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The second part of a gentle femdom story, this part has pegging (girls+strapon+guy)
Sarah Loves Being In Charge part two

Warning this contains pegging, If you aren't into male butt stuff this isn't the story for you party on!

Adam woke in his own bed, the evening passed by pretty normally after the events of the day before. It made the encounters with his sister earlier seem all the more surreal and if it wasn't for the one thing he would honestly have doubted any of it had happened and had all been a fantastic vivid dream. It wasn't and the one thing that said that more than ever was the cage his cock and balls were in. He sat in bed and considered how long she intended for him to be in the cage. It wasn't a bad feeling although frustrating and occasionally uncomfortable it kinda made him feel controlled by her whims and that was something he was curiously enjoying.

Sarah - You up yet Adam? We got more photos to take today.

Adam - I’ll be down in a sec.

Adam quickly threw on his clothes and went to the toilet for a long pee where he remembered briefly the sensation of the blowjob from the night before and smiled. As he zipped up and looked around he remembered the shower where Sarah had ground her pussy into his face and the convulsions from the night before. He smiled but the cage began to chaif and he decided to try and stop thinking like that.

Down the stairs he discovered Sarah wasn't about to make that task easy on him. She was dressed in a tennis player outfit from some anime he didn't know but she was positioned over the counter at the breakfast bar in the kitchen offering him a great view of her ass and slit through the white cotton panties. A hell of sight to walk into and as the door shut she turned and smiled at him. Deliberate he thought, she must have heard him coming down the stairs.

Sarah loved the look on Adams face and the feeling of him looking at her in the suggestive pose she smiled as she turned around. She had been thinking of the things they had done most of last night, Adam had been the perfect gentleman all through what must have been very hard for him and she knew he loved it. This got her thinking about what to tease him with next and after a quick look at some toys online she got some new things to play with sent to their address and they would be due anytime in the next few hours.

Sarah - Ok so when you're quite done looking up my skirt we're gonna do a few of these shots in the garden at the front. Im expecting a delivery so no funny business ok.

Adam was a bit embarrassed at being caught looking at her despite the fact he was positive she intended for him to do so.

Adam - Y-Yeah sure...M-Mistress..

Sarah - Oh… no calling me that when there is a chance you might be heard ok?

Adam - Ok

Sarah - *Yawned* I'm still quite tired, hmmmm how about you carry me to the garden like a good little brother should.

Adam was taken aback by this request but he wasnt put off. He moved forward and scooped her up in his arms.

Sarah - Wait!!

Adam - Uh… sorry am i hurting you?

Sarah fixed him with her blue eyes

Sarah - No idiot You haven't gathered my skirt my ass is on display to anyone. Especially with us going out into the garden.. Put me down.

Adam - Ok sorry…

Sarah - I’ll have to punish you for that later (she smiled as she said) now turn around)

Adam complied and Sarah climbed on his back and he grabbed the camera gear as he went past immediately wondering what she would do to punish him. Most of these pictures were action shots and Sarah had to mimic swinging the racket about to flash her panties in the way anime girls did. He was genuinely loving doing the job and even made the odd suggestion on how she could get better results. One shot involved her on her knees with her panties showing, tennis racket loose between her legs. Whilst he was lining up the shot she began slowly grinding the racket against her slit biting her lip. It was hot and Sarah was doing this to tease Adam the feeling of doing it and being watched was very pleasurable. The lens moved in and she knew he was zooming in on her crotch. She thought about getting even more daring and using the racket in other ways but just then she heard the gate open.

The post had arrived with her packages ordered last night. Quickley dispensing with the shoot she gestured for Adam to go get the packages, which obediently he did. She was at first disappointed but she knew how to take the next step. Back in the kitchen with the camera he had been using looking at the shots when Adam came back with the post…

Sarah - Oh my! Adam you have been naughty look at these pervy images… close ups of my panties… naughty boy.

Adam - Oh… sorry I… got carried away…

Sarah - Not good enough, guess i'm gonna have to really punish you… but… uh… Adam?

Adam - Yes Mistress?

Sarah - I need to ask you about something… delicate..

Adam - Mistress?

Sarah - I want to punish you but I'm not into causing pain, but some might call what I want to do a little uncomfortable, maybe some boys would really not like it… If ever I suggest or do something you really object to you have to let me know even If it disappoints me.

Adam - Sure, I trust you… What are you planning?

Sarah - Well now aren't you eager to please…

Sarah began opening the packages until she found the one she wanted and lifted it to his eyes.

Sarah - Tell me Adam do you know what this is?

Adams eyes widened

Adam - It's a buttplug, you want to put it in me?

Sarah - That's the general idea.. It won't hurt, you might even like it, This is the smaller one.

Adam - Im not sure, b-but uh if I don't like it can we… stop.

Sarah - Of course… (she giggled) but If you are a good buy you will be rewarded.

Adam thought about this he wasn't sure about the idea of putting things in his ass but the idea of the reward after last night was really appealing. They could always stop if he wasn't sure he reasoned.

Adam - Uh… ok I guess we can

Sarah - Excellent Lets go to the bathroom and get you cleaned up first though you're all sweaty.

Adam and Sarah both went to the bathroom where Sarah unleashed his cock from his cage.

Sarah - Ok now jump in the shower no ideas now I'm not here to watch you jack off. Make sure you clean your ass (with a wink)

Adam did as he was told although predictably he got an erection with the cage off and her watching his every move.

Sarah removed the smaller plug from the packaging and unpacked the lubricant she had never used one of these on herself or knew anyone who had but she had seen them used and the opinion online seemed to be dependent on the person.

Sarah - Ok big boy I guess we get this show on the road. Aww… you're rock hard… well i'm afraid no attention for Mr Cock today! Ok Adam face the mirror and poke out your butt a little.

Adam slowly did as he was told but was clearly nervous about it, then Sarah came close behind him, pulled him back from the sink and kissed his neck. She ran her hands down his side feeling his freshly washed skin but avoiding his cock. She then pushed him a bit forward so he was bending in front of her. This position was unusual and the feeling of her holding his hips was erotic to him. She smiled delighted at the sensation of of having him at her mercy and gently grinded up against him even in her skirt it wasnt difficult to imagine fucking him like this.

Sarah - Ok first i'm gonna prepare you, first i need you to relax the only time this hurts is if you dont allow it to go in.

With that she disappeared from his view in the mirror and he could feel her hands on his legs gently feeling them which was tickly.

Sarah - ok now spread your legs a little, good boy hmmm I could use a little help… uh Adam dear?

Adam - yeah? Can you use your hands to uh… part your cheeks for me

This was totally unnecessary for the purpose but she wanted him involved a bit more. Adam let go the counter and dad as he was told to the delight of Sarah.

Adam - Like this?

Sarah - Wow that's perfect you have a nice looking anus Adam

Adam didn't answer this was a strangley erotic feeling presenting himself like this. At this point he felt cold air as Sarah blew on his balls then his anus which tickled. Then he felt a kiss on each cheek close to his hole. He started to think she was about to and then he felt it her tongue very definitely licked over his ass. It tickled and he squirmed a little but he couldn't say he didn't love it.

Sarah - Try and relax Adam

With a force of willpower he did as he was told and tried to relax his anus. As he did so she licked more around it and then even into his ass to which he moaned. This caught him by surprised he had never even thought about his ass like this but clearly he was enjoying it.

Sarah - that's my boy, you like it?

Adam - Y-Yeah I didn't think I would. I tickles but… feels great.

Sarah - Maybe one day I'll get you to do this to me if your good

Adam - Yes Mistress

Sarah grabbed the bottle of lube and squirted some around her finger. She hadn't planned on this but she wanted to feel it.

Sarah - Ok Adam i'm gonna lube you up a little try not to brace for impact instead try and accept it.

Despite what she said Adam instinctively tensed up when the finger started to feel around his entrance. He forced himself again to loosen and open up and when he felt the pressure of the finger entering he surprised himself by allowing it in. Sarah felt his resistance as she entered then it felt like his ass was gripping onto her finger as she moved deeper she felt him relax more allowing her to move more freely. She began to move her finger in and out but never taking it out far enough then she got it all the way inside and felt the back of his wall delighted at this progress she decided to ask him.

Sarah - How does that feel?

Adam - Really weird I feel you inside me, no pain.

Sarah - I'm gonna look for something let me know if you feel anything.

Adam - uh...ok… mistRESS!!!

Sarah - Oh there is! HAHA… sorry this is your prostate. If I were to play with it enough it can make you ejaculate. How's it feel

Adam - Uh… I never knew… It's really intense… frustrating but oh god.

Sarah - Maybe another time we will explore more.

Sarah noticed something as she removed her finger and went for the plug, Adam had lost his erection. In her research she was told this was a probability for most men when it came to ass play without penile stimulation or rings and things. She wasn't worried but decided it was a good time to cage him up.

Sarah - Im going to put you back in the cage before the plug, ok? just stay there.

Adam - Yes Mistress.

Adam had a moment to wonder at himself and the reaction he had with the finger and her tongue. He was loving the attention but was curious at why it all felt so good to him. Sarah caged him up quickly and then lubed up the smaller of the plugs and positioned it right on his anus.

Sarah - Remember to relax

She pushed and it went in with ease and pop surprisingly easy.

Sarah - That hurt?

Adam - No, I barely felt it to be honest.

Sarah - They say some skip the first one cause it is very small. You think we can try a size up?

Adam - Yeah, I mean… I guess (catching his own eagerness)

Sarah - Oh so you are enjoying it, you are a good dirty little boy huh?

Adam - …..

Sarah - Ok push that one out if you can

Adam - you mean..

Sarah - yup

Adam concentrated and pushed the plug out, surprised at how easy it went.

Sarah - Well done you have good control huh?

Adam - Weird

Sarah - Ok here is a slightly bigger one… open wide?

Sarah said that like a dentist it gave her a giggle and Adam noticeably relaxed as slowly the bigger plug entered his ass.

Sarah - Ok

Adam - Yeah, I feel this one more

Sarah - Almost… there

It popped in again and Adam felt this one holding his anus apart. It wasn't comfortable but he couldn't say it was unpleasant either. Sarah stood up behind him as he moved his hands back on the counter. She put her hands on his hips and pushed him against the counter gently.

Sarah - How's that feel sweetheart?

The position and the term sweetheart wasn't lost on Adam but he didn't hate it it took a moment but he realized he had to answer.

Adam - Very weird I never thought I would like anything to do with my ass, kinda assumed that was… you know a little gay and im not… but this with you it feels good.

Sarah - Oh, I know your not gay Adam. I think you like this because you like that its me doing it to you.

Adam - Yeah… Because its you

Sarah thrust more against him simulating the act gently…

Sarah - You think you would like it if I fucked you like this with a strapon?

Adam - I… don't, I'm not sure… Maybe...

Sarah - Maybe we will try it, If you are good….

With that she backed off and ordered him to keep the plug in and get dressed again. She then asked him to meet her down stairs for the next shoot.

When Adam arrived she was dressed as a girl from overwatch Ashe, a cowgirl with a rifle.

Sarah - Ok before we begin time for your punishment

Adam - What? (confused) I thought….

Sarah - Dont be silly you don't enjoy being punished that much now come over here.

Adam was shocked and a little embarrassed he was still processing the whole thing that just happened. But he walked over to where she had indicated no idea what she was about to do.

Sarah - ok, now i'm a cowgirl without a steed. You are gonna play the steed now get on all fours

Adam thought about it for a moment but then obeyed, as he got on the floor the plug moved within him it felt really weird but then his sister put her leg over his back taking his attention away. He felt something go around his neck and fasten it was a collar with a leash.

Sarah - I gots me an almighty thirst, steed take me to the kitchen please.

With that she slapped his asscheek enough to elicit a response and he began to plod towards the kitchen. All the while Sarah was giggling clearly having a great time.they got to the fridge and she opened it and grabbed the sodas.

Sarah - Ok steed… lets go to the pool and enjoy a drink…

Adam wasn't sure about this, it was one thing to do this behind closed doors but outside was a bit risky…. But then she spanked him again and he felt the plug jolt as he went. She gently tugged on the leash and he responded in the direction she tugged. As they went outside he peered about looking for any sign someone might be about. He needn't have bothered other than the postman in this isolated neighbourhood; it was really unlikely they would see anyone. The got to the pool without to much trouble and once there Sarah got off placed the soda on the table.

Sarah - That was fun, felt like a real cowgirl now stand up….

Adam did as he was told but he didn't realise she still had a hold of the leash and she tugged him towards her. You're a good little horsey and she kissed him deeply smudging the red lipstick over his face.

Adam - wait your's smudged…

Sarah - Dont worry about it, this isnt for a shoot anyway..

Adam - Huh?

Sarah - Sometimes I just like to dress up, sit down and have a drink.

Stunned he sat down across from her, aware she still had a hold of his leash. She took her Jacket off revealing a white blouse and what appeared to be nothing under it to Adams eyes a very sexy look. She then took the bottle and run it over the blouse which her nipples began to show more through. Adam drank all his soda quickly trying to distract himself as Sarah began to lick the tip of the bottle and around the rim reminding him of the night before then earlier today. His cock strained against the cage.

Sarah - Ok, So I don't think I should let you ejaculate today…. You have been bad but I kinda wanna see you at full strength you know what I mean?

Adam - You mean…

Sarah - Yeah, Can you hold on a few days? I promise I'll make it worth it.

Adam - Sure… it’ll be hard…

Sarah - Oh I intend on making it hard..

With that she gently moved her hand up to her right boob and began to move it around then play with the nipple further. She then unbuttoned her jeans and pushed her fingers down into her panties. Adam could only watch the show and strain on the cage his cock was in. She began to unbutton her blouse then exposed her tits continuing to play with them before unbuttoning her jeans slowly pulling them along with her sodden panties all the way off. She played with her pussy starting with her hole then her clit moaning softly. She then pulled on the leash pulling Adam closer first kissing him then pulling him towards her tits. Moaning further as he began to kiss fondle and lick them.

Sarah - Suck on them Adam!!

As she fingered herself he suckled on one then the other of her nipples then she pulled him down to her pussy which he lapped gently at the entrance and was happy when she shifted position to lift her still booted legs up and around him which allowed him more access to her hole. He licked there for a while then fingered her as he moved up to her clit noticing she was still playing with her right nipple. He reached up to the left and began to play with itshe noticed and grabbed his hand pulling it to her mouth as she sucked on his two fingers as if they were his cock. She came hard arching her back with her feet on his back lifting herself from the chair.

Sarah - Damn, that was hot….

Adam - You're so beautiful

Sarah was shocked at the complement, It had never occurred to her but she couldn't remember him ever saying that before. Why did it mean something to her? Others had said it before but he meant something else… that's what it felt like.

Sarah - Uh… can you gimme a hand to get dressed… I'm a little wobbly .

Adam quietly helped her dress then carried her in his arms this time.

The rest of the evening was quiet. They watched a movie together before playing a lego game before bed. She removed his plug but again left the cage on.

The next few days passed without any modeling or sexual events other than when he showered in the morning she was there she inserted a plug which only came off for toileting and bed. The size increased some days but never hurt him. By week's end Sarah had decided he was ready.

Adam came downstairs feeling really frustrated. He genuinely didn't know if he could take anymore. He walked into the kitchen not noticing her at first then he filled up her eyes. She was dressed in a nurse's outfit with white stockings heels the lot. He groaned… A photo shoot in that outfit now might kill him and then he noticed on the table a strapon… Sarah smiled at his jaw dropping.

Sarah - Well do you think you can take it?

Adam - …. I …

Sarah - Wanna try? I promise if you don't like it we can stop and do something else..

Adam - ...Ok… I just… im shocked, a bit… I knew what we were doing...But I'm ready to try.

Sarah - You sure?, I don't want to push you Adam, This is up to you entirely I won't even be mad If you back out now?

At this moment Adam realized something. He wanted this, she was offering him the way out because she cared but he had looked some of this stuff up guessing her direction and he wasn't disgusted in the slightest far from it.

Adam - I want this (he whispered)

Sarah - (Nodded) Then Come up to the shower and we will scrub you up first.

Up they went and she took off the cage and he showered quickly. He came out dried off then she took him by the hand pulling him along to their parents room. At first Adam wasn't sure simply because of it being their parents room pausing at the entrance. Sarah, feeling him stop, looked around and smiled. We can clean up they will never know… and they have that big closet with the mirror door.. I kinda want to watch

Adam stepped into the room and realized what she meant the closet run parallel to the bed had full mirror doors. Innocently as a kid he thought they were purley for his mother to look at herself in the mirror. Now he kinda wondered if the parents liked them for other reasons but quickly discarded that thought. His thoughts turned to watching himself being pounded in the mirror he was erect almost instantly.

Sarah pulled him in and took away his towel, throwing it in the corner. She kissed him and pushed him onto the bed back first. She then surprised him by walking up the bed in heels only to squat on his head. He hungrily licked her, realizing the panties were crotchless and she grinded a little on his face. For a short time before slowly making her way down to his cock kissing all the way. She started sucking on him and stroking a little until he was well on his way when she stopped and put a strange ring around his balls and cock. This was a cockring and is designed to keep the flow in the penis. It also lifted his balls up giving her access to his ass. She quickly grabbed the lube and with first one then two fingers applied it to him. Noticing he was more able to take them than just a week ago.

Adam was used to this part although being fully erect and the ring was new to him he was relaxed if a little anxious. She stepped back, grabbed the strap, slipped into the harness and pulled it up under her skirt. She pulled the cord to tighten it to herself and then pulled the poppers on her nurse's outfit which fell to the floor revealing a lacy bodice that left her ample boobs swing free. She paused looking at the mirror grabbing at the new appendage unsure of it.

Sarah - It's strange I didnt think about how weird it would be to suddenly have a cock. Does it look weird on me?

Adam - No, I looks sexy on you. Its not a real cock you know its a girl cock

Sarah - (Laughs) girlcock I like that…. Come over here Adam

Adam complied and she bent him over the bed facing the mirror she reached around to hug him then felt his cock in her hand still full. She pushed him down on all fours. Then his head into the covers bent his knees and lined up with the tip pressing against him.

Sarah - Ok Adam… Lets see if you can take this girlcock of mine… If it hurts tell me ok?

Adam - Ok Mistress….

With a smile she slowly began to press and it went in slowly she had to have a bit of patience but eventually it was all in.

Sarah - Wow, My boy took it all the way to the hilt.

Adams head popped up to look at the mirror and felt her thighs against his buttocks. This not only gave him a view of her smiling behind him but moved him into a great position and he moaned. Sarah instantly realized what had happened and took advantage.

Sarah - stay right there im gonna move ok?

Adam didn't move and could only moan louder as she began to withdraw and then thrust into him. Waves of pleasure followed. Encouraged, she began to pound hard up against him; occasionally they would catch each other's eye in the mirror and she would smile at him giving him a playful spank. She then withdrew entirely.

Sarah - Turn over, I wanna see your cock bounce.

Adam obliged even lifting his legs up for her which she grabbed as she re-entered. She pounded harder watching as his cock bounced on his stomach. She had planned to use her hand to finish him off but she was pleasantly surprised. When he came without it. He came alot and squeaked as he did it. Adam for his part was amazed at the build up and frankly shocked at the power with which he came. Just then Sarah grabbed his cock and stroked a bit. Which helped another rush of seman out. He had never felt this much pleasure before. Sarah herself felt a wave of pleasure over herself as she unexpectedly peaked.

She withdrew and lay next to him hugging a still recovering Adam cradling him into her bosom while he calmed. When he had sufficiently calmed Sarah looked at him.

Sarah - Was it worth it?

Adam - More than I thought…

Sarah - I love you Adam.

Adam - I'm in love with you too…. Mistress

They kissed and she ended the session looking at him with those blue eyes…

Sarah - Next time I might even let you fuck me…

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Weirdly part one was rejected I thought I was clear that nothing happened till they were both over 18... Maybe its cause they met younger or something. Will try and clear this up and resubmit

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