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You never know where you will find happiness
Gang Bang Mom

“You... were... great” Michelle whispered as she nuzzled my neck and planted little kisses behind my ear.
I lifted my tired, sweaty body one last time, just high enough to kiss her on the lips.
“I love you baby” I sighed, exhausted but contented.
Michelle didn't repeat my statement, nor did she even acknowledge it. She just looked in my eyes and smiled. She didn't have to say anything, I knew she loved me. She always had and always would. Twins know that sort of things.

“I have to pee” she whispered, prodding my side to make me move.
I rolled off my sister and she rushed off to the bathroom, cupping her hand between her legs to catch any drops of cum that may leak from her pussy. I chuckled softly and buried my head in the pillows. It was only ten o' clock. Mom wouldn't be home until one. Maybe I could catch another hour or two of much needed sleep.

“You came a lot” Michelle called out from the bathroom
“What?” I asked as I sat up. I guess sleep wasn't much of an option right now.
“You came a lot. Was it me, or was it the movie?”
“It was all you, baby” I lied. Mom's latest acquisition was one of the dirtiest pornos I'd ever seen.
“Hmm, if I didn't know you any better, I'd almost believe it” she said as she walked back into the room, still naked and scanning the floor for her clothes.
“I get to choose the movie next time” she said as she picked up a pair of little pink panties. “There was no romance at all”
“Have you ever heard of a gangbang that did involve romance?”
“That's what I mean”
“Mom seems to like it” I argued.
“Mom likes a lot” she sighed and kissed me on the lips. “I'm gonna take a shower. Don't forget to put the movie back”
“Have I ever?”

Groaning, I got out of bed. I ejected the DVD and put it back in its box. “Gang Bang Debutantes 6”, it said on the front. One to remember, I thought. For now, it was going back in mom's secret, 'private' drawer.

Mom kept her secret drawer locked at all time. What she didn't know was that I owned a copy of the key. Ever since I learned of the existence of this mysterious drawer, it had been my sole goal in life to discover whatever was hidden inside it. It had taken a lot of trouble to swipe mom's keys and have them copied without her knowing, but it was well worth it. I don't know what I expected when I first unlocked the drawer, but never would I have guessed I'd find close to a hundred erotic DVDs, a few dirty novellas, and a huge collection of assorted sex toys. Among the toys I was able to recognize were about a dozen dildos and vibrators, love balls, anal beads and even a set of nipple clamps.

At first, I was shocked to learn my sweet, sensuous mother was harboring such a dark and kinky side, but, in retrospect, I can't complain. The videos gave me an education my twin sister and I hugely benefited from. I dare say that without those movies, I would never have gotten in Michelle's panties in the first place. And even now, Michelle and I sometimes 'borrowed' one of mom's movies and watched it while we fucked.

The contents of drawer looked the same as always. I ran my fingers along the rows of DVDs and picked up one of the vibrators. It was still hard to imagine my mother masturbating, fucking her furry pussy with the smooth plastic shaft in her animal need for orgasm. Although she always kept her toys locked up when she wasn't using them, she wasn't very discreet when she got really excited. Orgasmic moans and whimpers were often heard coming from her room late at night, especially when she had had a few glasses of wine.

Lost in thought I brought the vibrator to my nose and inhaled. All I smelled was a faint scent of disinfectant, as always. I put the vibrator and movie back in their respective places and inspected the contents of the drawer one last time, to make sure everything looked the same as before. Then I closed the drawer and locked it. Mom would never know.

“It's a bit sad, don't you think?” Michelle said as she came into my room again. She was still nude and drying her hair while she was walking.
“What's sad?” I asked, distracted by her gorgeous jiggling breasts,
“Mom” she said. “38 years old, a body women half her age would kill for, tons of sexual energy and no-one to enjoy it with. No release other than a drawer full of porn and a pile of sex toys.”
“Yeah” I said, “but she doesn't want to date”
“I know” she said, pulling a T-shirt over her head. “Maybe we...”
Her eyes got big and she stopped talking mid sentence. “I've got it!”she yelled cheerful.
“Got what?”
“A gangbang!”
“What gangbang?”
“For mom!”
“You're crazy!”
“No, think about it. How many movies doesn't she have that feature just one or two girls and a dozen or more guys?”
I had to admit she had a point there. Almost a third of mom's collection was dedicated to this genre, and new ones were added regularly.
“Do you really think that's what she wants? I mean, watching it doesn't mean she wants to do it”
“I know she does. You should hear her when she's watching those movies”
“You spied on her?”
“Don't have to. You know how vocal she gets after a few glasses of wine. When I'm lying in bed, I can clearly hear every word she says. Apparently she doesn't know just how thin these walls are.”
“And you think she really wants to be gangbanged?”
“Absolutely. She would love it. Trust me.”
“But what if she gets shy, or scared in front of the men?”
“We'll see” she shrugged, “We can always give her some wine first, and then she'll forget about everything”
I knew she was right about that. Mom never held her liquor well. It wasn't that she had a drinking problem, she just reacted in a strong and sometimes embarrassing way to even a tiny amount of alcohol.

“So you really think we should do this for her?”
She nodded.
“We'll see. Let's say we get it all organized for her birthday. It's in three weeks, that should give us enough time to gather a couple of men.”
“How many guys do you think we need?”
“I'd say as much as possible. At least ten. No, twenty”
“And where do we find those guys?”
“Let me make a few phone calls. I know a guy who knows a guy that… well you know”

She picked up her cellphone and walked off, talking to her friend. An hour later she came back in my room again.
“Well, that is easy! Apparently there is an entire agency for this kind of thing! They can send us 24 guys for mom's birthday, age 18 to 25 and guaranteed STD free.”
I never guessed it would be that simple. Apparently, ordering a gangbang was the most normal thing in the world. I hadn't even thought of STDs, so that was a bonus.
“Sounds perfect, Sis!”
“There's one thing, though”
“What's that?”
“They need $30 to cover their expenses”
“That's all?”
“Each? That's six, no.. seven hundred dollar!”
“Seven hundred and twenty dollar” she corrected me. “Plus whatever it costs to hire a few cameras”
“Yes, to record everything. Like a keepsake, for later.”

I had to admit Michelle was onto something there. Obviously, mom liked watching porn, and watching a DVD of herself would be so much more intense than watching some actress. This was an opportunity we shouldn't miss. Better still, it would also give me something to do while the men fucked my mother, hopefully making it a little less awkward.
I already had some experience in making movies, but never had I done something remotely like this. It might be interesting though. What did they always say about broadening you horizons?

“Okay, let's do it” I said.
“Great. I was thinking three cameras at least. Two stationary and one for you.”
“Why don't you take one”
“I might, but I'll probably be much too busy”
“Yep. I'll have to assist mom, and I’m gonna be the director… and...” she said.
“And what?”
“Well... They will also require a fluffer”
“What?” I gasped.
“Fluffer. It means...”
“Yes, I know what it means”
“Then what's the problem?”
“The problem? You're my girlfriend. I… Don't I have a say in this?”

She looked up, surprised. “Girlfriend?”
“Yeah. Aren't you?”
“I don't know... I never thought of us like that”
“Well. I do.” I said. “and I can't think of ever loving somebody but you”
Michelle was quiet for a minute, looking deep into my eyes.
“I'd love to be your girlfriend” she smiled and gave me a kiss on the lips. “I'll never want anyone but you either.”
The kiss quickly progressed into another round of lovemaking. Half an hour later we were laying in bed, cuddling while we recovered.
“Do you want me to find another girl to do it?” Michelle finally asked.
“No, but… Can't they just take a Viagra or something?”
“They do. It's just in case anyway. I'll probably just be directing the guys and cleaning up mom”

I thought it over. I still didn't like the idea of my sister's mouth on any cock that wasn't mine, but involving another girl was not something I wanted either. Knowing there would be no emotional involvement and the fact that Michelle would be doing it for our mother made me decide to go ahead with it.
“No, it's okay, you can do it. Just make sure you brush your teeth afterwards”
“You're a great boyfriend, Mike. And a great son. And the best brother any girl ever had!” she said and kissed me again.

“Next question, do we have the money?” I asked after she dislodged herself. “Me, I have some money saved. I could pay half.”
“I've been saving a little money too. I was hoping to buy a motorbike, but that can wait”
“A motorbike?”she cried out, “Do you know how dangerous those things are?”
Michelle utilized her new authority as a girlfriend and vetoed my plan to get a motorcycle. We talked it over and agreed that a vintage muscle car was a much better choice. Especially when she promised all sorts of backseat activities that were impossible on a bike, I had to admit she had a point.

Half an hour later, we sat at the kitchen table. We had finished a light brunch and went over our plan one last time. Although it would cost us a dear sum of money, we decided to go ahead with it. We would split everything 50-50 and I already knew where I could borrow a couple of cameras for cheap, along with the rest of the equipment necessary to make a professional movie. Michelle also had a plan to get mom prepared without raising too much suspicion.

My sister got on the phone again to finalize the deal with the agency. Five minutes later she returned.
“It's all arranged. We just have to send them the money, and they'll send us the men” she said.
“Are you sure they are to be trusted?” I asked, a little uneasy about sending that much money to an unknown agency.
“Well... I trust the guy that works for them”
“Then we're really gonna do it?”
“Yes! I'm so excited!”
“And I thought you didn't like gangbangs?”
“That was before I was organizing one!”
“I only hope mom will be just as excited as you are”
“I'm sure she will” she said as she sat down in my lap. “God, I’m so horny right now” she whispered in my ear while she pressed her pussy against the rapidly swelling bulge in my pants. “Are you up for a quickie in the kitchen?”
“Always” I smiled.

Mom's birthday was on a Friday, so she'd be home at five. It meant we had the entire evening for mom's party and the afternoon to get things ready. The guys started to arrive around four, well ahead of mom. Half an hour later, all the 24 men had arrived. They were chatting casually and having a drink while they waited for things to get started. I had expected a few raised eyebrows when Michelle explained the men that the gangbang was supposed to be a birthday present for our single mother, but they didn't even bat an eye. I guess in their line of work you encounter all kinds of situations.

We'd talked things over one last time when a glance at the clock told me mom would be coming home in a few minutes. We send the guys to the garage were they would quietly undress and wait until they were needed. Just as they were safely stowed away, mom's car rolled up the driveway.

“Happy birthday, mom!” Michelle yelled as mom walked in, embraced her and gave her a couple of loud kisses.
“Happy birthday” I added and kissed her as well. We discreetly ushered her out of the hallway and into the living room, away from the garage and the 24 guys that were hiding there.
Michelle had baked a cake with lots of chocolate and enriched it with a generous splash of cherry liqueur. It looked beautiful and tasted absolutely delicious. To accompany it, I had acquired a few bottles of champagne.

After the cake was gone, and mom had had her two glasses of the sparkling wine, it was time to proceed with the next part of our plan.

“We've also got you a present, mom” Michelle said and handed her a flat box, neatly wrapped in colorful paper and tied together with a ribbon.
“Aww, you shouldn't… Thank you” mom said as she accepted the package. She tore away the wrapping paper, opened the box and held up a babydoll negligee. It was made of a very sheer fabric in an almost white aquamarine color. Mom would look absolutely stunning in it.
“For me?” mom gasped.
“Yes, it's just like mine. You said it was beautiful, remember?”
“It is”
“Put it on, mom”
“Of course”
“It's so… see-through. You'd see me”
“So? We've seen you naked like a million times before” I responded truthfully.
“Yeah mom, you should flaunt that body” Michelle added.
I could see the champagne had already loosened mom's inhibitions. She didn't need much more incitement and soon she agreed to show her new negligee.
“I'll do your make-up” sis said as she ushered mom out of the living room

After Michelle and mom had disappeared, the boys emerged from their hideout and we started to work in the living room. We closed the drapes, quietly moved the furniture into the garage and put a special leather bench in the center of the room. I put the studio lamps in place, aimed the stationary cameras at the bench and made sure they would catch all the action. After connecting all the cables and double-checking all the cameras were working correctly and the laptop was indeed recording everything, we were ready. The living room had been transformed into a studio that rivaled those in mom's videos.

Michelle send me a text message to warn that mom was almost finished and a minute later I heard footsteps on the stairs. As the guys quickly got into position, I grabbed my camera and in the last few seconds before the girls entered the room, I filmed the men who were standing in a semi circle, all naked except for a face mask. They had all taken their pills and I was glad to see each and every one was sporting an impressive erection. No need for fluffing just yet.

There was a lot of excitement in the room. 25 men were ready to make mom's deepest desires come true and give her a birthday present she'd never forget. It seemed to take ages before the doorknob moved and then the door opened. Mom looked beautiful, sexy even. She was wearing nothing but a pair of high heels, the new negligee and a matching pair of sheer white panties. Michelle had done her hair and added a perfect touch of make-up.
The gauzy blue-greenish garment fitted mom perfectly, accentuating the graceful curves of her tight body without concealing it. My mother's full, round breasts were snugly encased by lacy cups through which the pink nipples were quite visible. I could even see they were puckered up and erect.
The rest of mom's body was just as enticing. Her flat belly had only a tiny amount of fat and was adorned with a little navel piercing, something I had always thought was sexy. Below her belly, the negligee flared out a bit and exposed a pair of little panties that left nothing to the imagination either.
The panties were so sheer, they were nearly transparent, and they contained a surprise of their own. Instead of mom's small patch of dark pubes, the panties revealed a pale mound and a pair of chubby lips. My cock throbbed as I realized I was looking at a shaved pussy, my own mother's freshly shaven pussy.

My surprise was nothing however, compared to that of mom.

“What the…” Mom gasped as she suddenly found herself facing a group of 24 naked men
“Happy birthday Mom.” Michelle said. “Meet your real present”
“A present?” she stammered.
“It's a gangbang, mom”
Her mouth fell open as she gawked at the men. Then she looked at me and Michelle, and a smile formed on her lips.
“No! You didn't!”
“Yes, mom. Believe it”
“Wow, I can't… For me?”
“Yes mom, they're all here for you! Come, let's meet the guys” she said, grabbing mom's hand and pulling her into the living room.

At first mom was a bit shy, even embarrassed as she greeted the naked men, but as she got further along the line, she soon was kissing them and fondling their cocks and balls. Just like the girls in her videos she progressed to jacking the guys off and then to sucking their cocks. She was doing everything her favorite porn actresses did and enjoyed every second of it.
As mom got more daring, so did the guys, and as she diligently sucked cock after cock, she was being groped from all sides. Her ass, breasts and pussy were grabbed and fondled by over a dozen hands. Somewhere along the line, the buttons of her negligee came undone and eventually the babydoll was discarded altogether. This only increased the groping, and mom was moaning lustfully as she continued to rub and suck as many cocks as she could.

After about half an hour, Michelle pulled mom away from the pack of men and led her to the bench in the center of the room. She lay mom down on the padded leather and while the guys were cheering loudly, she took off mom's sheer panties. She really had shaven her pussy, and it looked sexy as hell.

While my heart was pounding in my throat, I aimed the camera at my mother's now naked body. It wasn't the first time I saw her naked, but never like this. Not in this kind of sexual context, and never this close. I did like seeing her like this though, more than I would like to admit. She was like a more mature version of my sister. Maybe a little more buxom, but every bit as sexy as her twenty years younger daughter. She had truly magnificent breasts, round and very firm. Even as she was leaning back, they seemed to defy gravity, still standing high on her body. The succulent mounds were topped with pink nipples that stuck out almost half an inch, begging to be kissed, to be sucked and to be bitten.

I could have spent another half hour documenting every detail of my mother's breasts, but there were 24 men waiting anxiously to sample her goodies, so I moved the camera further down her body and found myself looking straight at her exposed pussy. Her beautiful pale, smooth-shaven and incredibly aroused pussy. As I was filming, mom spread her legs invitingly for the camera. The fat outer lips parted and exposed the beautiful deep pink of her dainty inner lips and even the little pearl of her clit. The delicate tissues had a glossy sheen from her female juices and emanated a raw, carnal scent of sex.

I stepped back one step and zoomed out, so I could capture the full beauty of mom's naked body, from the feet that dangled off the bench to her excited smiling face. She looked straight into the camera and then she moved her hand to her sex. Teasingly slow she moved her fingers between the lips and twirled them around her nub. Then she plunged two fingers inside, groaning sexily while she masturbated unashamedly in front of her son and 24 strangers.
I don't think there wasn't a single man who wasn't ready to fuck her after that. Even I had a throbbing erection from just looking at her. I had never encountered a woman as horny as my own mother and I couldn't help but feel a little envious of the lucky bastards who were about to have sex with her. Fucking mom had been one of my major fantasies ever since I learned what a cock was made for, and over the years I have spilled quite a few gallons of seed while I visualized the most sordid things I'd do to her.

Realizing I had already spend way too much time filming my mother's pussy, I stepped aside so the men could take my place. There were three guys waiting impatiently for me to leave, rubbing their erections as they stood in line, and as soon as I had vacated my position, the first got between her legs. I had expected he would immediately slip his cock into her, but instead he kneeled in front of her and dragged his tongue between her labia, all the way from her tight little asshole to her pink clit.

Mom squealed in surprise as the man went down on her. Her hands grasped his head and she didn't let go until she came. The squeals were soon replaced by gasps and then by orgasmic moans. While she was still trembling from her first climax, he thrust his cock into her in one push and proceeded to fuck her at a great pace.

Now the starting signal had been given, the other men flooded the area surrounding the bench. They were groping mom's breasts and pinching her nipples while she fondled and sucked as many cocks as she could lay her hands on. She was in sexual heaven, sucking off two and three guys at the same time while yet another was pounding her pussy. The men regularly traded places, each guy fucked her pussy or mouth for a few minutes and then relinquished his place to one of his friends before he would cum. There always was a group ready, and many more men were standing in line to have a go next.

While I was filming mom as she gave one of the guys a sensual blowjob, the man that was fucking her got a little too excited and suddenly pulled his penis from her pussy and rushed over to her head. Sensing what was about to happen, she turned her face towards him and opened her mouth wide. The man jacked his cock a few times, groaned and then he fired a thick rope of pearly white cum straight into mom's gaping mouth. The first thick jet was immediately followed by a second, even bigger jet. Mom closed her lips around his cock and sucked as she let him fill her mouth.

Once she drained every drop of juice from his balls, mom proudly showed the creamy puddle of sperm in her mouth to the camera. She swirled it around with her tongue and then she closed her lips, swallowed and opened her mouth to prove she drank it all. It was the epitome of sluttiness and I damn near came in my pants. It took all the control over my body I had not to blow my load and keep the camera straight and aimed at mom

Unaware of the state she put me in, mom had already closed her lips around another penis and was being fucked again as well. The men kept using her holes almost nonstop. Every now and then, one of the guys couldn't hold back anymore and sprayed his seed into her mouth or over her body, which she gladly scooped up and swallowed. Still, the men kept coming, and coming.

After laying on her back for over half an hour and fucking over a dozen men in the missionary position, cumming three or four times herself, mom now wanted something else. After yet another man pulled out and shot his load over her belly, she climbed off the bench, grabbed it with both hands and pushed her firm ass invitingly in the air.

Mom's ass was definitely one of her greatest assets. It was big, round, firm and smooth as a baby's. Below those magnificent orbs I could still see her little pussy. The pink inner lips protruded just a bit between the full outer lips, giving it a very alluring appearance.
The way she was bent over didn't leave much to the imagination of what she desired, and she didn't have to wait long before one of the men got behind her and aligned his huge cock with her hole.

This man's penis must have been at least 11 inches, bigger than any of the other guys I'd seen so far, and definitely bigger than mine. I think it was even bigger than mom's largest dildo. Unaware of this, mom felt the blunt tip pry apart her lips and instinctively pushed back, taking in the first 6 inches of his monster cock in one go. With his hands around her slim waist, the man then forced every remaining inch of his shaft inside her, stretching mom's insides more than they had been in years. She groaned out loud as the man began to pump her mercilessly.

Mom was cumming almost non-stop for five minutes as she was drilled from behind by this monster cock. Finally the man grunted that he was going to cum and pulled out. Mom swirled around, took his dick into her mouth and sucked it until she was once again rewarded with a big dose of cum.

In the meantime, one of the men sat down on the bench, his erection standing tall in the air, and as mom got in position to get fucked by the next guy, her face was right in his lap. Of course, I was there, recording how mom licked his shaft and balls, making it all shin with spit before she swallowed it up and started sucking.

As I was filming this, I became aware that the next man had also pulled out of mom and was now cumming all over her ass. It was all going too fast for me, I had to accept the fact that I could only record a part of the action. I felt a little reassured knowing that there were two more cameras that recorded everything I missed. It was going to be a hell of a job, but I was certain that with a lot of editing I could combine all the footage into one awesome movie.
I just had to make sure I'd capture the important details, a close-up here and there, and most of all, the cumshots and the faces, contorted in orgasmic ecstasy.

Right now, most of the action was at the front. While mom was getting fucked doggy style by a succession of guys, she was fellating two men that sat on the bench. She might have been living in self-imposed celibacy for the last ten years, she clearly hadn't forgotten how to please a man. I could almost hear the men she was blowing think of baseball stats as they tried to stave off cumming in her mouth. Mom didn't let him finish too quickly, because each time I thought the guy was about to blow, she switched over to the other one.
She went back and forth between them a few times, keeping the men in the blissful agony on the edge of orgasm until both came, almost simultaneously. Mom was overjoyed, guzzling cum from the two spurting fountains, catching as many drops with her mouth and hands until both men were finished. Temporarily incapacitated, the men used their last bit of energy to climb off the bench and crash on one of the chairs.

Focusing on mom again, I was just in time to record another crucial turn of events that would surely make it in the final edit of the movie. A fresh, hard man sat down on the bench, but a bit farther from the edge. Instead of sucking his cock, mom now also climbed on the bench and pushed him onto his back on the soft leather. Next, she mounted him, taking his huge cock into her pussy and began to fuck him with long strokes. She lifted her ass high in the air on each upstroke, giving me an excellent view of her hairless labia, split apart by the fat cock in her vagina. It was a great shot, better than any in the professional pornos she owned.

As she was doing this, two more guys climbed the bench. One pushed his cock into her face, while the other one squatted behind her. I already had an idea what he was going to do, but I couldn't believe it until I saw it happen before my own eyes. He poured a bit of lube on little puckered hole of mom's anus and slowly pushed his finger inside the tight opening. He fingered her pink ass for a while, eventually adding a second finger to further stretch her virgin hole. Once he reckoned she was stretched enough, he withdrew his fingers and replaced them with his cock. After applying a little more lubricant, he gently pushed in.

Mom held still, emitting a deep groan as her asshole was being penetrated. The man was doing it very gently, giving her time to get used to having something this big in her ass. He fucked her slowly, pushing in ever more deeply until he was all the way inside.
Filming mom's face now, I saw how the discomfort gave way to pleasure as first the man in her ass, and then the one in her pussy began to move. A minute later she was moaning so much, the guy she was blowing was feeling almost neglected. So much so, that he grabbed her hair and forcefully fucked her mouth and throat. Mom was making loud gagging noises and was drooling strings of spit as she did her best to please the tree men.

Like before, he men regularly switched places. All her holes were used by one guy after another and more men were waiting in line. Mom was a trooper, every bit as sexy as the girls in her movies, and just as depraved. She sucked cocks while she was fucking, did anal sex and double penetration. At one time she even had two cocks in her pussy, fucking her simultaneously. It was almost inconceivable this out of control slut was the same woman that had cared for me and my sister for eighteen years, making breakfast, lunch and dinner for us, kissed our boo-boos when we were hurt and tucked us in at night. It might have been an unconventional way of rewarding her, but there was no denying mom was having the time of her life.

All this time, Michelle, was directing a steady flow of hard men to replace the ones that had blown their load on mom's ass or face. Though I couldn't film mom and keep an eye on my girlfriend at the same time, my jealousy was alleviate by the fact that I had not yet seen a guy who appeared to be in need of a fluffer. Also, whenever did I see Michelle, she was either busy wiping the cum off mom or bringing drinks to whoever was in need of a little rehydration. Her laboring ensured mom was being fucked non-stop and cumming again and again.

Mom had once again switched positions. She was now on her back again, one man fucking her ass in reverse cowgirl position, while her pussy was being fucked by another. To her left and right were more men. Looking for the best shots for the movie, I kneeled between her legs, and filmed from below as the two columns of flesh plunged in my mother's intimate openings. There was a little too much male nudity for my liking, but it really was a great shot for the movie. Suddenly the man who was fucking her pussy pulled out and grabbed his cock. From between his legs I saw him jack off and shoot a huge rope of cum right in mom's face. A second rope hit her right in the eyes, while the rest of his cum landed on her neck and breasts.

As soon as the man was done ejaculating, he climbed off my mother, freeing her cum-splattered body for whoever wanted to fuck her next. With mom's eyes glued shut and her legs spread wide, I realized I was facing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fulfill my darkest fantasy. If I whipped out my cock now, I could slip it into my mother and fuck her while she was blinded. I knew I wouldn't need long, as I was about to blow my load just thinking of her. I could fuck mom, cum on her and she would never know. I could even cum inside her if I wanted. I might have done it too, if it hadn't been for one thing.
One glance at my sister was enough to make up my mind. Even though this could be the only opportunity I'd ever get to fuck my mother, I would never even attempt to have sex with another woman without Michelle's explicit approval.

Before I had a chance to change my mind, another guy got between my mother's legs and fed his cock into her. Oblivious to my moral hang-ups, mom was being pounded again and was moaning with every thrust of the guy's cock, racing towards her umpteenth orgasm.

“I love you so much right now” I heard a soft voice in my ear. Looking up, I saw Michelle, smiling proudly. Of course, it wasn't much of a surprise it was her. What did surprise me was that she appeared to know exactly what was going on in my mind.
“Remember that thing you've been asking for?” she whispered.
I nodded.
“Tonight it's yours” she said and then she turned around again.

I almost came in my pants. I was going to fuck my sister's ass tonight!

Michelle smiled naughtily at me and gave a wink, wiggling her ass as we both got back to work. Mom was literally dripping with cum. Her face, stomach and breasts were scattered with dozens of slimy streaks. My sister scooped most of it up with her fingers and fed it to mom, then wiped the rest off with a damp cloth to create a blank canvas for the men to unload on.

It was well over four hours later when the last guy announced he was going to cum, pulled his cock out of mom's pussy and shot his load over her belly. Most guys had cum two or more times and were too tired to go again. The few that still managed to maintain an erection gathered around her and started jacking off. In one sloppy finale, nine guys fired their cum at mom's face.
Mom was completely drenched, her whole face was glazed and her matted dark hair was stuck to her skin.
“Thank you guys” she said, looking around with blind eyes, “That was awesome”

The guys cheered and with that, the gangbang was over. We all drank a glass of champagne and then the men retreated to the garage to get dressed. Fifteen minutes later then they left, one by one, until it was just mom, Michelle and me.

Mom was tired and sore, but happy and thoroughly satisfied.
“I love you so much” she said, her voice hoarse from all the screaming.
“We love you too mom” Michelle said, embracing her.
Mom beckoned me and although she absolutely reeked of sperm, I joined them in a group hug.
“God. I'm starved” mom said after she released us.
“Me too. At least you've had some protein today” Michelle quipped.
“Hey! I've been working my ass off here!” Mom laughed and refilled the glasses.
“What shall we order. Chinese?” I asked.
“No, mom's already had Chinese today. Three of them, I think” Michelle joked.
Mom nearly choked on her champagne.
“That's true. Pizza then?” I asked.
“Sure. Mom?”
“Fine with me. Why don't you order while I take a bath. I think you'll know what I like” she said as she got up.
“Extra sausage?”
“God no,” mom laughed “I've had quite enough meat for now. Just order something vegetarian for me“

Once mom had walked out the door, Michelle wrapped her arms around my neck and planted her lips on mine.
“Mom seemed happy, doesn't she?”
“She sure does. I'd say it was a complete success”
“It was. And you might want to know, I'm still yours, and yours alone”
“You didn't… fluf?”
“Nope. I didn't have to.” she smiled. “Didn't want to either”
Her revelation pleased me more than I expected. I wasn't exactly relieved, she had my permission and I had meant it when I gave it. What I felt was gratitude for her love for me.
“Not enough romance?” I asked jokingly.
Michelle laughed at my reference to her earlier criticism of gangbangs.
“No. They simply weren't you” she said and kissed me again.

“Why don't you order the pizzas, and I’ll get started with this mess” I said after we ended our embrace.
I put the bench away and mopped all the stray drops of cum off the floor.
“I think I'm gonna take a shower too” she said after she got off the phone. “Or do you need help with the furniture?”
“No, that's okay. I'll be fine” I said. “Actually, I could use a shower too”
“Well… we could save some time by showering together...” Michelle said temptingly.

I didn't need any more persuading and my sister and I raced upstairs. Mere seconds later we were in our shared bathroom, shedding our clothes as fast as we could.
“God, I could use a good, hard fuck myself right now” she whispered as she dropped her panties.
It was no surprise the panties were absolutely soaked with her sweet and fragrant juices.
“Me too.” I whispered back as I pressed my hard cock against her ass. “You want to do it now?”
“Let's save it for tonight, love. Remember what I promised you”
“You're sure?”
“I'll make it worth the wait” she whispered as she bit my earlobe and fondled my cock. “I definitely want you tonight. And I'll let you do whatever you want”
“Did I say I love you?”
“Let's get in the shower”

We quickly washed and dried each other off. I tossed my pants in the hamper and changed into a pair of sweatpants. My sister needed a little more time to brush her hair, so she stayed behind in the bathroom while I went to the living room to clean up and move some of the furniture back in place.

A few minutes later, Michelle came in as well. She was wearing her own sheer babydoll negligee and a pair of white panties. I wanted her so badly. The only thing that kept me from ravishing her on the spot was her promise that she'd make all my wishes come true once mom was asleep. Fortunately, after all the evening's exercise, that surely wouldn't be too long.

Michelle helped me move the couch back in the living room, as well as the table. We had just put them back in place when the doorbell rang. As the only one dressed properly, I went to the door. It was the delivery boy, carrying a bag from which a delicious smell emanated. I hadn't realized it, but I was absolutely famished.

I paid the boy and included a nice tip. He thanked me, handed over the three large boxes and got back to his car.
“Was that the doorbell?” Mom yelled from upstairs as I got back inside.
“Dinner is ready!” I yelled back.
I placed the pizzas on the table in the living room and crashed in one of the chairs. Michelle sat down next to me and then mom walked into the room as well. Her hair was still damp from the shower and, like Michelle, she was wearing her negligee. Mom wasn't wearing any panties though. Underneath the gauzy babydoll was a naked, hairless pussy. A pussy that had just been fucked by 24 men, and nearly by me as well.

Mom smiled as she caught me eying her well-fucked pussy.
“I err… I couldn't find my panties.” she said as she playfully lifted her negligee, flashing me her bare pussy.”I think one of the guys took them. You don't mind me going commando, do you? I'm a bit tender, and the cool air feels really nice”
“No… not at all” I stammered, a little distracted.
Distracting though her naked pussy might be, compared to all the things I had seen her do today, a little nudity was hardly significant.
“Good, I like that. I think I could get used to it” she smiled mischievously as she sat down on the couch.

“Something smells great here” Michelle said as she walked in the living room, carrying three glasses and a bottle of wine. “Could you open this for me?” she asked me and handed me the bottle and a corkscrew,

I uncorked the bottle and poured us all a nice glass while my sister opened the boxes. My stomach was growling as I saw the three extra large pizzas.
“Which one is mine?” mom asked.
“Here, this one” Michelle said, pushing one of the boxes towards mom, then pushed the second towards me, and started cutting up the third.
Without speaking another word, we devoured the food and guzzled the wine.

“Well, I'm stuffed” mom said after she had wolfed down her pizza. She slumped down a bit, while rubbing her stomach and yawning at the same time. As she slid down, her legs parted a little and her and pussy was again exposed to my view. Mom's labia were still flushed and swollen from hours of solid fucking. She was also wet again, both her pussy and the inside of her legs were glossy with her rich female secretions.

I was thinking of what it would have been like if I had fucked her when I had the chance earlier. I was wondering what mom would taste like, what her pussy would feel like. If it was bigger than Michelle's, or still as tight, when suddenly it occurred to me that I had been openly ogling my mother for a very long time and, even worse, that my penis was fully hard again. While the rest of my blood rushed to my cheeks, I diverted my gaze from mom's pussy. As I looked up, I saw she was looking at me too, smiling as she looked between my legs. A quick glance confirmed that my cock was making an obscene tent in my sweatpants, and mom had seen it too.

She smiled at me and winked. To my horror, a dark spot developed at the tip of my cock.
Betrayed by my own cock! Mom smiled again and slowly licked her lips. Then she spread her legs a little more, for me. I couldn't help but stare at the forbidden female flesh that was being displayed.

I could hear Michelle chuckle softly next to me. She could see everything, and knew what was going on. She had read my mind correctly earlier, and she had not forgotten about my inappropriate feelings for our mother. She didn't put a halt to it, but I don't think she knew to what extent our mother was torturing me right now.

“How many guys were there, did you say?” mom asked casually as she drained her second glass of wine.
“Twenty-four” Michelle said.
“You know, there's one thing that could make this day absolutely, truly unforgettable” mom said as she nonchalantly slid her fingers between her moist labia and tickled her distended clit.
“It's still your birthday. We'd be glad to help” I said, my throat suddenly parched.
“Well… It has always been my dream to get fucked by twenty… five… men” She said as she unashamedly continued to masturbate in front of us. Her pussy was making soft wet noises as she was pushing her fingers slid inside. My cock was swelling to painful proportions and my throat was feeling parched.
“What do you mean, mom?”
“Mike, would you help me make my dream come true?”
“You mean…?”
“Yes. I'm asking you to fuck me”
Of course I would, but there was one obstacle, though. It took all my restraint not to jump at her offer. Only my love for my twin was stronger than my lust for mom.
“I'd love to mom, but I should ask my girlfriend first” I said, mentally kicking myself.
“Your girlfriend?” she asked surprised.
“Yeah. Three weeks today. But we're keeping it a secret”
“Good for you!” she smiled. “So… do you think she'd mind?”
For a moment, I considered faking a phone call, hoping my sister would signal a 'yes' or 'no'. Preferably a 'yes'. I decided to do something else.

“Let's ask her now.” I said. “Michelle?”
“Thank you Mike” Michelle said and got out of her armchair. She walked up to me and sat down on my armrest, her arm around my neck.
“It's okay, my love” she whispered as she ran her fingers through my hair and gave me a big kiss. Mom's pumping fingers stopped moving as she looked bug eyed at the two of us.
“I want you to fuck mom as good as you always fuck me. I want to hear her scream” Michelle said, loud enough for mom to hear.
Our mother looked at me, then at my twin, then at me again. Eventually, a smile formed on her lips.
“Come here son. Make me scream”
“Wait a minute, mom. Let me get him ready for you"

Michelle pulled down my sweatpants and got on her knees between my legs. She grabbed my stiff cock and teasingly licked shaft and around the tip. A big bead of slippery precum oozed from the little hole and began to drip down my glans. Michelle licked it up and then she sucked the entire head into her warm mouth. My sister gave me an exquisite blowjob, with all the head-bobbing and ball-fondling I could wish for. A few heavenly minutes later, I was desperately fighting the urge to explode in her mouth. I really didn't want to cum yet, Michelle's sucking was just too good to end. Of course, my sister recognized the signs as well as I did and nodded, wordlessly saying "It's okay, cum in my mouth. I'll get you hard again"

It reminded me of the reason why she was sucking my cock. As was enjoying my lover's oral skills, I had all but forgotten about mom. Now looking at her, I saw she was watching us. Her fingers had resumed rubbing her clit and she was uttering inaudible words of encouragement. Watching her daughter perform oral sex on her son turned her on almost as much as the prospect of fucking her did to me. I stopped resisting the urge to cum and seconds later I pumped wave after wave of thick hot sperm into Michelle's mouth. My sister swallowed every drop and then she kept sucking until she was assured I would remain stiff and erect.

“I think he's ready for you now, mom” she said, proud of her work's result.
“Come here. I cannot wait a second longer”

Michelle grabbed my hand, pulled me out of my chair and led me to the couch. Mom slid down a bit so her ass was on the edge of the seat, leaned back and spread her legs invitingly. Her chubby pussy, swollen and flushed, was ready for its final cock of the day. Mine.

I kneeled between mom's legs and watched how Michelle guided the tip between our mother's glossy lips. Her pussy was incredibly soft and smooth and her delicate lips kissed my cock more tenderly than anything I've felt before.
Michelle swiped my cock up and down between mom's slick labia, rubbing her sensitive clit with my glans, and pushing just the tip into the vaginal opening. Then she would move it back up, to rub her clit again. The teasing was driving me almost insane with lust, and mom wasn't doing much better. After a few more repeats, I couldn't stand it any more and the next time my sister dipped my cock into mom's scalding hot pussy, I pushed in.

At the same moment, mom thrust her hips up at me and in one quick stroke, I was halfway inside my mother's pussy. Mom clenched her teeth and groaned as the tip of my cock rudely parted the tender tissues and invaded her inner sanctum. Fearing I was hurting her, I stopped pushing and just held my cock inside her. Mom shook her head, grabbed my waist and valiantly pulled me deeper into her wet, hot pussy until my glans hit the rubbery bump of her cervix.

I was now all the way inside my mother's vagina. Her plump mound was squashed against my groin and I was snugly enveloped by the silky linings of her tender pussy. Although it felt incredible just having my cock inside her, I knew there was even more pleasure waiting. I pulled out about halfway and slowly pressed in. Mom groaned again. Not in pain this time, this was pure lust. Once more I pulled out and pushed back in, a little more forceful this time. Mom was tired and sore, but she was moving with me without holding back. We were really fucking now.

I could hardly believe this was actually happening. Having sex with my own mother was just unreal. Even as I looked down and saw my own shaft disappear between the folds of mom's pussy and I felt her delicate tissues envelop my cock, I still couldn't believe I wasn't having another wet dream. At this point, I was beyond caring whether this was a dream or reality. I was going to enjoy it either way.

Mom was grunting over and over that she loved me as I started fucking her in a steady rhythm. It took only a minute or two of this thrusting before she announce that she was going to cum. She looked deep into my eyes and whimpered that she wanted me to fuck her real hard. I wasn't in any danger of cumming soon, so I gladly obliged. Grabbing her raised legs for extra leverage, I started to thrust into her with ever increasing speed. The soft, squishy noises that mom's wet pussy made got drowned out by loud slapping noises that reverberated through the room each time our bodies collided.

The pitch of her voice got higher and higher as she repeatedly commanded me to fuck harder and harder until she squealed out in orgasm. And boy, did she cum. I had seen her climax dozens of times today, but not this hard. She wrapped her limbs around me and her whole body started to convulse. At some point during her orgasm, we fell off the couch. I doubt she even noticed it, as her thrashing continued on floor without interruption. She was still clutching me tightly to her body and all I could do was hang on to her and keep thrusting as much as her grasp allowed.

It seemed ages before she relaxed and released me from her stranglehold. Her strong legs, which had been locked around my waist, now dropped to the floor, but she still held me in her arms, as if she was afraid I might disappear. Her eyes were closed and she had her mouth slightly open. She was breathing heavily, whimpering softly as she exhaled.

I resumed my steady thrusting, and soon she opened her eyes again. She looked at me like a girl in love. I moved in and kissed her smiling lips and she kissed back, tenderly and passionately.
“That was absolutely… I've never…Wow!” she babbled, still incoherent from the mind-blowing orgasm.
“I'm not done yet, mom” I smiled and pushed in deep.
“Hmmm, I can feel that! Oh!”
I lifted her into my arms and laid her back on the couch. Just as I was about to penetrate her again, she stopped me.
“Wait, let's continue this in my room. My bed is much nicer than the couch.”
“Hurry mom, I don't know if I can wait that long”

Mom took my hand and led me upstairs. Michelle followed closely behind.
“Lie down, love” she said and pushed me onto the bed.
I dropped onto my back on the soft mattress and mom climbed on top of me. She positioned her body above my lap, nimbly held my cock upright and slowly lowered herself. As she sat down on my legs, I was again fully enveloped by her tight vagina.

This time, mom was fucking me. With her on top, she was completely in charge of our movements, and she was riding my cock like a pro. She wasn't just moving up and down, but also rolling her hips and swaying her ass. Our fucking was not as frantic as before, but in no way less enjoyable. Lying on my back, I could see all of her, I could grab her full breast and tease her sensitive nipples, or I could hold on to her round ass and move with her, thrusting up as she was going down.
While mom was riding me, Michelle crawled onto the bed with us. I guess she was feeling a little left out, or maybe she was just horny too. The fact that she was naked, made me believe the latter was the case. She didn't exactly join us, just lay next to us on the bed, fingering her pussy as she watched me and mom have wild, incestuous sex.

The only thing that would make this fantasy-come-true even better was if I could have both girls at the same time, to eat my sister's pussy while I fucked my mother's, or fuck my sister while I licked mom. But this was my mother's dream, not mine, and I had promised to make her scream.

While mom ceaselessly bounced on my cock, I pulled Michelle close and grabbed her hand. I sucked her cum-glazed fingers, tasting her wet pussy. After licking all the syrupy juices of her fingers, I lay Michelle's hand on mom's breast. At first mom didn't notice, but as I placed my own hands on her ass, she looked down and saw it was her daughter that was kneading her breast.
“Michelle baby” mom groaned. “Come here”

Michelle rose on her knees and faced mom. She kissed mom's neck, her cheek and then on her lips. It was just a little peck, but it was quickly followed by a longer kiss. Then she moved down again, kissing her collar and her breast. Mom inhaled sharply as my sister latched onto her nipple. She completely stopped bouncing and pushed down on my cock, quivering as she ground her clit on my pubic bone. I knew she was going to cum again and it wasn't long before I felt the muscles in her pussy squeeze my shaft again.

After another massive orgasm, mom collapsed on top of me, shivering all over her body. I gave her no respite and threw her onto her back, plowing her pussy while she was cumming. I fucked her more fiercely than ever before and, true to my promise, I made her scream at the top of her lungs.

The muscles in mom's pussy were contracting rhythmically around my cock. It was like they were milking me, trying to suck the cum from my balls. Despite having them drained by Michelle's talented mouth 10 minutes ago, I was again facing immediate risk of cumming.
I slowed down a bit, trying to last as long as possible, as mom was getting close again as well. I was desperately doing vector calculus to fend off my orgasm at least until mom had rode out her orgasm. My balls drew close, my body was preparing itself for a massive climax. It was futile to fight it any longer.

“I'm gonna cum” I warned mom, as I fucked at full throttle again.
“Don't stop… almost...there… again” she moaned.
She was pushing her pelvis up at me with each of my thrusts. I gave her all I got, knowing I’d explode any second now.
“Gonna cum now, mom” I groaned as I got ready to pull out.
“Don't pull out!” she panted “I want… your cum… inside me”
Hearing her grunt those words was too much for me. My muscles tightened and I felt that wonderful first wave shoot up my cock. Millions of sperms rushed from my body to flood my mother's womb.
“Oh mom... I'm cumming! I'm cumming inside you mom!”
“Yessss!!” she squealed, clutching me in her arms and wrapping her legs tightly around my waist, trembling all over her body as my final thrusts pushed her over the edge. She came like a maniac. All the muscles in her body went crazy as she shook in powerful convulsions. With her lips locked to mine, she forced her tongue into my mouth, kissing me hard as we shared our orgasm.

My mother and I kept kissing long after I had squeezed the last drops of cum into her pussy and my cock had gone completely limp inside her. She finally opened her eyes, looked at me and giggled. It was the first time I had ever heard mom giggle, and I thought it was cute, and sexy.
“You were great” she sighed, and kissed me one last time, then looking at Michelle, added “I love you both”
“We love you too, mom”

I rolled off her body and stretched out on the mattress. As I looked for Michelle, I saw she had taken my place atop mom and was kissing her passionately. I could see their tongues dancing in their open mouths, swapping spit and sucking lip. None of mom's pornos featured a scene that came even close to being as sexy and erotic as the kiss between mom and Michelle. After she left mom gasping for air, she kissed her neck and then moved down between her breasts, over her belly and then her hairless mound.

It was obvious what was going to happen next. I knew it, and so did mom and she didn't stop her. I guess after fucking her son, a bit of lesbian sex with her daughter wasn't going to put her off. In fact, if was turning her on immensely. She gasped when Michelle first tickled her clit with the tip of her tongue, then moaned loud as she closed her lips around the swollen nub.

Michelle had an ulterior motive for going down on mom. While she was probing her vagina with her tongue, she licked up the cum that oozed from her pussy. When she had her mouth full, she moved back on top of mom and pressed her lips against mom's. I could see the surprise in mom's eyes as Michelle let my sperm dribble into her mouth.

Twice she went back between mom's legs to gather more of my semen, digging deeper with her tongue and spending more and more time exploring the sensitive folds of mom's vagina before she moved to her mouth again to share it in another long, sexy kiss.

While they were kissing and swapping my cum back and forth, they rolled around on the queen-sized bed. By the time mom swallowed the last of my cum, she was on top. Like Michelle had done earlier, she now moved down my sister's body, kissing every inch of skin until she ended up between her legs. It was obvious that this was the first time mom faced a pussy, but she didn't hesitate at all. She immediately latched onto her daughter's slit. Of course, mom knew first hand what a woman liked, so her tongue easily found all the good spots.

In disregard with all laws of human physiology, my cock rose to hardness once again. Mom's upturned ass was a prime target for my renewed lust. I heard mom gasp between Michelle's legs as my cock filled her vagina in one stroke. Again I was surprised by the tightness of my mother's pussy. Thankfully, she was still very wet and my cock moved smoothly inside her.

Before me was the greatest view I ever beheld. My own cock sliding in and out of my mother's pussy, whose taut pink lips were just visible below her gorgeous heart-shaped ass. A little further up were my hands, wrapped around her slim waist and I could also see the sides of her full breasts, jiggling with every slap of my hips against her butt.
What made this great view truly awesome was my beautiful girlfriend, laying spread eagle in front of our mother. Her sweet little pussy was obscured by mom's head, which moved up and down as she ate out her daughter, but the rest of Michelle's enticing body, her perfect hourglass figure and the perky breasts was exposed as sat slumped against the headboard. The look of bliss on Michelle's face made the picture complete. I fucked mom as gently as possible as not too distract her while she licked and fingered Michelle. I knew my horny sister was already speeding towards orgasm, so I wouldn't have to hold back for much longer.

Michelle's hands clutched mom's hair as she pushed her sex against mom's mouth. Her soft moans melted into one stretched groan and then stopped as she held her breath, waiting for mom to push her over the edge. Then she stiffened and gasped a few times, cumming beautifully.

The three of us fucked in various positions and combinations. Not only did I get to fuck Michelle's ass, but my mother's as well. In the end, I blew my final load of the day deep inside my twin sister's pussy.

A little later, we lay sprawled out on back on mattress. My sister and I lay in mom's arms, too tired to try anything.
“So, the two of you… you're… in love?” mom asked after a while, not directed at either of us in particular.
“Err, yeah...” I said, hesitatingly.
“I should have known” Mom chuckled.
“You're okay with it?” Michelle asked
“Me?” she sighed. “Honestly, I'm just glad you two are happy. If there's one thing I've learned today, it's that you never know where you'll find happiness. Whether it is in the arms of 24 strange men, or your own son's. Who am I to deny you the happiness you've found with your brother?”
Mom and Michelle kissed. Though they were still naked, it was a loving kiss, a kiss between a mother and daughter.
“Thank you mom. I love you”
“I love you too.” she said. “And you too” she added, to me.

It was another few minutes later when mom moved again.
“I'm feeling mighty hungry. Do you know if there's still some of that chocolate cake left?”
“There should be. And I think there's also some champagne”
“Let's go then”

A few minutes later we were sitting on the couch again, feasting on cake and washing it down with champagne like we were decadent french aristocracy. As mom emptied her glass, she was silent for a minute and stared blankly at the floor in a moment of retrospect. Finally she spoke, her voice serious again.

“I know I’ve said it before, but I want to thank you for everything you've done for me today. You made two of my deepest wishes come true, and then something I never even dreamed of. I don't know how you came up with it, but those guys, those handsome, talented, and well hung guys… I thought I had died and gone to heaven!”

I already knew mom had enjoyed the gangbang, but hearing her say it was nice.

“Glad you liked your present, mom”
“I did. Still, it was nothing compared to making love with my own son, and feeling him cum inside me. And finally... Michelle. I never knew sex with another woman could be so wonderful. You truly are the best, and I am the luckiest woman alive to be your mother”
“Thank you mom, it was our pleasure too”
“However, there is something I have learned today. Something I have ignored for years”
“And what's that?”
“I don't want another man. I didn't want it before, and I still don't. But, I am a woman, and I as a woman have to acknowledge the fact that I have... needs”
“Of course you do, it's only natural” Michelle agreed.
“I know, and that is why I want to ask you a favor”
“Anything mom”
“Would you mind sharing your boyfriend with me sometimes?”
“I would love to, mom. But on one condition”
“Whatever you want, love”
“Only if I can join in too” Michelle smiled
“I wouldn't want it any other way”


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Love the way you described the gang bang without all the details. Twins should always be fuck buddies

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AWESOME! ! The way all family stories should end, with happiness and the prospect of more family fun in the future. Eagle, U surely have a talent for illlistratiing good family fucking, sucking fun. As I said earlier, you should go professional as an erotic writer. Everythinng of Urs I've read has been light and fun for the family & readersk too. Again, THANK YOU FOR sharing Ur talent.

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