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Curiosity leads me down the gay path.
If you met me for the first time, you’d see a straight-acting 24-year old slim and fit man. However, I have a secret, I love cock and only had awaken to it. Also only recently, I started wearing the odd make-up.

So Sally sewed the seeds that led me on my current journey, but she was now out of the picture. Since I first hooked up with Frankie (my older lover) she broke off ties with me, since then I have added Jason (my DJ lover), to my love life. Frankie was my regular fuck-buddy and he would do me that favor, on the way to work in the mornings, while on Fridays nights Jason the DJ would make sure I left satisfied from my favorite club.

It was another Friday like no other, I had a locker at the train station which I had stored a gym bag in, with my after-work club clothes in them. On Thursdays, I had started to store a bag in a locker at the train station, for Friday after-work adventures.

After work, I would stroll towards the train station and take my bag out and into the men’s restrooms, and changed. When I exited I was in my Gay Heavy Metal Nightclub gear, with make-up. Out went the suit and tie crap and now I wore a pair of tight blue denim jeans, a Motorhead T-shirt, a denim jacket with a few band patches, my running shoes, along with mascara and lipstick. I then ditched my work clothes in my bag and into my locker. Then on Monday I would gather the bag and take it home, until Thursday.

Two weeks had now passed since my first fling with Jason the DJ, a lot had changed in two weeks. I went to the train station restrooms and switched from work clothes to my ‘Me’ clothes. I then headed to my favorite haunt, my pulse was racing at the anticipation of the night ahead.

When I got there I went to open the door but it was locked. Then I read the sign on the door, “Venue was closed for a month for renovations. I stood there staring with my hands inside my denim jacket and was a bit disappointed.

“What’s up?” said a huge bald black guy. Startled and stunned, I turned around quickly. He towered over me, he must have been 6’6 and 280-300 pounds. At first, I thought he was security or a bouncer, he had his hands in the pockets of a black bomber jacket, hiding a black T-shirt, black denim jeans, and biker boots. He had this evil smirk on his face looking down on me when he noticed, I was wearing make-up. I started to blush with embarrassment and tried to brush by him. Then he let out this deep, evil chuckle, before I knew it he had grabbed me by the arm and dragged me around the corner into a darkened side street. He had me pinned against a dirty brick wall.

“Now my little fuckslave, are you going to play good, or do I have to break you in?” He said with a smug smirk. I looked down at the ground at his black boots. Then he motioned my chin skywards at his dark stare. I paused and just stared back at him, I was staring into the eyes of death, I thought to myself scared shitless.

“Yes, I will play good,” I breathed a reluctant answer. “Good, now face the fence and get on your knees, wide apart,” I did what he said, and spread my knees wide apart. I waited in suspense.

Then I felt his hands pulling at my jeans and releasing them. He relieved me of my jeans, runners, and underwear.

“Now turn around, and get on your knees,” I did as I was told. When I looked up, I was staring at a large black cock. It was a monster of a cock, probably 10-inches and thick and circumcised.

“I think you know what I want you to do, go on do your stuff faggot,”
He ordered. Slowly I leaned forward and poked my tongue out slightly and slid the tip of his cock into my mouth, relishing the salty taste.

“Yes, that’s it, take it inside,” he complimented. His cock was thick and I had to make extra space and open my jaw wider. I struggled with his thickness to take all of him inside my mouth. Slowly he began to rock his hips, fucking his cock as deep as he could inside my stretched mouth.

At first, I was gagging as he started thrusting inside, but once I relaxed my throat things become manageable. The more I gobbled him inside, the more he started to move faster and harder, until he was fucking my face. Tears were running from within my eye sockets and messing up my make-up.

Before I knew it, he was reaching right to the back of my throat, as pre-cum, saliva leaked out the sides of my mouth. Then he stopped and pulled his from inside my mouth with a popping sound. I struggled not to collapse without the support of his cock inside me.

“Get up and turn around,” He ordered, and I stumbled to my feet. I brace hold of the fence with my open palms, as he pried open my ass and rubbed oil or something up and down my asscrack.

“Yeah, that’s right, you’re about to get bred, hard and fast like all faggots love it,” He said and jammed two big fingers inside my ass. It felt good, that I couldn’t help from moaning as he fingered my ass. When a third finger went inside my ass, I turned into a cock hungry slut.

I didn’t realize someone else was there watching everything go down.

“Here we go faggot. You’re about to get the shagging of your pathetic life,”
He said gleefully. “Bring it. Yes, I want and need your cock. You want to bugger me, well go ahead and fuck me! Go on and FUCK ME, FUCK ME!” I eagerly ordered him. With that, he gripped my shoulder-length hair and tried to force his large cock up my well-greased-up ass. He made four wild attempts to break inside me and the fourth one did the job. I gave out an all might scream as he ripped open my asshole. I grit my teeth to control the agony I was feeling. I had never had anything as remotely this large inside me, ever and it hurt like hell. He didn’t even wait for me to get relaxed enough to accommodate his cock, he began fucking me hard from the get-go. Our balls were slapping, then he pulled almost out, before hammering back inside. He gave me no mercy.

Slowly I felt him enter my ass with his cock, I could hand a cock but he had no normal cock. It was a big, fat one. As he inched inside, it hurt, it hurt a lot. I starting to whimper in pain when cock popped open my ass and slid inside more. My elbows, arm, and hand leaned into the scungy brick wall, with him laughing at my whimpering.

My eyes were shut tight, teeth clenched, I was mumbling in pain. “Fuck it hurts,” I whimpering in agony. While his cock rested inside my ass I slowly lower myself down the wall. My knees were now bent and know I was on elbows and knees. My ass was numb and from the huge cock in my ass. I knew it wasn’t a good idea to egg his ego on but I taunted him, one last time but I did. “What are you waiting for, are you going to fuck me or what?” he smirked. “OK bitch,” he said, I know he was probably going to make hurt but I didn’t care. He started to slam inside me hard and made me scream out. He rammed inside me with vengeful intent.

He left me bucking and panting in pain, he rammed in and out of me with long deep calculated thrusts. My head was down and my hands clawed at the bottom lows of the walls. I was in a mixed place, part of me wanted him to stop but another part of me wanted him to keep ripping my ass apart.

Soon the divide of stop or keep going widened. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh, oh, yes, oh god that feels good,” I moaned. He plunged in and out relentlessly for around three minutes, I think I was moaning the whole time. Then he stopped when someone came too close and put something in a bin.

He stopped too suddenly and I felt the suction of his cock slip out of my ass. He rolled over onto his back and caught his breath. We waited a minute or two before, he made me squat down on his cock so it slid in my ass.

I lower myself down over his big cock, until it found the hole. “Oh, that’s right, can you feel my cock slide up your juicy ass,” he moaned, as his cock slid inside my gaping asshole, inch by inch. I eased down on his cock and rose until I was beginning to bounce up and down on it. He held me by my hips to guide and support me. At first, I used some garbage cans to support my arms, until I was bouncing up and down without the need.

“Good girl,” he said, as I closed my eyes and pictured myself as a girl getting fucked. While I bounced, he thrust up and down to my rhythm. Then I heard a voice that wasn’t his. “OH MY GOD! That’s fucking mad,” The voice said, as he watched us fucking. “You must really love getting fucked,” he leaned down and said with an earshot of me. I opened my eyes and nodded to him.

“Can’t you tell, he loves the cock,” the black guy fucking me said. With that said he started to pull his pants down. I was too far gone to refuse a cock and looked at the guy and his cock. Swaying before my eyes was this white boy’s modest 6-inch cock. Without hesitation, I leaned over and swallowed it, and began sucking on it. In no time his cock was deep inside my mouth.

“Hold steady, I’m going to fuck your mouth,” He nervously said. He maneuvered into position and grabbed my head and he fucked my mouth. I was left grunting with joy, while my legs felt like they were on fire.

I had already dumped two loads of cum will be fucked, before this dude showed up. I dumped another load of cum soon after, like a whore for anal I was. My ass was numb, my legs sore, and my jaw too.

In the corner of my eye, I could tell we weren’t alone. There was chatter and figures, but at the time my mouth was fuck of cock and I was sitting down on one. At that moment, the guy in my mouth pulled out, and sprayed cum straight into my face, before panicking and fleeing the scene. I was left with cum on my face, cheeks, forehead, hair, and goo dangling out of my mouth.

“Oh yuck, right into his face,” someone in the crowd said. Then I felt more cum spraying my back and realized people were jacking off behind me, watching me. All these guys were hitting me with cum, but the guy in my ass was still fucking me was still going like a machine.

That was until he plunged deep into me, and let out a shout. He exploded inside my ass, and when he pulled out, cum oozed out my gaping ass. With him not holding me up anymore, I collapsed in a heap into some garbage can.

I could vaguely remember him yelling at the crowd, it was something like “Piss off, go on, Fuck off, you cunts.” I pretty much fell unconscious from thereon. That’s the last I heard or saw of that big guy or the crowd when I came to.

When I did come to a short time later, a bunch of bikers were near me. I was still a bit out of it when I was dragged out of the alley and I then carted off on someone’s huge shoulders and dumped inside an awaiting van. I was pretty much still out of it, but I could tell I was on someone’s shoulder as I saw the ground as my head bounced on his back.

As we drove away, I was then stripped of all my remaining clothing and thoroughly wiped down with a wet rag.

We then ended up at their clubhouse, where they dressed me in a tartan mini skirt and a basketball top (which was way too big for me). They looked like a rough bunch and there were about 15-Harley Davidson-type motorbikes in the yard. I received a drink or two before I was coerced into gobbling on cocks again. I spent the night on my knees with my head buried in some biker’s sweaty crotch or getting fucked in the ass. Until dawn, I had cocks pumping inside of me either in my mouth and ass.

By mid-morning after a shower, I was given my clothes in a trash bag, and I was dressed in a clubhouse T-shirt and someone’s tight denim shorts. I had extreme trouble walking and found out sometime in the night, I’d received a lower back tattoo for my troubles. I was then helped into a taxi and given the fare money home.

On Monday I couldn’t move or walk properly, so I called in sick. By Wednesday, I still had a terrible time walking, but went to work.

Felicity couldn’t help herself and gave me hard time. For the remainder of the week, I walked with this posture as if I had been riding horseback, with my legs wide apart than normal. She remarks like, “Well sweety, looks like you had fun getting your ass fucked on the weekend,” or “So the tough guys isn’t such a tough guy when he has to submit,” then giggling away in victory. I had no comebacks to her smart mouth.

It left me wondering, whether she was a face in the crowd or she was just being Felicity.
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