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My girlfrind fucks a dog and enjoys it.
I was reading a story here about a girl who lets a dog fuck her. I found it hard to believe.

I was at my girlfriend's place and we were going to have a fuck. She had rung me and said she was horny and would I fuck her.

While we were getting undressed, I told my girlfriend about the story.

She said, “She had heard of it but didn't know any girl who would let it happen.”

I joked and said, “You should try it one day.” And she didn’t say anything.

Then we had our fuck and while we were doing it she started to talk about what I had said.

“Do you think it could happen?” she asked.

“Well, this girl said it did. After we have our fuck we can look it up on the net.”

We fucked for about half an hour and we both had a good time and I got to cum twice and she came once.

After our fuck we were sitting on the bed and she said: “I was thinking about you wanting me to fuck a dog. Do you really want me to try?”

“It would be up to you but it might be fun,” I replied.

Then she said, “Would you mind if I tried?”

“Only if I could watch,” I told her.

Then we had another fuck and after that, I went home.

A few days later Jan rang me and said, “Remember what you said about that dog fuck?”

“Yes, Why do you want to do it?”

“I have been thinking about it and I read that story and I think it might be good fun, if you don’t mind I would be prepared to try it.”

“I would have to be there to make sure you don’t get hurt or anyht=thing, it might be good fun.”

“It would be for the dog, and it certainly sounds interesting the way she did it.”

“OK, where do we find the dog?” I asked.

“There is an old guy who walks his dog past our place almost every day. I could ask him.”

“What are going to say, Can I fuck your dog?”

“NO. I will ask him if I can walk it for him one day and bring it here and see if it will fuck me.”

“What sort of dog is it? It will need to be a pretty big dog.”

“It’s a German Sheperd – an Alsation.” She replied. “it’s a pretty big dog, not a small thing.”

“Ther can be pretty vicious, can't they?” I asked.

“I can't imagine a dog getting vicious if its fucking me.”

“OK. When do you want to do it?”

“I know where he lives I will ask him if he would let me walk it for him.”

“OK let me know when you will do it .”

A few days later my girlfriend rang me and said, “I spoke to the guy and he says he would love me to walk it for him. He suggested Saturday as he has something he wants to do and he wouldn’t be able to walk it that day. Now I am getting a bit excited about it. He showed me the dog which is called Shaggy and it's tame and nice. It seemed to like me.”

“OK then we will do it on Saturday. Are you positive you want to?” I asked.

“After I came home I masturbated thinking about it, it got me excited, I don’t know any other girl who has done this,” Jan said and she really did sound like she wanted to do it.

I am not the first guy to fuck her and she had done it with a few guys. She really enjoys fucking and sucking cock.

I rang her on Saturday to find out the time she wanted to do it.

“How about 11 am?” She suggested. “He said he was going out for lunch and could I keep the dog until he came home about 3 or 5 pm.?”

“That’s fine by me. Can I fuck you first? I don’t want to do it after the dog.”

“NO, I want it to be something special and it might not want to if it can smell cum in me.”

“OK then we will have a fuck on Friday night and you will be fine for Saturday,” I told her.

“I am looking forward to both. Do you think I will have puppies? “ she laughed.

On Friday night she came around to my place and I sucked her cunt. She really likes that and I don’t mind. We both get nude and then she usually sucks my cock and then I suck her cunt. After that, I play with her tits and suck them while we have a rest. If she sucks my cock first it doesn’t take me long before I can get my cock hard again then we have a fuck. Its good fun and we both like it.

We talked about how we would get the dog to fuck her. In the story, they put socks on the dog's paws to stop it scratching her. She told me to bring my thick hiking socks. We also decided that she should wear something on her top just in case it does scratch and she said the dog's hair may be prickly.

She said we would have to do it somewhere that we could clean up the mess as in the story the girl leaked lots of dogs cum after he puled its cock out. Maybe the bathroom?

We had a look and decided we could do it outside at the back of her house which had a concrete balcony and nobody could see her from there. She often sunbakes in the nude there.

The next morning I went to her place and she said she didn’t know if she was excited or scared about it. I said I would be there and if she got worried then I could reassure her I didn’t mind and that it would be OK if she didn’t go on with it.

Just before 11 o,clock Jan said she would go and pick up the dog. She was feeling quite nervous.

I waited for her to come back, and I got some towels out and put them on the balcony railing to shield her from anybody accidentally seeing what we were doing.

Jan arrived with the dog, which was quite a big one. I was surprised how big it was and it was going to fuck her. It would be quite heavy on her back we thought.

I made sure the lead was firmly attached to its collar so if I had to pull it off her I could.

Then she got ready and she took her shorts and pants down and encouraged the dog to sniff her cunt. She said it was quite wet as she was a bit excited about everything and hoped everything would be ok. She then took everything else off and then put had a thick jumper over her back to protect her back, just in case.

The dog liked sniffing her and licked the juices out of her cunt as I do when I go down on her. She has a strange taste and sometimes a bit of a scent I quite like.

As it was licking her its cock came out of its hairy sheath and it had what looked like pre-cum over it. It was a yellow colour not like my precum which is clear. As it licked her I noticed it had balls just like us hanging down. We assumed that its cock was right out and ready to fuck her. We couldn’t dee any bulge or knot we had heard about. The dog was really wagging its tail and sort of half squatting down and getting its penis right out. I laughed and said it is getting even more excited about fucking you than I do.

Jan said I really don’t think we should do this but I want to. I have worked myself up to believe I am going to enjoy it. Fancy letting a dog fuck me.

I said, “OK let's get things happening, it's getting exciting. Its cock is leaking a bit of cum or something. And it is really wanting to fuck something.”

“That something is me or my cunt.” Jan said as she prepared to get into position for it to mount her.

Even before she was in a comfortable position the dog was wanting to mount her. It was jumping up onto her back and pushing its cock toward her cunt. The dog didn’t need any help, it knew exactly what it wanted to do. Its cock was now thick and hard, there was still no sign of the bulge.

Just as Jan got herself almost into position and I was adjusting her jumper over her back the dog had climbed up onto her and its hips were humping its cock toward her cunt, I heard Jan say “WOW, Shit it is up to me already. ”

Without any trouble, it had slid its cock straight into her.cunt. I was looking at this dog enjoying fucking her as I had never seen anybody look while fucking a woman. I have been excited at fucking one or two girls but I was sure I never had a look on my face as this dog did. There was no doubt it was having the time of its life. It was quite a heavy dog and it pushed her forward a bit as it fucked her. It was using its legs to fuck her as well as its hips. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. A dog fucking my girlfriend and getting what appeared to be far more pleasure from it than I do and a girl who was being fucked by a dog enjoying it as I had never seen her enjoy anything like it before.

“This is amazing, I can't believe what I am doing, and enjoying it.” She said.

“I wish I could get as much fun out of it as it is. You should see the look on its face and its tongue is hanging out about afoot. I have never seen such a long tongue.’”

“Its cock feels like it’s a foot long too, it is filing me and it feels amazing. I am sure its knot is out now and it's inside me I didn’t feel it go in, I think it must have been inside me when it bulged out. I can feel it inside me – it's thick. I can't remember feeling anything filling me like it is – it feels amazing. I wish you had a cock like this. I think I will want to do this again, it feels so good. I have never been fucked like this before.

We hadn’t noticed but the jumper had fallen off her back.

“Do you want the jumper put back?” I asked.

“No its fine, its hair is tickling a bit but I am enjoying it, its another feeling I have never had before. It must be like laying on a coir mat, I will try that later, it's rough but not uncomfortable.

The dog had been fucking her for about five minutes and it seemed like a few seconds and Jan sang out.

“It s cumming, I can feel it. shit, it is like a fire hose inside me. There must be a bucket full in there already it's filled me and I can feel how full I must be. Is there any coming out?”

I looked at where the dog had its cock inside her and couldn’t see anything.

“Not that I can see, all I can see is its balls,” I told her.

“Shit I am so full of its cum, it really filled me up to the brim.”

“Can you force any out? “ I asked.

“No, it’s a bit hard in this position and it feels like I have a cork in me and I can't get it out.” Jan said.

The dog had stopped thrusting now and had tried to pull out of her but it wouldn’t release. It didn’t seem too worried and just lay on her back trying to get its cock out.

The weight of the dog had pushed Jan along the balcony for about a metre and she was almost at the wall. It was trying to pull out but not trying too hard, just a push every few seconds.

“You know I haven’t enjoyed anything like this before – I know its wrong to fuck animals but I enjoyed this. I would love to tell everybody how good it was but I would be treated like a leper.”

“Maybe we could find a sheep for me to fuck, they say the shepherds fuck them,” I said.

“That’s something I would like to see, as you have seen me. I wish we had a video of it.” Jan said.

“Shit, I could have captured it on my phone, I didn’t think,” I said.

“Next time,” Jan said.

“You would do it again? “ I asked.

“Yes, and not be as worried as I was this time. It has been amazing.”

Just as she was saying that the dogs cock came out of her and this was followed by a flood of dog cum, It was everywhere.

“Shit, that relief, I thought we might be like this for an hour, “Jan said.

There was cum flowing all over the place and Jan was almost squirting it out of her.

“I am trying to get as much out of me as I can.” She said.

“It has a funny smell, not like my cum.”

I looed at Jan still kneeling there and cum dripping out of her. I was a strange but fascinating sight.

“Give me hand,” Jan said as she tried to stand up. “I am weak at the knees. I didn’t cum but I feel like I have been drained.”

I helped her up and as she stood she was still leaking dog cum out of her cunt. She spread her legs and forced some more out and then began to pee. I have never seen a greater mess, Dog cum all over the balcony and now she was adding to it with her piss.

“I have got to have a shower,” she said and went inside.

I found a bucket and filled it and began to flush the mess off the balcony, there was dog cum and piss all mixed up together. By the time I had finished Jan had showered and was standing there looking beautiful, well fucked and naked. She has a beautiful body.

“Do you want ME to fuck you now?” I asked.

“Not likely, that fuck will last me a week, it was amazing. Where is the dog?”

“He is downstairs licking the mess of his cock and balls and seems to be enjoying it. I don’t think he has enjoyed himself like that in his life before. I didn't think you will have any problems getting him to fuck you again.” I told her.

“And I will be looking forward to it,” Jan replied.

And she did. We borrowed the dog every couple of weeks and he fucked her like a veteran. As soon as he came through the gate his tail was wagging and his cock appeared ready to go. He knew what he was there for and he did everything to Jans satisfaction. Jan and I continued to fuck regularly but I never asked which of us she preferred. That went without saying, she was always more than happy after Randy the dog had filled her full of cum and his bone. Jan began to enjoy the few minutes after he had cum and waiting for the bulge to go down enough to slip out of her and then the waterfall of cum that followed. I videoed one of her fucks and she treasures it. Her only regret is she cannot boast to her friends that the best fuck in her life has been an Alsation Dog.
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