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Ex sister-in-law uses what she learned against me
Out of nowhere I heard from my ex-sister-in-law; we had always gotten along and could actually hold a conversation, so while it was surprising it wasn’t totally weird. Her sister and I had divorce several years ago and during that time it was mostly just happy birthday type of contact. It started with a text asking if I was busy, of course I wasn’t because it was in the evening after work. I was shocked when right as I said I wasn’t the phone rang and it was her on the other end.

She didn’t waste any time once the pleasantries were done getting down to asking me what she called for, I was afraid she was going to ask for money but it was nothing like that at all. She said “So I was hanging out with my sister this weekend and she was telling me about the two of you and I just wanted to talk to you and find out your side of the story.” That took me aback but I replied with “Well, what did she tell you and what can I straighten you out about?” She laughed at that, and said “We will talk about it but I want it to be in person; if you aren’t busy I will come up and see you this weekend and we can talk” Again, I really didn’t expect that, but I told her that I would be here and I was ok with seeing her. She said “Okay, send me your address and I will be there late Friday evening.” At this point I was thinking fast; it’s not that I didn’t want to see her but I wasn’t sure about letting her know my address, mainly because I was happy with my ex not knowing where I lived exactly. So I suggested meeting at a restaurant and we could grab a bite and have a drink before we headed to my place. She agreed and I gave her the address of a local place.

The rest of the week went like normal and I almost forgot about her coming into town; I had gone to the local watering hole with some co-workers and had 3-4 beers when my phone went off with a text saying she was about 20 minutes out. This really wasn’t what I would call a good start for me; I knew she could drink pretty well and I was already half in the bag. So I excused myself and headed toward the restaurant and got there about 5 minutes ahead of her. I got a table in the bar facing the door and got a glass of water.

She walked in still looking the same 5’6” about mostly height weight proportionate with a C cup and dirty blond hair. She saw me and walked into the bar, I got up and we hugged and said hi. We just exchanged small talk and ordered drinks and food. After a while I relaxed, it didn’t seem that she had brought anyone with her and didn’t seem to be mad about anything. We enjoyed a couple of drinks with dinner and then she followed me back to my place.

Once inside I grabbed us a couple of beers and we sat down, and then she said “Ok, now let’s talk about why I came all the way here to see you.” “Ok, what did she tell you because even though we didn’t stay together our business is ours and I don’t want to say anything crazy” I replied. “Listen, I’m going to lay out what she told me and then I want you to answer some very specific questions and fill in some gaps, do you understand?” she told me. And then she really surprised me and told me not to interrupt her while she laid it out. Just out of instinct I replied with “Yes ma’am”.

She started relating what she had been told and it went something like this: “Ok she told me that you said you were into being dominated, like tied up and spanked and stuff like that and she tried to satisfy that desire in me. And that I even wanted her to smack me across the face and that I even bought a strap-on for her to use on me. And she said she did that stuff quite a bit. She also said that I took forever to cum but that my dick was so small that she had to use a vibrator at the same time to be able to get off. She also said that about 3 years after we were married I started talking to her about cuckolding me. And I didn’t even know what that was so she explained that you wanted her to find other guys to have sex with. And she said she slept with close to 20 guys while we were married. But it took about 2 years of me bringing it up before she would do because she thought I was just looking for an excuse to fuck another woman. She also said that the two of us researched and bought a chastity cage and that she locked my cock up and several times when we were visiting her that I had to wear it because she thought I was trying to have a 3 some with her. And then she said that you told her to get a boyfriend so that you all didn’t have to worry about STDs so much, and because you liked to go down on her and lick the other guys cum out of her; which she really liked. But after she found the guy you got all jealous and at one point you basically forced her to get in touch with a guy that she had slept with before and have sex with him trying to get her to leave the guy she liked. And then when that didn’t work you just became a dick and complained every time they got together. And that being a dick and jealous over what I had asked for is what broke us up. Now that I’ve told you all that, and she said more than that but that is the jist of what she told me. And now I have a few specific questions: 1. Did you actually ask her to fuck other guys? 2. Did you really lick those guys and your own cum out of her? 3. Did she really fuck that many guys while you were together? 4. Did she really lock your cock up in a cage and how long did that last? 5. Did you really buy a strap-on for her to fuck you with? 6. She also told me that she sent you to a store and had you buy a couple of dresses and high heels to wear, is that true? 7. Do you still have the cock cage and can I see it? 8. And the last one I wrote down was that she said that you asked her to have you suck a couple of guys' cocks, if that’s true how many did you suck and did you spit or swallow?

Now during all that I did my best to stay quiet and not give anything away; but now she was looking for answers. I wasn’t thrilled with the information that she had received and it seemed to me that I had been betrayed by my ex; and I was more than a little embarrassed. I’m sure my face was red; so I got up and got us our third beer since we had been at the house. She had a couple of mixed drinks during dinner and I had 3 beers; so as you can tell at this point I was on at least my tenth beer and was getting a bit past the tipsy stage. So I looked at her and said “Ok that was very graphic and specific if I answer what is in it for me? I thought this was about finding out something to maybe help your sister since I’ve heard she is drinking too much and doesn’t seem to be making good decisions; but it seems like you are just out to get dirt and embarrass me.” She told me that if I answered honestly and fully that she would finally show me her tits and that’s all she would guarantee and that I enjoyed being humiliated so I’m getting at least two things out of it; if it will make it easier you can strip and give me all my answers while you are naked in front of me..” I laughed and told her to “finish her beer and that I wasn’t drunk enough for that yet.” I got her another beer just trying to get her as drunk as possible so this wouldn’t follow me so bad because maybe she wouldn’t remember; I should have known better.

So I said “Where do you want to start? I guess with the first part; yes I told her that I am into female domination and that I wanted her to take control and discipline me including spanking and slapping; I told her that while we were talking online before we even started dating. I even gave her a list of things that I would like; it had like 20-30 things on it.” She interrupted and asked “like what?” I really wasn’t trying to get into details but it was obvious that she was looking for every detail so I followed up with “Why are you asking? To embarrass me or is there something else behind this?” “A little of both, I’ve had guys who say they want things but then I do them and they become little bitches”. Ok, well here are some examples that I told her I would like before we had even met in person 1. Put clothespins on my nipples and balls. 2. Whip my ass with a paddle 20-30 times. 3. Grab my balls in one hand and hit them with the other at least 5 times. That’s a sample of what I told her. And she did them a number of times, but I would say less than 40 times the whole time we were together; which was over ten years. So basically I asked to be physically dominated from before we started dating and it averaged less than once every 4 months; and in reality she did it a lot more towards the end so it was years of once or twice a year. And I felt like it was like she didn’t care what I wanted as long as she got her way; and at the end she seemed to do it just to be a bitch, neither of us got the pleasure out of it that we should have. But by that point I was just trying to keep us together so I took what I could get but wasn’t happy because she was saying she wanted to separate and even moved into the guest room. I was ok with separating but she didn’t just want to move into the guest house we had, she wanted to move five hours away to the town her boyfriend lived in. And then she admitted that she was in love with him and that just destroyed every bit of trust; and yes I did try and break them up because I felt that she was in love with him and I didn’t trust it. It took more than six months for her to admit that though.

And yes, I’ve got wide hands but for me at least the myth isn’t true, I don’t have a super thick cock I’ve heard that I’m about average girth and am just over 5 inches in length. So no I don’t have a big dick, and I’m not surprised that she said she needed a vibrator along with me to get off, especially after some of the cocks I’ve seen her take. One was as thick as a beer can, another was at least 10 inches, and she even took both of them anal. So I know I didn’t measure up in that area. But I could go 3 hours without cumming so that worked in my favor. And yes, she didn’t seem satisfied in our marriage so I had found some internet sites that talked a lot about cuckolding and the idea was hot to me so I would bring it up a couple of time a month, I did mostly try and bring it up while we were having sex so that maybe she would be more open to it. I can’t even begin to say how many times I mentioned it, but it did take about two years before she even started considering it. So I found and modified a marriage and cuckold contract for us that basically said she could fuck who she wanted when she wanted and I would remain faithful; the only thing was she was supposed to tell me about it, preferably before it happened. And that first contract was signed in 2012, the first time she took advantage of it was 2013 with her prom date which she traveled and got a hotel to meet him in, she was supposed to use protection but even that very first time she went bareback with him. So right away she proved that she didn’t care about any agreement that we had made as a couple. But to be truthful it was a turn on for me. So as far as the cock cage goes, no I don’t have the one we bought, somehow we managed to leave it in a hotel room, but that was after having it for a few years. I really don’t remember how long was the longest I wore it; but I know at least twice she made me wear it when you were around.” She said “So she was that worried that you wanted to fuck me that she made you wear a cage?” “Yes” I told her; and we both had another beer “but the fact of the matter was that I really just wanted to be dominated by both of you”

“Oh really, so you wanted her to let me know what was going on so that I could help treat you like crap?” she said. “Yes, that would have been great at the time; I mean if you think about it at one point I even told you to take her out and get her laid because we weren’t getting along at the time” “I remember that, I thought you were just kidding” She said. “No, not at all,” I replied. “Once she finally decided to cuckold me she seemed to embrace it wholeheartedly. So over the next 4 years she fucked 16 guys that I know about a few just once others several times. Sometimes in hotels and other times in the guest house until our daughter moved into it, then she started using our house almost exclusively getting fucked in our master bedroom on our bed. Actually I still have that same bed.” “Hold on she was doing it at the house with her daughter right up the driveway? Did she ever say anything about the strangers coming over?” I didn’t answer that very fast so she told me to get her another beer. When I came back with it she said “Well? You told me that you would be honest and fill in the gaps of her story.” “Ok, she knew about it and so did the youngest which means I’m sure all four kids knew. (All adult aged) The oldest knew the most. I mean she had me so manipulated that she made me ask the oldest if she would mind if her mom screwed her ex boyfriend friend. She said she didn’t care; and yes she did fuck him several times.” “Oh my god! You actually asked your daughter if her mom could have sex with her ex? You really were a pussy whipped bitch weren’t you? I thought she didn’t do the physical domination stuff, how did she get you to do that?” “I guess yeah you could say that I was a pussy whipped bitch, and I don’t remember how that came about it was either the years of manipulating me to do what she wanted or she could have promised me a physical domination session and that would have motivated me to ask. I mean she knew it was going on before then, this was just her ex. And just to be clear she would say she would be rough with me but it was with totally halfhearted or she wouldn’t follow through with it at all. At one point; while we were visiting you, the youngest went snooping in her laptop and found that she was chatting with guys and setting up dates. She called and gave her mom all kinds of hell.”

At that point another beer was gone so I got us each another. When I came back I told her that I had kept my part of the bargain and can I see her boobs yet? “Hell no you aren’t done yet but if it keeps going like it has you may get more than seeing them; you might just have a hell of a weekend. So get back to it, bitch.” “Oh really? Ok, so anyway those two definitely know and I have no doubt that they told the others. Which means that all my kids knew that she was making me her bitch. Plus, she didn’t work the last couple of years and she didn’t do anything around the house, I had to do everything. And hell for all I know your kids know also; but they don’t talk that much.” That was when she dropped the bombshell that she had first heard about all this from one of her kids that one of mine had talked too about it. And that was what started her pumping her sister for information. So now not only was I a bitch to my ex, three daughters and son, now it included her sister and her probably five kids, but definitely 2 of them had mentioned it to the sister-in-law. Great. Now I was drunk, horny about talking about all this because I get off on the humiliation, and now totally embarrassed because my nieces probably knew also.

So I finished my beer and went and got both of us another. And she said “So that’s most of the background, now answer my questions because that’s what I’ve really been waiting for, but first tell me about you forcing her to have sex with a dude she had been with before.” “Ok, she had gotten Josh as a boyfriend, which at first I was fine with, they got along well and he had a seriously thick cock. He took a picture and sent it to her with a hard on with a beer can in front of his dick and you could see his cock on both sides as well as over the top. They were fucking for about a year and a half; it started at once a month or so because he didn’t live close to us then it was twice a month and that was fine at first because he was working away from home and he would just come and kick me out of the Master bedroom for the weekend and they would go at it. But when that ended she started traveling and getting a hotel for the weekend twice a month which was expensive as shit.” “Hold on, this guy would show up at your house twice a month and from what she told me it was pretty much every weekend and you would have to sleep in the guest room? And then she would go in there and sit on your face and have you lick his cum out of her? At least that’s what she told me, and that you asked for it!” That wasn’t the first time, but yes, she would finish fucking him and then come to me and she would sit on my face and have me clean all his cum out of her, a lot of the time she would have another orgasm as I was cleaning her out. And ;yes I admit that not only did I ask for it but I liked it, having her lower her pussy onto my face and cum dripping on me as she’s lowering and then reaching in as far as I could and swallowing that load was hugely exciting and humiliating to me and I enjoyed it! It was the best thing she ever did to dominate me; and it wasn’t only with him and he wasn’t the first, but I drank more of his cum then any other guy.” Ok, Ok” she said “so how my guys cum have you eaten out of her?” “Really, do you really want to know that? Let me look at the list of guys she slept with and count:” I opened up the note I had and started counting. “Well, it looks like of the sixteen guys I know about I ate the cum of at least 12 of them; sometimes within minutes and others it was a couple of hours. She hardly ever used a condom, but once or twice she brought the condom and emptied it out in my mouth and made me swallow it. So in that way she was awesome about the domination.” “Hold Crap!, she said you were a cum loving faggot! I thought she was kidding until now!” I got instantly harder as she said that; there is just something that turns me on about being called a faggot. I shifted around a bit and she noticed; which I had noticed that she had been shifting around since the conversation started but she is the one who brought it up. “Oh being called a cum loving faggot turned you on didn’t it?” “Of course” I told her. “So what was the problem, she found a guy with a huge cock and she liked him but then you started being an ass about it; everything was fine but you started just complaining all the time, why?” ‘Well, basically she started spending like $400 a month or more just to go see and get fucked by him; so that made me realize that she had a lot more going on with him then she was admitting. After about 4-6 months of trying to get her to slow down or break it off with him; that’s when she finally admitted to being in love with him and that’s when things were over between us because she broke our trust. And yes, I did push her to have sex with Chris, he was a black guy that she had fucked a couple of times before and he had a HUGE cock! I mean this dude had at least a 10 inch dick, it was a couple of inches longer than her foot and she wears a size 10 shoe. I looked it up and a size 10 is about 9.5 inches and he was bigger than that by a long shot. And she took that without too much of a problem.” “God Damn! She actually fucked a black guy? I never thought she would do that; and taking a cock that big is crazy! I don’t think I’ve ever had bigger than eight inches.” She told me. “Actually she fucked at least three different black guys and she did all of them more than once so she didn’t have a problem with that. Hell, I could even show you a video of that. Anyway, we got sidetracked. She told me she was in love with Josh and wanted a trial separation and she was moving to his home town to do it instead of just moving to the guest house, so that told me that she wanted him more than me. And during all that I told her I was going to get a Tinder account and start dating, which she didn’t seem to care about until she was down with him and he wasn’t available because he was with his wife and kid and she called and I was out on a date. Then she was done, at least as far as I could tell.” “So you didn’t just all of a sudden drop her like she was trash?” She asked me. “No, all this happened over months. And it was during all this that she decided to fuck our daughters ex and made me ask if she was alright with it. Which I know is confusing but that was before she admitted to being in love, but I think she knew but just wanted to keep me on the hook to finance her affair.”

“Huh, so she actually fucked at least two guys while she was trying to keep you and her boyfriend. Get me another beer, and if I come back you need to have some Jack Dainiels and coke on hand and when you get back I want the answers to the questions I asked you; and I will text them to you just so you can’t get out of answering them. And before you get the beers bring me the chastity cage, I’ve never seen one and want to know how it works.” I brought her the device and went and got our beers. When I got back she was still looking at it and started asking how it worked, so I got it from her and took it apart and explained that it was a CB-6000S, which the S stands for small. I took it apart and showed her that the ring went around my cock and balls, then the top of the ring installs then the spacer and then the cock cage. At that point she told me “Ok, so we are too drunk tonight to do anything anyway, so since you like to be humiliated why don’t you strip and put this on. You can keep the key for now, but I want to see how it works for real. And I’m staying here tonight because of the beer and we are going to sleep together but I want to make sure this thing is on you so you can’t do anything. So strip.” I didn’t really think this was a good idea but I was past the point of making a good decision due to all that I had to drink. So I did as she asked and stripped; I was so past being logical that I actually took off all my clothes and started putting on the cock cage, I did go and grab some lube so that I wouldn’t get chaffed. Of course I was too hard to actually get on the part that went over my cock. And now I’m nude in front of my ex-sister-n-law putting on a chastity device so I’m hard and it won’t go on and she asked how we were supposed to fix that. So I went to the freezer and got some ice in a bag and told her that this was the only way I knew to fix it. She had me hand her the bag and she shoved it onto my cock to try and get me soft. During that she commented that my dick was pretty but it was on the smaller side; but she had had smaller. Once I was smaller she told me to try and force myself into the cage, which I did and got it on and grabbed the lock. She stopped me and said she wanted to be the one to click the lock closed, which got me getting harder again. As she clicked it shut, she was examining my dick as it was straining against the cage and said “Damn, I just locked you cock you and it can’t even get hard! That’s so hot!. Now go sit down and answer the questions I asked you before.” “Yes ma’am” was my reply.

“Ok, 1. Did you actually ask her to fuck other guys? “Yes the idea of her starting down this path was mine and she was against it for a long time like I said before.” 2. Did you really lick those guys and your own cum out of her? “Yes, I did, and it was initially my idea. 3. Did she really fuck that many guys while you were together? “Yes, she fucked at least 17 guys that I know of while we were together: 4. Did she really lock your cock up in a cage and how long did that last? “Yes she did, I really can’t remember how long was the longest but I know I did at least two weeks in the cage” 5. Did you really buy a strap-on for her to fuck you with? “Yes I did, but that wasn’t my first experience with it, I dated a woman who was really into it and she pounded my ass hard on several occasions. Your sister did it maybe 8-9 times the whole time we were together.” 6. She also told me that she sent you to a store and had you buy a couple of dresses and high heels to wear. Is that true? “Yes, she did, that was super hot, I bought myself two outfits and two sets of heels that went with them; I don’t know if the checkout girl knew they were for me but it was exciting anyway.” 7. Do you still have the cock cage and can I see it? “Obviously, I’m sitting here nude with it on in front of you.” 8. And the last one I wrote down was that she said that you asked her to have you suck a couple of guys' cocks, if that’s true how many did you suck and did you spit or swallow? “Yes, I did, I sucked at least 3 cocks, the last one she had me lay on the bed on my back and he fucked my face for a bit, less than a minute unfortunately, he did totally shove it down my throat twice. I was disappointed that she stopped it. I always had a fantasy of being face fucked and drooling all over myself and having it shoved into my throat and it exploding. One of the other guys said he came in my mouth but I was drooling enough that if he did, I didn’t notice. And he stayed hard and continued to fuck your sister, so I kind of doubt that he really did. I really wanted to get fucked at some point by one of her guys but that never happened; so I’m still a virgin to being totally gay. But I admit I was wanting it to happen.”

“Holy fuck! That’s hot! So you really have been a cum drinking, cock sucking faggot! And you enjoyed having your ass fucked with a strap-on. So if I get you to be submissive to me it wouldn’t be hard to get you to go totally gay; I mean you would suck a cock without a problem, and as long as he wasn’t huge you could take it up your ass without too much difficulty.” I guess that’s true I responded. “So what is your plan?” “My plan is I worked then drove up here for 6 hours so I am going to sleep in your bed with you now that you are all locked up and we are going to spend the weekend together. Right now I’m not sure where that will go, but I’m tired and it’s time to get some sleep. But I know you have been waiting for it, and I am not going to renege on our deal because I will be sleeping right next to you totally nude. And you will see me before you turn off the light in your tight little cage.” With that we went to the bedroom and she got undressed and I finally got to see those titties I had been thinking about for over 10 years. She kind of shook them around and then rubbed up against me with them; “Do they feel good? Are they making your cage any tighter?” “Of course” I said. She sat on the edge of the bed kind of holding onto my hand, then she started pulling me down saying “Good, now get on your knees; hearing all this tonight had gotten me horny and since you are all locked up then you are going to have to satisfy me in other ways.” Once I was down she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her pussy; “You know what to do, now get to work.” I didn’t hesitate and started licking her for all I was worth; She was already wet but once I was sure that she was good and lubed up I put first one finger in and started working her G spot, then I added a second, now working her clit almost exclusively with my tongue. Between her clit and G spot it only took about 3 minutes for her to have her first orgasm; but I didn’t stop until she had a second and actually pushed my head away from her. Now I was totally rock hard inside my cage and it was pulling my balls super tight; she moved up on the bed and laid down and had me join her. She sat up and was checking out the cage “Why did she let you go if ;you can lick pussy like that; hell I would have locked you up and had you do that everyday, you wouldn’t ever get free. So does that hurt your balls being pulled like that?” Some I told her. “What if I did this?” and then she smacked my balls. It wasn’t that she hit that hard but I wasn’t expecting it and it knocked the breath out of me and I gasped out loud. She laughed and said “This is going to be a fun weekend! Now though I’m tired and you’ve got me ready to go to sleep; but I’ll wake you up if I need anymore attention. Have fun sleeping in that.” Patting my cage; then she leaned in and kissed my check, and cuddled into me and started going to sleep with her hand resting on my groin.

Needless to say, I had a bit of an issue getting to sleep but I had enough to drink that even though I was super horny I went to sleep after about 20 minutes. But during the time I was trying she snuggled in close and it was actually really nice sleeping so close to someone. Once she was asleep; I leaned in and gave her a kiss, and she mumbled that it was nice.

I woke up first because I wasn’t used to the cage; I managed to extricate myself from her and got up to take care of business, pee that is to try and relieve the hard-on. It wasn’t early, hell it was close to noon. So I went into the living room and just started looking at my phone listening for her to wake up. After about 20 minutes I heard her start to move around so I got up and made her a cup of coffee. Once it was done, I waited a minute and she still wasn’t out of the bedroom so I peaked in through the door and say that she was sitting up in bed; of course all I really saw was her tits and smiled. So I grabbed her coffee and served her in bed. “Wow, what service you provide, I like this hotel. Orgasms and coffee I might have to stay again.” I just smiled at her and sat on the edge of the bed; getting hard again as I checked out her chest. “So what are you expecting?” she asked me. “I have no idea, this has already been more than I expected. I thought we would have a meal or two and catch up and I was going to do what I could to help with whatever the problem was. So I have no real expectations at all because this is already way different than what I was expecting. But I’m open to just about anything at this point.” “I’m glad to hear it, because while you were telling me your story last night I was having some ideas about how I wanted this weekend to go. I mean I actually figured until then that I would be getting back on the road now; but it’s changed.” “So what do you have in mind?” I asked. She smiled at me and it was a bit evil so I got a little nervous. “What I have in mind is to do some of the things that I’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had the chance to do. But I don’t want to tell you exactly what that is. I will try and write some stuff down while you are at the store buying Jack and coke. But before that you are going to let me see some of the video’s and pictures you mentioned. Basically, what I am telling you is that I am going to spend the rest of the weekend doing what I want to embarrass you and hurt you some also, but you said multiple times last night that you like that. And if you want to write down some ideas I will read them but my sister already told me you like to top from the bottom and if we are going to do this I won’t put up with that..” “Ok…I have to say I’m a bit nervous about this. Can I ask you a question?” “What” “How are you and your sister getting along?” “We are fine, about like normal. Oh I get it you think I might actually hurt you as some type of revenge for her; no. I listened to you last night and I saw what I saw while you two were together and I don’t put any more blame on you than her and I know she can be using bitch. But I’m not saying I won’t hurt you, lol” “Ok” I said with a little trepidation. “NO! Not ok, from now on it will be yes Mistress and No Mistress if you agree let me know right now; and that means to the whole weekend.” I thought for maybe a second, but I was so horny and it had been so long since I had someone dominate me that I just blurted out “Yes Mistress”. “Good boy, now show me the stuff” So I went and got my computer and showed her some of the video’s I had of her sister getting fucked by different guys and some pictures. I could tell she was getting turned on again. Then I showed her the video of me getting face fucked and that really seemed to get her going. At that point she told me to hurry up and go get the booze; so just before I got up I opened a document with a list of things that I like; I let her know that I probably couldn’t handle everything on it since it had been years since I had been dominated and my pain threshold wasn’t what it used to be. She laughed and told me that she was sure that I could manage, just not maybe all at once. Here is the list that opened for her:

Tie me up

Blindfold me

Gag me

Slap me

Knee me in the balls

Pinch my nipples

Call me names and talk down to me

Spank me 75 times with the cat

Spank me with the flogger 100 times all over my body

Spank me 50 times with the belt

Spank me 30 times with the slapper

Whip me 5-10 times with the bull whip

Use the neuro wheel all over me

Pop me with rubber bands

Put clothes pins all over me 30-50

Tie a 5 lbs weight to my balls and make crawl after you begging to lick you.

Pour hot candle wax all over me

Grab balls tight and smack them hard

Kick balls

Place a lit cigarette on my cock, balls and nipples

Pee on me- make me drink it

Dress me as a woman

Make me worship your feet and ass

Whip my dick with a ruler or the cat

Shave all my body hair

Use a hair dryer to burn my cock and balls

Put a vibrator on me and make me cum twice

Do an enema on me

Use butt plugs to spread me out

Try and fist me

Make me suck the strap-on

Fuck my face with the strap-on

Fuck my ass with the strap-on; hard

Make me drink my own cum

Put Ben gay on my cock balls and nipples

Put ice cubes up my ass

I was just walking out the door and got a text that said damn bitch. I was just going to tell you that I was going to treat you like a slave and spank you with whatever you have around. And then I was going to make you suck the strap-on and fuck you with it. You have taken me to a whole new level. I will read this a lot closer and make some modifications to it. But if this is how you were topping from the bottom that could really work against you. As I was headed back to the house she told me to leave the garage empty and strip before coming inside. I sent a text back with Yes Mistress.

I got to the house and unloaded the Jack and coke and an enema because I saw that on my list. I also brought some food. I went into the garage, closed the door and stripped naked and went inside. Right away, I made her a drink and put it and the food on the table and let her know it was all here. We sat down and ate; when we were finished she got up and told me to clean up the mess and met her in the living room. I walked in and right away she said “Ok, now go and get every single bit of bondage and discipline stuff you have and then lay it out on the coffee table for me. I went and got my chest of goodies and started pulling stuff out: a cat-o-nine tails, flogger, paddle, a couple of slappers, bullwhip, spreader bars, some pieces of rope, a humbler, neuro wheel, a package of clothespins, a taser, a sensory deprivation hood with detachable gag and blindfold, 2 other chastity cages that I had bought (one that was plastic with teeth that really didn’t work well, and another that is stainless steel and is less than an inch long) and 2 different strap-ons (one of them had two different dildo’s a small one and a big one). And finally, the women’s clothes that my ex made me buy. She looked over all the items and was smiling to herself. She picked up a couple of the items and felt the weight of them; finally she looked at me and said “I can really hurt you with these things”.

She picked up the humbler and looked at it and then asked me what it was. I told her how she would loosen the nuts, spread it apart and pull my nuts through with the wood behind my thighs and it would keep me from standing upright. I also told her that it wouldn’t work with the cage on.

“Ok, we are going to start, I want you to come over here and lay over my lap. We are going to start with an old-fashioned spanking. And just so you know it’s not going to be easy I want you to know that I mean business. Once we are done we are going to shower and go out to the mall. Do you ever go to the mall?” “No”. “Good then we probably won’t run into anyone you know. Now get over here”. I laid over her lap and she started bare hand spanking me alternating sides. She did about 10 swats per check and said her hand was starting to sting, so she told me to hand her a slapper. It had a cutout that said “boy” and had me lay back down. Her hand was already starting to sting but it was more of a warm-up; which I’ve never been able to get any woman to do except a professional dominatrix. Then she started with the slapper, giving about five per cheek the sixth got considerably harder. And she didn’t stop until I was squirming around and yelling out. I was trying to keep count and I know that I ended up with at least 30 swats per cheek; although a few of them did land on my upper thighs. I knew I was bruised already; she had definitely made it clear that she intended to dominate me. She had me stand up so she could admire her work; my ass was bright red and she laughed about that and then had me turn around and she could see that I was hard also. “Damn you are an admitted cum drinking, cock sucker, but now you it’s proven that you are a pain slut too. Ok, I saw that you had some shingles in your garage, go get one and put it in your chair and sit down; you will remain there while I shower. Then you can get cleaned up and we will go. She waited until I brought it in and sat down then she left to clean up. I was starting to realize that this woman had some experience with punishment.

She finished showering and came out with just a towel around her and told me I could get up now, but before I did she wanted to see me shift around on the shingle first. “Yes Mistress” and I shifted back and forth 3-4 times and got up, now my ass is really raw. “Now come with me and I’ll turn on the shower for you and you can get cleaned up and ready to go; and don’t touch the faucet once you are in there.” When I got in the shower I realized that she barely had any heat at all going; so I took a cold shower like she wanted. Once I was out and dry she told me to get dressed; I just put on normal jeans and tshirt. Dressed, I went to the living room and she told me to sit on the coffee table and she put eyeliner on me then mascara and some pink lip gloss that didn’t stand out that bad since I have a full beard and moustache. “Ok boy, ha ha, you have boy imprinted all over your ass, now let's go to the mall and have you do some shopping. I’m going to go with you so I can see it; I’m not going to just send you like she did. And I guarantee that everyone will know who the clothes are for.

As we drove to the mall she looked at me and asked “So, I noticed that you have a heart shaped scar on your chest, how did that get there?” “Your sister used a soldering iron to brand it on me and if you look there is another scar inside of it where she put a cigarette out on my chest; I actually asked her to do that.” “Ok, if we do this again I will be putting at least two more scars on you, one on your taint and the other on the shaft of your cock! You will really enjoy that.” She opened the center console and saw a cardboard box and asked what it was; I told her they were my business cards. Oh fun, she grabbed a couple and a pen from her purse and started writing on the back of them. There was enough traffic that I couldn’t really pay attention to what she was going. Once we parked she handed me about 10 business cards and told me that I would be handing them to sales people as we shopped. I knew what was on the front but she had written on the back “I am a sissy submissive and wanna be trans and you can feel free to treat me as bad as you want.” “Really?! You want me to hand these to people? They have my name and company on them.” “I know bitch, you said you got into humiliation, well you are going to it in spades today.”

We walked into the mall and went to the map and she told me we were going to start at Dillard’s. We went into the woman’s section and started browsing; while we were looking at clothes she was also looking at the different sales people. She finally found someone that she thought wouldn’t be offended and told me to call her over and introduce myself. The sales lady was probably in her mid forties and attractive. She got there and I did as I was told; I gave her my name and told her that we were looking for an outfit or dress, or both. She looked over at Mistress to get her sized so she could start showing her stuff; Mistress walked over to me and told me to hand her the card like she had told me to do before. I turned bright red and pulled the card from my back pocket and handed it to her; the sales lady took and read the card, both sides and she laughed. “Ok, John, so you are looking for an outfit; well let's look at you, I’m going to guess you are a 14 or 16. But you are going to have to try some things on so we can verify. Give me a minute and we will get some things picked out for you. When she came back she brought two more sales women with her, as she walked up I heard her say this is the one who gave me the card. So let’s get this boy some pretty things to try on. She turned to me and said nice make-up, but you know the beard is going to have to go to carry off the look. They each picked an outfit out and took me to the dressing room and told me to try them on and come out and model them one at a time.

Mistress and the sales ladies talked while I was changing, I came out and they all commented that I had nice legs. But I needed to lose some weight, I looked like I was pregnant. They sent me to try on the second dress, I came out to more laughter and again told I looked pregnant and sent back to try on the next outfit. This one was looser and fit my body shape much better. Even though it fit better one of the ladies asked why I had such a bulge; normally sissies aren’t that showy she said. Mistress walked closer to me and rubbed my butt and said “Ok it’s about time for the next step; go try on the last outfit and make sure to remove your underwear before you come out. I did as I was told and this one was very form fitting and really didn’t look good on me; but it showed the bulge even more. “Alright honey are you going to have him show us the reason for that? It will be fun” “Oh you are right it’s going to be great; he’s going to be mortified” Mistress said. With that she pulled up the dress and showed the women my cock cage. They all burst out laughing and another person poked their head in to see what was so funny; they laughed too and then disappeared. So that’s locked on there, they asked. “Yes, he can’t even get hard if he wanted too, pretty hot huh? Having control of a man’s dick is the hottest thing I’ve done in years!” I bet they said but he needs some woman’s panties to go with his outfits and some shoes!.” Oh, I know, we are going to victoria’s secret next and I’m going to have him fitted for a bra and panty set.” Well you need to talk to Diana if she is working; she with love this; let me text her. “You can but he is going to have to go through the same process he did with you; that’s a part of making this as embarrassing as possible for him.” Well, you need to put him in the gym and bring him back and we will see if we can’t make it even better for him next time! With that we went to the shoe department and in front of everyone they had me try on several high heels, it was decided that I would get a black pair of patent leather heels that were about 2.5 inches tall, they make me walk around to make sure I could.

With that we went and checked out with the one dress and heels that looked decent on me and headed out to the next store. When we walked we were greeted by a cute young girl. I was instructed to give the first person the business card and to ask for Diana; and when she came over I was to hand her a card as well. I did this with a bright red face. When Diana came over I introduced myself and my Mistress and handed her the card; she ignored me completely and looked at Mistress and said “Ok so what do you have him in here for and how can I help?” “He needs a bra and panty set plus several other pairs of panties as well as a nightgown.” “Ok well let’s go over here so we can get an initial measurement.” She walked us over to the front window right beside the door and got her tape measure out; she had me stand with my arms out so she could measure my chest over my t-shirt. “Ok, that gets us close we will grab a couple of A cups and move back to the fitting room where he will strip and we can get his full measurements so we can get the perfect size.” She was giggling as all the women in the store watched her do that. Once in the fitting room it was just Diana and Mistress and I was told to strip. I stopped at my boxer’s but was quickly told to drop them too. So there I stood in my birthday suit plus a chastity device and she laughed and said “Well you have this one well in hand. You know I’m going to have to touch him to get his measurements unless you want to do it.” “Oh that’s fine, but I will do it if you are uncomfortable” “No sweety, I like making little lady boys and this having one locked up is great, but I can see things are pretty tight right now and I like what you’ve done to his bottom” They both laughed and she started taking the measurements; once they had them Diana called in the cute little girl who had greeted us and asked her to get several different panties and a couple of more bras for me to try on so they could decide what looked best on me.

They finally settled on a little bra that would hid under even men’s clothes fairly well and seven panties, since I needed a pair for every day of the week. I tried to say that I really didn’t I wasn’t going to be a crossdresser all the time; but Mistress insisted. Then she took us out into the store again and started going through the nightgowns and Mistress picked one that would fit loose would hang just below the cage. The only saving grace was the Diana gave us the employee discount because she had a good time. Just as we were about to go Mistress pointed me back to the fitting room and told me to get into the clothes that I had just bought because I was leaving the store wearing them. So looking foolish, I came out of the dressing room wearing a bra, panties, dress and heels with my other clothes in the bag. All of this with a full beard and a crewcut. I definitely looked ridiculous; with that I thanked the ladies for their help and we walked into the mall; and Mistress told me now you are taking me to dinner. Oh my god, I thought I was going to die, she was making this as long and open for anyone I know to see me and she didn’t care.

There was a nice restaurant in the mall, on the other side of it of course so she decided we would eat there. The looks I got were humiliating; I was called a faggot at least twice as we were walking. The greeter at the restaurant did a double take when she saw me and was giggling as she showed us to a table. This was a nice place; but I was told that since I was pregnant that I only needed to have a salad for dinner; while she had a steak. And I was given water while she had a few mixed drinks. And once the meal was through she made me hand her my wallet and she paid with my card.

As we walked back through the mall, me on my new heels she stopped outside of Dillards and told me to go in and find the women and thank them for the help. I did as I was told and was met with more laughter and was also told that I should get some control top pantyhose; they pointed out what I should get and checked me out. Then they told me to put them on before I left. I followed their direction and was met with approval by my new Mistress. We went to the car and headed to the house. On the way, she teased me about driving in heels, which I have to admit was harder than I thought it would be. At least for someone who didn’t have any experience at it.

When we arrived she had me open the garage but park in the driveway and get out. Potentially in front of my neighbors. She was nice and closed the door once I was inside. She pointed at the hooks in the ceiling and asked how secure they were; I told her I didn’t know but I had put them in in hopes of being strung up by them. But I knew that they would hold more than my entire weight. She then asked if still had all the chains her sister had told her about; I did of course, hanging on the garage wall.

She didn’t waste any time and took them down and had me attach them to the hooks on the ceiling, she then attached my hands to the chains with the dog collars attached to them. She then looked around and saw that there were hooks in the baseboards on each side of the garage in-line with where I was already attached. She hooked them up so that when she pulled my high heels off I would be either hanging or barely touching the floor. At that point she couldn’t make me do anything because I was strung up. She saw my work table against the wall and set it up then brought all the toys from the coffee table and laid them out.

“Boy, you are in for some fun now. And it’s only about 7:30, you can plan on being there till 10:00 at least. But before we start let’s get you primed for what’s to come; then she fed me 3 shots of Jack and then she went in the house leaving me hanging. When she came back out she fed me another shot and let me loose one limb at a time to get me undressed. Once I was nude she asked me if I wanted what I had asked for from my ex; I was hesitant but said yes. She said “Ok, I have that recorded so I don’t want to hear any bitching later! Do you agree, tell me out loud.” “Yes Mistress”.

With that answer she smacked me across the face and then back handed me. She did that three times and now my head was ringing. She grabbed the hood and put it on me, then she fitted the cock gag to it and snapped it into place. So now I’m spread eagle, blindfolded and gagged. I can kind of hear but not well because of the hood but I heard her say “Ok, you little dicked faggot I’m going to take you to the full level of what you asked for.”

Then she was gone. I don’t know for how long, long enough that I started getting anxious. When she returned she real quiet. She then started using the neuro wheel all over me; first lightly then she increased the pressure, especially on my balls. The sensation just stopped but was replaced quickly with clothes pins being put on my nipples, then all around my nipples. Then they were going everywhere the back of my arms, balls, thighs, and even my feet. She used the whole bag of 100 and seemed to use even more.

Then she got the cat-I-nine tails and started knocking the pins off. After about 30 pins were knocked off; even with a cock gag in my mouth, I was making quite a bit of noise so she stopped and turned on the stereo fairly loud to cover my yelling. Then she started again, making sure to hit harder and get the pins off in a single hit. Mistress got every pin off with the cat. “That was a good warmup” she said in my ear.

After a short cool down she started spanking me with a leather belt. And while it was mostly on my ass she didn’t bother to stay there, my thighs got some even in the front, my back wasn’t spared. Then she grabbed the flogger and nothing was off limits with it,except my face. She even hit the back of my neck; I couldn’t even guess what I looked like but I was crying and begging for her to stop; but true to her word, she wasn’t going to stop and give me what I asked for. I was begging “Please Mistress please I need you to stop, I can’t take it.” “You asked for it bitch I’m just fulfilling your fantasy, maybe you shouldn’t dream so big! But I will give you a few minutes break.”

She loosened my legs, just enough for me to try and stand, then she let my arms loose and I collapsed onto my knees. She turned down the music and pulled the gag out and the hood off. She pushed me over on my back and unlocked the cock cage. Even being bruised and battered I still managed to get a semi. I was laying back trying to breathe through what I had been through and she hauled off and kicked me in the balls. “Boy, I’m either going to destroy you or make you my bitch.” And kicked me in the balls again.

“Now tell where you keep the pill bottles that you cum in when you beat off.” “I don’t know what you are talking about” I replied. She really kicked me in the balls that time and I screamed, I couldn’t breathe for at least five minutes. She looked down at me and said again “Tell me where the pill bottles are that you cum in. Or you get it even harder.” I fessed up “it’s in the back of the refrigerator”. She grabbed my balls and gave them a squeeze, “Which one bitch; you’ve got three of them.” “This one, here in the garage Mistress.” She gave a good squeeze “Almost a good boy, but you have some more punishment for playing stupid.”

Mistress spread my legs a little more than shoulder width apart and added some more rope around my knees so I couldn’t pull them together and then grabbed the pill bottles and disappeared out of the garage. When she came back she had the enema that I bought earlier. It turns out she had put it in the refrigerator. “Now listen you little faggot; I am going to squeeze this in you and then I will let you loose to go and get rid of it. But I promise it will hurt because it’s cold and I’m telling you now if you make a mess of me or anywhere else you will get it worse than you can imagine.” Saying that she grabbed my balls again pulling them up and squeezing then she inserted the enema and luckily for me she squeezed the bottle really slow. It was so cold it almost burned going in. The liquid just kept filling me up and was freezing all the way into my stomach, it probably took her two minutes to put every drop into me. She started loosening my legs and knees, smiling the whole time, she knew that it was torture for me to have it inside me. She helped me up and told me to shower once I was done. I shuffled to the bathroom and barely made it.

I finished and started the shower, as I stepped in, Mistress came into the room. She stopped me and told me to lay down. Then for the first time that day she undressed and stood over me at my waist. Then without warning she started peeing on me moving up my chest then over my face; slowly lowering until she finished pissing in my mouth. She told me to swallow every drop. Once she finished she told me to rinse off and then dry myself. She made me get out of the shower and used my beard trimmer and used the shortest guard to shave my entire body. Then she had me get back in the shower, get wet and get my razor. She lathered me up starting with my chest and shaved it, then my groin and legs. Once all those were smooth she had me bend over and shaved my ass and asshole. As soon as she was done she told me to wash and lotion up my whole body.

I cleaned up the mess from the beard trimmer and found Mistress in the living room sitting on the couch having a drink. I stopped at the doorway and asked for permission to enter. I was told to come in on my knees and hands. She told me to crawl and get both of our phones and give them to her. I came back with them and stopped in front of her and she put her feet up on my back and used me as a foot rest and told me to hand her the phones. She leaned forward and used the face ID and opened my phone and started going through my Facebook account.

I wasn’t at all sure what she was doing but I was worried. It wasn’t more than a minute when she started asking me about the women I had as friends, asking me how I knew them and what my previous relations were with them. I tried to look and see what she was doing but my position as a footstool didn’t help. When she saw what I was doing she had me face away from her and kicked me in the balls telling me that I was to answer quickly and honestly or I would get more than I had ever asked for in the pain and humiliation department. “Just so you know I have video of almost everything we have done so far, just like you took of my sister when you had her fucking all those guys. And I am definitely going to share some of them but you won’t know to who or when, hell, I might just share them with her. But the beauty of it is that I have you in my grasp and everything is already in the cloud and you can’t do anything about it. I told you I would have you as my bitch and this is how. Just so you know I know that you think all three of my girls are hot and you follow them on all their social media. I am going to send all of them a few things that we have done. We will see how they react.” I didn’t know what to say or do, so I just remained being a footstool.

“So if you haven’t figured it out by now, you are now not only my bitch; you are my blackmail bitch. It’s what you wrote about in some of your fantasy’s. I’m totally giving you what you have always wanted. I see that you have a habit of looking up at least two of your friends on Facebook a lot I think I will send them a message and try and feel them out. Maybe we can introduce a lot more humiliation into your life! Ha ha!”

She kicked me in the balls again and told me to make her another drink and to pour a shot of Jack, and that I had to crawl or walk on my knees the entire way. I handed over the drinks and she poured the shot down my throat and told me to go down on her. I went at her for all I was worth and brought her to what I hoped was at least two orgasms while she finished her drink. Then it was back to the garage and being tied up again. This time my legs were apart and my hands were behind my back and I was bent over.

Mistress put on the biggest strap-on I had and proceeded to start fuck my face, really working to make me chock on it. I can’t tell you how long I was sucking on it but my throat was raw and I was drooling all over myself and the floor. Before she finished she put all eight inches down my throat and held it there telling me that I needed to breathe through my nose; she kept it buried as I cried and tried to breathe. Once she pulled it out she grabbed the pill bottle full of cum and pulled my head up and poured every drop into my mouth telling me to hold it in my mouth until told to swallow.

She moved behind me and placed the dildo at my ass and started pressing against me. She said “Feel that cock coming for you! I’m going to count down and when I hit one you will swallow your cum and feel me tear you open and you will again be a cum swallowing faggot.” She started at ten and I followed directions and swallowed at one; and as I swallowed I felt the strap-on pass into me and she didn’t just give me the tip she slammed it all the way in! I had been fucked with a strap-on before, but it had been years. I tried to scream but the cum in my throat kept me from it. I was hoping she was out of shape and it would end quick; unfortunately for me it really seemed to turn her on and she didn’t ever seem to want to keep slamming my ass for all she was worth.

I had been fucked hard once before and I won’t lie, I enjoyed it. But I had never been fucked this hard for this long. I don’t think I had a hard-on but I definitely leaked out every drop of cum that was in me. She finished and pulled out of me; I was hanging limp in my bonds. She untied me and I feel to my knees; “Good that’s where you need to be, while you are there lick every drop off the floor.” Of course I was totally whipped at this point and did as I was told and licked up everything that I had put out while I was being both face and ass fucked. “So bitch, you realize you are mine now right? I am sending out this video now, I actually am putting it on your tumblr account also. So you know if my sister is still paying attention to it she will see you getting hammered. Lol. Now go get me a drink and then rinse off and meet me in the living room.”

“So I was looking through your Facebook again and I’ve already sent a couple of friend requests out to some of your favorites. But now I’ve noticed Mary. I’ve heard that name before; my sister was convinced that you were in love and cheating with her. So I want to know the truth about her. And remember what you will get if you hold anything back.”

“I never cheated on your sister, I promise.” “Ok, so tell me everything about Mary and why would my sister be worried about her. I noticed you didn’t say anything about being in love with her.”

“No, I didn’t. Not because I was hiding it; but because I don’t know that I was. I do know that Mary was my best friend and yes I was very attracted to her. I met her soon after she moved here 23 years ago, but I didn’t start working with her every day until several years later and we worked together for about four or five years. During that time is when we got really close. And when your sister got really jealous but she was also pushing me away the whole time. Which probably made me more open to getting close to Mary, and we talked about everything although I didn’t ever admit to my full kinky side. I’m sure she got at least an idea about it though. Anyway, I don’t know what else you want to know. I never kissed her and maybe hugged her twice and that’s it. I mean I always wanted to, but that wasn’t professional so I never crossed that line. Even though I always thought she was gorgeous and I really got along with her. What can I say? We were both married so it never went that way.”

“So you had an emotional affair and you had more than friendship affection for her, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I guess that’s true and if you asked me at the time I probably would have said I loved her. But neither of us ever pursued it. If she even felt the same, I don’t know.”

“Why didn’t you try when you got divorced?” Mistress asked. “Because she was still married and when she got divorced I was in a relationship and to much time had passed.”

“Refill my drink and met me outside. On your knees!”. I did as I was told and as soon as I handed her the drink she grabbed my head and put my face between her legs and told me to get to work. “Just so you know I just sent Mary a message it says I’m your ex’s sister and I am here with you and after I’ve spent the weekend dominating you, you admitted to being in love with her.” “WHAT?!?” I yelled. And she hit me in the face; super hard. It even started my nose bleeding. “I told you that you were my bitch! Now you can lick up your blood while you are eating me out. Don’t worry I will keep you updated on if or when Mary responds.” And she pulled me back into her pussy.

I heard a ding and my blood ran cold. I didn’t know if it was Mary, but I was afraid it was. She pushed me away and took a picture of me, my bloody, pussy juice soaked face and then pulled me back to my task. I continued as she messaged with who only knows. I continued to worship her pussy through at least three orgasms as she messaged with someone.

The following I was totally unaware of. This is the messaging between my sister in law and Mary. The reply that Mary sent was “That’s strange I haven’t heard from him for years. Why should I believe you?” She replied “”Because here is a picture of him after I knocked the shit out of him as I make him please me.”

It was several minutes before a reply came. “Well that looks like John, so how did this come about,”. Mary asked.

“I learned about him being submissive years ago and I was bored and wanted to see how far I could push him. I was told he was into pain and humiliation. And that last part is why I’m chatting with you. LOL. “

“I knew there was something about him. I didn’t know all this though. So he knows that you contacted me?”

“Yes, that’s how he got the bloody nose. He got mouthy about it.”

Mary responded. “Ok. So you are telling me just to embarrass him? I don’t really get the point.”

“The point is to out him to someone he knows and cares about.”

“So what are you outing him about?” Mary said.

“Oh, I have a lot to dish on him. First did you know that when he was married to my sister he asked and encouraged her to have sex with other guys. He would even pick them up and deliver them to her so she could fuck them?”

“No way!”

“Yes, my interrogation of him this weekend got him to admit that she had over 15 guys over the last five to six years together. And the only reason it ended was she fell for one of them. I guess he had a dick thicker than a beer can.”

“Damn, she was going to town. And that’s a good reason to at least keep a guy around.”

“I know right. But it gets better; I heard from her and he verified it that when she was done getting laid he would clean her up.”

“Ok that’s different but not that strange.” Mary said.

“I don’t think you understand; he would clean her up by eating all the cum out of her.”

“Holy crap! He was really licking other dude’s cum out of his wife! I would love to hear him actually say that.”

“Hold on a minute and I’ll send you a video.”

“Oh my god! What a bitch he is! And you have him locked up in a chastity cage? That’s hilarious!”

“Oh it can be better! I am going to make him wait a month with the cage before I allow him to come see me for more beatings and humiliation. I can make him stop by and see you if you want. You could do almost anything with him you wanted. Except fuck since his little dick will be locked in a steal cage.”

“Yeah, I don’t know about that; I don’t need any drama in my life.” Mary said.

“Oh that’s the last thing I want for you to deal with. As a matter of fact; with him being locked up and me having the keys, he better not even think about starting or being involved with drama. Unless it’s me starting it for him, lol. Well, if you want to play with him you are welcome and after a while I will give you a key and you can be his other key holder.”

“Wait, I thought you said you were only going make him wait a month before you let him out?”

“I’m going to let him out and I will probably let him cum. But the main purpose of letting him out is to give him a Prince Albert piercing to lock him into a permanent device.”


“Because right now I have a mostly obedient slave; once he knows that he is dependent on me for any satisfaction, he will be my total slave. And then I just have to barely do anything and I have him at my beck and call plus I can make him pay me for any release.”

“Pay you?! That seems messed up!” Mary said.

“Hey he’s my bitch now if I want him to fix my car, clean my house, or give me $100 to have an orgasm, that's his life now. Hell, he is going to put on a show sucking a big cock before he even has an option of getting out of the cage he’s in. And then I will pierce and permanently lock him up.”


“Like I said, I can make him stop and see you if you want or you can come down when I make him show up and you can play too.”

“I will think about all this, but I need to get off here now. Stay in touch so I can decide what I will do.”

“Oh look my two youngest have already watched the video and asked when they can beat on you too! You are going to have one hell of a weekend here soon.”

“What do you mean, mistress?” I asked.

“Just what I said, you are going to have a hell of a weekend soon. I sent that video to my girls and the two youngest have already said they are looking forward to using you. We will see how the other two respond; I’m sure the oldest will want to play. Don’t worry I will make sure they get fucked before they show up so you can start off with each of them with a good cream pie. I can guarantee you a minimum of 4 cream pie’s.”

“Mistress, I hope you are kidding, I don’t want them seeing me like this or doing that.”

“It’s too late, you are going to be the family bitch. Truth be told you should have been for years now but my sister was selfish. Before I leave you will be locked into the smallest chastity cage you own. And the only way you will be released is to come to my house. And I promise you that you will be sucking a cock to completion as a show for the family .” “Yes Mistress” was all I could answer.
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