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There's action on both coasts for Tim and Cindy
Now I know.

But first to catch up. Cindy filled me in on the first couple days. They were long and busy. She filled out paperwork, for the agency, for other performing groups, all kinds of stuff. She was a bit overwhelmed but Nikki talked her though. Next day it was various photo shoots. Nikki went along to check on the photographer.

Nikki said, "Some it doesn't matter they could care less if you're changing. Other guys you need to watch. They can get pervy with young women."

So photos for files, photos to send to advertisers and other reps. Close-ups, full body shots in swim suits, casual clothes, all designed to present the image they were looking for.

"Who knew it could be so exhausting to have your picture taken. And not nearly as much fun as our last photo shoot."

"Then we went home and relaxed by the pool. I think Nikki knew I was missing your, um, parts. So we, you know, had a little girl/girl time. We were in the pool. We'd dropped the suits, because, really nude swimming beats all. I was floating on my back and Nikki was looking at me. I could tell." Then she said, "That's so cute. You float there, your nice boobs coasting along with you. I wish I had your tits Cindy. And the way your mound just breaks the water, the cute little patch of hair. That's it, I'm growing some out too. No more teenie looking pussy for Peter."

"We laughed at that then Nikki floated towards me. We were in the shallower end so she could stand. I couldn't. She scooped me up and held me by the waist, directing me to the edge. Damn she's strong. She lifted me right onto the edge. I rested my legs on her shoulders and she started to tongue my pussy. Really deep. Dragging her tongue along the top of my pussy. Hitting every nerve ending, It was like sparks. Jolts of electricity. I wrapped my legs behind her neck and held her face against me. She never let up, lapping my juices. Sucking my clit. Flicking her tongue on the tip of my clit, fast. It was really intense. When I came down, she kept sucking at my pussy, like she was hungry."

"We slept together that night. She showed me toys she had and used. Did you ever hear of a butt plug? Or small vibrators that just stimulate your clit? Wow. We fucked each other with a strap on. That was fun. Kind of let me know how you feel looking someone in the eye and pounding their pussy. Just the man cum was missing. I lost count of how many times we came. It was totally different fun.

That caught me up on the first couple of says. Then, "Did Sandy come over last night? She said she would. I hope she did. You need some pussy while I'm out here fun and sun, and work. And also,

uh I was kind of bad last night. All in the family, but I hate that you didn't know in advance. Peter came home and we had a great meal. Then some of that California wine. It was so nice out we got in the hot tub. So relaxing. Catching up on events. I remembered the wedding and went to give him a big hug. And I could feel his big cock in his tight swim shorts. It was hard. I was kind of turned on that he was like that just looking at me. I made a joke, "You're going to hurt yourself if you don't release that from it's cage." At home we would have just laughed. Here in Hollywood he took it as a sign that I was ok with us dropping the suits. He just took it off. And that great fat cock was right there. Nikki said, "Peter!" But I didn't want to cause a scene, so I said, "No worries." And untied mine. We went back to our seats. Nikki joined us in nudity and we had more wine. But I couldn't get my mind off Peter's cock. It was hidden under the bubbling water, but I knew it was there. Peter got up to get more wine and my eyes followed that club all the way.

I said to Nikki, "You were great last night but I could really use something hard and hot up inside me." I asked if I could borrow Peter and assured her it would cause no issues at home. When Peter returned I asked if I could sit by him.

He looked over at Nikki who said, "A girl has needs." That told him all he needed to know. He moved to one of the step seats. I joined him. I leaned against him feeling his muscular chest, his powerful arms, then down to his thick, thick cock. I touched it. It was rigid pointing upwards. He said, "Are you ready? Hold yourself wide open."

Like I weighed nothing he lifted me in the air, I spread my legs out to the sides and used my hands to spread myself wide open. He lower me until we made contact. Let some of my weight force his head into me, stretching me. Oh god how he stretched me. I thought I would split in two. On and on stretching each new inch wider than ever before. Until I was sitting on his lap, so very very full. My head back on his shoulder. His strong hands cupping my breasts. He could fit one full breast in each hand. Putting my legs down astride him I could lift myself a little to ease the fullness, but then full again when I sat. Peter then put one hand on each ass cheek and with ease lifted me up, then let me down like he was doing exercises. Up down, Up down, so full. Then he let me down, held me tight and filled me with cum. There was no possible room in there so it was forced out around his cock. He continued holding me. He said, "Wait, wait. I'm not done yet. I'm not used to, so tight. He lifted me a few inches and began bucking up into me. His cock still hard. My pussy was leaking cum, it was stuffed with cock and stretched so much, then with a grunt he came again. Another load. He lifted me off his now deflating cock and sat me beside him. I looked at Nikki.

"That's what I deal with all the time. Not only does he stretch me out, he fucks for ages."

I looked down, my poor pussy was a gaping open hole with cum running out. I looked up again with concern. "It will go back to normal. Promise. I'm still fairly tight after he's gone a couple days. Good thing you have no bikini shoots tomorrow."

I hugged Peter's arm and thanked him for the unique experience. He put his arm around me, "Welcome to California."


I listened to Cindy's story. I admit, I had a hardon. How could I be mad? We both needed to rein ourselves in, or just acknowledge an open marriage. We talked of our commitment and we have been open and honest. But we're both very sexual and give in to opportunities. Now we're entering an atmosphere where these chances will be more readily present.

"Are you ok Tim?"

"Yeah sure. Just be sure it goes back to normal or you'll fall right off me."

"Funny Tim. OK this afternoon we're meeting with Helen. We should have a good idea where things stand after that."

"Good luck, knock 'em dead. Love you."

"Love you too.

We hung up. I looked at the Polaroid film pack on the table. And made a decision. I called Sandy. She was coming over Friday night. Maybe I should get a second film pack.

The next day Cindy called. Her meeting with Helen was a huge success. Helen still marveled at the way she took over a tough situation with poise and determination. "Half those old bastards didn't realize they didn't fuck you until they got home. Turning the tables on them." It was Cindy, Nikki and Helen, and Cindy found it hysterical that Helen cursed like a truck driver around the women. "Oh I turn on the charm for the conceited pricks, but among us women let's be frank. This is still a man's business but we're going to take it from them." Then she got down to business. She had clients with upcoming ad campaigns that she said screamed for the wholesome look of Cindy Monroe. And I'm sending that photo of you walking and standing against the wall right to Converse. They're assholes if they don't run ads in magazines with you in those light blue chucks. It's good money Cindy. All you have to do is stand there. I would like to set up some test videos for a TV commercial It's a speaking part. Not real acting but we need to see how your voice plays to focus groups. Looking good is fine for a print ad, but to really sell a commercial series. We'll see. Something like that may get put off."

We talked for ages. Finally when it seemed we were done, I asked if anything else interesting happened. "No Peter was home with Nikki. I heard her howling down the hall. I borrowed one of her vibrators and looked at that photo you took. Imagining your cock in me. Got off pretty good too, but I miss your cock. It fits best."

"So when do you think you'll be home?"

"I'm sorry. It might not be until Wednesday if we do the video test."

"OK, I'll look forward to seeing you. And um, Sandy may come back. If that's ok."

"Sure sweetheart. Peter's having a party here Friday. Just a few friends. So you have fun too."


"Not planning to. Don't think I will. You never know. OK?"

Well then.

Friday night came and I waited for Sandy. I got more than expected. When I opened the door there was Sandy, and a blonde girl who was three hells worth of hot. Sandy asked if it was ok.

"Hi Tim, this is my friend Beth. I told her about me wanting to get some nude photos to keep and she wanted some too. She's 20 so OK?"

I kind of rolled my eyes, then stepped aside, "Come on in."

Beth looked me over as she passed me into the hall. "Sorry about the party Mist...Tim"

"Was she going to call me Mister?"

Walking down the hall to the living room I heard Beth say to Sandy, "Your brother in law is pretty hot. Your sister got lucky."

Sandy laughed, "I forget, you don't know my sister. Tim's nice, but believe me, HE'S the lucky one."

"Really?", Beth seemed a little put off that she wasn't the hottest babe in Sandy's world.

"Yep, she's out in Hollywood now trying to get into modeling or TV so something."

I brought drinks in and settled into my chair. "So what's the plan? How do you want to do this?"

The girls looked at each other. Beth was more unsure. So Sandy told me, "I want some shots, kind of like you had of Cindy, then Beth would like some to show her 20 year old bod. Then, um, maybe we want some together. A little kinky or something girls?" Hey, now this could be interesting. These two hot girls were going to get naked for me, then also pose together. Have to see where that goes.

"Easier in the bedroom", I said. "You can get in more poses on the bed." They followed me into the bedroom. "OK nude photos require nudity."

Beth looked at me again, gave me her best attempt at sexy pout and suggested, "I'd feel more comfortable being undressed if you were too."

Fair's fair, "OK whatever makes this work."

I turned just a little making sure to rub my crotch a couple times. This was all hot but I wanted to be certain I had at least a semi before Beth saw me. I removed everything and turned. Two seconds later I was completely hard.

"Oh your bro in law has a nice cock. Nice grown up cock."

"My sister doesn't complain. And she tells me all the details", Sandy with a smile.

I stood there camera in hand and stared at all the high school boys' wet dream. A natural blonde, now confirmed, hour glass figure, boobs a C but definitely going to be D, nice hips and very sexy legs. Between her legs was a full but trimmed bush of light blonde hair. It was there but you could see her lips through it. Damn. Sandy did four poses. Similar to what Cindy had done. I hope I didn't rush her but I was familiar with her body and knew its details. I really wanted to work with, or on, Beth. Sandy was happy with the results. "OOH my ass looks big, but not fat. You got my tits at a nice angle, I look firm and my nips are pointing up. And my pussy looks so juicy. Thanks Tim!" She gave me a quick kiss and a squeeze of the cock. Now on to Beth.

"OK Beth let's try this. Get on the bed all fours facing me. Let your hair hang down with just a little going across your face."

I got down on a knee to aim, she looked at me, like a tiger on the prowl, her full breasts hanging, her ass just rising above at the back. Perfect. Now sit up on your knees, put your hands behind you on the bed. Lean way back stretching. Her blonde bush was right in front, her body looked tight, firm, youthful, her head was thrown back, hair hanging behind her. But her tits, Oh those tits.

Full ripe, still defying gravity at her young age, they sat up impossibly high, her nipples sitting up on the edge like they were boats going over a falls. Beth looked at the first two photos and was thrilled. She gave me a tight hug. Her breasts a cushion between us. Reaching down between us she felt my cock.

"You're making me very happy, Tim."

"Good. A couple more?"

"Yes, maybe standing poses to show off my whole bod?"

"Sure." So we did. A couple standing, posed to show off the lines of her figure. She was really very hot. Then I asked, "OK still some more film left. What else did you girls want to do?"

Sandy looked at Beth, then to me, "Some sexy girl/girl shots? We're not lesbians but we experiment. So make it what a guy wants, hot sexy."

"I can do that. You're about the same height so that helps. Let's start with you two standing, facing each other. Touch each other with your hands, I'll place them. Look like you're contemplating doing something. OK Sandy, bend the leg nearer to me, up on your toes with that foot. Beth, with your right hand cup her breast. OK, look the other in the eye. Perfect." They were happy with the first shot.

It showed their contrasts and similarities. Beth had taken the liberty of extending the thumb of the hand holding Sandy's breast and placing it on the tip of her nipple. Yes, I liked it.

"OK, now together. Step nearer, let your breasts touch. The nipples don't lineup but that's ok, don't squish your boobs together, just touching. Left hands on the other's pussy, right hand cupping the ass. Now lean your heads forward, tongues extending just out of your mouths, and almost kiss." I got the shot. They then went in for a full kiss, the hands groping the assigned area. I let them have a moment.

"Break it up girls. For now. OK, now something different. I want the contrasts of your pussies. Beth lie on the bed on your back, legs separated just a bit." (Oh my god that blonde cunt calling me) Now Sandy lie on her. Hold yourself up if needed, just let your pussies stack one on the other. Shift your legs open so I can get a view. Now I'm going to adjust you here if you don't mind."

"Go ahead", Sandy answered for them. With my hand I opened their pussies a bit, exposing their inner lips more. I took the liberty of running my finger around both of them to get some wetness spread out. Beth moaned.

"Oh that feels good."

I got the shot I wanted. They then got in a 69 position and I took pictures from both ends to get their tongues tasting their friend's wet pussy. I stepped back and sat on the chair enjoying the view and letting them enjoy each other. After a few minutes as I casually stroked my cock figuring that at least this was a change of pace from masturbating to the photo of Cindy's open pussy.

"Join us Tim", it was Beth this time. I walked to the end of the bed where Beth's blonde pussy was blocked by Sandy's head enjoying every juicy bit. Sandy sat up and back onto Beth's face. I climbed up between Beth's legs.

"Beth, may I?"

"Yes, yes, Sandy's tongue is great but I need a man's cock. I'm so fucking horny."

This little blonde goddess was begging for my cock. I gave it to her. Lifting her legs against my shoulders I pressed into her. This wasn't love. I was going to fuck this girl good and hard. Bending her legs back further I began my assault on her hot pussy. She felt so good. Sandy leaned forward and kissed me as Beth, driven by my hard thrusts shared her pleasure. She was hot and tight and at my pace it didn't take long. I called out, "Where Beth?"

"In me, go ahead, give it to me." I let loose and gave her my pent up load. Then sat back to enjoy the view of my hot semen oozing from her blonde cunt. I grabbed the camera and got a close shot, her pink pussy, the blonde hairs, the pearl of cum hanging from her open pussy. Then Sandy leaned forward and scooped up the drop with her tongue. And settled in to clean out whatever more she could find. Sated the girls lay together on the bed.

"Tim, can we stay the night? We don't ever get a chance to sleep together."

I thought a moment. Bad idea? Why not. Maybe I could get one more in the morning to hold me over. We slept.


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