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Having already saved up ten-days-worth of her customer's jizz in a jar and making me swallow the lot, the voluptuous blonde escort came up with an even more fiendish idea:

"How would you like to be waterboarded with spunk?" She asked.
Waterboarded With Spunk

Having already saved up ten-days-worth of her customer's jizz in a jar and making me swallow the lot, the voluptuous blonde escort came up with an even more fiendish idea:

"How would you like to be waterboarded with spunk?" She asked.

"Waterboarded?" I asked, gulping hard.

"Yeah, I could save up another jarful of cum, empty it into a medical-bag and feed it into your nostrils, down the tubes."

Clearly inspired by my accounts of the session I'd had with the feisty young dominatrix down in Manchester (who'd administered a thorough ball-kicking, whilst making me suck her client's freshly-filled used-condoms clean), Princess Sophia was evidently keen to go one better.

"Can you do The Crab?" She inquired, somewhat cryptically.

"The what?"

"The yoga position: The Crab."

"Er...I'm not sure. Why?" I asked, gulping hard at the thought.

"I want you to hold yourself in The Crab, so that I can give you a damn good ball-kicking at the same time."


"Imagine choking away, with your nasal-passages flooded with spunk, desperately holding yourself up in position, while I attempt to kick your balls deep into your throat!" She smirked.

"Oh, fuck yes! That sounds amazing." I groaned, gasping out loud at her deliciously-sadistic proposal.

Princess Sophia suggested we book the session in for the following month, to give me plenty of time to practise learning 'The Crab' and her enough time to save up her client's jizz.

As the evening approached, I became more and more excited. On the night of the booking, I was so nervous that I was literally shaking as I approached the house.

This time, the beautiful young escort answered the door in black pvc dominatrix boots, knee-high with six-inch heels and a red skin-tight lycra cat-suit, which displayed her gorgeously-plump pussy in the the most obscenely vulgar fashion possible; with her snatch bulging through the shiny material and the seam at the crotch parting her pussy-lips, so that they stood-out separately from each other, like two glorious peach-halves.

"Hello, hello." She boomed as she opened the door.

"Oh, my lord!" I exclaimed, taking in her exquisite-beauty.

Even though it had only been a month since our first session, I had completely forgotten just how stunning Princess Sophia was.

"So, you've come back for more punishment." She grinned, as she ushered me inside.

"Er,...yes." I stuttered, biting my lip somewhat nervously.

"You enjoyed swallowing four-football team's worth of cum, then?" She asked, quite cheekily.

"Well, to be honest, it was most probably the most insanely-depraved sexual-experience of my entire life." I gushed, sycophantically but quite honestly.

"Good, good. That's exactly what I wanted to hear." She beamed, clearly delighted at such honest positive feedback.

"Although, I did have a bit of an upset-stomach for a few days afterwards." I added.

"Well, that's just the price of being a cum-guzzling slut." She mocked.

"And, you swallowed more spunk in one hour than I usually swallow in a whole year!"

"Oh, my god! Really?" I gasped. It was quite a sobering thought.

"Yeah. So, we're both cum-guzzling sluts now." She scoffed. "But at least I'm getting paid to do it."

My face went bright red at Princess Sophia's taunts.

"Not paying somebody else, like you. You fucking mug!" She added, quite caustically.

Sophia's words were quite biting but somewhat expected, given that I'd specifically asked her for some harsh and brutal verbal humiliation during the session.

As we wandered through into the kitchen, Sophia explained that in the four weeks since we spoke on the phone, she had managed to save up -not only one- but two jars of her punter's sperm!!! Reaching inside of the fridge, she pulled them out and proudly exhibited them to me.

"Wow!" I gushed.

"You like?" She beamed, smugly.

I nodded.

"So, are you ready to have your cum-guzzling little balls flattened, then?" She asked.

"Yes." I gulped, my heart racing with nervous anticipation.

"Good, then follow me." She instructed, brusquely.

Instead of taking me up to her bedroom like last time, Sophia led me through to her secret-lair out the back.

"Oh, my lord!" I uttered as I stepped into what was effectively her torture chamber.

The room was all decked out with whips and canes hanging from the walls; all beautifully furnished with purple sofas, shiny black pvc wallpaper and red spotlights. I also spotted a medical-stand with an infusion-bag attached to it, stashed away in the corner of the room.

"This is where all the really hardcore stuff takes place." She smirked, putting the jars of cum to one side. "Forced-bi sessions, ball-canings, cock-trampling and human-toilet training."

I gasped out loud at the delightfully-cruel list of perversions she rattled-off.

"Human-toilet training?" I asked, feigning naivety but secretly intrigued.

"You haven't lived until you've devoured the piss, shit and vomit of a beautiful young lady." She assured me.

"No, Princess." I simpered. (Of course, I hadn't told her that I had already sampled all of these rather choice little delicacies with the dominatrix down in Manchester).

"It's something that only the most worthless sub-human pieces of dog-excrement tend to go for, though." She noted, quite spitefully.

"Yes, Princess." I replied.

"Would that be something that might interest you?" She asked, with a rather impudent and expectant look on her face.

"Of, fuck yes!" I blurted out.

"Yes, I thought it might." She smirked, making me feel incredibly small and inferior. "We'll book you in for some toilet-training at the end of today's session."

I nodded rather pathetically.

"So, yes. This is where all the real nasty-shit happens. It's sound-proofed, too." She explained, with a sadistic glint in her eye. "So, next-door won't be able to hear you begging for mercy."

Princess Sophia asked me if I was fully prepared to be waterboarded with her customer's spunk. I nodded enthusiastically.

"You ready for a PROPER fucking ball-kicking, too?" She asked, somewhat bluntly (apparently inferring that the ball-beating I'd received whilst down in Manchester had not been).

"Oh, god! Yes." I blurted.

Sophia lunged forward and slapped me hard across the face.

"Address me by my proper title: 'Princess Sophia'. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Princess." I gasped, a little shocked by her assault.

"I don't mess around." She assured me. "Not like those stupid wanna-be dominatrix whores in Manchester!"

"No,...Princess Sophia." I stuttered.

Princess Sophia demanded that I strip completely naked and then stand with my hands behind my back.

"Right, Jizz-Mop. I'm going to give your testicles a bit of a warm-up first." She announced. "Spread those legs and present those balls!"

Assuming the aforementioned position, I braced myself as Princess Sophia came in with two or three swift kicks to the groin. Kicks that were surprisingly robust for a mere 'warm-up'.

"I'm going to put you through the wringer!" She warned, ominously. Causing me to gulp hard.


"Oof!" I groaned.




Oh, my god! I thought to myself, she wasn't messing around.

"What do you say?" She asked, indignantly.

"Thank you, Princess Sophia."

"Turn and face the wall, Cum-Wipe!" She demanded, instructing me to spread my legs even wider and reach for the floor.

Whilst in doggy-position, Princess Sophia landed three more light to moderate blows to my dangling testicles, causing me to jump and gasp with each blow.

Whack! Whack!! Whack!!!

"Thank you, Princess Sophia." I whimpered pathetically, nursing my aching nuts.

If this was the warm-up, I dreaded to think what the real blows would be like!

"Face the front and stand to attention." She boomed.

I turned back round to face her, standing as straight as I could.

"So, I take it that a jizz-guzzling whore like you could be tempted by a few forced-bi sessions, too?" She posed, clearly touting for more business.

"Oh, fuck! Yes, Princess Sophia."

"Hands on your head and spread your legs!" She barked.

I did as she asked and was rewarded with another kick to the testicles.

"Oooof!" I groaned.

"I specialise in group-sessions. I have six or seven guys come over on a regular basis." She informed me. "As the newcomer to the group, you'd be expected to undergo an initiation ceremony."

Whilst not even bi-curious in the slightest, I am incredibly partial to cuckold-type humiliation, and so I listened to Sophia's words rather intently.

"First, you'd have to lick all of their arseholes." She explained. "And, I'd expect you to get your tongue in really deep, too."

Not giving me a chance to react, she launched another boot into my aching balls.

"Ungghh!" I grunted.

"Would you be prepared to do that for Princess Sophia; put your tongue inside other men's hairy arseholes?" She demanded to know.

"Oh, fuck...yes...Princess." I stuttered, thoroughly disgusted but at the same time, insanely turned-on by the idea of being so thoroughly degraded by such a beautiful woman.

"I thought you would, you fucking loser!" She spat, slamming the toe of her stilettoed boot right between my testicles.

"If Princess is feeling particularly sadistic, she might make you stick your nose up their asses too and get you to bum-fuck their holes with your snout."

"Oh, fuck!" I gasped, as she launched a swift series of kicks to my knackers. Thoroughly appalled at her suggestion.

"Then the guys would be made to line up and take turns fucking your tonsils while I kick you in the balls, so that your throat spasms around their cocks, increasing the pleasure for them and the torment for you!"

Fuck, this babe really has a sadistic streak! I thought.

"During this, I'd instruct them to urinate all over you; each guy pissing in your throat and making his urine stream out of your nostrils." She added as she continued her assault.

"Then, after you've been bum-raped and spit-roasted by each and every one of them, you'd be expected to lick all their jizz off the floor." She said, landing an extra hard kick to my groin.

"Aaarghhh!" I yelled, falling to the floor in agony.

"Get back on your feet, you fucking piece of dogshit!" She seethed, grabbing my hair and slapping my face several times.

Sophia paced around on the spot with her hands on her hips, as I tried desperately to obey her orders.

"You told me you could take a good ball-beating." She complained. "Is this all you can stomach?"

"No, Princess Sophia." I simpered.

"Well, I hope you've been practising The Crab like I told you."

"Yes,...of course...Princess Sophia." I stuttered, only just catching my breath.

The insanely beautiful blonde dominatrix pulled a yoga mat from behind the purple sofa and placed it on the floor beside me.

"Show me!" She barked, instructing me to get on the floor and demonstrate my new-found skills.

"Yes, Princess."

"Remember, I need access to those pathetic little balls. So spread those legs wide-open."

I got on the mat and laid on my back, placing my hands down beside my head in a crab-like manner. Then, pushing against the floor with both my legs and arms, I raised myself up, keeping my knees as far apart as I could, to provide Sophia with the 'access' she required.

Fuck! I felt vulnerable with my balls exposed and my head dangling backwards. Particularly with Princess Sophia on the warpath. However, instead of launching an all-out assault, as I expected, she walked full-circle around me, inspecting my form.

"Hmmm. Good, good." She remarked, somewhat pompously. "Now drop!"

"Yes, Princess Sophia." I gasped, gently lowering myself back down to the floor.

Princess Sophia ran me through this humiliating and degrading process several times. Making me raise myself up and then back down again. Evidently wanting to maximise my distress.

"Now, let's see if you can withstand a few kicks whilst up in the air. Assume the position!" She demanded.

Pushing myself back into The Crab, I felt a strong masochistic urge to have the beautiful humiliatrix squash my already aching-plums.

"Higher!" She demanded. "Present those balls!"

I arched my back as high as I could, raising my belly upwards and keeping my balls exposed. My arms were shaking with nerves. Oh, fuck! I thought, already struggling to hold the position, as my heart raced and the butterflies in my stomach went crazy. It was certainly much harder in the session, in Sophia's presence, than it had been at home.

Positioning herself between my legs, Princess Sophia came in with a light tap, just to test me. Then a few increasingly hard whaps, ending with a light to moderate blow to my balls.

"Oh, fuck!" I gasped, barely managing to stay upright.

I had actually taken a few paracetamol to take the edge off the pain. Something I had not done previously for a ball-kicking, but had thought might be wise, to cope with the added stress of holding myself in such a torturous position for prolonged periods.

"Hmmmm." I heard her say, as if disappointed by my ability to withstand her kicks.

Princess Sophia repeated the process, landing another series of progressively harder blows to my testicles, ending with a slightly harder kick than the last lot.

"Oh, fuck!" I groaned, just managing to keep myself up, but losing considerable height.

"Higher!" Barked Princess Sophia. "Keep those balls in play!"

As soon as I raised myself higher, she came in with another swift kick.

"Ooof!" I gasped as the pain jolted through my system, immediately losing my height again.

"Up, you worthless piece of dog-excrement!" She hollered. "Keep those balls where I can flatten them!"

I managed to arch my back and raise myself up one more time, only to be sent crashing to the floor by a fairly hefty slam in the nadgers.

"Ughhhh!" I groaned as I hit the floor.

"Oh, does that hurt?" She asked, in a derisively mocking tone, as I lay there whimpering on the floor.

"Ugh...yes...Princess." I mumbled.

"Well, you have exactly five seconds to get back on your feet, or I will double the intensity of those kicks." She warned, quite ominously.

Oh, fuck! I thought.

"Five!" She hollered, starting her countdown.

My head was reeling with the pain.


Resisting my urge to curl up into the fetal position and die, I desperately tried to lift myself from the floor.


Clambering onto my knees.


Slowly forcing myself up...


...onto my feet.

"Stand up properly, you fucking maggot!" She bawled.

I tried to straighten my back even more.

"Hands on your head and spread those legs." She instructed.

I followed her orders, feeling like I could faint at any moment.

"Don't be thinking I'll go soft on you because you can't take a few little kicks to the balls." She admonished. "I expect my subs to withstand maximum discomfort."

"Yes, Princess." I simpered.

"In fact, I think we should maximise your discomfort right now." She decided. "How would you like me to slip a whisky-filled condom over that tiny little erection of yours?"

Not giving me a chance to reply, Sophia left the room momentarily, returning with several packets of condoms and a bottle of cheap whisky.

"You think your balls are burning - wait till you get a load of this." She remarked.

Sophia, opened one of the condoms and unrolled it halfway. Then, grabbing the bottle of whisky, she poured a little inside, down into the teat.

"Let's try this on for size." She smirked, carefully placing it over my erect cock and sliding it all the way on.

"One size fits small!" She quipped.

Too overwhelmed by what was happening, I completely missed her joke.

"Laugh at Princess Sophia's witticism!" She sulked, slapping me across the face.

"Yes,...Princess." I stuttered, obediently chuckling on demand.

"That's better." She snapped.

The whisky began to bite almost immediately; the stinging sensation helping revive me somewhat. Instructing me to stand with my legs apart and my hands on my head, Sophia gave me a few kicks, to test whether the condom would stay in place.




"Oh, god!" I gasped.

The burning sensation of the liquor seemed to intensify as it sank deeper into the tissue, making me glad I had taken the painkillers so that I could enjoy the pain, rather than simply suffer from it.

"Up on your tip-toes and spread those legs wide!" She demanded, really wanting to put me through my paces.

Once I got myself right up on my toes and spread my legs apart, Princess Sophia came in with a flurry of torturous kicks, getting progressively harder.

Whack! Whack!! Whack!!! Whack!!!! Whack!!!!! Whack!!!!!!

My knees began to weaken and my legs shake, but Sophia showed no mercy, coming in with harder and harder kicks, finally ending the sequence with a quite elegant-looking and fairly powerful scissor-kick to the groin.


"Oh, my god!" I gulped, as the pain reverberated around my body.

"Better take those nuts out of your throat, hey?" She smirked, somewhat cruelly.

"Yes, Princess." I simpered. "Thank you, Princess."

"Right Cum-Stain, let's see if you can withstand a few those in The Crab-position, with the condom on." She bullied, instructing me to assume the position.

I lay myself down on the mat and positioned my hands behind my head, steadying myself for lift-off.

"Present those balls!" Barked Princess Sophia, giving me little time to prepare.

I lifted myself up, high above the mat, spreading my legs in the process.

"Right, you putrid streak of vomit! Let's see what you are made of."

Sophia placed her foot up to my balls, and administered a few light taps, presumably to get her footing whilst she guided herself in. Then, she drew her foot back and I felt a woosh between my thighs, swiftly followed by the crashing thump of her stilettoed foot, right square into my dangling balls.


"Oooof!" I groaned.


"Oh, fuck!" I blurted out, as the second, slightly harder kick, made contact with my stinging testicles.


"Ugghhh!" I moaned, as the third and hardest kick of the three, sent me crashing straight down to the floor.

"Get back into position, this instant!" Snapped Princess Sophia, not giving me a moment to recover.

I tried as hard as I could to get myself back into The Crab, but could only manage another two kicks, before she sent me crashing back down to the floor.

Whap! Whap!!

"Fuck!!!" I gasped.

"You must be joking!" Bellowed Princess Sophia. "Get back up again!"

It felt fucking amazing being ball-kicked in such a vulnerable position, especially with the burning sensation of the whisky around my cock, but Sophia was kicking incredibly hard!

"Don't you dare drop till you've received at least five kicks!" She demanded.

With my arms and legs shaking, I held myself in place for Princess Sophia as she slammed her foot into my balls, with increasing ferocity.

Whap! Whap!! Whack!!! Whack!!!! Wham!!!!! With the last one causing me to fall, crashing to the floor.

Evidently unwilling to compromise by decreasing the force of her blows, Sophia spent the next ten minutes or so, training me up to withstand more and more. Getting me to raise and drop again, until she had built me up to take eleven or twelve kicks, before sending me crashing to the floor.

"Back on your feet, Cum-Flannel! Legs apart, hands on your head."

As I stood there with my aching balls dangling between my legs, Princess Sophia picked up the medical-stand and placed it beside me, repositioning the bag, uncoiling the tubing and draping it down and around the stand.

"I'm going to drown you in spunk!" She taunted, as she attached the mask to my face, pulling the elastic around the back of my head and stuffing the tubes up into my nostrils.

I was literally shaking with anticipation as Princess Sophia fetched both jars of spunk from the side and proceeded to empty them into the medical-bag. Pushing and teasing it's contents down the tubes. The whole process took a good five minutes or so, giving me enough time to regain my strength.

"Get back on the floor!" She barked, instructing me to reassume the position.

As I got on my back, Sophia gave the order:

"H'up! Get those balls up in the air!"

Once in mid-air, with my legs wide-apart, the voluptuous but sadistic young escort started squeezing the sperm further and further down the tubes till it finally reached my nostrils.

"Oh-my-fucking-god!!!!!" I gasped as her customer's sperm oozed out of the tubes and began filling my nasal-cavities.

"Snort it up, you worthless piece of shit!" She demanded. "You've got a hundred-loads of cum to ingest, here. You can't expect me to do all the work!"

I did as Sophia asked and began sucking at the tubes through my nostrils, forcibly drawing the sperm, inch my inch, into my nasal passages.

"Don't stop till that jizz is at the back of your throat." She instructed.

The sensations were unbelievable as my nasal-passages filled with load after load after load of stranger's cum. The fact that I was having to suck it through myself, rather than just let gravity take it's course, simply added to the humiliation of being so thoroughly-cucked in such an insanely cruel and unusual fashion.

As the jizz neared the entrance to my throat, I took a deep breath through my mouth. Then the sperm began to trickle in, causing me to cough and splutter as it tickled my tonsils.

Princess Sophia obviously took that as a signal to begin the ball-kicking, because the next thing I knew, there was a woosh between my thighs, a thudding crash in my groin and an explosion of pain, sending spasms right through my body.

"Ackkkk!" I choked, accidentally swallowing a load-or-two of jizz in the process.

"That's it loser. Choke on that spunk!" Taunted Princess Sophia, slamming her foot into my bollocks a second time.

Curiously enough, as my cock was flung back by the force of her kick, it caused the whisky in the condom to slosh around wildly, creating the most amazing burning sensations on the tip of my cock. Something which, whilst heightening the overall pain, served to distract somewhat from the excruciating agony in my loins.

Sophia's third kick caused me to draw back heavily on the tubes in my nose, causing the jizz to flood into my throat. Soon unable to breathe and literally drowning in spunk, I actually began retching.

"Breathe through your ears, Shit-Wipe!" Admonished the sadistic young escort, showing no mercy whatsoever.

Sophia followed up quickly, with a fourth swift-kick to the knackers. The pain was exquisite, but almost on the verge of unbearable. As more of the sickly-sweet ambrosial-slop began to flood my senses, my throat began to go into convulsions and as Princess Sophia's fifth and final kick hit the target, I involuntarily coughed out a mouthful of spunk before crashing down onto my back.

"Unghhhh!!!" I groaned as I hit the floor, coughing and gasping desperately for air.

"Get the fuck back in position!" Yelled the Princess.

Clearly unhappy with my progress, Princess Sophia came and placed her stilletoed foot on my throat.

"I thought I told you to breathe through your ears!" She remonstrated, harshly.

Sophia looked a pretty fearsome, but enticing sight towering over me; her plumptious-thighs and pussy-lips all red and shiny in her lycra-catsuit. She placed a bit of pressure on my throat and demanded that I get back into position for a kicking.

Once back in The Crab position, Sophia instructed me to begin snorting up her client's jizz through the tubes again. I worked out that if I snorked it from my nasal-passages into my mouth before swallowing it, rather than just letting it run in one continuous flow, not only did the swallowing action block off the flow from the tubes momentarily, making it possible for me to grab a quick breath of air, but I also got to taste the jizz, too. It's quite amazing that I was able to appreciate just how fucking-dirty, tasting and swallowing all that dirty ball-juice was, even whilst under the utter duress and threat of suffocation.

Wham!!! In came Sophia's toe, jabbing hard between my nuts.

Curiously, the rush of adrenaline I was experiencing seemed to increase my strength to near super-human levels, so that not only did it feel so much easier to hold myself up and withstand the kicks, but I was actually enjoying them too.

In fact, I was enjoying the combined sensations of near-suffocation and pain so much, that I arched my back insanely high and spread my legs as wide as I could, making my balls as vulnerable and accessible to Sophia's foot as possible; inviting her to brutalise me to-the-max.


"Choke on that jizz, you fucking maggot!" She hollered, as she came in with a barrage of kicks.

Wham! Whamm!! Whammm!!! Whammmm!!!!

As the deluge of sperm flooded my ears, nose and throat and the pain swamped my senses, I felt myself simultaneously slipping deeply into both my sub-space and my cuck-space at the same time.

I was in such rapture at this point, I lost count how many times Princess Sohpia managed to kick me in the nuts, but I'm guessing it was about eleven or twleve kicks, before I began spluttering and choking so hard that I was forced back down onto the floor.

The sadistic young humiliatrix quickly slipped out of character to check I was okay and readjust my mask, before slipping back in role again and ordering me straight back up into the air, for another hard-kicking.

The next round of blows followed a similar pattern to the last. With my legs now shaking, almost uncontrollably, as I valiantly held myself in position for Sophia's brutal onslaught.

"Take that! You worthless (Whack!) --- fucking (Whack!!) --- cunt!!! (Whack!!!)" Shrieked Princess Sophia, as she slammed her foot into my aching ball-bag to accentuate her brutal-words.

"When you come for your toilet-training, I'm going to stand on your chest and park a huge disgusting turd in your mouth and make you choke on it, while I kick your balls into your throat!" She threatened, launching another kick deep into my groin.


As Sophia released a flurry of kicks to my knackers, I became aware of the burning sensation around my ball-bag and asshole and realised that the condom must have begun leaking a small amount of whisky from out of the elasticated base. There was still plenty in the tip though and the sensations it created as it sloshed about in response to Sophia's kicks were pretty amazing.

"I'll make you lick my vomit off the floor, you worthless piece of dogshit!" She hollered, landing and extra hard blow to my incredibly sore plums.


As I crashed to the floor, I found myself helplessly choking on the jizz gargling in my throat, until my survival-reflexes kicked in, triggering a coughing-fit that cleared the passage-way, allowing me to grab some air into my lungs.

In the third and final bout of ball-kicking, Princess Sophia not only instructed me to get back into The Crab-position, but demanded that I go even further:

"Up on your tip-toes and your finger-tips, you cum-guzzling turd!" She bellowed.

Whilst pretty much unable to get on my finger-tips, I did just about arch my feet and get my heels off the mat, so that I was almost on my tip-toes.

"I'm going to flatten those stupid-little-balls!" She warned, ominously.

Unfortunately, as Sophia began her assault on my testicles, the combined sensations of the jizz filling my throat and the exquisite-shockwaves of pain, caused by her stilettoed foot slamming into my testicles, overwhelmed me so much, that my climax was triggered and I began ejaculating squirt after squirt of molten-hot love-piss deep into the whisky-filled condom encasing my cock. So violent and explosive was my climax, that it caused me to go crashing to the floor in orgasmic convulsions.

"Oh, my god! I kicked the jizz out of your balls!" Declared Princess Sophia, inspecting the contents of my condom.

"Back in position!" She demanded. "I'm not finished kicking those balls, yet."

As much as Princess Sophia tried, I was not going back in the air. The orgasm had sapped me of all my strength and not only was I finished, but I was well and truly fucked!

"Well, we're not wasting all this jizz." She snapped, scornfully. "I spent four weeks saving all that up!"

Removing the mask from my face, the voluptuous young escort instructed me to snort up all the jizz in my nasal-passages before detaching the tubes from the mask and inserting them into my mouth.

"Suck it out." She demanded. "I want you sucking every single drop of jizz out of those tubes."

After I'd sucked the tubes dry (with Sophia's help, squeezing the jizz down towards my mouth), she carefully removed the condom from my cock and emptied the cocktail of sperm and whisky down my throat.

And with that, the session, now taking the title as the most insanely-depraved session of my entire life (having surpassed my previous session with her), effectively came to an end.

Almost immediately, Princess Sophia came out of character and began administering after-care; gently stroking my hair and asking if I was okay, which was a very nice touch.

"So, are you still wanting me to book you in for some human-toilet training?" She chuckled, apparently testing whether the session had scared me off.

"Fuck, yes!" I replied, thoroughly demolished but not so much, that I didn't relish another round of brutally depraved-humiliation from the voluptuous young escort. Especially, if as she said, she really was going to stand on my chest and use my mouth as her toilet.

Throughout the session, I had gotten the distinct impression that she felt she was in direct competition with the dominatrix down in Manchester, that I had been so gushing about. This had, in my opinion, only served to make the session even better.

The End.
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