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Chelsea Yates learns about the pleasures of life the hard way and learns that men will use her. She finds that she doesn't have to love to enjoy sex.
A Naive Cowgirl Grows Up Quickly - Parts 16,17 and 18

I was so glad to put Mike and Dave behind me. I didn't realize how uptight I actually was. My sleep is better, I'm eating better, I'm working without mistakes and I feel more at ease and less apprehensive.

This weekend I go to Laramie. I ride on Saturday at about 1pm. I am looking forward to this one. I have several friends that will be there and I want to make a good showing. Also......I have to make my mind up as to whether I will get in the horse race with the Martin brothers.

I actually think that Rip can beat their horse. I know that he is one of the faster horses on the barrel circuit. I'm not real sure about a quarter mile race, but I know he has a lot of stamina and can run that distance easily. I guess, I have till Saturday to make up my mind.

I had a lot of work to do on the ranch. I spent my days out in different parts checking and working cattle. Matt and I work well together and seem to always make any task enjoyable. He and I have talked a lot about Mike and Dave and when I ask him what happened with them, he always changes the subject or says that I shouldn't be concerned with's over. So, I drop the subject and go on.

On Tuesday, Brett came out to see me. He had been out of town buying stock for his Dad. "The reason I came over is first, to tell you I've missed seeing you and second, if you will come over and check the cattle I bought. Dad wants to get their health checked out before we turn them out with the rest of our stock. And third, do you want to go out to dinner tomorrow night?

I had to grin at him. I wanted to give him a big hug when I first saw him arrive, I'm preg testing some of our cows and I've got cow shit from my shoulders down to my boots. I don't look or smell very appealing right now.

"I'm glad to see you Brett, but as you can see, you're not seeing me at my best right now." I laughed.

"I agree," he said, "but you're still beautiful."

"Thank you Brett.....I'd kiss you, understand. I've missed you too, I've been gone a lot to rodeos....and I think I would like to go out to dinner with you tomorrow night. Now, as far as giving your cattle a check up...I doubt that I can get to it till I get back from Laramie this next weekend. I've got a lot to do here and then I leave on Saturday morning. How soon do you have to have it done?"

"Dad would like to get them done this week so he can get them out of the corrals. I've got 57 to check, it shouldn't take you long."

"I'll tell you what, Brett, maybe I can get over there on Friday after lunch. If you have them up in the working pens, and will help me, I can probably get it done. But, the blood samples won't be back till Monday. So can you guys work around that or do you need it done sooner?"

"I think we can live with that time frame. Where do you want to go to dinner tomorrow? There's a new road house West of Rawlins on the Interstate. I've heard its good, want to try it?"

"Sounds good to me," I told him. "How about the two clowns, are they still giving you trouble?"

"Not really. After they saw that you went out with me and the other things that happened, they have been a lot easier to get along with. Monte told me that he didn't know why you would go out with me when he was available so I told him that it's because he acts like an asshole and no one wants to be with him. I don't know, but, I think that he and Izzy are growing up a little.....we'll see."

"I guess I'd better get back to getting this little chore finished so I can get it done before nightfall. What time tomorrow night?"

"How about I pick you up about 7? We can go back over to the Hole in the Wall after dinner if you want. We'll figure it out. I'll see you later."

After Brett left, I finished up the remaining 10 cows and went to the wash bay to get the cow shit off of me. I knew Mom would have a fit if I came in the house like this. Luckily, I have hot water in the wash bay so I just hosed myself off good.

Matt walked into the barn and gave me a wolf whistle. "Those are sure some nice tits there in that wet tshirt. You ought to enter a contest, you'd probably win."

I looked at him as he was laughing at me and said, "Fuck you Matt!"

At that, being a typical brother, he turned on the cold water and began to spray me as I ran out of the wash bay cussing him. I could hear him laughing all the way up to the house. When I got there, Mom met me at the door, "Don't come in this house with those wet clothes on girl, take them off on the back porch and leave them there."

I did as I was told. I stripped down to my panties and bra and was going to the bathroom to shower. I ran right into Dad as he was coming out of the bathroom. I think we were both shocked. He just said 'excuse me' and looked away as he went toward the kitchen. I know I must have turned several shades of red.

On Wednesday, Matt and I worked down on the National Forest lease in the Medicine Bow National Forest. We had to finish fixing the fences before we could turn out cattle there. We figured we could finish by around 3pm if we didn't mess around too much. This grazing permit was on the East side of the Continental Divide and only lasts for 35 days. We own some land that borders the lease so, it works in with our ranch.

When Matt found out I had a date with Brett, he began teasing me. After he had his fun, he told me, "Brett isn't a bad guy at all. He works his ass off over at his Dad's place and I don't think that his old man appreciates what he does. If he can hang in there and not let his Dad run him off, he will have a good ranch some day.

When we got back to the ranch, I barely had time to get a shower and get dressed before Brett arrived. When I came out of my room, he was there visiting with Dad. I was wearing a low cut dress with a full skirt and heels. I like getting out of the boots and jeans once in a while. I must have looked good judging from the looks I was getting from Brett......and my Dad.

"You clean up pretty good Chelsea," my Dad said to me.

"I'll say," Brett uttered.

We went out to the restaurant and had a very nice dinner. Brett commented that I looked a lot better tonight than I did yesterday when he was at the ranch and said I smell better too. Men......all they do is give me a hard time. Oh well.

We went to the Hole and met up with some friends. A DJ was playing so we had music to dance to. Later in the evening, Monte and Izzy showed up. I thought to myself 'I knew the good time we're having is too good to be true.'

Monte walked a direct line to where we were sitting. I was thinking that it was probably time to go, I really didn't want to put up with these two jerks tonight. But, when he got to our table, Monte asked, "Hey, Chels, mind if I talk to you for a minute?"

There was something different about him tonight so I didn't act rude like I was going to do and said, "Okay Monte, pull up a chair and let's talk."

Brett looked at me like I had lost my mind and the bouncer had taken a few steps toward our table thinking I had lost my mind.

"You know Chelsea, we've known each other for a long time. I've been thinking about things and I want to apologize to you.....and Brett for the way I've been acting. I've had a lot of time to think about things and I realize that I.......I guess I should say we, Izzy and me, have been treating you two pretty bad. That's going to change, I promise you. Me and Izzy are sorry and we hope you two guys will forgive us for the way we acted toward you. That's all I wanted to tell you, so you guys go back to what you were doing and we'll leave you alone. Okay Chels?"

I was shocked. Monte caught me by surprise. All I could say to him was, "Monte, thank too Izzy. I think that we can all be friends and get along. Like you said, we've all known each other a long time and we do live in the same place." I stood up and kissed Monte and Izzy on the cheek, stuck out my hand and said, "Friends?"

They both shook my hand and hugged me and said, "Friends!"

After they left the table, Brett told me that was something that he never thought he would see. "I'll give them a chance, but if I found that they lied to us, I'll fix them good."

The evening at the Hole was a lot of fun. I enjoyed catching up with many of my friends that I hadn't seen in a while. Also, Monte and Izzy both asked me to dance and I accepted. They were both still apologetic. I think that Brett and I can put this problem behind us. Maybe they have grown up.

We left the Hole at closing time. Tonight, Brett was not pushy about sex. We both had early mornings so we drove to my house and he walked me to the door and kissed me goodnight. "Perhaps we will be able to get together one weekend soon and I'll get us a room, instead of my back seat. I know you will be rodeoing a lot this summer and maybe I can work it out to go with you to some of them.....I'll just have to see if I will be able to get away from the ranch. I'm hoping I can drive down to Laramie on Saturday and watch you compete. I won't be able to stay overnight, but at least I can watch you....that is if it's okay with you."

"That will be fine Brett, but, don't feel like you have to come. I know how busy you are."

In the back of my mind I have decided I will race Rip against the Martin's horse. If I win, there will be no problem, but.......if I lose, I'm going to be kind of busy.

I caught up with everything on the ranch by Friday at noon. I went over to Brett's and checked out all of the cattle he had bought. I found nothing that was serious. I told Brett that I would do a health certificate and mail it to him. His Dad was there. I had never really known him well. I had seen him around while we were in high school, but not much more than that. He seemed nice, but I knew he was a hard worker.

"Brett, are you still coming to Laramie on Saturday?" I asked.

His Dad answered for him, "I think we are going to be too busy this weekend, maybe he can go to another rodeo later on." Brett was standing behind his Dad. He looked ashamed and I couldn't blame him, his Dad was out of line.

I returned to the ranch and was in my office doing paper work when my phone rang. It was Phil Martin. "Hi Chelsea, I thought I'd check with you and see if you want to race our horses this weekend? We are in Laramie and didn't see you today so I thought I'd see what your plans are."

"Oh, hi Phil. I'm not driving down till tomorrow morning. I'll leave here around 5 or 6....should put me in there around 8, at the latest. I've decided to take you up on the race. When would you want to do it?"

"Whenever Chelsea, maybe after the rodeo. The old race track is close by. We can go over there easily. Is that okay with you?"

"Yes, that will work. So Phil, I hope you're ready to lose a horse." I teased him.

"I can handle it if I lose him......but, I guess the question is, are you going to be able to handle it if you lose? I'm looking forward to seeing you in nothing but your chaps, riding the three of us." He laughed.

"Only in your dreams cowboy." I laughed. "See you in Laramie."

Well, the deal is done. I may have a raw pussy come Sunday morning, but on the other hand, I may have a great team roping horse. I guess we'll see.

I loaded all my gear and I'm ready to leave in the morning. All I have to do was load Rip. I'll be driving down by myself as Mom and Dad are driving down later, then coming home right after the rodeo. I told them that I would be staying overnight so I could go to the dance Saturday night.


I am up early and ready to leave. Rip is loaded and I can tell he is feeling good. It's going to be a nice day, no clouds in sight, only bright sun. The drive to Laramie is easy, just over an hour. When I get there I see that there is a big crowd today. There is a parking spot out behind the chutes that I take. I'm feeling good. It will be nice to win this's a good one and will add to my winnings nicely.

As I'm unloading Rip, Phil Martin came walking up. "I'm glad you made it....looks like it's going to be a nice day for the rodeo. Are you ready Chelsea? I'm looking forward to you qualifying for the NFR in December. As a matter of fact, I've got a bet that you win the NFR Barrels this year."

"I'm glad you are so confident Phil, I'm still working on just getting there.....I haven't even considered winning it yet."

"I have confidence in you Chelsea. Are you ready for the horse race? That's all that Rowdy and Sam have been talking about since you and I talked yesterday. Oh, and by the way, my brothers and I will not discuss the race with anyone other than the 4 of us. We will keep it private, no matter who wins."

"Thank you Phil, I appreciate that. So, when I win your horse, we'll just tell everyone I bought it from you....right?"

"Yeah, if you win....and if we win, that stays between us too....and there will be no pictures taken. We have no intention of messing up your reputation. We all like you a lot Chelsea and consider you a close friend. We hope you feel the same about us."

"Again, thank you Phil, I appreciate it. It is nice to know that you consider me a good friend."

Phil went on to get ready for his events today and I finished getting Rip ready. I changed into my racing outfit and was about to go check in and get ready for the grand entry when Mom and Dad arrived. They wished me luck and told me how good I look in my new outfit then went to the grandstands.

I checked in and got my number and went to get Rip for the grand entry. Everything went smoothly. After the entry, I saw Sam and Rowdy and they were all smiles and wished me luck in the barrel race.

I sat and watched the cowboys compete in the events leading up to the barrel race. As I visited with the other contestants, I could tell that they now recognized me as a threat. Don't get me wrong, the women here are professionals, they respect one another, but don't drop their guard. To them, this is a business.

Race time is here. I'm number 2 today. I need to put a good time up so the others have to do their best to beat me. Connie is the first rider out and scores a 14.55. That's not bad, but I know I can beat it.

I'm in the starting area talking to Rip and stroking his neck. His eyes and ears are alert and I know he is ready. I spur him out and lean forward. It feels like Rip is flying today. Around the first barrel clean and on the way to the second. As we round it, I can see that we are only inches from this barrel, but don't bump it. Third barrel coming up, around it tight and headed home. I feel this is going to be fast. I put on the brakes and check out the clock. "OH SHIT, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT......13.62!"

That is my fastest time ever and I hear the announcer say it is an arena record. I see Mom and Dad at the fence waving and cheering. I'm on top of the world with that ride. That will take some air out of the others....that will be hard to beat.

I walked Rip around and cooled him out while the rest of the contestants made their runs. When it was all said and done, my time held up. The closest was 13.92. I took my victory lap, waving my hat at the crowd as they applauded me. This purse will jump me up in the standings.

Now, just one more race to win. The way I feel, there is no way I'm going to lose. At the trailer, I pulled the saddle off of Rip and put it away. I'm going to use a lighter saddle for the other race. I went in the trailer and changed into my jeans and tshirt.

When I came out, Phil was standing by Rip brushing him. "That was one hell of a ride Chelsea. I can see a lot of big things in your future my friend," he said smiling.

"Thank you Phil, I appreciate it. Do you think you're ready to lose a horse after while?" I teased.

Phil just laughed. As I look at him, he is really a good looking guy, maybe 4 or 5 years older than me. Rowdy and Sam are handsome guys also and I guess Sam to be a couple of years older than me and Rowdy is probably about my age. When I think about it, there's not one of them I'd kick out of bed for eating crackers.

"Chelsea, speaking of big things in your future, I think that those big things will be cumming sooner than you think." He grinned and laughed at his own joke.

I just wrinkled up my nose at him and stuck out my tongue.

"I have to go over and see how my brothers are doing. We will meet you here after the rodeo and we can all go over to the race track together." Phil said as he walked toward the chutes.

I brushed Rip out and walked him around, keeping him loose. I fed him some grain and left him in the shade till the rodeo was over. I went back over to the chutes and watched some of the bull riding.

Mom and Dad made their way to where I was. They both gave me a big hug and congratulated me. "Chelsea, watching you make that run today reminded me of the times I watched your Mom. You two are so much alike." Dad told me.

"Well, dear, I think that Dan and I are going to head back to the ranch. Are you coming home in the morning?" Mom asked.

"That is what I am planning Mom, I should be home before Noon."

The bull riding was over so it was on to the horse race. I walked over to my trailer and saddled Rip and got him ready. The Martin brothers all came by and we all walked over to the old race track together. It was good to get to know them a little better. I do like these guys.

When we got over to the track, Phil told me that Sam had marked a quarter mile on the rail with red paint. Phil was riding his horse, and of course, I was riding Rip. We moved the horses up to the starting line and waited for Sam to start us with a hand drop.

Rowdy had gone to the finish line with a camera to take a pic of the finish, in case it was very close.

We were both ready to go. I could feel Rip was ready. Sam dropped his hand and we were off in a flash. It was a good start and we were running side by side. We were running even. I could feel Rip pushing, not wanting this other horse to get past him. I could feel we were pulling ahead just a little. I began to smile, knowing I was ahead. I could see Rowdy and the red mark on the rail approaching.

All of a sudden, there was a burst of speed from Phil and he was passing me, very slowly. I whipped Rip with the reins and realized he was doing all he could do. Meanwhile, Phil was pulling out ahead of me. We crossed the finish and I knew that I had been beaten.

Phil and I stopped at the finish to look at the picture. He was smiling, knowing he had won. The picture showed it clearly, he had beaten me by a head.

"Well, Chelsea.....that was a good race. However, I'm not sorry I won. The prize is worth more than words can convey. My brothers and I have talked it over and we're not going to make you pay up. It was just a fun race with a real gutsy friend. All we want is a big hug and a kiss." Phil told me with his arm around my shoulder.

"No Phil," I said, "a bet is a bet and I lost fair and square. I will not welch on our bet. All of us have become friends and I don't want to jeopardize it or ever have anyone say I didn't live up to my I'm going to pay up."

"Chels, you are a beautiful woman and there is nothing the three of us would like better than to spend six hours having sex with you, but......."

I cut him off, "But, nothing........I'm going to honor the bet Phil. I'm a big girl and I want to be fair. So, do you guys have a room or do we need to get one?"

Phil and his brothers just smiled and Phil said, "Okay Chelsea.....we have room over at the Marriott."

We all started walking back to where we were parked and talked along the way. They all kept telling me that they only bet to give me a hard time, if I lost.

I had to tell them, "Guys, if I had won, I would have taken your horse. That was the bet. So I'm going through with my part of this and, I have to tell you, I'm going to have fun, just like you guys are. So, let's not talk about it, let's go have dinner then go to your room and fuck."

Rowdy smiled and said, "Well, the least we can do is buy dinner and some refreshments for the room."

"It's a deal," I said smiling.

We took care of the horses and loaded them in our trailers. Phil suggested we go to the Old Corral and Steakhouse. He said there was room to park the trailers and the food was great. So, that's where we went, stopping off at a liquor store for some room refreshments.

We had a great dinner and a lot of laughs. They served a great margarita and we did drink our share. They told me that they had a ranch about 10 miles West of Wheatland, Wyoming. These guys were all stand up guys. They told me that if I ever needed them for anything, all I had to do is ask and they would be there. I could see a good friendship in the making.

When we finished there we drove to the Marriott and parked. I went in my trailer and fed and watered Rip and locked the trailer up. I grabbed a bag that had all the necessary items a woman needs. The Martin boys secured their trailer and we all went in together.

"Guys, there is one thing that I need first and that's a good shower. So, I call first....and I don't need any company." I told them.

"That's fine, we have three rooms. We will go to another room and shower and come back here." Rowdy said to me.

I went into the shower and cleaned the trail dust off. I did a douche and an enema so I was totally clean. I sprayed on my favorite perfume and I have a surprise for them. Phil had said something about me in nothing but my chaps riding them, so, I brought my dress chaps with me....that will give them a surprise.

I put my chaps on and went out into the room. None of them were back yet so I checked myself out in the mirror and was totally surprised at how I looked. "They're gonna like this," I said out loud.

I found a music channel on the TV and set it to some nice music and opened a long neck. I heard someone unlocking the door. First one through was Rowdy, then Phil and last was Sam. Once inside they just stood there with their mouths open.

They had all put on shorts and a tshirt after their showers. As they all gazed at me in my chaps, I noticed their shorts started to expand in the front and from the looks of things, I was about to experience some rather large cocks.

Phil walked around me saying, "My God, Chelsea, I've never seen a naked woman that looks as good as you. I mean you are one beautiful woman from your head to your toes and you are a Vet to top it off........beautiful and smart. What a combination." He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek as he cupped my breast.

Sam and Rowdy moved over to me. "That's the nicest pair of chaps I think I've ever seen." Rowdy laughed as he kissed me on the lips lightly. Sam had a butt cheek in one hand and a tit in the other and said, "You're beautiful Chelsea," then kissed me.

Since I had a beer, everyone else opened one and took off their shorts and tshirts. As I looked at each of them, I knew I had been right.....they were all three very sexy men. Their cocks all had to be close to the same size about 7 inches long and about 2 1/2 inches in diameter. They were all standing straight out and hard as a rock. Their balls hung down and would swing when they walked. This was going to be fun.

I walked over to one the king size bed and peeled all the top covers off, leaving the 6 pillows on the bed. "Well boys," I said as I removed my chaps, "I'm going to take these off so they don't get cum soaked." They all laughed as they chugged down their beers.

Phil asked me, "Before we get started, I want to come to a few understandings. Like what you don't want us to do to you, you know what you don't like. Where do you want us to many of us do you want to do at one time, like do you want only one or what?"

I smiled at Phil, "Thanks for the consideration Phil, so.......first I don't like it rough. I don't like to be slapped or hit. And gentlemen, you can cum any place you want to. I'm on the pill and won't get pregnant. I like to swallow cum and I'll eat all you will give me. And last, I think we can play that one by ear. I've never done more than one guy at a time, so we'll see about doing a DP.

I crawled up on the bed and adjusted the pillows. "Ok, who's first? Phil smiled and crawled on the bed. He was on his hands and knees above me and kissed me. Rowdy and Sam pulled chairs up close to the bed and sat down, stroking their cocks.

Phil layed over on his side and continued kissing me as he felt my tits and worked on down to my bare pussy. He lightly stroked my puffy lips as he began to suck and chew on one of my nipples. His finger slipped between those lips and found my wetness, which he dragged up to my clit. He took my clit between his thumb and forefinger and began to stroke it. The pleasure I was beginning to feel was making my pussy wetter and wetter.

Phil moved down, my stomach with his mouth, kissing and licking me, making me squirm. He got between my legs and began to lick me from my ass hole to my clit, probing my holes with his tongue. The man knew how to pleasure a woman with his mouth and tongue.

I was feeling a little neglected so I motioned for someone to bring their cock to my mouth. Rowdy wasted no time. I found pre cum was dripping out of his cock and greedily sucked it off. Sam was on the other side of my head. I looked at his cock and saw a large amount of pre cum at his pee hole. Like a good girl, I collected it all and was able to suck more out of his long rod.

While I sucked two cocks, Phil's tongue and mouth were moving me to an apex. I could feel my stomach muscles beginning to tighten and I knew that an orgasm was eminent. I was alternating taking Sam and Rowdy down my throat while Phil orally worked my pussy over.

Then I felt first orgasm of the evening.....and was it ever a good one. My body began to convulse severely. My back arched up and I felt the juices flowing from my wanton pussy. Phil continued to drink my cum as it flowed out. I had Rowdy down my throat and had grasped his balls when I felt his dick swell and explode down my throat, sending a copious amount of thick, sweet semen to my stomach. I am stroking Sam's cock with my free hand and I feel his cock getting harder. Phil is still eating me and causing me to have a continual orgasm. I pull Rowdy's shrinking cock from my mouth and swallow Sam's as he begins to shoot ropes of cum onto my face and into my mouth. I love the taste of cum and I will have more before I'm done. As Sam and Rowdy, retreat to their chairs, Phil has crawled up over me as I finger scrape Sam's cum from my face. I feel the head of Phil's cock push inside me slowly. He never stops and continues to slide his phallus in me till his balls are resting on my ass. He begins to pump me, slowly and deliberately. I feel him bottoming out in my young pussy.

Phil is smiling as he slowly fucks me. His rod moves in and out of my body and he takes a nipple between his lips and sucks gently. Waves of pleasure are moving throughout my body. I feel so good and Phil is so gentle. I begin to cum again. I know he feels it. He is looking at me, smiling as he never stops pushing himself into me as deep as he can. I feel so good as he begins to thrust in me a little faster. My legs wrap around his ass and pull him to me. He fucks me faster....I know he is about to put his hot cum in my belly. His eyes are closed, his mouth is open and he moans as if in pain, then I feel the warmth spreading inside my torso as he deposits his load inside me. He lays down on top of me breathing deeply. I can still feel his dick inside me, slowly pulsing, pushing every drop of his fertile semen in me. I hear him whisper, thank you....thank you....thank you. He withdraws his cum covered cock from my body and moves off of the bed.

I feel well fucked and there has only been one man inside me. I look over at Rowdy and smile. I open my arms to him and he moves on top of me and pushes his hardness into my cum slick pussy. My legs and arms wrap around him as he begins to thrust his hard cock deep inside me. Cum is pushing out of my cunt, around his big cock. I feel his soft glans pushing against my cervix. He fits me so well, filling my vaginal canal. I am so lubricated he slides in and out of me easily. His head is down on my shoulder and I can whisper in his ear as his cock assaults my tight box. "I loved the taste of your cum. I can still feel it's warmth in my tummy. Now I want to feel your hot cum filling my womb. I want you inside my baby box, putting a hot load of sperm inside it. Come on Rowdy, spew your life juice inside my waiting womb. Suddely, he thrust inside me hard and I felt his cock slip through my cervix. His hands went around and grasped both of my buttocks and squeezed as his dick swelled and his balls pumped hot sperm laden semen into my wanting body. He didn't move for several minutes. He raised up and kissed me, his tongue dancing with mine. He smiled and got off of me.

Sam quickly moved into position and thrust his man meat inside my pussy. I could hear squishy sounds as he fucked me and chewed on my sensitive tits. It feels good to feel his mouth on my breasts, sucking, nibbling and pulling them. I think his cock must be a little larger than the others. I feel it stretching me while he takes my body. I know that the tightness is going to push him over the edge. My legs are wrapped around him and he has lifted my ass up off the bed as he fucks me. I can hear and feel his big balls slapping my ass on every stroke. I am so full of cum. It's oozing out of my pussy around his big cock and dripping down my ass. I grip his ass cheeks and pull him deeper inside open womb accepting his pleasure stick, getting ready to be flooded with more hot sperm.

It seems that I am in a constant state of bliss, orgasms coming one after the other. My mind is absorbed in the pleasure that my new fuck buddies are gifting me. I put a tongue into Sam's ear and gently blow. I feel his cock swell and ejaculate. His is pumping his hot love juice into my overflowing belly. He smiles and pulls out of me.

Phil is standing at the end of the bed, his limp cock dangling between his legs. "My dear Chelsea, there is a white river of thick cum flowing out of you. I sat up and scooped up a handful of it and put it in my mouth. I swallowed and said to him. "Now that's some good stuff.........I need the bathroom so I can clean up for the next round.

They all laughed and watched as I stood and caught more of the cum that was running out of me. I licked it up as I went into the bathroom. I got into the shower and unscrewed the detachable shower head from the hose. I started the warm water slowly and pushed the end up inside me. The warm water filled my pussy and washed all the remaining cum from my body, making me fresh again. I then soaped and showered and freshened myself.

I dried off and came out of the bathroom. The guys were all standing drinking a beer. "Want one Chelsea," Phil asked?

"I think I'll have a wine cooler this time….that sounds good." I replied.

I'm sure we sat around and talked for an hour or more. I noticed that Rowdy was looking at me and his cock was hard again. I walked over to his chair and sat in his lap and kissed him. His manhood was sticking up between my legs. I spit in my hand and started polishing his knob. It must have felt good from the way he moaned. I stood up and sat on his lap, my back to him. As I sat down, I positioned his cock at the entrance to my pussy and slowly impaled myself on it. I began to rise and fall on that big thing. He had hold of my hips and was assisting me. I easily reached down and grasped his ball sack and gently squeezed it with one hand while I stroked my clit with the other. In a matter of minutes I was cumming on his dick and he was erupting inside me. When I laid back against his chest, he cupped my tits and gently kneaded them. It felt good.

Phil and Sam had watched me fuck Rowdy this way. Sam motioned for me to come sit in his I did. He was hard....really hard and went a long way up inside me. As I fucked him, he kneaded my tits. Phil came and stood in front of me, his cock stiff and leaking pre cum. I grasped it and began to lick it like a lollipop while I fucked Sam. His cock felt so good inside me I wanted to scream. Phil had moved closer to me and was holding my head by my ears while he face fucked me, sliding his long cock down my throat. Sometimes he would hold it all the way down and I would have to pat him on the stomach so he would pull it out and let me breathe. I was stroking his balls and making him moan. I could feel that he was going to cum soon, so I dribbled some spit on my forefinger and pushed it up his ass. He blew his load down my throat immediately. I got a couple of good squirts in my mouth so I played with it, tasted it and swallowed it. He was a happy camper. Shortly after that, Sam unloaded his baby juice deep inside me, making my tummy warm. As I stood up off of Sam, I realized that again, I was full of cum and needed to clean it out so I didn't make a mess.

This time Phil went to the shower with me. He soaped my body while I hosed myself out with the shower head hose. "That's pretty ingenious of you to douche yourself out that way." he said as he rubbed soap over my tits.

"A friend of mine told me about it, works in a pinch." I said to him.

He was turning me on rubbing the soap all over my body. We were kissing heavily. My back was against the wall of the shower. He raised one of my legs and pushed his hard member up inside my pussy and began to slow fuck me. We were really in to it when Rowdy came in the bathroom.

"Looks like you two are having fun, mind if I join you?" He asked.

I looked at him and said, "Come on in the water is fine and I have an empty hole, just for you."

I put both arms around Phil's neck and wrapped both legs around him. He put his hands under my thighs and held me up as he continued to fuck me. Rowdy came up behind me, put spit on a finger and pushed it up my ass. He got the bar of soap and lubed his fingers with it then pushed two of them inside me then began spreading and relaxing my sphincter muscle till he had three fingers inside my ass. He lubed up with soap and pushed his cock all the way inside me. I was full of cock and loving every minute of it.

Rowdy began to thrust up into my ass while Phil continued fucking my pussy. One would be in while the other was out.....back and forth......the pleasure they were giving me excited me back into a constant state of orgasm. I was cumming non-stop, then both of them pushed their cocks inside me at the same time and began unloading their hot jiz. When they finished, I put my feet on the floor of the shower but had to hold on to Phil to keep from collapsing. When I finally got some strength back, I hosed myself out again, front and back. I now know exactly what a cum bucket

The four of us fucked each other long past the 6 hours. Sometimes, we didn't do any kind of sex for a long time. We'd drink and talk and joke around. Sometime around 3am we all slept for a few hours then got up and went at it again.

We decided what the ultimate fuck of the day was. I was laying on my side in the middle of the bed. Phil was behind me fucking my ass, Sam was in front of me fucking my pussy and Rowdy wedged in and fucked my mouth. All of us climaxed at the same time, give a few seconds one way or the other.

We all agreed we would have to do this again sometime. I finally got cleaned up and dressed at 8:30am. I headed my truck for home and grinned all the way there. I think I had more fun with these guys than I have had anywhere else since I started having sex.


While I drove along the Interstate, I thought about the things I am doing. I wonder, is there something the matter with me? Am I a nymphomaniac? I know I'm a slut, but that's beside the point. I have to figure this out, why am I fucking all the time, and liking it so much. I need to think about this and see if I think I have a problem.

There's home. I'm ready to settle in and work for a week. Casper is next weekend. I hope that Brett can go with me. I would like to spend some more time with him.

There is a lot of work on the ranch. Just taking off a couple of days puts me behind when I return. Matt and I seem to be handling most of the work here. I think that Dad is slowing down and is letting us run things. Mom has told me, he is considering retirement or at least semi-retiring. He wants to have more time so he and Mom can pursue other things. I know he will not completely stop working on the ranch till he dies. He has told us that for years.

Matt’s girlfriend is spending some time at the ranch. She spends most of her free time with Matt. I have been so involved with me that I have just not paid attention to the times he is not around. Her name is Annie Hopkins. She is a fantastic lady and the only daughter of a banker in Rawlins.

She and Matt have been going out since they were in high school and are, what you might say, exclusive. Annie isn’t the most beautiful woman in the world, but, she is one of the nicest people I know. She went to college at Texas Tech and received her degree in Petroleum Engineering. While she was there, Matt was in the Marine Corp.

Annie works for an oil company over in Sinclair. She has a nice home just outside of Rawlins. When Matt isn’t out on the ranch somewhere, he is usually at Annie’s house. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time till they get married.

I think that the two of them getting married will be relatively soon. Matt has been talking about building a house here on the ranch. That is something I would like to do also, but I have to get my finances in better shape before I can do that. Hopefully, the rodeo will help me do that.

It’s Thursday. I can’t believe how this week has flown by. I have to leave for Casper tomorrow. Brett can’t go with me. His Dad is in the hospital with a viral infection of some kind. It looks as though it may be serious and Brett wants to stay close plus he needs to be here to take care of the ranch.

Mom….or I guess I should get used to calling her Carrie, is going also. I enjoy having her with me. Many times, she points out something that I need to change. So far, the things she has told me have improved my times. It’s nice to have a live in coach.

On Friday night there will be a reception and dance for the contestants. I guess I will have a chaperone with me so maybe I won’t get into too much trouble…..or is it the other way around. Having Carrie with me is almost like having a girlfriend.

It's Friday and I have everything loaded and ready to go. It will take about 2 hours to drive there, so I'm not in any real hurry. Carrie is packed and ready so away we go. If the traffic isn't too bad we will be there about lunch time.

We talked about a lot of things while we drove. Carrie told me that George Marshall from Laramie was going to be in Casper this weekend and had asked her if she wanted to hang out with him.

"Do you have any objections, like do you want me to stay around you while we are there? If you don't mind, I may just stay with George and let you have our room at the Hilton, you know, in case you have company....." Carrie grinned.

"That would be fine with me. Phil told me that he was coming to Casper this weekend, so I may hang with him. He said he would be at the dance tonight. Sooooooo, George is coming is he? Is he making a special trip or was he coming anyway?"

"He said he was coming anyway, something about helping the committee out. I think he said he was a judge and would be working the bareback event. We're meeting up at the Texas Roadhouse for lunch."

I rolled my eyes at Carrie, "So......did you tell Dad about hanging out with George last weekend?"

"Yes I did. As a matter of fact, he knows George. He said he sold him some cattle a year or so back. He even said he might be interested in doing a threesome with George, should the opportunity ever present itself."

"You two never cease to amaze me. I can't believe that my Mom and Dad are swingers. I always thought of you two as a couple of fuddy-duddies. As long as it makes you two happy, I'm not going to say anything about it. I am finding out that sex is a lot of fun and I really like it a lot." I told her.

We arrived in Casper and found our way to the Texas Roadhouse. As we got out of the truck, I saw George coming across the parking lot. Carrie looks glad to see him too. I guess it's whatever floats your boat. As long as she and Dad are happy with the situation, who am I to condemn them.

We had a nice lunch at Texas Roadhouse. When we finished Carrie took her bags and went with George and I went to the rodeo grounds to stable Rip then went on to the Hilton to get checked in. When I went to the front desk, Phil was there checking in also.

"You never know who you might run into when you check into a hotel. I think I know you don't I," I teased Phil.

"Yes, I think I do remember you....we met in Laramie as I recall.” He shot back at me grinning, "I think you were with a couple of guys I think."

I continued to check in while Phil continued to give me a hard time. The desk guy didn't have a clue as to what was going on. I walked to the elevators and boarded one with the door open, Phil followed me. When the doors closed, we dropped everything and fell into each other's arms in one of the deepest kisses I have ever been a party to.

"Damn it's good to hold you Chelsea," Phil said to me. "This has been one of the longest weeks I remember, just waiting till I could hold you in my arms again. You sure seem to grow on a guy, know what I mean?"

"I've been thinking about you all week also, fantasizing being in a big bed with you naked.......mmmmm I'm wet and I want you," I told him as the doors opened at my floor. "I'm in 409, when you get your stuff put away, I'll be waiting."

Phil looked me up and down and replied, "Why don't I just bunk in with you this would save a lot of travel time between rooms."

I picked up my bags and grinned at him, "You know something cowboy, sometimes you do have good ideas." He followed me grinning while knowing that very soon he would be inside me. The weekend is just beginning.

Neither of us could hardly wait till I got the door open and we were inside. Our clothes were flying in every direction as we made our way to the bed and pulled all the top covers off of it. I jumped onto the bed and rolled onto my back as Phil crawled on top of me and began to kiss me passionately. Our tongues danced and our moans filled the air.

I wrapped my arms around Phil and continued to kiss him. I could feel the head of his hard tool parting the lips of my clean shaven pussy as we kissed. Slowly it inched inside my well lubricated cavern while we continued to kiss.

Slowly his engorged member continued its journey into my depths till it filled me completely. He began to slowly fuck me, his cock effortlessly gliding in and out of me. The pleasure he was giving me was causing me to lose myself. I was moaning and groaning each time he plunged into my depths. An exquisite orgasm swept through me, making me feel like I was floating on a cloud.

Phil continued to pleasure me then I felt him tense and push his throbbing cock, balls deep, inside me. I could feel his hot cum squirting deep within my belly, coating my insides causing me to cum also. My legs were wrapped around him as were my arms, holding him tightly, enjoying every bit of the rapture he was causing inside me.

When all the intense pleasure subsided, we both fell into a restful sleep, his manhood still deep inside me. About an hour later, I was awakened by Phil gently sucking on my nipple. I could feel his semi-hard cock was still partially inside me. It felt really good as he continued to caress my breasts. His dick was slowly crawling deeper into me as he kissed and nibbled on my tits.

He began plunging his hard phallus into me again causing me to cum quickly. My hips moved with him in perfect unison, drawing every ounce of pleasure I could from him. Phil was an experienced lover. He knew exactly how to pleasure a woman’s body and make her respond to his movements. He rose up off of me smiling, looking deep into my eyes as he began to kiss me, while his balls pumped my pussy full of his fertile semen again.

After a few minutes of recovery, Phil moved off of me and lay beside me slowly stroking my tits. "That was absolutely terrific, my dear. You are one hell of a woman Chelsea. You are so sensuous and make a man feel like superman each time he pleasures you."

"Thank you. It's what you do that makes a woman feel special. You know what a woman likes and you do it well," I told him.

He looked at me smiling from ear to ear, "Now, I'm about you? What say we go somewhere and have a huge steak and a couple of margaritas and have some fun....I think there is a party tonight....I'm ready to dance your wheels off."

"I'm up for that darlin', but I have to go shower and clean up some, you made a mess of cad," I laughed. As I got up off of the bed his cum began to stream down my legs, "See what I mean you ass!"

Phil laughed at me as I ran to the shower holding my hand over my overfilled pussy. The hot shower felt so good. When I finished I felt fresh and rejuvenated, ready to go out and have a good time with my lover.

I decided to wear my white calico dress. It came down to about 2 inches above my knees and it showed a little cleavage, or maybe it's more than a little. ( he he he) I wore my new caiman boots and my thigh high stockings. The back is cut down to my waist. When Phil saw me, his eyes brightened up and he gave me a wolf whistle. "You look really hot Chels. I've got an idea if you're up for it."

"Darlin', the way I feel tonight, I'm up for most anything," I replied.

He grinned at me and said, "Don't wear any panties tonight, be a little daring. You'll feel great."

I thought about what he said for a minute, thinking that if I was sitting just right, someone could see my shaved pussy. I wrinkled my nose and said, "Ohhhh, I don't know about that."

"Come on, live a little on the edge, make some cowboy envious of me, come on it for me."

"Welllllll, okay, I guess.....I don't really know......oh hell, okay I'll do it." And away we went for an evening of fun.

As we walked into the restaurant, I couldn't help but feel a little naked. I'd never gone out without panties before....this was something new...and just a little exciting.

As we had dinner, several times I had to remember to keep my knees together. You see, I wear jeans most of the time and I don't really have to think about if my legs are spread or not. So, several times I know I may have given someone a nice view up my dress.

There was one guy in particular. Phil and I were talking and laughing and I wasn't paying much attention. I noticed this guy a couple of tables over smiling at me. Suddenly, I realized that my dress was half way up my thighs and my knees were wide apart. I know he got a good look by the way he was smiling at me. I just smiled and closed up the view. To tell the truth, it kind of turned me on to think about him seeing my bare pussy.

After dinner, we went to the rodeo dance out at the rodeo grounds. They have a nice area out there to have a dance. Phil and I danced and danced and danced. I felt so good with him. We were having a lot of fun together. We saw a few people we knew and visited with them. We actually ran into Carrie and George and visited with them for a while.

Carrie said, "I'm glad we ran into each other, I need to go to the little girl’s room and would like some company Chelsea, okay?"

"Sure, I need to go too. You guys stay right here, we'll be back in a jiffy." I said.

As Carrie and I walked to the bathroom she smiled and said, "Wow, Chels, where did you find that one....he is a real're making me jealous. Boy, he is something else."

I decided to not tell her about losing the horse race. "Well Mom, I met him and his brothers in Reno. They are all bareback riders. I think they are from over around Wheatland somewhere. Their family has a ranch over there. Phil is a nice guy and I like him."

"Well, if you ever want to share him with me, let me know, I'd like to ride something like least once in my life."

I just smiled and thought to myself, 'I'll bet you've already rode something like him.

It took us a little while to get back to the guys. Carrie and I had been hit on at least 6 times....a couple of them would have been ok to hook up with if we didn't already have dates. George and Phil were in a deep intoxicated discussion when we got back. I dragged Phil out on the dance floor.

The dance ended and we went back to the hotel. We were both really tired. We crawled into bed and cuddled till we drifted off to sleep. We both knew that tomorrow would be a busy day.

I woke up at about 6 am, put on my running clothes and went out for a morning jog. I love the early morning when things are awakening. I put in 2 miles then returned to my room. Phil was still sleeping. After I showered, Phil was still out so I got dressed and went downstairs for some breakfast.

I was about finished when I spotted Phil walking through the coffee shop. "Did you finally decide to get up sleepy head?"

"I'll say one thing, yesterday about did me in...I was really tired last night."

I smiled at him and said, "I think we were both worn when we got back to the room last night."

I needed to go take care of Rip so I left Phil in the coffee shop having breakfast. When I got to the rodeo grounds, I got Rip out of his stall and fed and watered him. After that I saddled him up and took him out or a short ride. I saw several of the other barrel racers while I exercised Rip. I just hope that I can do well here and stay up in the standings.

When I got back to my trailer, Rowdy and Sam stopped by to say "Hi". "Hi Chelsea, have you seen Phil around, we can't seem to find him," Sam asked.

"Yes, I left him at the coffee shop over at the Hilton this morning. I thought he would have showed up around here by now this morning. "

Rowdy was grinning as he said, "Did you wear him out or something."

"You're incorrigible Rowdy." I told him.

"Well Chels, you know it took 3 days for all of us to recuperate from our last meeting. I'm still feeling it." Sam teased.

I just smiled at them and shook my head. "Next thing I'm going to hear is you wanting to race again.....well, that isn’t gonna happen for a while, so don't get your hopes up," I teased.

Even though we all hadn't known each other but for a short time, I could tell that we had all become friends and did respect each other. The fact that we had shared our bodies, for an extended amount of time, seemed to break down any pretense that had existed before.

While I was brushing Rip down, Phil came walking up. Sam and Rowdy were having fun giving him a hard time about sleeping in.

"What's the matter Bro, did the barrel racer put the big bad bronc rider in the dirt? Hell it's almost noon and you look like shit." They both were laughing and poking fun at him.

Phil just smiled and replied, "Well, at least I was in the company of a very beautiful and smart woman....unlike you two." Phil turned and tipped his hat to me, then turned and stuck his tongue out at his brothers.

The rodeo starts in an hour so it's time for everyone to start to get ready. I watered Rip and watched the three brothers saunter away still ribbing each other. I can only imagine what it would be like to have to live around the three of them all the time. I think that's why mental institutions were invented.

The rodeo began with all the usual pageantry and the events that the people came to see. As I sat on the fence watching the events, I realized just how much this sport really means to me. Listening to the roar of the crowd, watching the contestants....hell, just the lifestyle of a rodeo cowboy or cowgirl makes me feel great. The freedom you feel and the comradery you have with everyone is exciting. There's no life out there that can compare.

I watched Sam and Rowdy get bucked off and watched as Phil placed second. I knew they would all be competing in the calf roping, but I didn't have the time to watch.....I need to get ready for my event.

I rode Rip around to the staging area for the barrel race. I knew most of the women there and met a couple more. I could see Carrie and George in the front row of the stands waving at me.

The event moved on and I took another 2nd place. I would rather have won the event, but 2nd still paid well and added to my overall points.

After the rodeo, I hooked up my trailer and put Rip inside then gathered up all my gear and stowed it. Phil came by to say bye. We stood and kissed for several minutes till Carrie came up and cleared her throat. "I think you guys should come up for a little air once in a while," she teased.

Phil looked over at Mom and said, "I'm not going to see this wonderful woman for a couple of weeks so I sure want to give her something to make her remember me."

Carrie stowed her bags in the living quarters of the trailer and got inside my truck. Phil and I were still saying goodbye. "I guess I'll see you in Cheyenne then," he said to me.

"Yes you will Phil, that is if you still want to be around me by then," I teased.

"I think I will still want to be around you." He kissed me again and said, "Bye for now darlin'."

I cranked up my truck and headed for home. Carrie and I didn't talk much on the trip. It seemed like we both had a lot on our minds. But after a few hours, home came into sight which lit up our faces. It's always good to get home.

To Be Continued..............


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I like the story as it is somewhat different to what I read on this site and I hope it continues for a few more chapters. Thanks for writing it.

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