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He was young, virile, handsome and shy as hell.
He was timid, a loner with only one friend in the world. He wasn't mentally off or a social castoff but he never seemed to attract friends or interact with others very much. He was an excellent high school student, all his teachers were proud of his work and the depth of the education he absorbed, much more than the crowds of young lusty excitable teens that surrounded him. School for them was a gathering place, somewhere to socialize with the other gender, Monday through Thursday at school were for planning Fridays and Saturdays, not for Math and English. He could speak three languages fluently, his mind thrived on Calculus, History was a weekend reading passion. At seventeen my brother was probably the most intelligent and educated person I knew. I envied his mind because after two years of college I was barely keeping enough momentum in my courses to continue into the third year. I had to admit I might do better if I spent more time studying than at parties.

I was home from college between terms when I approached Wallace, “I need your help, I have to get better in school or I'll flunk out, I need to study better, to be more interested in the courses, not in my boyfriends. How do you do it, how to you devote all your time to learning something?”

My brother blushed red, not an unusual reaction when anyone talked to him, “I don't know Sis, I just find books a lot more interesting than all the kids around here, I mean they only talk about stupid stuff like those lousy reality shows on TV or who they are going to have sex with next. None of that is for me so I read a lot.”

His comment stirred up a question I had been wanting to ask him since he was fifteen. My brother is not a bad looking kid. He is 5'11, comes in around 190 with a firm athletic body that he maintains by working out in the garage. Thick black wavy hair crowned a face carved by an artist. If he knew you well enough to look you in the eyes you would see his as iceberg blue, not cold, but deep crystal. He has a hint of dark facial hair shadowing his cheeks and I never saw a blemish or pimple mar his face. Wallace is a good looking young man and I often wondered why he didn't have a girlfriend or four; most seventeen year-olds that look like him have a covey of panting woman hanging around, young or older. Maybe he was gay and didn't want to come out of the closet.

It was time to find out. “Are you gay?”

My brother blanched pale “What? What did you ask me?”

“Are you gay, do you like men, I never see you with girls?”

“No!, god no, I could never do anything like that. What in hell made you ask a question like that?”

“Cause you don’t have girlfriends, you are a really nice looking kid and I know there are some hot young things you may already know who wouldn't mind a midnight session with you once in awhile.”

Wallace turned bright red, cast his eyes to the floor then hurriedly scuttled out of the room. As he left it hit me like a thunderclap, my brother was virgin, and he didn't know how to remedy that situation.

My brother avoided me for days, whenever I walked into a room he would blush then vanish in an instant. At first it amused me but the longer he shied from me the more irksome it got. He was giving me the could shoulder like I had offended him deeply. On the fourth day after my blunt questions I cornered him in the garage as he worked out on his exercise machine.

“Why in hell are you hiding from me?” I demanded.

Wallace stopped, sat up off the bench then grabbed a towel to wipe the sweat off his head and bare chest. When he stood from the bench my brother's physique riveted my attention, the way he moved, his muscles flexed, the sheen of sweat on his bare skin shot tendrils of delicate vibrations through my breasts. My mind blanked out as the shock what I felt shivered through me. I felt like I had just been introduced to a GQ cover model.

He faced me, I looked him up and down, he was wearing mid-thigh workout pants that snugged his legs and narrow waist. My eyes were magnetized to the form of his cock behind the dark blue material. He stepped away from the exercise machine which gave me a clear view of his tight round ass. It most definitely was not his body that kept him from getting girls to bed. “I'm not avoiding you, I just have a lot on my mind, sorry Kate.” Having said that my brother left again. Yup, he was avoiding me. The shivers I’d felt wouldn't go away as I turned back to the kitchen.

I couldn't get him out of my mind, the long muscular legs, sculpted chest, and the tight round cheeks of his ass danced in and out of my thoughts for the rest of the day. Seeing him in the tight workout pants reminded me that I hadn't been laid in weeks. The longer the day got, the more titillating my thoughts got. By the time my parents went to bed I was determined to spend more time with my brother, to maybe explore some of the more erotic ideas I was having about him. My body temperature had been slowly climbing to 'fuck me' hot over the day and when I was finally alone I tried to cool off with my own fingers but nothing I could do would replace the real thing. Wallace had gone to his room an hour before me and since he was the cause of my sexual unease, I went to him.

I stood beside his bed wearing only my night robe looking down on the form of my somnolent brother under a light blanket. My heart was thundering in my chest, my blood was racing in my ears, my nipples were standing firm as I looked him up and down. I felt my desire for an erection seeping from the very place I wanted one, between my thighs. The room was warm, my body was blazing which made the blanket a useless decoration so I lifted it off my brother then pulled it gently down to the end of the bed. When the cover was off him I looked to see what I had revealed and almost swooned when I saw that he already sported a long, thick slightly curved erection. His cock projected strongly from a base of thick dark hair and a two handfuls of high and tight balls. My God he was hung! I had been wavering all day about whether or not I should seduce Wallace but what I was looking at, from head to groin stopped the indecision. The moment I saw my brothers nakedness I knew nothing short of a house fire would keep me from fucking him. If either of my parents had walked in just then I would have told them to get the hell out and forget about what they saw.

Wallace was on his side so I dropped my robe then got on the bed on my knees then straddled his hips. My cunt opened like a baby birds mouth, eager for a tidbit so I put a hand on my brother and rolled him to his back. His erection angled up over his groin, an easy catch for my hand. I held the thick shaft then moved him around until the glans slipped into me. I didn't need any gentle probing to ease his passage into me, once the end of him was encased by my body I sat on the full length of him. His big balls were riding on his closed thighs so I felt them press against my cunt lips as I settled my weight on him. I leaned over him, put my hands on either side of his head and began to slide my love starved sex on Wallace's big hard cock.

I was rolling my hips, getting hotter, wetter and quickly building an orgasm in my womb when my brother opened his eyes. He looked up at me with half open lids but they sprang wide with surprise when he came fully awake. He lifted his hands and put them on my shoulders and tried to push me up but I easily deflected his move by bending my elbows and lying flat on his chest. I continued to fuck my confused brother as he absorbed the reality of what we were doing. After a few moments of resistance I felt the tension in his body ease and his hips began to roll in sync with mine, Wallace started fucking me. My ear was resting against his chest so I could hear his heart pick up it's pace, thudding ever faster the longer I rode his lap. I lifted my head, looked him in the eyes and whispered “This is what you’ve been missing. I want you to cum because nothing in the world will ever feel as good as the first time you blow your nuts into a girl. Cum!” I demanded.

The muscles in my brother's neck stood out, his eyes rolled white and he began to huff while his back arched, lifting us high off the bed. He breathed out one long, low groan and I felt his cock pulsing, my body filling with the hot discharge of his balls, Wallace cramped seven or eight times while transferring his load into me. I kept him humping by encouraging him, “take me, fuck me, god this feels good.” I put my mouth on his neck and vacuumed a kiss while he convulsed.

He relaxed back down to his back, staring up at me, I smiled then very gently kissed him on the mouth. “Like it?”

He didn't say a thing but put his hands on my ass then rolled us over and in two seconds he was over me, his still hard cock buried deep between my thighs. I felt his cum seeping around the thick shaft but quickly forgot about it when my brother started fucking me again. Within a minute of turning his balls inside out in a pussy for the first time in his life, my brother was going for number two. Whatever hesitation or shyness he had for the first seventeen years of his life was banished as he slid his big sexy erection in and out of me. I reached for his face, pulled him down and kissed my brother heatedly.

He was inexperienced, his movements jerky and wild, he kept slipping out of me, stabbing my body with the blunt end of his erection before I could catch it and guide him back to me. I pulled him close so my mouth was next to his ear “Slow down Wallace, you have all night, roll your ass in waves, slide your cock in and out, you don't have to take it in a hurry, I'm not going to run away at midnight.”

He grunted his answer then the pace of the body slamming became a more lingering caress in and out of my cunt as his motion smoothed out. He pushed up on his arms and looked between us to where our stomachs were chafing then smiled into my eyes. “God this feels good Kate.” My brother settled into a delightfully rhythmic pace of fucking. Now that I had broken the ice, gotten him going, I focused on what he was doing for me. The emptiness between my legs was quickly being replaced by a growing contentment as the unrest in my womb began to morph into an orgasm. I'd been edgy all week and the illicit, immoral act I was doing with my brother stirred the cauldron of hormones and desire inside me until I boiled over. I latched on to Wallace's hard muscular ass cheeks and pulled him into me as far as he could get, the end of his erection tickled my womb and I went off like a fucking balloon bursting.

I think the hardest thing I've ever done in my life was keeping silent as my climax raped my senses that night. I knew our parents were close so I kept my teeth clenched, my lips sealed and held my breath while my body bounced with joy and relief. Somewhere deep in the throes of my titanic orgasm I felt my brother spewing into me again. He had cum twice without having to get hard twice, like a double barreled shotgun, first one side then the other, his balls fired their rounds into me. In the several years I’ve been screwing men and boys not one had ever came two times without pausing for a rest between. Not only was I amazed, I was momentarily sated.

I relaxed into the mattress with Wallace lying on me, panting, I licked a drop of sweat off his shoulder. He lifted his head, gave me a hesitant kiss on the lips then rolled to my side. I pushed him over to his back the crawled up and over him, sitting on him so my crack was pressed against his semi-rigid boner, his semen seeped from me to coat the skin of his cock. I took his right hand up and put it over my breast then pressed the hand firmly against me. Wallace looked up into my eyes then began to knead my tit with his palm. He quickly lifted the second hand and in seconds my brother was feeling me up while I encouraged him with a smile. I twitched my hips back and forth which rubbed my cunt lips on his prick as he played with the first set of tits he'd ever held. Wallace tickled my nipples for a few moments then I leaned down and put the end of my right breast against his lips. He rolled his lust laden eyes up to mine then kissed my tit. He quickly formed a lip lock on my nipple and as he began to suckle it I felt his cock firming up again. I let my baby brother lick and suck my breasts for a minute or two then lifted off him far enough to hold his revived erection up then sat down on it. He felt as hard and powerful as the first time so another wild fire began to rampage through me from cunt to tits. He arched his hips and drove that beautiful bone up into me until my body was kissing his balls. Wallace grabbed my hips and helped me bounce on his lap, both of us were totally immersed in the feeling of wild, hot fucking.

I don’t' know if it was because I was getting screwed for the first time in weeks, whether I was tasting forbidden fruit, or just because I was getting awesomely fucked but it took only a few minutes for the third and final series of orgasms to turn me into a twisted mess of convulsing, quivering jello. To keep from alerting the entire house to how good it felt I had to bite my lower lip hard enough to draw blood, Wallace clutched me tight as I bounded are rebounded against him. Just when I could breath again without moaning my brother clenched my ass in his hands and injected me once more.

I got off the young ex-virgin and the bed then on very shaky legs left his room, dragging my robe with me. I didn't even bother to say good night, I could only wonder at what I had done. My brother was chaste until an hour before but in that hour he came three times and I had a chain of strong orgasms. As I sat on the toilet and cleaned the mess from my pubic hair I wondered; if he could do that for me the first time he'd ever done it, what the hell will be able to do with more practice?

It wouldn't be long before I found out.


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