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I’m bored and you aren’t so keep me awake
She came into my room then sat on the end of my bed, smiled, tilted her head then said “Hey, what are you doing?”

“What does it look like, I’m reading.”

She jostled her butt which caused her tits to jiggle, she’d left her bra in a drawer. “What?”

“A fucking book, a good fucking book, what the hell do you want?”

My sister sighed deeply, “I’m bored.”

“And ---, what should I do about it? Go watch TV or something, don’t you have to fold laundry and vacuum before mom comes home?”

Erin leaned toward me, snatched the book from my hands then threw it across the room. It smacked against my window then fell open faced to the floor. Her eyes glinted with catty playfulness as she watched my reaction, “What the fuck? What’s gotten into you?”

“I’m bored and you aren’t so keep me awake.”

“How? If you’re bored go call Addie or something, she’s always ready to fill you up with gossip.”

“Nah, she’s a bitch this week, she doesn’t deserve my company.”

“My my, aren’t we the prissy little good girl today.” I looked at my sister as she studied my face then hers lit up with an idea.

“Let’s play Truth or Dare,” she said brightly.

I was focused on the peaks at the end of her boobs and didn’t hear her “What?”

“Truth or Dare, you know, where one of us challenges the other to tell a truth or give a dare.”

“I know what it is but its more fun with players who aren’t your sister.”

“Oh, come on Brad, play with me.”

Now there was an opening if I ever heard one, about a dozen different ideas of ‘play with me’ popped into my head. Erin is very nicely formed,transiting from girl to young woman. Every once in a while when I see her in night wear, comfortable around the house rags, or every time she wears a short skirt I get playful ideas. Just then she was wearing mid-thigh shorts, leg holes loose enough to give an enticing peek at her upper thighs. The blouse hugged her body like it was last years, before her tits got bigger, the material was stretched around the buttons which gave me a look at the skin of her stomach and cleavage. Lately most of my friends spend more time chatting up my sister than gaming with me when they come over. Erin soaks up the attention like a sponge and I win a lot of games. “Okay, I guess, but I’m first. Truth or Dare?”


“Did you ever kiss a boy?”

“Of course.”


“Is that another truth question, its out of turn?”

“No, same truth question, a two-parter, who?”

Erin paused long enough I thought she was going to renege, but then admitted “Bryan Carver.”

“BC? You let BC kiss you? Girl, he is a total dweeb! I bet you’re the first girl he ever kissed and it probably put him in shock.” Her revelation made me laugh as an image of them two standing way apart and leaning toward the other until their lips barely touched then jerking back in embarrassment.

Erin looked a little peeved that I thought it funny “He’s kind of cute, and he asked, most of those clods just try to grab and kiss me.”

“Question one, part three, Did you kiss any other guys?”

My sister blushed lightly “Well, yeah, me and Mike and Terry spent a lot of time one day kissing and making out.”

Her revelation caused my nuts to tighten a little, “Both at once?”

“Sort of at once, I made them take turns. I wanted to see if one was better than the other.”


“This is the last question I answer, then it’s my turn.”


“Terry was way better, he even pushed his tongue against mine, I was like ‘WOW’.”

“Did you get turned on?”

“Oh no, too many questions.”

“Alright” I conceded.

“Truth or Dare?” I took the dare. “Since you are so interested in my kissing life, I dare you to kiss me.”

I looked at my sister, it was in her eyes, she was serious, that was her dare. I thought about paying a penalty but we hadn’t set any so I leaned toward her but she jerked back, “Wait, not yet!” She jumped up and scrambled out of the room yelling “I’ll be right back!” I sat looking a the door for almost a minute then Erin dashed back in. She looked like a clown with bright red lipstick smeared all over and around her mouth. It was heavy, sloppy and kind of raunchy. She got back on the bed on her knees facing me, “Now kiss me and do it like you mean it” she giggled.

I was kind of repulsed by the mess on her lips and face but I’d accepted the dare so I grabbed her shoulders, pulled her to me and locked my mouth over hers. I put a kiss on my sister like one I would put on Selena Gomez. The longer we rubbed our noses and lips together the more Erin moved hers against mine, retuning the kiss with a fervor. After a full minute of heavy making out with her I pulled back. Erin looked at my face then busted up laughing and pointing at me “Look, look in the mirror” she said gleefully. I checked my image in the long mirror by the door and saw another clown, this time it was me. A lot of the thickly smeared lipstick on my sisters face was now thickly smeared on mine. My mouth was a bright red as hers. It struck me funny and I started to laugh with her.

We wiped our mouths then settled again on my bed, we were face to face on our knees which were almost touching. Erin grinned then said “Your turn, give me a dare.”

She picked a dare before I asked but that was okay. I thought, what could I dare my younger sister into doing, what might she do, what wouldn’t she do? As I was wondering I looked again at the blouse stretched tight over her breasts “Flash me, I dare you.”

She gulped, I saw her throat work then she bloomed red in the face. “Really? You want me to show you my tits?” I only nodded. She sat for several seconds trying to read my mind and came to the conclusion she had to do the dare, she’d asked for it. Erin fingered open the top button then as I was enjoying the enhanced view of her cleavage she levered open the next. Freed of the binding buttons the tight blouse pulled back revealing the soft swell of her breasts almost to her nipples. Erin paused long enough I thought she would stop but she took a deep breath and quickly opened the last two. She held her blouse apart and I was staring at a fantastic rack. The firm standing mounds of flesh jiggled slightly when she moved and I swear the tips of them, her nipples got stiffer. She let me ogle her for about ten seconds then pulled her blouse closed again. As she was buttoning it up I managed to say “You got awesome tits Erin.”

She looked up at me and blushed again, “You think so?”

“Yeah, I think so.” I didn’t tell her that I was getting turned on by her. My cock was swelling and if we kept playing around like this it soon would be obvious.

She finished the last button, sat back on the bed and challenged me, “Truth or Dare.”


“Did you ever do it with a girl?”

That was easy, I wasn’t even shy when I answered yes. “Who? And before you say, I answered a three part question, now you have to.”

“Angel. She and me did it sometimes before she moved away.”

“I remember her, she was pretty. Second part, how many times?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t’ count but it was maybe twenty or more times. We did it for two months when we could get alone.”

“Part three, is she the only one?”

“Yeah, I can’t seem to get Margie hot enough yet.” Margie and I had been dating for two months.

Erin fell over to her side, propped up on an elbow and looked up at me. “Your turn.”

“Truth or Dare?”


“Did you do it yet with anyone?”

My sister answered quietly, “No, not even close.”

“Do you want to?”

“I don’t know, maybe if the right boy asked me.”

“Do you play with yourself?”

Erin turned beet red, looked away then nodded slowly. No words were spoken and I knew she would never admit out loud that she played with herself. She regained her composure then asked “Truth or Dare?”


She looked directly into my eyes and said barely over a whisper, “Show it to me.”

Ahhhggggh. The look in her eyes, the tremble in her voice almost made me shoot a load right into my shorts. My cock was as big and heavy as a bludgeon and she wanted to see it. “It’s up” I warned her.

She glanced at my groin then back to my face, “I know.”

I got off the bed, unbuckled my belt, drew down the zipper then opened the flap of my jeans. Just as I reached into my shorts we heard our mom shout “Hey, I’m home! Brad, get down hear and unload the car.” Erin gasped, her eyes were as big as saucers when she leaped off my bed and scrabbled quickly from my room. I hauled up my pants then dashed for the bathroom where I could tuck in my prick properly.

Erin got in trouble for not doing the laundry and vacuuming but I don’t think she minded. Our little bedroom diversion kept my head busy while I carreid groceries from the car, my prick was half hard the rest of the day. I had the impression that if mom hadn’t come home when she did I might have gotten lucky. My sister had been acting more like a girlfriend than a relative, one who wouldn’t be afraid of getting it on with me; not like Margie.

For few weeks she was the normal twit, the irritating sister who flirted with my friends but cut me out of her life. We had little to do with each other so the game we played became nothing, it was just a moment in time when she and I clicked on an intimate level. Not likely to happen again.

It was a cold rainy day, mom and dad had left for an overnight trip to her 20th high school reunion and wouldn’t be back until the next afternoon. My sister was somewhere in the house, doing whatever sisters do. I was on my console hooked up with my internet team when my cell phone barked. I looked at the screen, Erin had sent a text. I swiped the screen code then the words ‘Truth or Dare’ showed up. I didn’t know where she was in the house so I sat in my chair and texted ‘Dare’.

A few seconds later I got ‘Send a pic, my last dare’.

Her last dare before our mother started yelling was to show her my stiff cock so what I read shook me up. She wanted to start the game again, take up where we left off? My recipe for instant hard-on is ‘willing girl’ so I instantly got a hard on. I really didn’t think my sister would be willing, but the head of my dick doesn’t have a brain, it just reacts. I stood from my chair, exposed my pride and shot a picture of it standing long and strong from my body. After I hit Send I realized I has just sexted my own sister and my cock got harder.

In seconds I got another text “Don’t you have any nuts?”

I took three shots of my prick and balls, the first two didn’t show right, the third captured me well, my cock raising into the air over my big tight testicles. I hit send then deleted the two nonflattering pictures.

I didn’t get an answer. I waited about two minutes then the light bulb went on, she was waiting for me. I sent the message ‘truth or dare’.


‘You like the picture?’

‘Nice. Is that big?’

Hormones pouring into my blood made me bolder, more brash than I should be with my sibling, but hell, she started it. ‘Big enough to make Angel happy, want to try it? --- Truth’

My phone was quiet, she didn’t answer. Just as I regretted sending her the last text Erin slowly opened my bedroom door. She looked timid, hesitant, but she came in. My pants were still resting on my ankles, my cock about half the size it was for the picture. She stepped to me then put her fingers around my prick. She looked up at, anxiety clouded the features of her pretty face but she said softly “yes”.

I kicked my pants off my ankles then took her hand from my cock which had regained its full glory as she fingered it. I pulled her to the bed then went to my knees in front of her. I wanted to get her on her back and my cock inside her before she changed her mind. I reached under her skirt then pulled her cotton underwear down. She lifted her feet one at a time letting me pull then off. Erin’s face was burning red but the anxiety from earlier had transformed to a look of determination. I ran a hand up under her skirt along the inside of her leg until my fingers pressed against the flesh of her pussy. She was hot and wet so I started stroking her with two fingers while watching her eyes. Erin shuddered, sucked in a deep breath then collapsed back on the bed. When she was flat on her back I pressed the end of my middle finger into the entrance of her body. Her legs jerked, she rolled her head to the side and grunted “Uh”. I pressed as far into her as I could slowly but she didn’t cry out. I pumped my hand, stroking six or seven times to get her wetter then pulled my finger out of her and stood. I wiped the large glob of precum around the end of my boner then leaned over her. She widened her legs then jerked again when I slid the head of cock along the length of her pussy. Erin turned her eyes on me then watched my face while I pushed into her virginity. When the bulb of my cock was encased in my sister I stopped moving, letting her get used to me. She opened her mouth and a waft of hot air brushed my cheek then the girl started flexing her back. Each time she moved my cock dipped further into her tight hole. She was snug but wet enough to fuck so after about five or six bounces of her ass I was screwing Erin.

I leaned down then put my lips on hers. We had kissed like make out artists the first time we played the game so she didn’t recoil or reject me. As our lips caressed I evened out my thrusts, stroking deep down then pulling back until the end of my cock chilled. I effed my sister until she put her hands my shoulders then said “I want to feel everything.”

“You want me to cum in you?”

She moved her hands to my cheeks then said huskily “I dare you.”

My cock convulsed, my chest constricted then I spewed six long surges of sex fluids into her. When she realized what was happening she smiled big, licked her lips with her tongue then closed her eyes and got lost in the feeling of becoming a woman.

My cock slipped from her when she pulled away to lie completely on the bed. She held a hand to me and when I gave her mine she pulled me down next to her. Erin kissed me lightly then pulled her skirt up and put a hand between her legs. She fingered herself for a moment then pulled her cum drenched finger up to look at it. She turned to me “Truth?”


“Did you like me?”

That may have been the stupidest question I’d ever heard in my life. “Well yeah, but what are you doing here? You must have let me do you for a reason.”

“I told you that Terry is a good kisser and I liked what he did?”

“Uh, uh.”

“Well he and me have been making out a lot when we get alone and we even feel each other up a lot. He asked me to go to bed with him. I want to but I don’t want him to be my first boy that way. I don’t want the whole fucking school to know he got a virgin so I came here and let you do this first. Being my brother I’m pretty sure you won’t blab to all your buddies that we had sex.”

“You gave me your cherry so nobody will talk about it?” My balls vibrated with joy. “Girl, even if you screw Terry now he’ll be telling all his friends, that’s what boys do. You will be in the campus rumor mill before you get your clothes back on.”

“Yeah, I know that but he can’t brag that he was my first. I didn’t want him to be and I don’t want him to think that.”

“So, if your friends ask, who are you going to say you fucked first?”

Erin put a hand on my cheek and smiled coyly, “the same guy that fucked me second, only the second time wasn’t a quickie. Dare.”


“Take my clothes off.”

Erin and I were used to kissing and making out and she had just let me fuck her me so neither of us was being shy or reluctant to get it on again. I unlatched her skirt and pulled it off her legs then made her sit up so I could strip her shirt up and over her head and arms. The bra was easily discarded. My sister was blushing to be naked but she was on a mission so she helped me strip nude. In a minute she and I were in nature’s glory, lying face to face on my bed. She angle back slightly to look at my body and refreshed erection then reached for it. With my cock in her hand she pushed me to my back then sat up and got over my lap, her knees were on each side of my hips, her cunt centered over my bone. I held it for her while she positioned on it then inched down until she was sitting full on me. I reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair then pulled her down until her tits were mashed my chest. I humped my hips then my sister and I started fucking for real while I locked my mouth on hers again.

Erin was heating up fast. The longer she rolled her hips on me, sliding on my erection the noisier she got. At first she was breathing heavy but soon the breaths became gasps and moans as I stroked her. About the time she started crying out sharp oohs and aahhs I rolled her to her back and started fucking her that way. Erin locked her eyes on mine, arched her back and started to groan as her body shook and vibrated. She had just had her first orgasm by fucking a guy. She locked her fingers around my neck, pulled me down and kissed me with fire and passion while the climax rattled around her body. I stopped holding back and came in several spasms of exquisite pain into her.

She was panting, her tits heaving, her stomach quivering as she recovered from the body wrenching orgasm. She fixed her eyes on me “I never, ever in my life felt anything like that” she wheezed. “I thought I would get off like when I do it myself but that was totally different, a lot more awesome.”

I kissed the end of her nose, “Well now you know. Sex is a whole lot better when two play the game.”

She sat up “I have to go. I’m going to meet Terry later.”

“Are you going to screw him?”

“Maybe, maybe not, I haven’t decided.”

I had a more sobering thought “You know Erin, I just pumped a lot of eager little Bradleys into you, are you going to be okay?”

My sister replied “Yeah, I should be if the rhythm method works, but you’re right, I should be more careful and I don’t want Terry telling everybody I let him all the way.”

“I have a few condoms left over from when I was dating Angel, and Margie isn’t into me yet, do you want them?”

She stood off the bed, picked up her clothes and said, “No, if he can’t get his own, he can’t get me.” She opened my door, hesitated for a moment, then looked back at me and said, “Mom and dad are gone all night so put a couple under your pillow tonight, I dare you.”

As I studied the pretty, nude girl I replied “Two? That would be a Double Dare.”

Erin thought that over then laughed lightly, “Yeah, I guess it is, isn’t it. I Double Dare you.”


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When I was 11 my 9 year old sister would come into my room and pretend to be scarred she would wiggle her butt against me till I got hard then play with my cock now we just fuck as ,uch as we can


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Great beginning to what should become a life long loving relationship.


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