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The story is by one of my friend Montu Kumar starts around the year-2011-12, around 7-8 years back from the present time. He become friend with me during a fashion show in Delhi.. Where he was the Event Planner. He has narrated his story to me during our several meetings. This is a story about Sex With office maid Sarita.
The story is by one of my friend Montu Kumar starts around the year-2011-12, around 7-8 years back from the present time. He become friend with me during a fashion show in Delhi.. Where he was the Event Planner. He has narrated his story to me during our several meetings. This is a story about Sex With office maid Sarita.

The story is by one of his friend Montu Kumar starts around the year-2011-12, around 7-8 years back from the present time. He become friend with me during a fashion show in Delhi.. Where he was the Event Planner for the company which has organised this fashion show.. He has narrated his story to me during our several meetings. This is a story about how he become a Sugar Daddy of Two families

Maanvi and Rupali started to give him food every alternate month as he got stomach upset due to outside food for long and on one fine morning when she went there to give him morning Coffee on seeing his erect 9 Inch cock while he was asleep and she was lured into sucking it and then while bathing she fell in bathroom and Montu Kumar treated and helped her and then fucked her.

They were facing problems to find a safe and secluded place for regular fucking afterwards so one day he fucked her in the Garden at a lonely place and then on a friday night they decided to go to Terrace and he fucked there all night including Maanvi’s first anal. and then he fucked a russian blonde virgin in hotel swimming pool.

Then he enjoyed a accidental oral sex with his other neighbour lady Rupali and while answering my query on his introduction to the world of sexual pleasures he narrated his first sexual encounters. and then narrated his sexual encounter with neighbour lady Rupali and threesome with Rupali & Manavi

In the last part 28 you have read:

Immediately, Manavi went near Rupali, and started to lick the cum from her eyes, cheeks and above eyelashes. Further, Manavi put her tongue inside her closed nostrils where the bubbles of cum were formed and cleared her closed nostrils. Manavi swallowed all cum.

Then Manavi again opened her mouth. Rupali came closer to the mouth of Manavi which was widely opened; Rupali ejected all her mouthful saliva mixed with his cum inside the mouth of Manavi. Manavi kept all the contents inside her mouth for a second added by her own saliva, then Manavi emptied half of her mouth by spitting half mouthful contents inside the mouth of Rupali as a return gift. Both swallowed it immediately with much pleasure as if they both were thirst for this for the ages.


Now Further

The interior of Office of Montu Kumar was designed in a very peculiar way. It was a hall where wood structure separates spaces inside making several partitions for seats of the employees.

The office counters were specially designed, covered by wood structures from above and all sides except front side. The front side was partially covered with thick glass above, and partially covered with wood structure below. There were sofas, and cushions meant for the customers opposite the seats of employees.

The cabin of Mr Montu Kumar, Manager was situated in a peculiar odd position. In the side corner of Hall, the Manager's cabin was built in a high platform like a stage of a theatre. There were 4 steps from ground level to reach the cabin. The cabin was fully covered with wood structures except front one.

The half portion of front one including the entrance door was covered with wood structures, but the upper half portion was covered with transparent thick glass. It was designed in such a way that the Manager in cabin could see everybody through the glass of cabin, but the occupants in outside could not see the Manager in cabin.

It might have been built in a way to keep a vigil eyes on employees as well as customers coming to his office. There were to washrooms cum toilets in the Office. One was meant for the employees situated in the far corner of the Hall. Another one is attached to his cabin.

The attached washroom/Toilet of him attached to his cabin had two doors. One door was opened to his backside for his use, so that at any moment, he could access inside it from his cabin. There was another small door in the backside from where the sweeper would enter and clean it without disturbing him. The sweeper would enter through the back door twice; she would clean it in the afternoon, and at the end of the office hour that is in evening.

Montu Kumar was sitting in his cabin and glanced towards his employees. It was afternoon, the time was 12.05 pm. All his employees were busy in their job. He had a great reputation of being a good Doctor among his employees as he had a Doctor Degree in Homeopathy medicines but was not using Dr. before his name.

He would always diagnose the minor diseases of his employees and would provide them free medicines. He was very much access to all his employees, they would even share their personal matters, and problems to him without hesitation as he was regarded as a father figure and guardian of the Office.

He was starved for sex, means entering his cock inside the pussy. The mere sucking of his dick by Manavi and Rupali was not giving him satisfaction, and he could not fuck them due to their pregnancies.

His thought was disrupted by Kamini , the young girl, his second officer with a file in her hand. She was the most beautiful girl she ever met in his life in person till date. She was neither too tall, nor too short, probably 5 2" and fair skin, a bit fairer than others. She had wide eyeballs with longer eyelashes.

Her eyebrows were slim and curvy which matched her beautiful shiny forehead. Her nose was long and slim and very cute, which really go along in between those big eyeballs. Her hair was dark and natural, no stupid experiments like straightening or curls or highlights. She had a very small chin dimple which would disappear when she smiled. But she had very big dimple holes on her cheek which looked damn cute. Her lips were normally thin, and she always had a not so eye catchy lipstick on it.

She never wore anything slutty. She was wearing a dark yellow salwar/suit. It looked clear that she had a bit large breasts than her body structure. They were round, they looked shaped from outside. He like women with larger breasts, and her shape was unique, but he would always admire her sober look. In his mind, he praised her for her dressing sense.

Her bottoms and legs were a bit chubby than her upper body structure, which was making her even more tempting. Her ass was big, and legs and thighs were bit broad (This could have been noticed by anyone from her tight salwar when she would sit on chair). She had a flat stomach though and a very fascinating belly button (He had seen her in sari, so he knew).

She discussed the Accounts problem with him. She was sitting beside so closely that he was inhaling her body fragrance, and he was being intoxicated. While discussing with her, from the corner of his eyes, he was eying her erected round breasts and cleavage as she wore a low necked kameez from where part of her rounded breasts could be clearly visible.

He was peeping through it without her noticing. He had a hard one, and he wanted to fuck this young girl. But he knew that it was not possible because of his stature in the Office, and he did not want any scandal. Further, he knew that this girl had a boyfriend.

After finishing the discussion, he casually and smilingly asked, "So, Kamini how is your boyfriend? When are you both getting married?"

She dropped her eyes with shyness, and replied, "Sir, after two months."

Montu Kumar smiled, and said, "I wish best of wishes, and my blessings to both of you, in advance."

"Thank you, Sir," she replied with a smile.

In the meantime, Sarita, the lady sweeper entered his cabin with flask of Coffee. Sarita was about 40 years old, a very big plum lady, and she was black in complexion but has very good features. She had big eyes and Cute round face.

She was from slum area and belonged to sweeper community. Before 10 years, she was hired by Office for sweeping and cleaning the Office including all toilets on temporary basis. She was so sincere in her duty that 2 years before, the Company made her a permanent employee of the Office as a lower-class employee.

Her duty was to clean the premises of Office as well as toilets, serving tea/coffee to Office employees as well as to customers, and carrying files/ official papers whenever needed. Since her origin was from slum, she was very black in appearance, and not so good-looking. But had reasonably good features. She was slightly overweight with very big breasts resembling melons, must be more than 40 in sizes.

But the most extra ordinary quality in her was that she was most sincere, obedient, neat and clean, and good at heart. Montu Kumar liked her much. She was pouring in coffee in two cups for Kamini and Montu Kumar.

Montu Kumar asked, "Kamini, Are you OK today? You don't seem smart today. You seem to be undergoing some tension in your mind."

"Sir, I am not feeling well, I have some gynic problems... you know...irregular," she said with hesitation and shyness.

Immediately, Montu Kumar understood her hesitation, it was the irregularity of her menstrual cycle.

He went near to his back self where his leather Bag for medicine was kept. He picked out two small vials of homeopathy medicines, and said, "Kamini, don't worry, take these medicines. Take three times a day. Yours problem will be solved within two days."

Kamini took the vials, and said, "Sir, Thank you." Then she left his cabin.

Now, he and Sarita were alone in the cabin. Montu Kumar was sipping his coffee, and then he noticed tears in the eyes of Sarita. He looked questionably at this plump lady.

He asked, "Sarita, what happened? What's your problem?"

She wiped her tears, and said, "Saheb, (Sir) I have been married for last 25 years. My husband is also a sweeper in Municipal Corporation. He is a regular alcoholic. There is not a single day he would not drink this cheap country made wine, even his kidney has been already affected due to this. I was pregnant for two times but always had a miscarriage. All the people in my neighbour had opinion that it happened due to my husband as I was conceived by an alcoholic husband, and I cannot be a mother in future."

Montu Kumar smiled himself and realized that this type of thought had come to the mind of this lady due to her ignorance, lack of knowledge and education. It might have happened due to her some gynic problems or high blood pressure. He picked out three vials of medicines from his leather bag and handed over to the lady.

He said, "Sarita, take these medicines, take three times a day for 15 days. But there is a restriction. Don't let your husband to sleep with you for 15 days. After completion of this course, I hope, you will get pregnant, and you will have no miscarriages"

Sarita thanked him and left.

After 15 days, in the afternoon, while serving coffee, Sarita said, "Saheb, I have completed the course of medicines."

Montu Kumar simply said, "OK"

He had been sexually starved for so many days. His dick wanted urgently to enter inside a pussy. He had two beautiful ladies, Manavi and Rupali in his life.

While serving coffee, Sarita bent her body, and her pallu slipped away. Montu Kumar could see her deep long cleavage, and big melons.

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