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Kelli woke feeling a sense of excitement as butterflies rippled through her body, her spine tingling as she stretched yawning with a smile on her face. Today was the day. Finally she hoped to meet the delivery man
This is chapter 2 of the stuck mom series. In chapter one Kelli's son matt finds her stuck in a kitchen cupboard and ignites a flurry of dark desires. Hope your enjoying the series. Please leave comments so I can get better as a writer for all my readers. All characters are over 18.

Kelli woke feeling a sense of excitement as butterflies rippled through her body, her spine tingling as she stretched yawning with a smile on her face. Today was the day. Finally she hoped to meet the delivery man, to confront the man who had taken advantage of her in such a way, yet as violated as she had felt, left her with a deep dark ignited craving that left her wanting more.

She had so many questions for this mystery man. Why had he done what he did, yet didn't fuck her. Was she not good enough? Was this some sick game he played when he discovered women in need? Her mind was a flutter of needing answers to why.

When Matt had told her he had ordered a large order of new fishing tackle and asked if she would be available to receive the order when it arrived, she immediately said yes with the hope to meet the man who had played with her in such a kinky way yet left her somehow needing more.

Kelli dressed in her favorite loose shorts, her pussy already feeling warm and beyond damp as the thrill of finally meeting this mystery man was about to happen. Dressed in a light white tank top, foregoing a bra since it was after all summer and her firm little b cup breast with puffy nipples deserved to be on display for him when he arrived was only fitting she felt. Never had Kelli gone panty less or braless for that matter. She had always been conservative especially around her son, but now something in her was coming out and she just couldn't place a finger to how she was feeling.

She went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for Matt humming a tune as the elation overwhelmed her making her freshly shaven pussy grow more and more wet, tingles flooding her pussy lips as the blood flood through her clit practically giving her an orgasm just from the thought of what this delivery man must look like.

Matt strolled into the kitchen and sat for breakfast. He immediately noticed his mom wearing a skimpy pair of runners shorts that truly showed off her well toned legs. He stared at them feeling his own cock hardening for today all of his thought out plans would finally come to fruition.

"Thanks for waiting around for my delivery of fishing lures mom. I really appreciate it." Matt said making sure to be as normal as possible.

Kelli walked over, matt clearly getting a good view of her braless breast and the pink puffy nipples that were slightly showing through the translucent white tank top.

She sat down answering "oh's no problem, have a lot of housework to do and busy work around the garden while I wait" she said very honestly but hoping her son didn't see the excitement in her face and the slight tremble in her voice as she spoke.

Matt knew his mom's routine, and laundry was part of her daily chore list she did. In their home there was a laundry chute located in the hall next to the kitchen. It was a big hatch like door you lifted and could throw your dirty clothing in and it would fall down to the basement laundry room. The night prior, Matt wedged a big comforter quilt about half way down. He knew when his mom put clothing in the shoot and when it didn't fall down, she would attempt to clear it and with the angle of the swing hatch door and how far in she would have to lean, matt knew for certain his mom would once again find herself stuck.

"Well I truly appreciate it. I want to get out and get a good spot at the lake. Thanks for breakfast mom" he said as he stood and walked over and kissed her forehead before heading out.

As soon as Matt was gone Kelli went into a flurry of cleaning the dishes, making her bed and other simple chores. She wanted to get all her to do list done and have a chance to shower before the deliveryman arrived. Kelli hoped to look really presentable when she confronted him and could look him in the eye and see if he would explain his doing.

Kelli gathered her laundry, her body sweaty wanting to do laundry before showering. She walked to the chute, opened the door and tossed in a pile of towels first. When they only went about a foot down she sighed " what?"

Kelli opened the hatch and pulled the towels out and leaned in to inspect what was causing the blockage. She saw the comforter and chuckled thinking matt must've tried to shove it down not realizing comforters never work well in the laundry chute. She leaned in and slid foward, bending now fully at the waist, standing on the bare ball of her foot as she gripped the comforter.

"Gotcha, now to pull you out" she said and just then felt the hatch door slide against her lower back, just above her waist band of her shorts and wedge her over the chute frame edge.

"Shit..what the fuck" she cursed as she suddenly realized she was stuck. Again.

Frustration came over her first followed by anger before realizing she had gotten herself stuck again in a very exposed position and to make it worse on the day she was supposed to confront her assailant.

Matt drove down the block and parked the truck to wait. He opened up and installed batteries in the voice change modulator he purchased. It was a high end piece of technology that allowed anyone to speak into it and it would change your voice to whatever tone or sound you needed for complete anoyomonity. He then made sure his phone was set to vibrate and the shutter setting on his camera silenced. Once he felt all was ready he patiently sat and watched for when the delivery truck came down the block.

Matt went and intercepted the delivery man and signed for his package not wanting the delivery to cause any issues with his plans. He said thank you and then drove to the house and pulled up, parked and rang the bell at the kitchen door. He waited and when his mother didn't answer he knew she must've gotten herself wedged in the laundry chute, as he had planned.

Kelli perked up as she heard the door bell.. " here...please..I'm stuck...again." she called out knowing it was surely the deliveryman ringing the bell.

Matt heard her calls for help and smiled. He chuckled as he said to himself. "This is working perfectly."

He rang again. Kelli felt beads of sweat on her forehead and her body trembled with excitement but also fear as she had once again gotten herself in a very compromising position.

"In here..please come help. The door is unlocked." She yelled louder.

Matt opened the door and set the box on the kitchen table. He held up the voice modulator and spoke "it's the delivery man, are you ok mam?" He said as he approached her.

"Please, help me. I seemed to be wedged by the chute door" she explained as a rush washed through her body, waves of the memory from her first encounter with him, the tingles and wetness in her pussy flowing. This time however the man spoke, she heard his voice for the first time and it added an additional wave of euphoric bliss.

Matt stepped up behind her and rested a hand on her upper ass cheeks where the door had her lodged. "Looks like your in quite the predicament" matt spoke into the voice modulator.

"Please just let me out. We have to discuss some important issues" Kelli said with a tremble in her voice.

"The only issue I see is your stuck in this hatch and I'm the only one who can get you out" Matt said as he slid his hands down her ass cheeks and between her warm silky thighs.

"Please stop! Just let me out so we can discuss what you did last time you found me" Kelli pleaded.

Matt chuckled and took out his phone snapping photos before sliding his hands ran up between her

Thighs and under her thin shorts where he let the side of his hand press into her very wet pussy slit as he continued moving up.

"There's so much to discuss, your right. Looks like your body doesn't want me to stop however" matt said as he raised his hand to his nose smelling his fingers that were coated in her wetness. Her scent was so soft yet hints of light musk and sweat came through sending Matt's cock into hardness overdrive.

Kelli's body shivered in pleasure as she tried to stop the assault. "please, you've had your fun. Let me out so we can discuss this like adults" she said as her body was aching for more, deep down her kinky desires exploding for so much more.

Matt reached and grabbed the hem of her shorts and ripped them down her legs to her ankles leaving her bare ass on display with her glistening pussy swelling with her lips slightly parted.

"Well, well, well, no panties this time. What's the special occasion?" Matt asked as he knelt down and let his nose hover over her wet pussy lips inhaling her heavy aromatic scent.

"Please. Stop. Just, just go." she said with mixed fear and want in her trembling voice.

Kelli felt the man's nose graze her outer pussy lips and her legs trembled and without thinking spread them as far as she could with the shorts down at her ankles. She heard his deep inhales, making her wonder if he found her sweaty scent and natural pussy scent appealing. She wanted to scream, to fight him off but she stayed still feeling how his warm breath exhaled as he slid up and down her sticky pussy lips.

"I love how you got so sweaty for me. It's like you know me so well" matt said as he raised his free hand and spread her pussy lips apart wide, allowing his tongue to slide into her tight dark red fuck hole.

"God. Please let me out. This is wrong. My son will be home soon" she moaned and begged once again, forgetting she used the same reasoning as the first time he found her stuck in the kitchen cupboard.

Matt sat back and took more pictures as his fingers held her pussy lips spread open to capture the glistening sticky wetness flowing from his mother's pussy.

"Oh your son, right, about that, now we are going to talk about that before I leave" matt said as he stood up dropping his pants to the floor and releasing his overly thick cock that was oozing a stream of thick salty precum.

"What? What do you mean, we are going to be talking about my son? Please, please he can't find me like this" she begged as ripples of fear shot through her as the man threatened her with such a threat.

Matt gripped his cock and stood behind her and began rubbing his cock up and down between her swollen wet pussy lips. He felt her tense up and heard her gasp as his cock pushed in about an inch, letting her know that this time he was truly about to take what he wanted.

Kelli pleaded as she felt the pressure against her pussy. "Please no...don't do this" she begged but deep down she was hoping he wouldn't stop this time, hoping he would not just jerk off on her and leave. She was torn in her own battle of emotions as she was being taken against her will, assaulted without consent yet deep down begging for more. She was an emotional rollercoaster of feelings.

Matt felt her pussy quiver and the sticky wet lips engulf his cock as he pushed more and more into her body. Her inner warm muscles seemed to clamp his cock and almost be sucking him in.

"If your a good girl, maybe I won't leave your tight pussy dripping cum for your son to find. Fuck your pussy is tight." Matt gasped into the modulator as he pushed all of his thick cock fully into her stretching pussy .

Matt thrust hard and deep, her pussy stretching apart from his intense girth, her pussy becoming so wet the sounds of squishing and suction popping could be heard as he fucked her with steady forceful strokes.

"Mmmmm more..just...ugghhh...stop" Kelli pleaded as she was dizzy with the thickness of his cock, never had she ever felt something so thick and full in her, never had she felt her pussy was being stretched to the point of painful pleasures.

Matt grunted and groaned. He pulled his cock out until just the tip was at her gaped pussy hole. He smiled as he gripped the thick veiny base of his cock and began pushing his tip side to side to play in her sticky creamy pussy wetness her body was flowing. As he slapped her pussy lips with his cock he felt his balls tightening and knew he wouldn't last much longer.

He pressed his tip firm to her cherry red fuck hole and with a strong grip of her ass cheek he plunged hard and forcefully, impaling her pussy with a deep hard thrust.

Kelli screamed at the thrust, the searing pain of her pussy being stretched so far so fast, the man driving his extremely thick cock with such force into her making her knees shake thankful the hatch ledge was supporting her weight.

"Fuck! Stop! please..mmmmmmpppphhh .....fuck..just ....leave "she panted as she was lost in the frenzy of good and bad , right and wrong. She shouldn't be wanting this, why was her body wanting more. It hurt so bad yet felt so fucking amazing.

Hearing his mother's pleas, yet feeling her rocking her hips and pushing back onto his cock as he fucked her was too intense. Matt thrust hard one last time and exploded shooting wave after wave of his very sticky thick rope cum deep into his mother's well used pussy.

"That's a good slut. Take my cum" he grunted as he exploded totally not thinking if his mother was on the pill, not having any cares or concerns, just the need to release his demon seed into her hot wet snatch.

As matt shot his cum into Kelli's pussy, she felt the searing gush of the semen, she felt the intense force of the sticky cum being shot in her against her will, given no warning, being used like a cheap whore, no regard for anything, all things lost. It was too much, her body in erotic overload. Kelli screamed as her own body exploded shooting a torrent of her own slippery squirting cum back all over Matt's cock and onto his balls.

Kelli was gasping, panting, lost in the heat of the raw moment as matt pulled his cock from her pussy. The quick withdrawal suddenly leaving her feeling so empty, so used like a piece of meat, her pussy quivering full of both their wild heavy orgasms.

Matt immediately took pictures of his mother's pussy gaped open, the puffy lips of her pussy reddened from the intense fucking, the creamy white cum oozing out of her hole giving such a stark contrast of the wild assault.

Matt put his cock in his pants and spoke as he began fingering her well used pussy playing with the cum as it leaked out.

"Hope you enjoyed this. If your a good girl and listen to my demands, I promise not to let your son know what a dirty filthy slut his mother is." Matt said as he slid his cum coated fingers up over her asshole and smeared it across her ass cheeks and across her lower back.

"Please...I won't call the cops, I won't tell anyone. Just let me out ...please...I can't have my son find me like this. begging...I'll do anything..anything you ask.." she panted wishing he would let her out and fuck her again so she could stare in the man's eyes who just raped her.

Matt chuckled as he slid his fingers back into her wet messy creampie pussy. "Oh i know you won't call the cops, because if you do I swear your son sees every picture I have and will know all your dirty secrets. Now, all you have to do is obey me and just wait for your orders. Are you able to follow those commands" Matt asked as excitement built as he blackmailed his mother.

"Yes. Yes I can. Please.just get me out and I will do anything you ask" Kelli replied truthfully, but deep down hoped to have her dark itches scratched more and more.

"Ok. I'll be in touch. Just remember, do everything I say or not only will your son see the pictures, but the entire world will know what a slut you are Kelli" matt replied using her name as a bit of a statement.

Matt pulled up her runners shorts and stepped away as Kelli pleaded "get me out. I promised to do as you asked. Please. Let me out before my son gets home." She said with a tone of franticness in her voice, fear and desperation showing through.

"Don't worry. Your son will be home soon to help you out I'm sure. I need to make sure you have time to think what I said and truly follow my commands. Remember Kelli, I will always be watching" matt said adding more threats and a level of fear needed in his mom to ensure his blackmailing went perfect.

"Wait.your leaving me like this? But I agreed" she questioned.

"This is a test Kelli. When your son gets home, he will help get you out. Your going to figure out how to give him teases of your freshly fucked body. It's up to you how much or little. All I care is your obeying me and playing the game. "Matt said in the modulator having to fight every urge to fuck her again as his cock was rock hard and ready for action already.

"Wait.what?.but how? Tease my son? Are you insane?" She asked confused but the more she thought if the order the more she was feeling those tingles of excitement.

"You heard me. I'll be in touch. Oh, keep your phone handy at all times. I'd hate for you to miss an order and have your secret published all over the world and to your son. Have a great day" matt said and slowly walked from the kitchen and out the door.

Kelli sighed. There were so many emotions she was experiencing she didn't know how to even begin to process them all. Her pussy ached, finally fucked and stretched like no man had ever done, her mind wondering what the delivery man's cock looked like to be able to make her feel such a mix of pain and pleasure. The cum leaked and it only added to her own curiosity what it tasted like, smelled like, felt like between her fingers .

She heard the delivery man's truck start and leave and then there was complete silence. Just a used woman and her thoughts, alone, stuck in her own home like a prisoner, a prisoner who now faced being exploited and exposed, a woman who was being threatened with such depravity and Kelli was secretly loving it.

Twenty minutes later Matt pulled up in his truck and parked. He assumed it had been enough time to let his mom think of everything she had been told and instructed to do. He was both excited and nervous to see what she said, did and how she would react.

Kelli heard the truck and not associating the delivery man and Matt's truck as one, she called out.

"Matt, matt in here..please honey" she began calling before he even got in the kitchen door.

Matt walked up to the kitchen door, paused, taking a deep breath,then opened it trying to sound as surprised and shocked as possible.

"Mom! What happened.."he said running up behind her resting his hand on the middle of her back as he pushed the hatch open.

"Oh thank God your home. I got stuck in this Damm laundry chute. Please get me out, I feel so faint" she lied as she tried to keep her thighs clenched together as more cum was leaking from her warm swollen pussy and trickling down her inner thighs.

Matt grinned as he fought back his wild excitement. He leaned in and pushed the hatch door foward fully releasing his mom's confinement and allowing her to ease backwards and out to stand fully finally free.

"Mom what happened?" He asked standing beside her thankful his cock had softened a bit.

"Oh jeez I had just got the delivery of your fishing lures and was about to do laundry when I noticed the chute jammed up. I leaned in to clear it and well the hatch shut and pinned me in. She explained with half truths.

Matt smiled as his eyes noticed how hard her nipples were poking out of her white tank top shedding light to just how aroused she was

"Well first thank you for taking care of receiving my package from the delivery man. I'm sorry your day went bad after that" matt replied as he walked to his box on the table and began opening it acting totally nonchalant.

Kelli's mind was working in overtime. How was she supposed to give her son, her bloodline, her only family teases to not be exposed. Her thighs were sticky, she desperately wanted to shower but was conflicted on what and how the delivery man was watching her, knowing.

Taking a deep breath she walked over to the table where matt sat pulling out his assortment of new fishing lures and leaned into the table on her elbows knowing if he looked up he would be given a very clear look down her tank top at her firm little titties with her puffy perk nipples.

"So are your lures all you expected?" She asked feeling bolts of electric excitement at her being so naughty as ordered, surprised at how the rush was making her pussy flow more wetness. As she leaned she felt the stickiness clinging to her thighs, could smell the scent of raw sex lingering in the kitchen hoping matt wouldn't notice.

Matt looked up getting an eyeful of his mom's little firm breast. He did his best to not linger and show his satisfaction that his mom was already complying and following his orders.

His eyes met hers "oh yea. They are perfect. Everything is just as I expected it would be." He smiled and looked back down to the lures amazed at easy this was going to be.

End of chapter 2. Working on Chapter three. Please let me know if I should take story in any certain direction desired. I hope everyone is enjoying the story. Thanks for reading and please leave comments and constructive criticism.

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Nice, chap 1 was good, but this was great. :)


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