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Valerie is told what to do and doesn't like it, so she takes it out on Andrea. Andrea doesn't mind.
Valerie looked through the battered binoculars and saw two figures coming up the mountain. Being in her human form here, there was only really one benefit, and that was being able to use the limited human tools that would work on their land. Binoculars were one of them. So instead of wearing her own thick fur pelt and running on four legs, she wore a bear pelt, human-made thermals and snow shoes.

Through the pack link that had settled the year before last, a few years after she’d joined the pack, she said to the nearest lookout, “two visitors.”

“Good eye,” the alpha woman said, mind to mind like Valerie had spoken to her. “What are they?”

Valerie kept her eyes trained through the binoculars on the two figures. It was hard to tell this far out but she thought she saw a flash of color. “A tiger, and another shifter. I can’t see what exactly from here.”

A pause from the pack link. “Could it be a massive wolf?”

“Either that or that tiger shifter is fucking tiny.”

A laugh. “I know of these two. They’re hunters, they tend to drift from pack to pack when they’re not dealing with wild wolf problems. Be careful of that tiger shifter. He’s got witch blood.”

A chill went up Valerie’s spine and she grit her teeth. She hated feeling afraid. “Can’t trust witches. Even if they do hunt wild wolves.”

“You’ve got that right. The Alpha is letting them stay with us for a little while, they might be around for a few years.” A pause. “You and your omega been with us for three years now, haven’t you?”

“That’s right.”

“It can be difficult for your wolf to let new packs in. Maybe that means you can help these two acclimatize?”

Valerie took a deep breath. “I appreciate the honor, but I have no love for witches. Besides, do you really want a tiger and a wolf in a pack of mountain lions?”

“This alpha might be a good addition to our pack, apparently he fights like a wolf possessed. Either way, this isn’t a discussion. This order comes from the Alpha.”

The slight dominant tone in the woman’s voice made Valerie’s inner lion, that animalistic side of her that was like herself but not quite, urge her to obey. Valerie sighed internally but said, “fine. They’re still half a day away but I’ll get ready to meet them at the pass then.”

“Good,” said the alpha woman firmly.

Valerie felt something building. Something familiar and dark inside her. Valerie trekked back down the mountain, passing her replacement on the way up. Another beta like her. Valerie almost laughed at that. There weren’t betas like her, at least in her experience. Betas who champed at the bit of alpha commands, who angered at it. Beta who needed something more.

She needed something more.

Valerie changed her trajectory as she smirked. She had time. She’d change into her lion form and run to the pass to get there in time. But not before she visited Andrea.

She made her way down to the village. Half the pack lived in an underground cave system, but half lived in sturdy hand-built structures above ground. Some shifters wouldn’t even want to live in hand made structures, saying it went against what shifters were about. Valerie thought that was all well and good but she liked plumbing, thank you very much.

She opened the door to their home, brushing the snow off her shoulders. “Andrea?” she called. Andrea took odd jobs as they came, usually around mending and making little things. Which was normally a beta job, but Andrea was like Valerie. They didn’t quite fit the mold they were born into. Lucky they found each other.

“Hey,” came Andrea’s soft voice as she stepped out of their bedroom. Andrea was short and curvy where Valerie was tall and broad, muscled. Valerie had a decent chest but that was all she could say about her figure. But she liked being strong. She liked being stronger than Andrea. “You’re back early, I thought -”

“On the bed, in position,” Valerie told her abruptly. Andrea caught her breath, a tinge of pink coming to her cheeks. She cast her eyes down and went into the bedroom.

Valerie took her time removing her pelt, then her snow shoes. She left her thermals on as she walked into the room. Her mouth twisted into a satisfied smirk at what she saw. On the bed, Andrea knelt, sitting back on her heels. She was completely nude, her lush little body bared for Valerie’s gaze. Her arms were clasped behind her back, pushing her breasts out lewdly. Her gaze was cast down but Valerie knew Andrea’s tells by now. She could see her lips parted, her chest rising and falling as she panted a little. She could see the tension in her form. She could see Andrea’s rosy little nipples already pebbling, helped along by the little piercings she’d had done as a surprise for Valerie, many years ago now, when they’d lived near a settlement that knew how to pierce shifters. Valerie knew there would be a matching silver bar on the hood of Andrea’s clit, at the moment, hidden by her soft, downy curls. But not for long.

Valerie slowly stripped off her thermals, drawing it out. She could hear Andrea’s soft pants, and could feel the wetness that had been growing in her ever since she’d decided on this course of action getting hotter, and slicker.

Sometimes, she liked to touch Andrea with her hands first. Give her a touch of sweetness before she came in with the pain. Not today.

Slowly, Valerie made her way to the corner, opened a draw. She had a choice of weapons of pleasure, could almost feel the weight of Andrea wondering what she’d use on her today. Valerie made her choice and drew out a whip with a thick wooden handle and long, soft leather ends. They could be used gently or give a breath-taking amount of pain, with little marking.

Valerie allowed Andrea to see the whip, walking in front of her. She heard the little hitch in the omega’s breath. Normally, omegas didn’t do well with pain. It set off the wrong signals for them. But Andrea was different. Like Valerie was different.

She trailed the ends of the whip over Andrea’s naked shoulder, seeing the shiver it sent up her spine. She swished it, making sure it made a sound, without connecting with Andrea’s soft skin. The omega tensed at the sound. Valerie laughed softly, did it again. This time, the tensing was less pronounced. The third time, she barely tensed, and the fourth Valerie brought the whip down hard, marking Andrea’s back.

Her omega cried out, the fingers that clasped behind her back clenching. Valerie did it again, before Andrea could get her bearing, then again. She knew she was being cruel. She did it once more, positioning the whip expertly so the ends flicked around and caught Andrea’s sensitive breasts. Andrea cried out on a whimper then.

Valerie paused then, walking back in front of her. She ran a thumb down the red lash across Andrea’s breast, seeing the shiver the omega tried her best to repress. She pinched the nipple, used it to pull Andrea in for a rough kiss. The omega opened to her immediately, sweet and giving. Unreserved. Everything Valerie needed.

Valerie let go of Andrea’s nipple and delved straight into the submissive shifter’s folds. She smirked. “Look at me, Andrea.”

Andrea met her eyes without pause, without reservation. Her eyes were glazed with desire, unguarded. Valerie pushed two fingers inside of her, watching the flutter of pleasure in her omega’s eyes. She thrust in and out with her fingers before drawing them out. “Open.”

Andrea opened her mouth and Valerie slid the fingers, wet with Andrea’s own juices still, inside. “Suck,” Valerie ordered, and Andrea did, her tongue cleaning Valerie’s fingers sweetly. She pulled her fingers out and kissed Andrea again, lapping at the taste on her tongue. “Delicious,” she said lowly.

She stepped away, walked back behind her, and moved the whip in quick succession. She whipped, feeling the dark, frustrated feeling leave her. When Andrea’s back and the soft sides of her breasts were red enough, Valerie said, “on your hands and knees.”

Andrea leant forward, spreading her knees wide like she knew Valerie liked. Valerie brought the whip down on her soft, lush behind, marking the skin there. Andrea was crying out with each strike now.

“I love seeing you in red,” Valerie said mockingly. Andrea moaned a little. Valerie moved around, got up in front of her and said, “lick.”

Andrea’s eager little tongue parted Valerie’s folds as Valerie fisted the omega’s hair. She’d deprived herself on purpose for this moment, the moment when her submissive little shifter’s tongue parted her drenched folds, rasping over her engorged clit. “Fuck yes,” Valerie said, pulling on Andrea’s hair a little, enough to let her know who was still in charge. “Tongue me.”

Andrea poked her tongue inside Valerie, and Valerie could feel her against her slippery walls, lapping like she was the greatest delicacy. Striping her omega’s back and rear and feeing her wetness had brought her to the brink quickly, she could feel that she was getting close. But there was one more thing she wanted to do.

Valerie leant forward, telling Andrea to keep going when she paused. She turned the whip around so the thick, smooth wooden handle was pointed straight at her little wet hole. “Guess where this is going,” Valerie said softly. Andrea whimpered as she oved her lips against Valerie’s folds.

On another day, when she wasn’t as close, she might consider sinking it to Andrea’s ass. But today, she was close, and she had a time limit. So, she pressed the tip against Andrea's vulva and began pushing in. There was resistance at first, but as the wooden shaft met Andrea’s slick walls, it began to slide in, lubricated by her.

Andrew moaned and gasped as Valerie slowly worked it in. Eventually, it was in all the way. Valerie took a moment to look at the wooden handle sticking out of her sweet omega. Lewd, obscene. She drew it out and pushed it back in, slowly at first, then quickly, thrusting it in. Andrea was making sweet, high little whimpers, the kind she made when she was close.

Valerie was just about to touch her clit when Andrea tensed, began shuddering, and the wooden shaft began twitching as her inner muscles gripped it. Valerie laughed lowly. She loved it when Andrea came before she thought she would.

Valerie rode her with the wooden handle until all the aftershocks had ceased, until Andrea’s tongue had started up again with full force. “On your back,” Valerie ordered roughly. She turned Andrea over, than mounted her face. Her submissive shifter’s mouth slid along her slit, lapping. Valerie knew she was close as she said, “better make me come fast, before you run out of air.” She made sure Andrea’s hand was flat on her thigh, where she could tap if she got into trouble.

But Andrea ate her out like she was ravenous, and Valerie came on top of her, grinding into her. After, she collapsed on the bed. Andrea removed the whip from her then lay next to her, smiling with a rosy blush in her cheeks. “Rough day?”

“Just sick of alpha orders.” Valerie scooped Andrea close to her, running soothing hands down her side. They lay like that, together, as they both got their breath back. “They’re sending me to meet two alphas. One of them is a witch.”

Andrea blanched. “That’s terrifying.”

“Mm,” Valerie said as she played with Andrea’s hair. “Still, we haven’t had a cock in a while.”

Andrea bit her lip. “I wouldn’t want to until -”

“Until I’ve fucked them, I know,” Valerie said quietly, stroking her carefully. Andrea had a few hang-ups. She was very cautious with which men she laid with, even though she did enjoy it. So, they’d created a system. Valerie would vet them before they came to her bed. “We’ll see. You know I’m picky with alphas.”

“Mmm,” Andrea said. They lay together for a while longer before Valerie got up, kissing Andrea goodbye.

She left for the pass, clothes in her mouth, thinking how lucky she was to find Andrea.


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