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I traveled to Asia to visit my buddy who worked there since college graduation. 'I will treat you to a massage experience you will not forget!' The massage parlor was nicely furnished in an upscale area. Pictures of their professionals hung on a side wall. My buddy went to the receptionist and identified our bookings.
He turned to me. 'Your lucky day! I got you the best!' Soon a very attractive lady dressed in a light blue long gown greeted my buddy with a sweet smile. He turned and pointed to me 'My buddy is visiting, please give him the best!' She smiled towards me 'Welcome!' She led me into the room at the end of the hallway. 'Please undress and hang your clothes up, I will knock first when I come back.' I examined the beautiful decor around the room, the large massage table and the fresh smelling sheets and towels. Nothing to worry about, I concluded since I trust my buddy anyways. After I rested on the massage table, pulled the sheet over my body and relaxing to the soft music, I heard a soft knock on the door. 'Come in,' and she entered smiling at me. Her sweet smile attracted me but I believed this was a standard full body massage. Eventually I learned that I was so wrong! Her warm soft hands started from my head, expertly worked down my body and arms to just below my waist. She slipped a towel over my buns. Then from the other end of the table, she pulled away the sheet and started from my toes and worked upwards. My body now completely relaxed and magically all the sore muscles disappeared. I thought my buddy was so right that she was the best.

While finishing my thighs she asked 'would you like me to push oil?' I paused and mumbled no since I did not know what that was. She sensed my hesitation and said 'it's all included in the complete package. You should try. No extra cost!' I mumbled ok, with a wait and see altitude since I could always tell her to stop if I don't like it.' She removed the towel and started massaging my buns. That felt wonderful. I was intrigued. Then she poured warm oil on my sack and started massaging my balls while pulling on my sack! I never had that done before and now very excited to find out what's next. She obviously noticed my growth and said 'see, you like it!' 'That's very nice, thank you.' Hearing my response, she added warm oil on her hands and slowly stroked my manhood. My breathing fastened as she squeezed the base of my full erection while her other hand continued to massage and stretch my sack. She slowly squeezed up my shaft all the way to my glans. I felt her wonderful hand doing exactly what I needed while squeezing and circling my glans, paying detailed attention to the most sensitive bottom. Her squeezing then moved back down to the base slowly and the process repeated several times. I was moaning, breathing faster and faster. Sensing my climax approaching she released my manhood. I felt a finger putting warm oil on my rosebud. After drawing circles for a minute a finger was inserted. I moaned louder as shivers went up my spine. She said 'now prostate massage!' I never had that before but I was willing to try anything now! 'Oh my god!' That's something all men must try. You don't know what you've been missing. She was indeed an expert because she knew exactly what to do. (As I found out in later years that many others did not give me the same sensations!) I never felt my cock so hard as she continued massaging my balls. When she noticed my climax approaching again she squeezed my cock really tight at the base to slow down. Then she tightly stroked my manhood from real slow to super fast while working my prostate. I had so much build-up that I shivered, screamed, squirted and squirted. She had a towel wrapped and squeezed my glans as I unloaded everything I had! After I calmed down she said 'you are very big. You can turn over now so I can do the front!' I thought it was all over after my happy ending but there was still the front! What an amazing package!

A fresh towel was put over me after I turned over and she massaged my face and slowly moved down my neck to my shoulders. I figured after all that my hands should be able to work too. I reached for her waist and worked down to her thighs. She did not object as I continued to explore her firm body. She expertly massaged my pecs but avoided my nipples. I eagerly unbuttoned her gown when she moved to my side. A front snap-open bra held her C-cups while the matching bikini did not fully cover the birth scar on her lower ab. I then realized that any extra clothing would be too hot given her physical efforts in this warm room. She continued massaging down my body as I unsnapped her bra, exposing those sexy chocolate areola. I immediately cupped my hands on her beautifully shaped tits, so soft yet firm. Now she began drawing circles on my sensitive nipples so I rubbed her nipples to return the favor but nothing stuck out unlike many Asians with large nipples. 'How come your nipples don't come out?' 'I have inverted nipples so they don't come out but I really enjoy the sensations just like other girls.' She lifted her left tit up to her mouth and sensually licked her areola. 'Can you feed your baby this way?' 'Yes I just stopped feeding my baby and still have milk.' She smiled 'Want to try?' WOW! What a bonus offer!!! 'Yes for sure!' She bent down to put her left tit over my mouth. I sucked hard and she said 'softer please, I am very sensitive and there won't be a lot of milk.' 'Sorry I've to learn, again!' She laughed. My tongue explored her inverted dimple/nipple as I gently sucked and sweet sweet liquid came! So amazing, I just couldn't believe my luck! My hands of course wouldn't stay idle. My left gently caressed her right tit while my right reached behind for her firm buns. Her breathing fastened as she continued to massage my hard nipples. 'I like my nipples sucked too!' She complied expertly, licking, flicking, sucking. She saw the small towel getting raised up and said 'you really like that too!' 'Yes I love that. My high school sweetheart back home discovered how sensitive I am!' I reached between her thighs and found a wet patch! I slipped inside her bikini and found her soaking wet pussy lips and slowly inserted a finger, then two as she moaned. 'Please switch to my other breast, I am getting sore!' 'Oh sorry, please give me instructions.' She smiled sweetly as I released and she put her right tit in my mouth. I was a fast learner. As my tongue explored her dimple while sucking, warm milk slowly came. I very gently held and caressed her other tit, knowing it was already sore. I pushed her bikini aside and caressed her swollen pussy lips from the front. She jumped as my finger reached up and found her huge clit sticking out! 'Well your clit doesn't hide!' 'Yes my clit sticks out a lot, compensating for my nipples!' I laughed at finding the jackpot as her moans got louder. I inserted 2 fingers to plug the creamy stream leaking out while my thumb pressed on her rosebud. Suddenly she thrust her hips forward, took a deep breath, tensed up her whole body and froze. I wished it was my rock hard cock and not my fingers enjoying the spasms inside her vagina during her long orgasm.

After she opened her eyes she reached for my now rock hard manhood and began her expert massage again while continuing her magic on my super hard nipples... I've gone to heaven, shivering! Suddenly she moved away. I opened my eyes. She was taking her bikini off, displaying her beautiful jet black patch. She climbed on top of me as I stared at this Asian beauty's perfect proportions. She took a package from her gown and said 'please open since my hands are very slippery.' She slipped her gown off and her full glory was on display. I let her put the protection over my throbbing member. With eyes closed she parted her swollen lips and slowly guided my rock hard manhood deep inside as she took a deep breath. Even with the rubber I felt her heat and her lack of child birth tight vagina. We both took a couple of minutes to enjoy the new hot sensations. She opened her eyes and smiled 'so big!' I reached for her beautiful C-cups and smiled back. 'So glad I can serve you too!' Then her virginal squeeze tightened and pulsed. I knew from my high school sweetheart that those were Kegel contractions. No wonder my buddy said I got the best! Then she very slowly moved up and down and rested her hands on my chest, rubbing on my hard nipples. I reached down for her clit and was it huge! She immediately moaned and began to grind her hips forward and back, rubbing her clit on my body. She obviously knew what to do so I reached up for her inverted nipples. 'Any more milk?' 'You try!' and put her right tit in my mouth while slowly grinding her huge clit on me. I could never dream of such an adventure! I just loved getting fed as part of the complete package.

My fingers got all creamy when my free hand moved down from her buns. Applying the techniques learned from her earlier, I was rewarded with loud moans and fast breathing as I slipped a finger inside her rosebud. I sensed another climax cumming fast when her panting and grinding sped up. Then she squeezed my nipples hard, straightened her entire body, another huge breath, then froze completely on top of me. This time all her contractions on my cock and every spasm was vividly felt during the next minute. My wish came true... totally submerged in all the sensations I ever wished for. My palm under her other tit had been collecting milk, now spread over my chest and lubricating my nipples. After she licked them off I was fed the other tit again! Using my tongue to probe her inverted nipple was just as sensual as she responded with loud moans. My twitching cock demanded action so it was my turn to grind and thrust my hips up. Each deep stroke was rewarded with a Kegel contraction as I built up speed. Both our panting got really loud as I thrust both my cock and finger fully into overdrive. Grabbing her other tit and pushing a finger in her dimple/inverted nipple, I pumped madly and exploded. She responded with yet another orgasm simultaneously. We were both totally exhausted and embraced each other, resting.

After I got cleaned up and dressed, I handed her $50US. She looked surprised, 'your package is already paid.' I said 'this is all just for you! I loved everything!' She smiled sweetly, hugged me and kissed me on my cheek. I turned to find her mouth but she stepped back and smiled again. 'Thank you very much.' During the rest of this short trip, whenever I came back in town I went to her and managed a couple of times. I told my buddy she was amazing that I had to relive that experience. He said I was very lucky, she just came back after the birth of her baby. After hearing about my experience, he said 'she must like you. I never got that much service!'

I went by myself the last time. I didn't want my buddy to think I was totally obsessed. As always she started with a very professional massage to relax me, followed by 'push oil' which was forever amazing. She even edged me a few times before letting me explode. After that almost anything went. I must say the best was feeding me, riding and squeezing my rock hard cock with her Kegels and orgasm spasms. I also got hooked on probing her inverted nipples with my tongue and finger to get her moaning and milk flowing. The last trip she told me she had a record 9 orgasms and I had 3 explosions. I gave her couple of orgasms when she massaged my face while I massaged her firm tits and soaked pussy. She climaxed 3 times nursing and riding me, the last one when I exploded deep inside her. Then I got to taste her juicy pussy when she sat on my face and my hands played with her soft yet firm c-cups. Her aroma was so intoxicating. My tongue got real busy on her swollen pussy lips and tight vagina. When I licked and then flicked her huge clit, her body shivered and shook. Her loud moans and climax came real fast as I gently sucked and licked. Then her dam overflowed and the stream came. I tried to swallow it all and even tried to use my tongue to plug the dam but alas, my face was covered with her cream, flowing down my neck and chest. Sensing her next climax cumming by her loud moans and heavy breathing, I stuck my tongue as deep as I can to feel her vaginal contractions.

After she quickly changed the soaked sheets and put new rubber on my growing manhood, I got her on all fours on the table. Parting her dripping swollen pussy lips easily, I slid my rock ball deep immediately and felt the soft end of her vagina. She moaned 'so big, so deep!' I've learned to ease off when doggie because some ladies complained of pain from pounding on their cervix. 'Are you OK going this deep?' She just moaned so I thrust half way couple of times and then deep to hit her soft ending again to confirm. 'Oh I love it deep, keep going!' Eager to please her, I thrust fast and ball deep each time, slapping my balls on her big clit! She was almost screaming but tried to lower her volume since this was not a whore house! She came fast and furious. After she calmed down, she turned and reached back to play my hard nipples while my throbbing cock was still tightly wrapped inside her warm tight vagina. I pulled her body up, cupping both firm tits and licking behind her ear. She reached back with both hands, flicked, rubbed and scratched my super sensitive nipples. 'Oh my god!' Shock went up and down my spine as she squeezed my throbbing manhood with her Kegels. I started to thrust again. Her moaning was in sync as my thrusting slowly built up speed. Probing her inverted nipples, milk started dripping onto my palms so I used her milk to massage her firm c-cups while I slid ball deep each thrust again. Obviously we both were fast approaching the point of no return. Suddenly she squeezed my nipples hard, took a huge deep breath, froze into her 9th orgasm while my manhood enjoyed her vagina spasms. I sucked her earlobe into my mouth, squeezed her soft but firm tits hard, stuck my fingers in her dimple inverted nips, pushed my rock hard cock deep against her soft ending, let out a loud grunt as I emptied everything I got left inside that rubber.

This adventure will always have a special place in me. Looking back, my only regret was her insistence on protection but I respected her and enjoyed every minute with her just the same.

Three years later I went back looking for her but the place was gone and my buddy already moved so I had to explore other places but nothing can remotely compare.
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