples.

Oh god that feels good. She said.

What me playing with your tits or fucking like this.


We kept going like this and within a few minutes she came, loud and vigorously. . Her whole body shook and she told me to squeeze her nipples hard. I did and she moaned with the pleasure it was giving her.

After she came I fucked her for another couple of minutes and I came too filling her.

Immediately I pulled out and said, don’t move.

I got down and ready for my cum to begin to drip out of her cunt. The moment I saw t appear I licked it. I was licking my own Cum out of her cunt.

She shivered with pleasure as my tongue licked her.

Oh God that is the first time I have had that done. It feels awesome.

Your mum said the same thing. You both know what it is like now.

I gather Samantha does too.

A dozen or more times.

Then I will do what I like doing and she got down and began to suck my cock.

She kept going until I came again. My second orgasm in about three or four minutes. It took the strength out of my legs and I had to sit down

Janice came and sat on my knees facing me and we kissed we both had the taste of her cunt juice and my cum on our tongues and could taste each other.

After we had devoured each others cum, I said that is one thing I haven’t done with your mum.

Good, I want to be able to tell her that we have done something she hadn’t with you.

Then there is one other and I will leave that to her to tell you what that is. You each have one trick to achieve with me now. That will ensure that you both come back for more.

Then I will not be disappointed. I have not enjoyed myself for ages like I have with you. I hope Samantha will let us do this again. It won’t be up to Sam I said. I can assure both you and mum will be feeling my cock up you again,

Come on let’s tell them what we have been doing.

As we approached the house both Samantha and Jill came out to the pool. The card game was finished.

I told you those two would be fucking each Samantha said.

Well how does it feel to have fucked both Mother and Daughter? Jill asked.

I can’t tell, I think we will have to have another meeting to decide, how about Saturday I asked.

Janice said. Well I will be here.

Jill also said, you are not doing anything with him I haven’t done.

Good then there is a surprise for you both.

Samantha will be able to satisfy one or the other while I am testing each one of them

I looked at Sam and said.. She is as good as mum. Maybe You will learn how good she is then.

Saturday I would get to fuck all three women and enjoy each one as well as the other. Mum and daughter will be most interested to see me fuck them and compare them side by side.

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