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This is a continuation of the short story of Rice Queens.
As we grew accustom to our weekend debauchery with our new fuck couple, my relationship to my boyfriend, Mark is getting stronger. I never thought I would say this but it is saving our relationship. Last week, after our first attempt of couple swap, Daben offered another adventure of experiment since my boyfriend and I have boring vanilla sex and after we discovered poppers, both of us went nuts, literally.

And now Daben is offering another way to make our sex incredible.

After our dinner at Daben & Kenta’s apartment, they introduced us to this drug called molly or also known as MDMA or slang term xtacy. They both saw my alarm since I’m not really into drugs, poppers was different but I never tried drugs well I did smoke some marijuana during college days. Mark grab my hand, squeeze it tight and he told Daben that he will do it if I also take it. I love how he is one for all or nothing at all and that is why I fall in love with this log. Instead, I took a deep breath and willing to risk this experiment. After all, this is a new adventure for both of us in our relationship. Mark ask if I’m sure and I nodded with agreement and kissed him.

Daben explained the side effects and he ask us to take ahead of time some vitamins and magnesium plus he gave us a pack of minty gum to chew later on. We all took a small powdered looking capsule, drank some water and I thought it will affect immediately just like the poppers but nothing. Kenta explained that it might take a while to work so he dimmed the lights, turned on some electronic music and plug in some Christmas lights that blinks in different colors while Daben lay some blankets and pillows on the floor where we were standing. He said that we should get comfy, so we removed our clothing including our underwear and we all sat on the blanket. Daben grab me and ask if I can sit in

front of him but on my back so that he can give some erotic massages. I complied and Kenta ask the same thing to Mark. Mark and I are parallel to each other and enjoying the massages as I gave him a wink and a light touch to his legs.

A moments later, I started to feel tingly and cold but not very cold from the A/C but my inside. The electronic music sound so great now and I was swaying to the beat. Mark is now passionately making out with Kenta and it seems both of them are trying to massage each other while making out. Then my vision started to get blurred and heavy but felt this sensation that I wanted to get touched. Daben knew immediately what was happening so he hug me tight and I was massaging his arms around me, I turned around and kiss him, I kissed him just how I kissed my boyfriend with passion and love. I was touching his face, his arms and his body then I grab his flaccid cock and went back to massaging his back. My sense of touch and perception are all heightened, instead of thinking, I let my body took over and surrendered to what I was feeling. Daben grab me and ask to join Mark and Kenta, I touched my

boyfriend, grab his face from Kenta and I kissed him as I always kiss him when we make love but more. I paused and moved to Kenta to kiss him and he swallowed my tongue as I let him and we exchange heavy kisses then other lips and tongue joined us. We were having a four way kiss exchange and it was hot. We were all hugging each other, kissing, groping and I don’t even know who I was kissing anymore since my senses betrayed me but it was a good betrayal since it is bringing me to a different level.

Kenta is now on the top of me, licking and kissing every inch of me and found my cock, my flaccid cock, I know I’m enjoying this and I’m freaking horny, why is my cock flaccid. I let it go but Kenta was trying to suck on it and he did not even complain why my cock was not hard. As I turn my face aside, I see Mark and Daben doing a sixty nine, sucking each other off. Then I felt Kenta’s torso hovering above me and showed me his dick which is also half flaccid. Instead of questioning, I started to suck on it and I want to make it hard as a mission given to myself. As I suck on it for few minutes, it seems I’m getting dry and I can’t muster my own saliva. But I continue sucking it and lick it. Daben and Mark stopped and told us to take a break, Daben rushed to the fridge to grab some bottles of water. He gave each one of us and I drank the entire bottle in one seating. I was so relieved that I can feel some saliva again but my thirst for

sex is still not accomplished. Mark check up on me and said something but I can’t figure out what he was saying so I just nod and kissed him. He kiss me back so we start making out and I went to his neck and then to his ear lobes where he started to moan louder. I whispered to him that I love him so much and I did not realize that I was crying after I told him so, he kiss me back and I heard the love back and both of us are now crying as we were making out.

As we resume our fuck fest, Kenta is now with Mark and Daben. Daben is eating Mark’s ass while Mark is sucking off Kenta on the floor. I popped some minty gum to help me with my sore jaw from what I believe from sucking off Kenta or probably one of the after effects of the molly. Without thinking, I swallowed the gum and moved to Kenta to suck me off. It feel so hot now even though we have the A/C going. Daben is now fucking my boyfriend Mark and Mark is still sucking off Kenta as Kenta is sucking my hard cock now. I made a dick move and excused Daben from my boyfriend’s ass and I fuck my boyfriend instead. I did ask Daben to fuck me while I was fucking my boyfriend and he agreed. Three of us are moaning and I completely forgot about Kenta but he is now stroking his cock while enjoying the view of three of us. Mark detached from us and aggressively sat on Kenta’s cock, both of them are enjoying it as Daben and I.

As the beat of the music escalated, so does Daben’s pounding of my ass. I did not object instead I was enjoying it immensely. As he was fucking me, he was also stroking my hard dick. Then he said it is his turn to get fucked, so I turn around and Daben lay down on his back with his legs up. I guided my cock to his ass but it was dry so I dive in and ate his ass for a moment. As I lubed up his ass, I did not hesitate to fuck him. As he moans, I found his lips and we make love as I was fucking him. Then I felt a dick up my ass and succeeded to penetrate me since it was already open. I turned around and my boyfriend is now fucking me while Kenta is fucking him too. As I bend over to kiss Daben, I felt the tightness of his ass and he was stroking his cock so hard that he cum like a gusher and hit my chest. Then I felt my boyfriend unloading inside of me as well as Kenta moaning so loudly. Within seconds, I felt my peak and cum inside of Daben.

Four of us are now on the floor looking at the ceiling while doing our own cuddle puddle. Mark exhaled that it was way better than poppers and I intended to agree. Daben said not to thank them first because you will feel something tomorrow morning after this. I brushed it off my thoughts and we will face it off tomorrow. Kenta gave us some bottles of water and we chug it empty. We all start chewing some gum to help us with our sore jaw as we lay down. I can still feel the residue of the moly, it is still there and it seems I can still go and fuck some more. I told Daben about it and he agrees that moly gives you this energy and overloaded feeling. After I mentioned that I can go again, Kenta turned around ass up and start smacking his ass as an invitation for round 2.
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