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Guest starring Ivanka Trump

Twitter: DocForbin
Trump Tower, New York City, 2004

My sister, Ivanka, is so sexy and nice, I must have her. Every guy wants her. Her body is perfect, her tits are a little larger than a handful, her body nice and thin at 5 foot and 11 inches, framed by her long, trim legs. Her face was angelic with hazel eyes and her face was beautiful, her hair golden blonde, long, wavy and soft.

I get a boner every time I look at her. She knows she's sexy, because all the guys do that around her, even me. She seems to like looking at me, sometimes she lets me see her, but not noticeably. Like, she spreads her legs more, or she leans a little this way or that. I never saw anything, but it the thought that counts.

But this story starts when she was twenty. My father, Donald and his partner, Melania had left for their monthly trip. Leaving me and my sister alone for the week. I was masturbating while looking on the internet, my sister was in her bedroom. I had a six inch cock and a four inches round. "Eric! Time for dinner!" I groaned, "So close!" I went down stairs to eat dinner, but forgot to put my tool away! Well, you can imagine, when she saw that sucker she stopped, looked for an uncomfortable second, wore a knowing smile and turned away. I shoved it down my pants then ate dinner in silence, beet red.

After that, I went to bed so did my sister. I couldn't get her smile out of my mind. So I decided to go and spy on her. I snuck down and what I saw was... nothing. She was just sleeping. I opened the door just a crack, and opened it further when I realized she was on her sleeping pills, or so I thought. As I walked in she said " What are you doing here?" I froze, thinking of an excuse. Then I shrugged and brought out my cock, semi-hard from seeing her in only a T-shirt and panties. She gasped "You were going to rape me!?"

"No! I was just thinking about your unusual behavior at dinner, and why you didn't scream." By now my cock was at full erection.

"Well, I thought you were just having a moment, you know that happens when you get older."

I didn't say a word, but went to her bed and sat down. "Eric, we can't do this." Ivanka pleaded.

"Why not? You now you have feelings and desires, why not have them with me? I bet you fucked all the guys you went out with."

She blushed, "Actually, I am a virgin."

My mouth dropped. Ivanka is so gorgeous, you would think she actually had someone between her legs at least once. As I moved closer, she stared at my cock. "Eric, please, this is wrong." I ignored her, and kept moving closer. When I was right beside her, she moved away.

I moved closer and gripped her. "Suck my cock. Now!"

I pointed to my cock then pointed to her mouth. She looked at me horrified at first, but slowly using her hands she massaged my cock while using the tip of her tongue licking it. It felt like heaven! It was a common mistake that a girl never gave a blow job before would make. That made me smile, could she be a virgin? Am I that lucky? This went on for several minutes before I grabbed her head and thrusted my cock into her mouth. She gagged in response and a teeth made my cock uncomfortable.

I walked up to the bed while taking off my pants and underwear, next to the bed

Letting her go she recoiled back on the bed gagging. I grabbed her hair and pulled her back up, “no” staring into her tearing eyes sternly. Slowly moving her head back towards my cock, this time she opened her mouth and took the tip of my cock in. Slowly I felt myself shudder as she sucked on it like she was enjoying an ice cream on a hot afternoon. Slowly I try thrusting a little deeper, at first, she resisted but I kept slowly thrusting and I got at least half way in. I felt a surge of electricity rush through my body as she went down on me. The very tips of her breasts brushing against my tingling skin. My legs twitched at having such wonderful company. Getting turned on by this girl’s lack of experience I pushed her on to the bed and spread her legs She did not close her eyes as I thrusted into her. Her head was making little bobbing motions, I almost came right there. Her tongue swirled around the head of my dick. She liked my balls while stroking my dick. She very sexily pulled her hair behind her ears as she continued to pleasure me. I was now more than ready to please her…I looked down, expecting to see disgust written all over her face, but surprised to see she was enjoying it.

"Ugh, Ivanka, that feels so good."

She just kept licking and bobbing her head. I pushed her off and took off her shirt seeing her tits for the first time. They so beautiful all I wanted in the world was to suck on them. But I was hesitant, "Can I...?"

"You can do anything."

And without further ado, I lowered my face to her chest. Then I licked one of her nipples while caressing the other. Gently, I took it into my mouth and sucked, making her cry out and tremble. My hand rubbed her stomach and tickled her thighs. She murmured softly and grabbed my head, pulling me closer. I delighted in the sound of her soft moans and the soft look of pleasure that graced her face. I stopped and rolled her over, taking her panties off, and taking my cock and pushing into her. "Oh Eric, oh, that's so good, push that fucking cock in me, my darling, shove it in me, ram me, fuck me…now!"

She bit her lip as I slipped my hand between her legs and slowly made my way up to her pussy. I touched her with soft caresses. Ivanka let out a soft moan as my fingers contacted her wet bush and I slowly slid my middle finger into her hot juicy cunt. Eventually I reached her heavenly gates, and proceeded to open them with my fingers. She was amazingly so hot and surprisingly sopping wet inside and her clitoris was extended. By now she was breathing rather heavily, and her body gave little jerks a, I touched one sensitive spot after another. I began to stroke it in and out positioning it in such a way that my finger was rubbing her clit on each stroke. There was no doubt that it was driving Ivanka wild. It was very stirring for her. I leaned back up to kiss her lips and loved her eagerness and her warmth.

“Now, Eric!” she exclaimed, “I need you in me now!” It was then that Ivanka murmured through the kiss.

Boy, I obliged and I didn't have to be asked twice. I whispered her name in return. Then I caressed her more firmly as she smiled and spread the softness of her lovely thighs apart, as I slowly work my way up toward her sex. Looking at her bush I didn’t want to wade through that jungle and positioned myself and she grasped my long hard dick as just spread her pussy lips and roughly entered her hot juicy pussy. She was seriously beginning to moan loudly, tilting her head back. I kiss her deeply and her breadth shortened and quickened. We both felt the beginnings of our release. Her beautiful brown eyes sparkled with pleasure as my entire pole slid all the way in and was sheathed within her. Now she began to really spasm and kissed me back, wrapping her arms around me and gasped in what seemed like a mix of pleasure and pain as I began to move the first few inches in and out, slowly but passionately fuck her steamy hot pussy at first, letting her adjust to my size and as a way of further teasing her but with increasing speed and force. Ivanka had never felt so good in her life, the feeling was amazing, if you ever had pussy in high school you would know what I’m talking about.

Her soft hands caressed my back and butt as I looked into her eyes and ground my meat into her fully. My hands alternately wandered over her shapely thighs and felt her luscious breasts, her hips jerked up and down as I drove and drove, taking her cherry. In, out, in, out, in, out went my cock. It felt so glorious. As I grunted savagely like an animal, she began to push me off her but I was too strong and held her at bay staying inside her. She must be reacting to me cumming inside her, I grabbed her throat and she stopped struggling. Looking into my eyes she knew she could do nothing and promptly stopped struggling. Pregnancy is the least of her worries. We slammed together and I tried to vary my rhythms, but soon was not entirely in control of my actions. Like a teakettle building steam, I felt my orgasm beginning down in my tight aching scrotum and then rushing, rushing until I felt a churning in my balls, telling me I was going to cum.

She was with me completely.

"Now, nowwwwwwwwwwww." she screamed.

Grabbing and licking her supple breasts, I felt her pussy tighten and thrust in very hard as beautiful Ivanka's pussy orgasmed and my hot dick fired hot loads inside her and filled her wide open receptive cunt with my hot sticky cum.

"Eric, cum inside me, cum inside me!"

Her pussy continued to milk my dick as her eyes rolled and she moaned with pleasure. It was the best pussy I had ever had, alive or dead.

"Aagh, aagh, aagh." she sobbed as I gave a final involuntary shudder, and I shoved as far as I could and came inside of her. She soon joined me in bliss as she gave in to her own orgasm. I moved over to one side, and lay on my back, trying to catch my breath. We collapsed together spent, kissing and hugging.

Later, as I started to withdraw, cock slippery with cum; her pussy was still grabbing at my rod so I stroked slowly a few more times before getting off and kissed her gently. Eventually I looked over at her as she gazed dreamily at me. I leant forward to her parted lips. We had a passionate kiss and realized that she was unconscious.

She started waking and said "Eric that was the best thing in my life!"

In reply, we began round two. It was much the same as round one, but she insisted on being on top this time. The one memory I can say was from this time was my trying to play with her breasts as they hung above me, like some low-lying fruit. As I smiled; she straddled my body in the sixty- nine position so that I was staring at her lovely pussy and ass. Her face broke out into a wide grin as I rubbed her sexy thighs as my lips kissed her pussy lips and my tongue entered her slit and found her clitoris. We both waited for that moment when we became one entity… I soon had her moaning with pleasure and as our excitement grew; she took a deep breath as she turned her body and straddled my dick, and lowered herself onto me. The relatively short foreplay hadn't stopped her from feeling ready. It entered her well lubed hole effortlessly. If we were going to be disturbed it would be now because Ivanka quickly changed from the soft and gentle into a woman with a deep hunger for sex. She cried out as she began to ride on me. I held her waist and watched as her breasts bounced up and down wild and free as I thrust from underneath. Her lovely hair reached the small of her back as she arched…her hands with their fingers raking my stomach. She had a way of making the most of every delicious stroke…her control of her muscles was extraordinary…Ivanka was quite a woman.

As hard as we fought to stop this from ending nature took its course. It was feeling better all the time for both of us. I heard and felt the subtle change in her breathing as she rode me harder and faster and faster. The flimsy bed was squeaking and banging. Ivanka was crying out as I felt a surge from deep inside me. I exhaled a deep grunt and unable to hold back any longer, I climaxed. Ivanka broke out into a joyous laugh as I kept pumping her until she cried out…her nails drew blood as her pussy pulsed in another orgasm and I again shot a second load into her full of cum. It was pure extasy for me. She collapsed on my chest and I stroked her shoulder length dark brown hair with my hands. It may have been short and sweet, but I'll be using this service again.

I quickly fell in a very satisfying slumber. There are times when being a a family member of Trump does bring its blissful rewards. My eyes closed with the image of Ivanka firmly behind them.

She leant over and kissed me tenderly. Her immaculate blonde hair was how a mess as it stuck to her face which was drenched in perspiration. I moved it back and returned her kiss. She was glowing and itching to do it all over again. Later, we lay beside each other and kissed and tightly embraced with me still rock hard inside her, I was still horny and I flip her around on all fours. Her asshole’s virginity was all mine, reaching down I started to spread her butt cheeks. She immediately tried to turn around and I grabbed her neck from behind. Ivanka gasped, “Please, don’t do this, please no…NO! NO! NOOOOO! Get your fucking hands off me NOW!” She was weeping by now, saying things that I can’t understand. But I think she was pleading with me.

To be continued...
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