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A mother tells her sons about wanting to be naked at home and offers her body for their use.
Chapter 1

My name is Jenny. I’m 38 and have kept myself in great shape by going to the gym, doing pilates, and aerobics. My husband, Jerome, is 40 and is nothing short of a stud. He is a coffee-colored black man who stands 6’3”, has rippling muscles from working out and his weekly basketball game with his friends, and has the most amazing 9” cock I’ve ever seen or felt. And I’ve had plenty of cocks. You see, my husband is not the controlling type. He has no problems sharing my body with anyone I want because he knows that would only be fucking, not making love. We are very secure in our marriage and our love for each other so extramarital sex is not an issue.

We have two sons. Sean is 17 and Ethan is 16. They are great kids. They get good grades, never get into serious trouble, and have good friends. They both are growing up to be very good looking young men and look to be on their way to growing as tall as their father.

Jerome found out early on in our relationship that I was sexually submissive, at least for him. I never felt submissive in my other relationships before Jerome, but things are different with Jerome. He just has such a confidence and swagger to go with that awesome body, that I just melt whenever I’m around him. Even after almost 19 years of marriage.

Jerome always loved it when I dressed up really sexy, if not totally slutty. He loved showing my body off to others and preferred to have me wear as little clothing as possible out in public. Jerome absolutely forbade me from ever wearing panties or a bra underneath my clothing. Sometimes I would go out wearing either a bra or panties as outer wear like wearing a crop top and sexy panties or a lacy bra with a very short skirt. Hell, we’ve even gone out on the town with me wearing a mostly see-thru negligee. At home, he preferred that I be naked at all times. Not only did Jerome always want to see my naked body, he liked having the easy access to it and we would have sex frequently anywhere around the house.

That all changed, however, once the kids got past being toddlers. We didn’t think we could trust that young kids wouldn’t end up saying something about their mom’s boobs or something that would raise a bunch of questions. So, unfortunately, we had to curtail the at-home nudity. I still tried to be as sexy for Jerome as I could by not wearing a bra or panties at home and wearing sexy clothes.

Now that the boys are getting older, Jerome has been saying that he wants me to get back to being naked at home. We discussed the ramifications of that with having two horny boys around all the time. How would they handle seeing me naked all the time and seeing their father and me in sexual situations in plain view around the house?

There was only one logical way to handle it. We would have to allow the boys to enjoy my body as well, if they wanted to. Frankly, I don’t give a shit about it being incest. I don’t know what the big deal is about that. There are really only two issues that matter: 1) that the boys never have to do anything they don’t want to do; and 2) it’s technically illegal because the boys are still underage by a little bit. That meant that we need to get their solemn promises to never tell anyone about any sexual things they do with me while they are underage. Once they turn 18, I won’t really care who knows what we do. It still won’t be anyone’s business what we do in the privacy of our own home, but at least they’ll be considered consenting adults under the law.

So once Jerome and I figured all of this out, it was time to spring it on the boys and get their opinion of the whole thing. If they thought it would be too weird to see me naked around the house, or me having sex with their father or their brother, or anyone else for that matter, then we just wouldn’t do it and Jerome and I would have to wait until they are older or when they’ve gone off to college. Whether or not they wanted to have sex with me wouldn’t make or break it. If they were okay with me being naked and sexual but they were against incest or wouldn’t be turned on by their mother’s body, that’s perfectly acceptable. Again, they would never have to do anything they don’t want to.

One night while we were all eating dinner, I told the boys that their father and I wanted to talk to them about something after dinner was done and the kitchen was cleaned up. So, a while later, we all adjourned to the living room and sat down.

“Guys,” I said, “your father and I want to talk to you about something we’ve been discussing for a while. Before you were born, your father and I lived a bit differently than we do now. To put it bluntly, we had a very active sex life. Your father preferred that I always be naked around the house and we used to have sex anywhere in the house at anytime we felt like it. Once you guys came along, we had to stop that as it didn’t seem appropriate and we felt as small kids you wouldn’t be able to keep something like that as a family secret. Well, now you are older and your father and I would like to get back to that way of life. So, what I want to know is if you could accept me being naked around the house and your father and I enjoying each other at times and if you could keep this as a family secret and never divulge it to anyone.”

Sean was the first to speak. “Gee, Mom, I can’t believe you want to just walk around the house naked in front of us all the time. I mean, as long as we are being open and honest here, I’m not sure how Ethan and I could handle seeing you naked without our walking around the house with erections all the time. After all, you know you are considered a MILF by all of our friends.”

“Yeah,” Ethan said, “Sean’s right. You’re already the sexiest mom anywhere around because of they way you’ve always dressed. It’s not that we couldn’t keep it a secret, but we’d probably be running to our rooms constantly to take care of a problem, if you know what I mean.”

“Yes, Ethan,” I replied, “I know exactly what you mean and I want to thank you both for saying such nice things about me. Your father and I have discussed that issue as well and we came up with a solution. You see, your father has never had a problem sharing me with other men and, likewise, I have no problem sharing your father with other women. We are very secure in our love for each other and know that there is a difference between sex and love making. Therefore, we are proposing that, if you want, that I would be available to you sexually as well. I made a promise to your father a long time ago that I would never deny him sexually and I think I’ve kept that promise pretty well. With just a few little rules in place, I would feel comfortable making that same promise to the two of you. I love sucking cock and I would be willing to give you guys blowjobs whenever you want, as often as you want. You can touch me wherever you want, whenever you want. You can play with and suck on my tits, or lick or fuck my pussy. You can cum in my mouth, my pussy, or on my face or my tits or wherever you want. I love sex and I love cum. Most importantly, I love you guys and I think we could have a lot of fun together. But I want to make it clear that I’m not telling you to start a sexual relationship with me. I’m telling you that if you want to, that I would love it and your father would have no problem with it. Regardless, whether one or both of you have a sexual relationship with me, it has to be a family secret forever.”

Both boys had big smiles on their faces as I said all of this. It seemed obvious that they weren’t going to have a problem being sexual with their mother. “Mom,” Ethan said, “I can’t believe all that you’ve just said. I think I can safely speak for Sean as well that we have both masturbated thinking about you many times. You’re the most beautiful woman we’ve ever seen and the thought of being able to touch you, and kiss you and lick you, and make love to you is something we never in our lives thought would ever happen. I’m certainly in and I promise that I will never divulge whatever we do in the privacy of our home”

“Ethan’s right, Mom,” Sean echoed. “It sounds like we are going to have a lot of fun around here from now on. You did mention that there would be some rules, though. So, what rules would there be?”

“For starters,” I replied, “while I have said you could touch me sexually whenever you want, that’s true within reason. You need to be aware of things around you. For example, if I’m in the kitchen at the stove or with a knife in my hand, it wouldn’t be a good time for you to come up behind me and grab my tits or want to have sex. So, if I’m doing something in particular don’t necessarily expect I’ll just drop everything to start sucking your dick. Another thing is that, since I will be naked pretty much all the time in the house, if you are going to bring a friend over or you know a friend is coming over, you have to let me know in advance so that I can throw something on. And what I throw on may be less clothing that what I wear now so your friends may end up seeing more of my body than they do now. I don’t have a problem with that, but if they say something to you about it, you need to be ready with a response like, ‘Yeah she’s been wearing less around the house lately and it’s driving me crazy’ or something like that. Don’t let them think that I’m usually naked or that we are having any sexual relations.

You also need to know that you might walk in sometime and see me having sex with someone else. It could be the gardener or the UPS driver or someone I brought home from the gym. Just don’t get upset by it. I don’t care if you want to sit and watch or just ignore it, but don’t make a fuss about it. You need to face the fact that I will be acting like a slut. Just remember, that I am your slut as well. I did promise your father, however, that the only underage guys I would fuck are the two of you. So, I could give blowjobs to your friends, if I want. And if we are going to have a sexual relationship, then I expect you to start kissing me as a sexual partner, not your mother. When you kiss me when I’m naked, I want French kisses and lots of tongue. Treat me as your lover, not your mother at those times. We may have to come to other understandings as we go along, but I think that’s mostly it.”

Finally, Jerome broke in. “Well, hun, I think you should kick this off by getting naked right now and letting the boys see the beautiful body I’ve been enjoying for almost two decades.”

The boys immediately starting agreeing with their dad so I stood up and started slowly taking off my clothes. It didn’t take too long though because, as usual, I only wore two pieces. First, I slowly pulled up my tank to until my c-cup tits popped free. “Fuck, Mom,” Sean said, “your tits are perfect. I can’t believe I’m going to get to suck on those soon.”

“I can’t wait for you to suck on them either,” I replied. “I loved when I was breastfeeding you guys. It always made my pussy wet having you sucking on my boobs.” Next, I wiggled my shorts down over my hips. Just as they got to my knees, they dropped to the floor and I was standing completely nude in front of my sons. They were both staring at my shaved pussy. “I suppose you want to see all of this pussy,” I said to them. I sat back down and I spread my legs. I ran my hands slowly down my body until they got to my pussy and then I used both hands to spread my pussy lips open to show them the vagina that they came out of so many years ago. As I did, I asked, “So guys, have either one of you had sex yet?” They both shook their heads ‘no’ and were too busy staring at my pussy to speak.

“In that case,” I said, “I’ll try to teach you as much as I can to make you guys great lovers. So, I expect, in the beginning, that you will listen to me when I tell you what I want you to do or not to do. You need to learn what turns a woman on; what she enjoys. And not all women are the same. I’ll tell you what I like and you will be able to try those same things on girls you date to see if they also like those things, but it is important to listen to your partner and observe what seems to give them pleasure and what doesn’t.”

At this point both boys were unconsciously rubbing their dicks over their pants and they each had a significant bulge. I got off my chair and crawled over to Sean and got between his legs. I reached for the button of his jeans and undid it and then slid his zipper down. He suddenly realized what I was doing and as I gripped the sides of his jeans and started pulling them down, he lifted his butt off the couch to give me access. I pulled his jeans all the way off and then lifted the front of this boxers and pulled them down as well to see a very nice, hard cock waiting for me. He still had a ways to go to be as big as his dad, but he was every bit of six if not seven inches with some girth to him. His cock was sticking straight up and I grabbed it at the base and slowly stroked up to the top. A bubble of precum greeted my hand at the top and I put my finger on it and then swirled the juice around the head of his cock. While doing this I leaned forward and I licked his scrotum. “Oh, Mom,” Sean moaned. “That feels so good. I can’t believe this is happening.”

I continued the lick all the way up to the crown of his cock and swirled my tongue all the way around it. I then closed my lips around his cock and lowered my head down and took a couple of inches in and got his cock wet. I pulled back up and lowered down even more. Within a few strokes, I had Sean’s cock all the way in my mouth with the head just starting to go down my throat. Deep throating Sean was not going to be any problem since I was used to his dad’s much larger cock that I take all the way down. After I had made a few strokes up and down, I pulled off of him and said, “Sean, if you want at any time to grab the sides of my head and push and pull so you can fuck my mouth, go right ahead. Otherwise, I’ll go at my own pace. You can fuck my face as hard as you want. And when you’re ready to cum, don’t hold it back to make it last. Let it go. We’ll be doing this a lot so there’s no reason to hold back. If you want to cum in my mouth, just let it go when you’re ready. If you want to cum on my face or my tits, just pull it out of my mouth and aim it wherever you want. This first time, at least, I want to taste your cum so please fill my mouth with your cum.” Enough talking. I dropped my head back onto his cock and started bouncing up and down on it and sucking with wild abandon trying to make him cum. I knew it wouldn’t take long and it didn’t. Probably not more than a minute later I felt Sean tense up and take in a breath and hold it. I could feel his cock get harder and thicken up a bit and then he unleashed his cum. He gave me at least four really strong squirts and then a couple smaller ones and then some dribbles as he twitched out the rest of his orgasm. I loved the taste of his cum and knew I was going to be drinking at lot of it in the days and months and hopefully years to come.

I kept Sean’s cock in my mouth until it went totally limp. I licked his scrotum in case some of his cum had escaped my mouth. “That was yummy, Sean,” I told my son. I want every drop of your cum that I can get for as long as you want to give it to me. That reminds me of another new rule. From now on, no masturbating on your own. No wasting of your cum on your stomach or into a towel or on the shower floor or wherever you normally shoot your cum. From now on your cum either goes in or on me or someone else. Whenever you need to release a load of cum, come see your mother and I will take care of you. Now, are you ready Ethan?”

“Hell yeah, Mom,” Ethan exclaimed! He hadn’t waited for me and already had his jeans pulled down. I went over between his legs and grabbed his boxers and pulled them down. His cock was pretty much the same size as Sean’s but I think it was actually a bit thicker. It was a beautiful cock on my beautiful son. I stroked it for a bit. Not because I needed to make it hard because it was already like an iron bar, but just because I loved looking at his cock and realizing I was stroking the cock of my baby boy. I know, at 16 he was no baby, but he’ll always be my little boy. But my little boy was growing up and I was about to make him a man.

“Same rules apply, Ethan. Use me if you want and don’t hold back. The first time always goes fast so don’t worry about it. We’ll do it again in a little while, if you want. I can’t wait to taste your cum.” I took his cock in my mouth and had to open a bit wider than I did with Sean but the length was still no problem for me to take all the way down. I was thinking to myself as I was going down on him how rare it must be for a guy’s first blowjob to be a deep throat but I’d now done it for both of my boys. As with Sean, it took only moments for Ethan to begin moaning and getting ready to shoot his load.

“I’m cumming, Mom. Here it is. Drink my cum Mom.” Ethan began shooting his load into my mouth and I was in heaven. I was now officially a mommy slut and loving it.

Chapter 2

I still had Ethan’s cock in my mouth starting to go limp when I felt Jerome’s big, beautiful cock pushing into my pussy which, in turn, pushed my head further onto Ethan’s lap. I was so wet Jerome slid all nine inches all the way home in one long push. It felt so fucking good. I had to grab onto the couch around Ethan’s hips to keep from having my face pushed into Ethan’s now soft cock as Jerome started slamming his big cock into me. I guess Jerome saw I was having a problem laying on top of Ethan so he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me away from the couch. He laid down on the floor which left me sitting on him reverse cowboy. I started raising and lowering myself up and down on Jerome’s cock while the boys just sat their dumbfounded watching us fuck.

The whole situation was such a turn on. As I was fucking Jerome I started talking to the boys. “You guys see your dad’s big cock fucking me. Can you see his cock pumping into my pussy? I can’t wait for you guys to fuck me too.” I was already starting to get tired. With Jerome’s cock being so long, it takes a lot of effort to bounce on him enough to move more than a couple of inches in and out of my pussy. I like feeling him giving me long strokes with that magnificent cock of his. I sat down all the way on him and stopped. Then, without pulling off of him, I spun around so that I was now facing him. “Fuck me, Jerome. Show the boys how to give me a proper fucking. Fuck me hard and fill me with your seed.”

I laid down on Jerome and he flipped us over so that I was now underneath him and he could fully pump the length of his cock into my pussy. It didn’t take but a couple of minutes for me to start having my first orgasm of the night. Between sucking my sons’ cocks and then Jerome fucking me, I was on sensory overload and I felt a strong orgasm coming on. “Oh, yes, Jerome. Here it comes. Oh, God. Oh, oh, uh, fuucck!” As I bounced around on the floor having a massive orgasm in front of my sons, Jerome kept pounding my pussy. He’s such a fucking stud of a man.

After a while, Jerome pulled out of my pussy, grabbed me by the hips and flipped me over. Then he pulled my hips up so my ass was in the air and my arms and face were flat on the carpet. He grabbed his big fuck stick and slid it home and really started pounding me hard. I turned my head to look over to the boys and they were watching with rapt attention. “Can you see how your father fucks me? I can’t wait for you guys to do this too. Oh, that feels so fucking good. His cock is so deep in me. Fuck me Jerome. I love you so much. Fuck me. Show your sons how to fuck me. Fill me with your cum. Give it to me Jerome.”

And give it to me he did. It feels like he grows another inch in girth when he’s ready to cum. I reached between my legs and found his huge balls slapping against my pussy. I grabbed them and started pulling down on his scrotum and lightly squeezing his balls and that did the trick and I felt him pulsing inside of me and a warmth spreading through me. I think it was one of the biggest loads Jerome had ever given me. I guess the whole situation was a big turn on for him too. He finally pulled out and he laid down beside me breathing heavily. I immediately turned around and found his wet cock laying on his stomach and I started licking it to clean all the cum and pussy juice off of it. I kept going until his cock and balls were totally clean, except for my saliva that is.

When I was done cleaning Jerome, I laid down next to him. Jerome then got between my legs and put them over his shoulders and started licking my pussy clean. Jerome has never had a problem eating my creampies. He has always said that he loves licking my pussy so much that he doesn’t care whether it’s full of his cum or someone else’s cum. He says my pussy tastes best when it is hot and wet and it’s never hotter or wetter than after it’s gotten a good fucking. I realized that this is something I would need to teach the boys to do. A lot of guys won’t do that. But if my boys want me to suck their cocks, they better be prepared to kiss me afterwards. And if I’m going to be servicing three horny guys all the time, they are going to have to clean up after themselves or each other. Their future girlfriends and wives will appreciate the lessons I give my boys.

As Jerome was licking me clean, I thought it would be a good teaching moment. “Guys, do you see what your father is doing right now? He’s licking his cum and my pussy juice out of my pussy to clean it. That’s called a creampie. Now, a lot of guys won’t do that because they have some issue with tasting cum. I will expect you to get used to tasting not only your own cum in my mouth or my pussy, but probably sometimes your father’s or your brother’s cum. Believe me, fucking a pussy that is full of a load of cum isn’t call sloppy seconds for no reason. And when you fuck a sloppy pussy, your cock doesn’t get enough friction to help you cum. I am not going to go running to the bathroom after every fuck to clean myself out for the next one of you that wants to fuck me. So, you guys are going to have to take care of it yourselves. Your dad actually prefers licking my pussy when it’s full of cum. And one thing your dad insists on is that I do not wash or wipe cum out of my pussy or off of my body except during my regular bath or shower times. He likes when I smell of cum and sex and he likes seeing cum running down my legs, so you will need to get used to it. Damn, your father is good at pussy licking. You might need to talk to him to get some pointers because he knows what he’s doing down there.”

Once my pussy was clean, Jerome starting working on my clit and pretty soon I was showing my sons another orgasm. Jerome got up off of me and went back over to the couch and sat down. I had my eyes closed relaxing when I felt hands on my thighs and a warm breath on my pussy. I opened my eyes and looked down to see Sean looking at my wet pussy. When he saw me looking at him, he asked, “Can I lick your pussy now, Mom?”

“You don’t need to ask me, Sean. That is now your pussy and it is there for you whenever you want it. If I’m naked, take what you want. If you want me in another position, either move me or tell me what you want me to do. Take control of me when we are having sex.”

“Oh, Mom,” Sean said, “I love you so much. This is the best day of my life.” He bent down and tentatively gave my pussy a lick to see how it tasted. “Oh yeah,” he said, “I see now why dad likes to lick your pussy so much. It smells and tastes delicious. I’m going to need to do this every day from now on.” With that he buried his face between my legs and started licking. He didn’t really know what he was doing, but as long as he’s using his tongue, it can’t be bad. In fact, it was quite good because it was my own son that was eating my pussy. I was really certain then that people that are against incest have no fucking clue what they are talking about. How can two people that love each other be wrong for giving each other pleasure whether they are related or not?

In that moment I realized that even though I love my husband immensely and he is an incredible lover, there is something really special about having sex with my own sons. After all, they came from my body. There is a special and unique bond there. And now giving myself totally to my sons and letting them enjoy my body and me enjoying theirs thrilled me in a way I didn’t expect.

As Sean continued to lick my pussy I saw Ethan sitting and watching us. I held up my arms to him and he got off the couch and got down on the floor next to me. I grabbed him around his neck and pulled him in for our first lover’s kiss. Ethan may have still been a virgin but it was obvious that he’s at least kissed some girls because he didn’t hesitate at all to open his mouth to touch tongues with me. I was in heaven. One son was licking my pussy while I made out with the other one. I can’t wait until they spit roast me with one of their cocks in my mouth and the other in my pussy. I agreed with Sean, this was also the best day in my life. It doesn’t get any better than having the three men in my life making love to me.

As Ethan and I made out, he reached his hand out and started massaging my tits. First one and then the other. He pulled and pinched my nipples just right. It felt so good. Either he’d gone farther with girls than I thought or he’s learned a lot from watching porn. Pretty soon he pulled off of my lips and bent his head to my right breast and took the nipple into his mouth. It had been about 15 years since he’d last sucked on that tit. I so wished I had some milk to give him.

Jerome was watching the action and probably thought I could use a little more stimulation so he got down on the floor with us and he took my left nipple in his mouth. Now I had all three of my men licking and sucking my pussy and tits. I immediately went into an orgasm. And it was a big one. Sean did a hell of a job staying on my pussy while I bounced around but I had to tell him to let up on my clit because it was too sensitive.

But just as I was coming down, I felt a cock slide into my very wet pussy. Sean was taking his first fuck. I was completely worn out, but I wasn’t going to stop him. I told him to take what he wanted and he obviously wanted to fuck my pussy. He slid right in with no problem. He started pumping fast and I had to tell him to slow down. There’s no rush. He found a comfortable rhythm going and I started grabbing for Ethan’s and Jerome’s cocks. I found them and started tugging on them until they realized what I wanted. They moved up to my head and I had two hard cocks; one on each side of my head. I pulled Ethan’s cock to my lips and I sucked him in. I was pumping his cock while sucking on about three inches of his cock. After a couple of minutes, I pulled his cock out and turned my head to Jerome and took his cock into my mouth. I switched back and forth while Sean continued to stroke nice steady long strokes into my pussy.

As I expected, Sean was the first one to pop. After all, he had the pussy. I know I’m good at sucking cock, but a mouth just isn’t as soft as a pussy. I felt Sean’s cock pulsing and knew that my son was filling my pussy with his cum. The first load of many I hope to get from him. Sean pulled out and rolled over on the floor to rest while I had Jerome’s cock in my mouth. I felt Ethan pull away from me and I was then pleasantly surprised to feel a tongue on my pussy. Ethan was actually licking his brother’s cum out of his mother’s pussy! Some people would think that’s pretty fucked up. I thought it was the most wonderful thing of all. I didn’t expect either one of the boys to do that so willingly or so soon so it was a wonderful surprise.

Being the stud that Jerome is, I knew that he wasn’t going to cum anytime soon from the blowjob. He can always last a really long time for his second cum. So, he pulled away and just slowly stroked his big cock while watching Ethan eat his mother out. When Ethan had my pussy clean, he moved up into place and slid his cock into me. He let it sit there in me as he laid on top of me and started kissing me again. This time when we exchanged tongues, I could taste some of Sean’s cum in Ethan’s mouth. I grabbed Ethan in a big hug while we kissed. When he let up on me, I said, “Thank you for doing that. That was the biggest turn on I’ve ever had knowing you were licking Sean’s cum out of me. And then you shared some of it with me in the kiss. It was wonderful. Now take it slow and fuck me. Let’s make it last but when you’re ready, I can’t wait for you to fill me with your first load of cum. You know I told Sean that this is his pussy now and I hope you know it is yours too. When you want your pussy, take it. I am your mommy slut. I am your cum slut. I want every drop of your cum that I can get for the rest of our lives together. Fuck me, Ethan. Fill me with your cum.”

For his first time fucking, Ethan did a great job. While we fucked, we kissed and he licked and sucked on my tits. By the time Ethan filled me with his load of cum, I was exhausted. Ethan just laid on top of me while his cock went limp and dropped out of me. But I wasn’t ready to let him get up. I was stroking his back and his head. And we continued to make out. This boy is going to be quite the lover in no time.

When Ethan finally got off of me, I crawled over to Jerome and gave him a big kiss. We got up and I took Jerome’s hand and started to lead him to our bedroom. I turned to the boys and said, “Guys, tonight was incredible. I loved every second of it and I hope you did too. But, let’s sleep on it tonight and talk about it tomorrow to make sure everyone is still okay with this. Just because you enjoyed it doesn’t mean that you feel inside that it’s right for you. So, we’ll talk tomorrow. I love you both so much. Good night.” With that, Jerome and I went up the stairs to our room. When we got there, Jerome started to close the door as usual. “There’s really no reason to close our doors anymore, Jerome,” I said. “If the boys want to watch us or come in and join us, they can.”

“You’re right,” he said. “It looked like you really did enjoy yourself tonight. I’m sure you’re hoping that they will want to continue this. But are you ready for three horny guys wanting to constantly be fucking you?”

“Tonight was awesome. Having the three of you on me at the same time was mind-blowing. I’ll probably be sore at first servicing the three of you so much but I love the three of you so much, I can’t think of anything I would rather do than make love to the three loves of my life. I can say, I’ll probably not be looking for any other cocks any time soon. I think the three of you will keep me completely sated for a long time.”

I hope that Jerome wasn’t wanting more sex because I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. For all I know, Jerome fucked me while I was sleeping. He probably didn’t, but he can if he wants to. I was serious when I said I wouldn’t ever refuse him. Even if I’m unconscious. I made that promise to him because I never wanted Jerome to ever be able complain to anyone that I didn’t give him enough sex. Besides, like I said at the top, he has such an incredible body, my pussy gets wet every time I look at him. Even after all these years.

I hope that they boys are appreciative of their father for sharing me with them. I hope that they will bring home girlfriends or wives and share them with their father. It’s only fair, after all. Of course, once those girls fuck Jerome, they’ll be hooked on his big cock. I hope, for their sakes, that the boys grow cocks as big as their dad’s. That could make for some pretty fun holidays together in the future.

Chapter 3

I woke up the next morning and went into the bathroom for my usual morning routine. All my men were still sleeping. When I was done in the bathroom, I went down the hall and stopped at Sean’s door. I stood there naked looking into my son’s room. He was sleeping with the covers down almost to his waist. I could clearly see his morning wood creating a bulge in the covers.

Normally, I would have continued downstairs and started working on breakfast for my family, but everything was different now after last night. For one thing, I was standing there naked in the hallway looking at my son instead of wearing some shear nightie and just walking by.

I walking into Sean’s room and gently sat on the bed so as not to wake him yet. I slowly lifted the covers and brought them down to his knees revealing his nice hard cock beckoning to me. I lightly lifted his cock up and bent over and took it into my mouth and slowly worked my tongue around and around the head. Sean immediately started moaning in his sleep. I wanted to take it nice and slow and see how long I could work on his cock before he awoke.

I bent lower and lower to take more of his cock into my mouth until my lips were nuzzling in his pubic hair. I laved my tongue around his cock and savored the taste of his youth. I could hear a shift in his breathing pattern and I knew it wouldn’t be long now until he woke up from the sexy dream that I know I was providing him. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock as slowly as I could. It was hard for me to do that because I love the feel of a hard cock pounding my throat. Eventually, I felt Sean’s hands on my head guiding my face on his cock and knew that he was awake. “Oh, Mom,” Sean cried, “that feels so good. What a great way to wake up.”

Now that he was awake, I started bobbing my head faster while I reached up and grabbed a hold of his scrotum and starting playing with his balls. That put him over the top and in a couple of minutes I was awarded with shot after shot of his hot cum spurting into my mouth. I gulped down each shot as it came, enjoying the taste of his cum as well as the taboo nature of what I was doing.

When I was sure I had sucked every last drop of cum out of his cock, I released his cock from my mouth and moved up to kiss Sean and let him taste some of his cum in my mouth. He didn’t hesitate to stick his tongue in my mouth and we made out like a couple of teenagers.

After a while, Sean pulled away and said, “Mom, thanks for the wake up blowjob, but I really need to get to the bathroom and take a piss.”

I had a rather naughty thought and replied, “I’ve got a great idea. Let’s go into the bathroom together and I’ll give you another new experience.”

Sean got out of bed and we went into the bathroom, leaving the door wide open. There were no reasons for any of us to close our doors any more. I led Sean over to the bathtub and I got in and got on my knees. “Get in here with me, Sean,” I said. He got in and didn’t know what he should do and started to get down with me. “No, Sean, stand in front of me.” When he was standing in front of me, I took a hold of his cock and pointed it at my face. “When you’re ready,” I said, “go ahead and pee.”

“What,” Sean exclaimed? “You want me to pee on your face,” he asked?

“Yes, do it, Sean. I like water sports or golden showers as it’s called. Pee on my face and in my mouth. Cover me in your pee. Pee on my tits. Pee on me anywhere you want. I love it.”

Sean was clearly uncomfortable with this and was having trouble getting his pee started. Eventually, a dribble started to come out and I opened my mouth and let some of his pee drip onto my tongue. Then the floodgates opened and Sean started shooting a forceful stream at my face. I took in a mouthful of piss and as I swallowed it, I moved his cock so that he was pissing straight onto my face and into my hair. I pointed his cock down and took some piss on my tits and then lifted it back up and took his cock into my mouth, gulping down his piss as fast as I could.

Just as we were finishing, we heard, “What the fuck? I’ve never seen that before.” It was Ethan standing in the doorway with his hard cock in his hand. “Mom, did you really just drink Sean’s piss?”

“Yes, dear,” I replied. “It’s called water sports or a golden shower. Why don’t you get in here and take Sean’s place and take your turn?”

Sean got out of the tub and Ethan climbed in to replace him. His cock was as hard as a rock and there was no way he was going to be able to piss until I took care of that. I pulled him to me by his cock and started sucking him off. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Sean was sitting on the toilet seat watching us.

I could feel that Ethan was getting close to blowing his load so I decided to do something else new for them. I used my finger and started circling it around his anus. At first, Ethen clenched the cheeks of his ass, but as he realized it felt good, he started to relax. At that point, I started working my finger into his ass. “Mom, what are you doing? Oh, shit. That feels pretty good. Oh, wow. Mom, I’m gonna cum.”

As he started shooting his load of cum into my mouth, I pushed my finger all the way in and rubbed his prostate. Ethan had such a hard orgasm that he nearly fell over in the tub. Luckily, I had my arms around his hips to keep him upright as I sucked every drop of cum out of him that I could.

Once he was done cumming and I could feel he had regained his bearings, I release my grip of his hips and instead, gripped his cock. “Now you should be able to pee, Ethan. Go ahead and pee on me just like Sean did. I’ll guide your cock, just let it flow and let me play in your pee.”

Ethan was relaxed enough after his orgasm that it wasn’t difficult for him to start peeing. As with Sean, I took several large gulps of his piss and swallowed it down while dousing my head and chest with the rest of his pee.

When he was done, Ethan stepped back and looked down at me covered in his pee and smiled. “That was pretty awesome, Mom. I can’t believe you drank it though. It’s one thing to let it run all over you, but to drink it? Doesn’t it taste like, well, pee?”

I laughed. “Yes, of course it tastes like pee. But it really isn’t that bad. The fun and naughtiness of it outweighs the taste. It’s just another way that I want you guys to know that I am up for almost anything that you want to try. You can’t know whether you like something or not until you try it. Just like I know you weren’t too sure when I put my finger in your butt until you realized it felt good. I know when I pressed on your prostate that it made you cum really hard. If I had told you I was going to do that, your first thought probably would have been that it’s gross.”

“You got that right, Mom,” Ethan replied. “I wasn’t sure what you were doing back there and it seemed so wrong. But after I realized that not only did it not hurt but that it was also feeling pretty good, I was able to relax and enjoy it. That did make me cum really hard.”

“You guys need to understand, though, that even while I am willing to do most anything you want to do, don’t expect the girls you go out with to feel the same way. For most girls, it will take a long time of being intimate with you before they will feel comfortable trying something like a golden shower. So be sure when dating to take things slow and always, always concentrate on your partner’s pleasure. Your focus should always be on your partner’s pleasure, not your own. For one thing, it is usually much harder for a girl or woman to have an orgasm than a guy. So you’ll normally have to really work at it to bring your girl to an orgasm. I’m going to try to teach you some techniques as we go that you can try on your girlfriends to help you be successful with them. You also need to understand that while I have given you my blanket consent for you to use me whenever you want, however you want, you can never assume that a girl you date will feel like that until you guys are pretty deep into a relationship. I can give you that consent because I love you guys with all my heart and I have had the experience to know what few limitations I may have sexually. Use me to have fun and learn how to be a good lover, but go slowly with girls you date and never, ever pressure them into anything sexual. I hope you guys understand what I am trying to say.”

“I get it, Mom,” Ethan said. “And I can appreciate that by having a wonderful sexual relationship with you that I won’t feel so anxious to push a girl into sex because I won’t be so horny. I just hope that someday I find a girl that is a beautiful and you and as sexually free and open as you. Dad is the luckiest guy on planet earth to have found you.”

I teared up hearing Ethan say that. “That was about the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me, Ethan. Thank you so much for that. And believe me, I’m the lucky one to have found your dad. Not only is he a handsome stud with a big cock that he knows how to use really well, but he loves me enough to allow me to be sexually free and not be jealous or restrictive. I hope that you guys learn from his example and are able to treat your future girlfriends and wives the same way. You see, guys usually don’t have a problem separating sex from love or fucking from love making. It's why guys have a much easier time cheating on their partners. They can fuck another woman without having any real feelings for the woman. Most woman, on the other hand, equate the two and need to have feelings for a guy before having sex with them. Therefore, a woman who cheats is actually a greater danger to a marriage than the guy cheating. It takes a special guy, like your father, to not only allow his partner to have sex with others but to work to get her to understand that it’s possible to separate sexual fun from making love. Hopefully you guys will learn a lot from your dad and me on how to have a great marriage and relationship. Now, if you don’t mind, I think I need a shower. Anyone want to join me and wash my back? Or my front?”

“Sounds like fun to me,” Ethan said.

“I’d like that too,” Sean said, “but the tub isn’t big enough for all three of us. I’ll catch you next time, Mom.”

“I want you both to know,” I said, “that you should feel free to join me in the shower whenever you want. You don’t need to ask. If I’m in the shower, just get in and join me, if you want to. I may well do the same with you guys if you’re in here taking a shower. I hope you’re getting the clue that there will be very few boundaries between us anymore. I also should mention that with me being naked all the time, that this house is officially a clothing optional zone. You can wear as few or as much clothing as you want. Feel free to be naked anywhere around the house or the backyard. All swimming should now be done skinny dipping. And that goes for your friends as well. I sure won’t mind seeing your friends here naked using the pool. The more cocks I get to see, the better as far as I’m concerned. And if you get girlfriends that aren’t too uptight, they’re free to be naked here as well. This house is also now a sexually free zone. Any consensual sex is permissible anywhere in the house or backyard. And it’s a non-judgmental zone. It doesn’t matter if the consensual sex is between the opposite sex or the same sex. There’s nothing wrong with guys sucking cocks or girls licking pussy. In fact, I enjoy a nice wet warm pussy as much as I do a nice hard cock and it’s a turn-on for me seeing guys sucking cocks. So as far as I’m concerned, pretty much anything goes here except that we can’t let others know that you are having sex with me while you are underage. Any questions?”

“So, you mean we can bring girls home to have sex? And even if I have guy friends over, we can skinny dip,” asked Sean?

“That’s exactly what I’m saying. In fact, I would much prefer that when you have girlfriends that are willing to have sex, that you bring them here for that. Please don’t have sex in your car or at their house where someone could catch you guys. This house will be a safe place for you guys to have safe sex. I’ll even make sure that we always have a supply of condoms here for you. And, just in case, I’ll get some morning after pills to have on hand if a girl needs them. As long as the sex is consensual and you practice safe sex, you can do it here. And I don’t care if its up in your room or on the family room couch or on a lounger by the pool.”

“Damn,” said Ethan, “now all I need to do is find a cool girlfriend. I bet some of my horny friends would love to skinny dip here hoping you’ll see their dicks and want to have sex with them.”

“I’m sure you’re right, Ethan. And I’d certainly enjoy seeing them. But remember, I promised your dad that I won’t fuck anyone under age the eighteen except you guys, so they can dream all they want. Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t give an occasional handjob or blowjob to one of your friends. I’ll make this promise to you. I will require them to promise to never tell you or anyone if I make them cum or let them touch me, but I will tell you if and when I do. So, if you ever hear any rumblings at school you let me know and I will cut your friend off.”

I turned around and started the water running for the shower. By then most of the pee had dried on my skin and in my hair. Sean left us alone in the bathroom while Ethan and I washed each other’s body. Ethan definitely liked it when I rubbed my soapy body against his. I’ve always loved doing that. I love feeling my tits rub back and forth across a guy’s chest and feel his cock rubbing back and forth across my pussy. We had a very fun shower. When we got out, Ethan grabbed a towel and started drying me off. He got down on his knees in front of me to wipe my feet and up my legs and didn’t let the opportunity to pass him by to wipe his face against my pussy. I could hear him taking in deep breaths of my scent and he gave me a couple swipes of his tongue as well. I’m telling you, this kid is going to be some lover.

While Ethan dried himself off, I toweled off my hair. When we were done, we walked downstairs to the kitchen naked to get something to eat for breakfast. Jerome was sitting at the table, drinking a cup of coffee, wearing his boxers. He looked up and said, “Well you look refreshed after a fun morning. I guess I’m overdressed in the house now, huh?”

“Yeah, honey, I told the boys that this house is now officially a clothing optional zone and a sexually free zone. Don’t be surprised if the boys are usually naked now so that we can more freely touch each other. I’ve even told them that it applies to their friends as well. I’m hoping that their guy friends will show me all their cocks. And if you’re lucky, the boys will find some girls that enjoy walking around naked. Of course, once those girls get to see your big cock, you might find them hanging around you a lot.”

“I guess it’s going to get really interesting around here now,” Jerome said. We’ll need to be really careful about the ages of the kids around here, especially the girls. It will be a lot easier in a couple of years when they are all at least eighteen.”

Later in the day, all four of us went outside to go skinny dipping in the pool. I have always enjoyed that and hadn’t been able to do it too much in the last many years. It was so nice to be naked outside and feel the sun on my whole body and not be worried about being caught by my sons.

At one point, we were all in the pool when I caught up with Sean in the shallow end. I got right in front of him and pulled him in for a hug and starting kissing him. While kissing, I grabbed a hold of his cock which didn’t take long to get nice and hard. I played with his cock while we kissed and Sean played with my tits. When we pulled apart, I said to Sean, “I love you so much. I’m really glad we have this new relationship. We never really talked about it, though. Is this really okay for you? Is this something you want or am I pushing myself onto you?”

“Oh, Mom,” Sean replied, “you have no idea how wonderful this is for me. It's really a dream come true. Like Ethan said last night, we have both masturbated to thoughts of you so many times over the last few years but never thought in our wildest dreams that we’d be able to touch you sexually, let alone make love to you. I think this will only make our relationships even better and stronger and I know that what we learn from our relationship with you will help us have good relationships with other women in our lives. I certainly can’t see any downside to what we’re doing other than the perceptions of other people if they knew about us. I am curious about something, though. You mentioned that you like having sex with women as well. Is that something you’ve done a lot before? Do you really like licking pussy that much?”

“Oh, yes, Sean. I love licking pussy. What’s not to love? Why shouldn’t a woman love the smell and taste of another woman as much as a guy does? I like licking my own juices off of my lover’s cock or his lips, so why shouldn’t I like another woman’s juices. I also like kissing other woman and sucking and playing with their tits. I love having sex with women, but I still need a hard cock as well. If I ever find a woman with a real cock and a pussy, a hermaphrodite, I might actually fall in love. That would be a perfect person. So, yeah, to answer your question, I love having sex with women but it’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity. I did it quite a lot back in college. It was what we did if we didn’t have dates on the weekend. We took care of each other.”

“That’s pretty cool,” Sean said. “I would love to see you with another woman. I think it is really hot seeing two women have sex together. I’m not sure why you like seeing guys sucking each other’s cocks, though. That just seems totally gay to me.”

“Probably for the same reason you like seeing two women together, I like seeing two guys,” I replied. “Ethan ate your cum out of my pussy last night so what would be the difference if you just came directly into his mouth? Either way he’d be eating your cum. It’s only gay if you preferred having a guy suck your cock, especially to the exclusion of having sex with women. Otherwise, it’s just two guys pleasuring each other. A mouth on your cock feels good. And sucking on a cock is kind of good too. Giving another person an orgasm is always a good thing. Like I said earlier, you don’t know if you like something or not unless you try it. And if you think sucking cock isn’t manly, consider this. I’ve seen your father suck cocks. I don’t know of any guy more manly and studly than your father, but he doesn’t have a problem sucking a cock. But you have to go into it with an open mind. If you are sure you aren’t going to like it because you think there’s something wrong with doing it, you surely won’t think you liked it. It’s like the first time a woman has anal sex. If she’s sure she won’t like it and that its gross, she probably won’t like it when she does it. But if she’s curious about it and willing to put up with the initial discomfort until it starts feeling good, she’ll find that she actually kind of likes it. And I think that’s kind of like a guy sucking a cock. It’s not the most fun you’ll have, but it’s something worth doing once in a while.”

“I don’t know,” Sean said. “I think I’d need to think about that one some more. I guess it’s as much about what others would think as it is about the act itself. Somehow, girls licking each other’s pussies is sexy but guys blowing each other just seems wrong. I know there shouldn’t be any difference and it’s certainly a double standard, but it’s there. I think the thing is that because guys like having sex with girls, it makes sense that girls could see other girls as sexually attractive. And maybe that’s why some girls like seeing guys together. But, if we’re being real, a guy doesn’t really see what a girl sees in a guy other than his cock. So, there’s really nothing there to attract a straight guy. Girls, though, have beautiful soft curvy bodies, they smell good, and they taste good. There’s a lot there to like. It’s amazing that there are guys that don’t want to have sex with girls and only want to have sex with guys. I don’t get it.”

“The long and the short of it, Sean, is that I am bisexual and I think that most people that consider themselves ‘straight’ just have never discovered their bisexuality or never allowed themselves to discover or enjoy it. I firmly believe that almost every woman, given the chance, would realize they’re bisexual. And I think a lot of guys, not necessarily a majority of them, would also be okay being bisexual especially if it turned on their partner. Remember, one of the first things I told you yesterday is that it is important that you never do anything sexually you don’t want to do. So, I’m not telling you that you should suck a cock and enjoy it. I’m saying that if you wanted to try it and found you liked it, even a little bit, that it would enhance your sexuality and that there’s nothing wrong with it. Please don’t ever do something like that just because you think I would want you to or that it would in some way make me happy. It would certainly make me unhappy if you did something because you felt in any way forced to do it.”

“I understand, Mom,” Sean replied. “Just being able to talk about this so openly with you is really special. I think this whole thing is opening up lines of communication between us which would have been difficult two days ago. It can only help our lives to know that we can talk to you and dad about absolutely anything without feeling judged or stupid.”

“I agree, Sean. And you’re right that you can talk to us about anything. I promise you that we’ll try our best to never be judgmental and just give you our best advice that we can.” We hugged again, enjoying feeling each other’s naked body pressed together.

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